How Do Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do transfer music from ipod to iphone, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do transfer music from ipod to iphone,

Method 1 – How To Transfer Music From An Old Ipod To A New Ipod, Iphone, Or Ipad

Hey guys you are not alone if you have an old ipod whose contents you are having a hard time. Transferring to either your new computer new iphone ipod touch or one of the newer version of apple products that. Play music these days apple does not make it that easy for anyone and again you are not alone in. My case i have an old ipod nano with some of my favorite music that i downloaded from music cds.

Back in the day i wanted to transfer them to my new ipod touch and this has proven to be. Quite a true and i hate the fact that apple wants you to pay them to be able to do. That anyway today im going to show you what works for me and hopefully it works for you as well. And save you some headache so lets do it my name is weds and thanks for tuning in to the. Channel and even though im mostly a gaming channel but gaming involves a lot of messing around with electronic gadgets.

So here we are the first thing you need to do to transfer your contents from an old ipod to. A new ipod is to download and install the latest version of itunes whatever the version might be when you. Watch this video once that is done open up itunes and make sure you have no apple device attached to. Your computer on the top menu look for edit and click it go down to preference and click that then. The general preference window will pop up from the general preference window click on devices under the devices menu down.

Towards the bottom make sure you check the box that says prevent ipods iphones and ipads from syncing automatically then. Hit ok now that we have this out of the way the next thing you need to do is to. Create a folder on your computer desktop and give it a name like all ipod or something to that effect. This is the folder where you are going to put the files from your old device now that is done. You can now plug in your old ipod to your computer so lets go through the process all right were.

Gonna go to the process even though i already show you the still images but all right so itune is. Open and i said you would go to edit and then go to the preferences and then there you will. Find devices and then on the bottom youll see where it says prevent ipods iphones and ipads from syncing automatically. Once you get that done just hit ok and you should be good to go now the next thing that. We talked about we talked about creating a folder we are going to create a folder called old ipod transfer.

Just for the sake of this video all right so we should get it done since it moved to my. Other screen im using a two-screen setup so im gonna move it over all right so this is the folder. Where you are going to add your stuff for from your old device so now once you get that done. We are going to make sure that we plug in our old ipod now once you plug in your ipod. Your old one whichever old device that you were using you need to go to file explorer or my computer.

And then you can look for whatever name you give your ipod and then there youll see all disaster and. Calendars contacts notes recording and this right here so the files that you want to copy uh itunes file but. If you dont see it for some reason most people may not see it because its a hidden file so. The way you rectify this is that if you look on top right there you will see all these options. So go to view and on view you make sure file name extension is selected and then also you want.

To check hidden items now that will pull out the ipod control this is the ones that you need so. Then were going to click on this and then here you can see all the stuff that you can copy. To your computer and for this option for this uh training were gonna have music and then you should see. All the files with the f3 all the way to what however many files you have and then this is. All the ones that youre going to have to copy so you can just copy them however you normally copy.

Stuff you can click one and then shift and click all the other ones or you can just highlight everything. And then you just go to copy and then were going to copy it to the folder that we created. Which was the old ipod transfer copy it here and its going to take some time to copy everything and. Once everything is copied then this is what youre going to transfer to your new ipod once all of this. Is copied when its done i am going to continue with the process all right now that we created a.

Folder on our computer desktop and we save all the files from our old ipod in there its time for. Us to put them into itunes so we can transfer them to our new ipod all right so to do. This you need to go to file and then add file to library dont do add folder to library because. It may not transfer everything so just be patient with it and then just add file to library and from. There go to your desktop wherever you save the folder so we call this folder the old ipad transfer so.

Youre going to double click that and then these are all the files that you saved uh from your old. Ipod all right so youre gonna have to copy them one by one because if you try to do them. All at once it wont transfer everything so were gonna do were gonna try the first one so and then. Once you get all the files that you see the files then just go highlight everything and then this gonna. Go to your itunes now to find where these songs or whatever you just uh open just go to there.

And youll start seeing them on there or whatever for me i already have a lot of stuff in there. So you may not i may not see the one that i just added but thats the gist of things. So youre gonna have to do this one by one so if you want to add the all the rest. Of the folder just go back add file to library and then go back to the desktop again and then. Just go to your folder and then since you did the first one now you can do the second one.

Until you copy every single files or every single folders that you want so now you can go back to. Your itunes and then just organize the file the way you want to now its time to put our new. I ipod in so youre gonna plug in our new ipad to our computer and now the computer recognizes my. Uh ipod touch because ive used this computer before but if for some reason yours doesnt show its going to. Ask you to go through some process of authorize the computer and authorize the ipod touch or whatever or the.

Iphone or ipad whichever one you are using until it recognizes it but you know hes going to use your. Password and stuff like that so once you recognize it then you have the ipod in there so then you. Can start creating folder inside your your new ipod you can create new folders and then just start adding the. Music this is what works for me and i hope it works for you as well i know there are. Some programs out there like imazing ideas and ipad and imusic and stuff that you can pay for but if.

You dont have the opportunity to have the money then you know you can use that one and see if. This works for you anyway guys hopefully this helps you solve your dilemma please leave a like comment or subscribe. Ill be most appreciative thanks for watching see you guys later remember to wash your hands every time youve been. Around playing with friends.

Method 2 – How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone X

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Method 3 – Transfer Ipod Music To Iphone 12 Mini

Two ways to transfer music from ipod to iphone 12 method one directly transfer ipod music to iphone 2 step. 1 run cincios data transfer into transfer module and connect ipod and iphone 12 to sensios tap the flip button. To switch to position tap the next button to move on up to select audio items to transfer among the. Database provided to transfer here you can notice of sentence what can i transfer which show you a table on.

Transferable items between different platforms you can take a screenshot to your local path for reference go back to the. Music transfer select audio item to transfer after the selection tap the next button twice when program will load and. Start to operate as your previous instruction now just wait patiently until the transfer complete method two backup ipod music. To pc and restore to iphone lets go with away with cincios manager after connection ipod and iphone to cincios. Manager lets start part one to backup ipod music to computer tab under ipod management then you can see all.

The music files are visible and manigable then tap the box in front of the title to select all the. Music tap the export functionality create a folder on computer to store the music files and tap the key button. To sync ipod music to computer now it is to restore the previous backup to iphone 12 lets go back. To the program interface this time tap the media tab under the iphone 12. Following tap the add function when.

You will be guide to import files on computer to iphone 12. So navigate yourself to the previous backup path. And choose all of them wait it to sync from computer to iphone 12. See all the ipod music is. Now completely restored to iphone 12.

There are still some useful toolkits ready to facilitate your iphone 12 data transfer. Pick it up and you will love it okay if you like this video dont forget to give us a. Like and subscribe our channel we will update the latest mobile tips in regular.

Method 4 – How To Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone 7

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Method 5 – Transfer Music From Iphone To Iphone Ipad And Ipod Touch With Or Without Computer

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Conclusion – How Do Transfer Music From Ipod To Iphone

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