How Do I Update My Mac To 10 14 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Update The Software On Your Mac — Apple Support

Get the latest app features and security enhancements by installing mac os updates as soon as theyre available heres how. Before you start make sure your mac is connected to the internet its also a good idea to back up. Your mac with time machine ready if youre using mac os high sierra or earlier open the mac app store. And click the updates tab if youre using mac os mojave or later open system preferences and click software update.

Here youll see if you have any available updates you can click more info to see details and select specific. Updates to install updates will download and install automatically overnight by default if your mac is plugged into power including. Apps that were downloaded separately from the mac app store to run an update immediately click update now this will. Download the updates to your mac if needed which might take a little while in some cases your mac might. Have to restart to finish the installation follow any on-screen instructions to complete the update and when thats done your.

Mac will be ready to go with the latest features for more tips on how to get the most from. Your mac subscribe to the apple support channel or click another video to keep watching.

Method 2 – How To Upgrade To Mojave Mac Os X 10.14 On Your Mac

Welcome to tips and tricks today were going to upgrade our mac to the latest apple operating system 10.14 mojave. Before we start its really important to check the compatibility of your computer to see if it will run mojave. Properly so you can check out this guide here in general most computers that were made in 2012 or later. Should be pretty good so im at good macbook sorry my book introduced in early 2015 or later macbook year.

2012 or later mac pro 2012 or later my community 2012 or later or imac 2012 or later the mac. Pro tower pretty much has to be the 2013 model you can get some of the old models to load. Mojave on them but youre gonna have to buy a third-party video card which will allow the new display feature. Called metal to be functional on the computer as usual with any of these make sure you have a backup. Its critical that you have a backup and also youre going to need to be connected to the internet so.

That you can download the operating system now you can upgrade from pretty much any operating system but in this. Case we are on a mac that is running high sierra but you can upgrade from sierra or a few. Versions down from there as well what you want to do though in whatever case is to make sure that. Your version of the operating system has all the latest updates to it and then your upgrade will happen more. Smoothly so the very first thing to do is to backup your system so youll see here weve got an.

External usb hard drive plugged in and its been backed up using time machine remember when youre upgrading your operating. System anything can happen if the upgrade gets interrupted your mat gets unplugged somebody trips over the power cord something. Like that and the upgrade stops midway it can really seriously mess up your system folder so your mac might. Not food anymore so its extremely critical to make sure that you have a backup i cant stress that enough. So with that being said we can proceed the very first thing to do is to open up the app.

Store this is where all the upgrades are held and the latest upgrade is available here youll see on the. Side of the app store there should be either a big advertisement here here weve got an office 365 but. There should be something on the side as well say mac os moment there you can always just click in. Search bar here and type in a little hobby and do a search and youll be able to see it. Here as well you can click on it if you want to learn a little bit more about it and.

So on so here youll have a button to download it so the very first thing to do is to. Download it im gonna press that and the operating system should start to download now the operating system is quite. Large so you might find that the download takes quite a lot of time so it really depends on the. Speed of your internet if youve got a slower internet its going to take a long long time youve got. A fast internet it could happen quite quickly so thats the thing it could take quite quite some time for.

It to download youll see over here in the corner its saying the size of the download is 6 gigabytes. So its gonna take a while so please be patient so what well do for the sake of this demonstration. Is well speed up this process and we will come right back as soon as the download is complete if. You want to get more of a status as to how far along your download is and how much data. Is being downloaded you can hover over the launchpad down here and you should get a view of how many.

Gigabytes are downloaded and how many gigabytes total you have to download so you can sort of figure out how. Far you also get a progress bar down there as well here the download is completing and as it completes. Youll find that it automatically launches the install mac os motivate application if you dont want to install at that. Moment you can always click up here and choose to quit install and you can find it again later in. The applications folder also you can quit the app store you dont need that open anymore so from here you.

Will hit continue youll get a view of the license here you can just click on agree click agree again. And then you can choose the hard drive that you have to and that you want to install it on. So in this case were going to install it our on our internal hard drive and then here we will. Click install im just going to switch over to camera mode because the computer will reboot and we can see. The installation progress okay were in camera mode and we are ready to install we will hit the install button.

Here just click that and you may have to enter your password for your computer so this is the password. That you chose when you first set up your computer to your user password it has to be part of. A administrator level account so from here the operating system will copy itself to the hard drive and install itself. The computer will reboot through the process so it can take quite some time so in this case its showing. Us its going to take 20 minutes and so itll run through and then reboot and as soon as thats.

