How Do You Add Email To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do you add email to iphone,

Method 1 – How To Add Multiple Email Accounts On Iphone

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Method 2 – Iphone 12

Hi in this video were going to take a look at how you can add in a new mail account. On the iphone 12 or the iphone 12 pro now first lets go back to your home screen and there. Are two ways of doing this the first way is to open up your mail account and if you tap. On mail if this is the first time you have open up mail then you will offer a chance to.

Choose one of the servers to sign in and here weve got icloud microsoft exchange google yahoo iol or outlook. And you can also tap on other if your service provider is not listed here so you can tap on. Other now lets say you are using say google you can tap on google and then tap on continued and. This will allow you to sign into your gmail account so you put in your email or phone and then. Tap on next next we need to put in the password so im going to put in the password and.

Then you tap on the next button and you need to verify the account uh whether you have a two-step. Verification turn on or not you need to verify it so im just going to wait for the service to. Verify my login so i have tap on yes already but its still uh trying to wait so what ill. Do im just gonna say try another way and we can use a phone number okay so once you have. The verification code we tap on next and now it is signing in here you can choose what you think.

To your device mail contacts calendars and notes so if you dont want to sync any of the servers you. Can switch it off such as calendar or contacts you can switch it off and then tap on saved so. I say no mail at the moment thats because it needs some times to pull the pull down the data. So just be patient and come back later on and you should slowly see your inbox will fill up with. Emails so here you can see in my inbox ive got some mails shown right here but when i tap.

On it it says theres nothing so were just going to have to wait so im going to choose the. One or mail maybe to swipe down to refresh its not downloading at the moment so there it is so. You can see its pulling in some email so thats how you can add um an email account to your. Device now another way to do it is to go through settings so on the home screen tap on settings. And in settings you want to um so im just going to go back out here in settings you want.

To swipe down and tap on mail and in mail you tap on accounts and in here you tap on. Add account so say you want to add in multiple mail account so you can go in here and tap. On add account and here you can choose again and choose one of the services that you are using such. As microsoft exchange outlook or yahoo and then lets say if you are using yahoo for your mail then you. Need to put in the email address and username and so thats it so thats how you can add in.

A new mail account on your device so once you have a sign in you can tap on that and. You can always go back in here and make changes whether um you want to sync contacts or calendars and. Lets see what else we can do so if you tap on that you can change the account name the. Descriptions and if its on advanced there is a lot of stuff in advanced settings its best if we not. Mess around with this settings because they can cause um an issue later on that youre not being able to.

Receive a mail and thats it so if you need to configure your mail account or your email then you. Want to go back into settings mail and here you can go down and you can configure your mail app. Down here such as preview swipe options and a lot of the options are available available down here thank you. For watching this video please subscribe to my channel for more videos.

Method 3 – How To Set Up An Email Account On Iphone

Hi guys david and david here from and up phone calm and in this video were going to show. You how to set up an email account on your iphone if you dont already have an email account check. Out our other video called how to create an email account under iphone link in the card above in the. Description section below so how do we set up an email account on our iphone first thing to do is.

To open the settings app and then come on down to passwords and accounts tap there and then tap add. Account if you have any of these email providers you could just tap on the one you have were going. To set up a gmail address so im going to tap google if you dont youre gonna have to tap. Other and then tap add mail account and then enter this information here most email providers will automatically set themselves. Up if its not already here but some still you might have to have some settings for it were just.

Going to do it this simple way which is to set up gmail im going to tap google here settings. Wants to use google calm to sign-in lets have continue so well sign in with our gmail account on my. Phone youll see that for this website jaspion or david this is a suggested entry because ive used this email. Account on this iphone before but if youve never done that you might not see your email address so i. Can just type my entire email address there and tap next you know im gonna type in my password and.

Tap next now gmail is gonna ask me if i want to use mail contacts and calendars im gonna turn. Off contacts and calendars for now this is an important setting to pay attention to especially if youre already using. Icloud to synchronize your contacts and your calendars or other data because a lot of times people would come into. The apple store with the problem that they didnt really know where their contacts were cuz they would have turned. On gmail contact syncing and so thered be some contacts in gmail and theyd have icloud and thered be some.

In icloud therell be some in yahoo and it makes it really difficult so if youre not sure about what. To do here just turn on mail and turn the other ones off you can always come back here and. Turn these on if you want to turn on contact syncing with gmail in the future so just mail tap. Save in the upper right hand corner of the screen account added and youre all set they said its going. To swipe from from the very bottom of the screen open up the mail app quick and we can see.

Some emails from google thats how you do it lets say you set up mail on your iphone thank you. Guys for watching this video give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful leave us a comment below. If you have any other questions and dont forget to subscribe to this channel for more great i phone videos.

Method 4 – How To Add An Email Account To Your Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch — Apple Support

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Method 5 – How To Set Up Mail On Your Iphone (Imap & Smtp Over Ssl)

Hi today youre going to learn how to set up your icd-soft email account on iphones mail app first grab. Your iphone unlock it and find the settings icon on your screen this is the settings icon tap on the. Settings icon and then swipe down to mail tap on mail and find accounts tap on accounts then tap add. Account choose other tap add mail account you need to enter your name email address password and the description which.

Will help you recognize this email account we will use john smith john smith at a really strong password. You can leave the description as it is or change it to whatever you like and tap next at the. Top you can choose the account type imap or pop for the purpose of this video tutorial we will choose. Imap because we want all devices and email programs connected to our mailbox to be fully in sync our emails. Will be stored on the mail server and we will be able to access them from any device or email.

Program connected to the mailbox including webmail under incoming mail server you need to enter mail dot followed by the. Name of the server on which your hosting account resides you can find the mail server hostname in the welcome. Email you received when you ordered your hosting account you can find the servers name in your hosting control panel. As well under the information panel on the left hand side of your screen right under your hosting username in. Our case we enter mail.s466 dot sure you need to enter your full email address as username in order to.

Connect successfully to the mail server in this case we enter john smith at the password will be already. Filled in because we did that in the previous screen under outgoing mail server you need to enter the same. Settings as for the incoming mail server so we enter mail.s466.sure server dot com john smith add and a. Really strong password dont leave any blank spaces before or after the entered values to avoid connection errors take a. Final look at your settings and tap next if everything goes well the email account will be verified tap save.

And you can access your email through the mail app on your iphone one more thing there are certain advanced. Settings through which you can change the location where drafts sent and deleted emails are saved by default such messages. Are usually saved in local folders on your device however for all your devices to be fully synchronized you can. Choose to have such messages saved in folders located on the server this way you can access all emails at. All times through all your devices to set this up tap on your email account tap again and then tap.

Advanced at the bottom under mailbox behaviors you will find drafts sent and deleted mailboxes the drafts folder on the. Server will be already selected as drafts mailbox we need to choose the server folders for the sent and deleted. Mailboxes tap send mailbox and choose the send folder on the server tap advanced in the top left corner to. Go back tap deleted mailbox and choose the trash folder on the server go back and thats it tap account. In the top left corner to go back and then tap done congratulations youre ready to use your icd-soft email.

Account check out our youtube channel for more video tutorials bye.

Conclusion – How Do You Add Email To Iphone

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