Done then we should be able to complete the installation so to speed up the process here im not going. To make you wait through the whole installation so well speed that up so you can see what the finishing. Process will be like but be patient and let this run through again make sure that your computer is fully. Backed up before you do this so in case anything happens during this time you wont have any kind of. Disaster with your system folder you dont want it to become corrupted otherwise it can really cause problem for the.

Computer to operate in the future so no mohave is finished loading onto the system and it will come up. With the login screen you can enter your password here that you set up for your computer and then here. You get to choose what look that you would like for mohave the regular light look that the mac has. Or the new dark look lets try out the dark look see itll go through the process of setting up. Your mac with all the configurations and oh dear its funny teamviewer is not optimized for the mac and needs.

To be updated thats fine you might find that you have a few applications that are not fully compatible with. Mohave and you have to go through and update them we have now successfully loaded mac os 10 point 14. Mojave on our computer and were able to use all the latest new functions such as dark mode here youll. See the windows and everything have a complete new look looks a little bit like the adobe software youll find. That you can switch back and forth from this in the system preferences we can go here into the general.

Preferences and switch between light and dark pretty easily and there are a number of new features and well set. Up a video showing some of the new features in mojave and you can get used to youll find that. Mojave is a good operating system in general its a fast operating system if your computer is compatible with it. So enjoy working in the new system if you found this tutorial helpful please hit the thumbs up button down. Below to like it and also subscribe to our channel were putting up new videos regularly giving you different tips.

And tricks around using your mac in your ios products also put a comment down below if you have any. Suggestions as to other topics we should cover maybe some new ways of doing things in mojave that you have. Questions about also share it with your friends if you think that the arrow theyll find it helpful thanks again. For watching and well see you in the next video.

Method 3 – How To Update Mac Os Software When No Updates Showing – Apple Mac Support (100Th Sub Special)

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Upgrade To High Sierra Mac Os X 10.13

Welcome to tips and tricks today im going to run you through the process of upgrading your mac computer to. Mac os 10 hi sierra this computer here is running mac os sierra visibly system 10.12 and hi sierra is. System 10.1 three templin 13 the first thing you need to do is download and get high sierra so what. You do is you go to the app store to get it now right now at the time that were.

Making this video mac os 10 mojave which is 10.14 thats the latest version of the operating system but you. May not want to upgrade to mojave so were gonna run you through the process of how to upgrade to. Mac os 10 one three sierra hi sierra sorry i should say hi sir so you cant really find hi. Sierra on the app store without going to a special url so what you need to do is open up. Safari or firefox or chrome and put in this url right here now ill also put this url in the.

Comments below so you should be able to click on it easily to get it you click on there and. Hit enter and a web page will come up and this gives you some basic instructions on how to upgrade. To high sierra this is a good one to follow as well one of the things to do is to. Look at your computer and see it is your computer fall in this range of devices if its older than. These i sierras not gonna run on it so theres really no point in trying to upgrade you just gonna.

Give yourself problem number two definitely make a backup anytime you make any changes to your system especially upgrades make. Sure youve got a time machine backup and i have some videos on my channel that show you how to. Connect a usb drive and make a time machine backup so i would strongly strongly recommend you do that before. You do any kind of upgrade or change to your system all right i need to make sure that youre. Hooked up to the internet because youre gonna have to download the installer and its gonna take a while to.

Download so youre gonna just have to be patient for that and in we should be able to install it. Now here theyre going to ask you to still upgrade to mojave you can ignore that because we are trying. To do high sierra so what you need to do is click on this link right here and this will. Sort of sand a secret link to the app store and then youre going to have access to high sierra. Once you see this page click on download and then the installer file will start to download now this is.

A big installer file its probably over five gigabytes i would imagine so see here it says its going to. Take 23 minutes for it to download so im going to stop the video here and it will come back. Again when its time to install it just so you dont have to wait to watch the whole thing downloading. But please be patient depending on your internet connection might be faster for you it might be slower so youll. Just have to wait for that okay our mac os high sierra and scholar has finished downloading youll be able.

To tell that because the downloading progress bar here will go away and download will change to open so theres. A few ways to open it itll actually often open by itself you can see here on my system its. Opened by itself here in the background but you can click this button here and stay open and it will. Just bring it to the front also ill just show you here as well if we open a new finder. Window and then go to applications youll see that it gets put into your applications folder so if youre wanting.

To create a bootable usb installer flash drive then this is the file that you actually need to keep and. See its five gigs and ive got other videos showing how to do that ill link them in the comments. Below so well close this up we can click the app store we can quit safari its gonna quit all. That stuff anyways when it comes time to do the installation and now in the installer program here we can. Hit continue and we have a license we need to agree to that and choose which hard drive that we.

Want to install on its gonna be your main hard drive so again i cant stress this enough make sure. That you have a time machine backup before you upgrade your system if anything goes wrong you need to be. Able to retrieve your files and recover your system so its very important if you dont have a backup stop. What youre doing right now check out my other videos on how to do a time machine backup backup your. System and then come back and try this again okay so we can click on this drive to select it.

And then we just hit install you might have to put in our administrator password and now its going to. Go through a process of installation and itll reboot the computer while its doing it the first thing its going. To do is install some files on your drive to make it necessary for for doing the the reboot and. Install so im going to switch over to camera mode and from there we can see the installation because i. Wont do be able to do a screen capture after the reboot the mac will start installing all the files.

On your computer and upgrading it to i sierra im going to skip ahead so you dont have to wait. For all this time for the upgrade i can vary a little bit depending on the speed of your system. And what kind of hard drive you have in this case im on a macbook air so its going to. Take 40 minutes after that the computer will reboot and youll be ready to do the final setup of high. Sierra after the upgrade ok your upgrade has completed and we are ready to login and you just have a.

Few items to click through to to complete the upgrade so just click on continue for the data and privacy. Option and here you can sign in with your apple id and if you dont have an apple id here. You want to do this later click setup later and here you can decide if you want to share analytics. With apple this is optional you really dont have to do it and if theres any incompatible software ive got. An old version of a software called up with a figure eight err on here itll tell you that thats.

On your computer and that can no longer be used if you find any of those items then you need. To go to the manufacturers websites and try to download a new version okay heres another one i have to. Have create as well great now that we have upgraded our system we can go here to above this mac. Check the specs and see that weve upgraded to mac os high sierra 10.13 okay and its ready to use. If you found this tutorial useful please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends on social.

Media and if its useful for you then please subscribe weve got a number of tutorials on our channel and. Were coming up with more often thanks again for watching see you in the next video.

Method 5 – Update Your Old Macbook Macbook Air Macbook Pro Mac Mini Imac Xserve To Macos Catalina 10.15

Hey how are you guys this is your friend alex and on this video i want to show you how. To install the latest mac os karolina into an old macbook in this case i have the macbook air were. Gonna check what model do we have so were gonna go to the little apple on the top left and. Were gonna go to about this mac so from here you can see guys that we have the macbook air.

13 inches me 2011 alright so lets try to install karolina you seen the apple store first gonna click on. The apple store okay now its the mac app store alright and we have here catalina ok so were gonna. Click here download and eh what happened we could not complete your purchase this version of mac os 10 point. 15 point 4 cannot be installed on this computer oh my goodness all right so if apple doesnt allow us. To install it then were gonna find another way to install it right this other way is by going to.

A browser and were gonna type catalina for all macs the first result is gonna be this video that you. Can also use this is the original video from the developer i recommend you to watch it also but what. We want to do is we want to go to this website this is the website from the original developer. Called dos dude 1 ody os 2 1 ok and this is a straightforward operation guys youre gonna see here. Download latest version but before that i want to let you know guys this has limitations like everything else in.

Life and were gonna see the system compatibility first the system compatibility of this patch is gonna tell you if. You can install the patch or not theyre telling us you know early 2008 late 2008 depending on what kind. Of mac you have my gopro imac ipad mini you see here mac pros 3 comma 1 so what is. That thats pretty much the identifier of the laptop we already know that we have the macbook air 14 inch. Mid-2011 but what is the identifier of this computer pretty easy we go to system report and youre gonna find.

It right here under hardware youre gonna see it right there model identifier this is macbook air for kama tube. So this is what we need to check on the compatibility list and you can see here macbook air late. 2008 or newer so simply have that 2011 this qualifies and also here macbook air for coma x so whatever. We have after the for its compatible in our case we have the four comma two we can install the. Patch on this computer which is great news so whats next then we need to download the latest version of.

The patch were gonna download its probably gonna go to our download folder were gonna wait until this finish and. Then were gonna continue were gonna go to that download folder here and here is the file mac os catalina. Patcher dmg were gonna double click on it alright were opening this patch dmg and here it is guys right. Before you jump in and do double click dont do that do our right-click and do open ok so the. Computer is very fine the file and hes gonna tell us i usually want to open it so this is.

For security measures thats okay were gonna open it and here it is guys the patch lets close this stuff. Were just gonna click on continue and this is very important guys this is that contributors everybody thats contribute to. This project to this patch is listed here so if you want to say thank you to them or you. Want to give them a small donation these guys are using the honor system which is basically if this is. Worth it if this is helpful for you this help you in any way and you want to help out.

Youre welcome to do so so were gonna continue and theyre asking mac os installer app to begin you will. First need to either browse for or download a new copy of the mac os catallena installer app so if. You dont have a copy youre gonna click this download a copy if you have a copy youre gonna browse. For it in my case i already have a copy ok so im just gonna browse for it so lets. Do that then i go to my download folder and you can see it right there install mac os karoliina.

You can see that this file is eight point four or five gigs youre gonna open it now that you. Have the catallena installer so the installation method select the method that youd like to use to install a copy. Of mac os karoliina onto your system you can do it on your machine you can create a bootable installer. Or you can create an iso image im gonna recommend you to create a bootable installer and im gonna use. Usb drive i have a cruiser glide 32 gate i think i paid 10 bucks for this i dont know.

So im gonna connect it to my computer my drive name is my usb flash drive so im gonna select. This create a bootable installer and im gonna select my usb flash drive okay it says my volume my usb. Flash drive will be used as your bootable installer im gonna click start theres a warning saying that all the. Contents of your disc will be erased are you sure you want to continue yes theyre gonna ask you for. The password on the computer and were gonna let the catalina patcher do his thing this might take a while.

This whole operation might take hours depending on how fast is your computer your hard drive your internet connection that. All depends on your system so you have to be patient it took me a while to download that big. File 8.4 gigabytes the catalina installer so finally guys success your bootable mac os kattiline installer volume has been created. Successfully you can now boot from this volume on the machine you intended to install catalina on and proceed with. Installation after installation post install patches will be applied automatic if your system needs them alright guys so we are.

Done were gonna boot from the usb drive how can we do that were gonna restart the computer and hold. The option key so were gonna restart it start and were gonna hold the option key theyre still holding the. Option key until we see the usb drive right there okay so the computer is asking us what do we. Want to use to start the computer of course were gonna use this mac os based system when i click. On the arrow and yes guys this is a long procedure takes a long time and thats you guys it.

Did it pretty fast to be honest and you can see that we still have the background for the previous. Operating system right but if we go here about this mac mac os high sierra what what happened it didnt. Do it and then i have to check it again okay so we are here again at this menu mac. Os utilities restore from time machine prinstone mac os what happened if i do this this utility and im going. To select the macintosh hd and im gonna amount it and then i click edit erase and then i erase.

This okay and if i select it its gonna say macintosh hd and its gonna be empty pretty much and. Its a a pfs volume alright so once i do that im good im gonna go out up from here. And now i neveri install the mac os lets see if it works there you go mac os catallena lets. See guys lets see if that was the problem agree selected install ok so maybe this is what is going. On i needed to connect it to the power source ok and the computer now is connected to the power.

Source so the installation is continuing so the computer is just restarting this took like i dont know 10 15. Minutes lets see guys looks like we are really close and i hope this time it work having the latest. Operating system its always good that man this is taking forever guys so i have to manually turn off the. Computer because it got stuck but lucky to me it restarted and he continued the process so now we are. Here and were gonna set up the computer really quick youre gonna need a wi-fi dont transfer anything set up.

Later skip a agree agree and you need to set up your computer so were gonna put a macbook air. So 4 characters and were gonna put the hint just in case you forget your password customize settings continue dont. Use and were gonna put our city yeah right there to find it automatically im not gonna share anything setup. Later continue youre gonna choose light setting up your mac knife back oh look at these guys it looks like. We have catalina on an old macbook macbook air 2011 look at this new patch updates are available for this.

Model and im gonna install them and were gonna log in and looks like we have catalina guys finally and. Took us a while what is this though patch updater do you click on it and said you are up. To date no new patches updates are available at this time im gonna go to about this mac and you. Can see that we have mac os catalina meet 2011 128 cycles so this battery is beautiful so yeah guys. Just like you have a brand new computer right so apple didnt wanted to do it and we did it.

With the help of the dos dude one that do astute one this is our hero for this video we. Use his patch and its working fine and thats it guys so if you have any question please let me. Know in the comments i recommend you to watch his video also because thats the original video so thats it. Guys that concludes our tutorial thank you so much for watching this video guys if you liked the video dont. Forget to give me thumbs up and if you want to support my channel so i can continue uploading videos.

For you please dont forget to subscribe thats really important for us guys thank you so much and ill see. You on the next video bye.

Conclusion – How Do I Update My Mac To 10 14

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