How Do You Add More Storage To Your Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do you add more storage to your iphone,

Method 1 – How To Easily Increase Any Iphone

Im gonna show you how to boost the memory on your iphone your ipad and even an ipod whether you. Have the iphone 10 iphone x the iphone 8 iphone 8 plus a 7 6 or an ipad great to. Be with you im the deal guy matt granite weve all been there have you run out of space so. Far for your precious memories those photos those videos that data well i have a great deal today as i.

Hunt down the biggest deals in the country by the way welcome back if youve seen me before i love. You if youre new subscriber or you havent yet subscribed ill show you how to get hooked up at the. End of the video with a pair of cables that will not only safely charge your eye in your apple. Devices but also backup your memory and boost your storage capacity up to 200 gigs lets unbox this im gonna. Show you how this works all right lets unbox this really nice packaging lets get this open and here you.

Can see you get a really nice braided charge cord and in the tip is where the magic lies this. Is the solid-state drive right here located in the charge port the usb side you get a sandisk ultra 128. Gigabyte solid state drive sd card goes right into here the amazing thing about this design is yes its charging. With the lightning connector yes its sinking yes its backing up all of your information to buy this on its. Own you are easily looking at the price of the cable but to get the cable with this built-in and.

All of the functionality you are way ahead of the game and im going to show you how this works. Right now simply plug the i dragon into in my case a power strip you could use your current iphone. Charge or whatever it is were gonna use this demonstration with the ipad so im going to plug it in. And you can see yes its charging thus laptop happens to be fully charged but as i open it up. And by the way if you want to know my password six five four three two one dont use that.

One at home youre going to immediately be prompted to add the app lets connect to the store right here. Just getting online lets open up the app and i can simply select photos that i want and move them. Directly to the solid-state drive so in this case this photo of my mom and i i can ease it. Thats actually really good photo of her and i can easily create a backup that mimics the entire solid-state drive. Of the ipad then i get this local backup which is fantastic and of course i can do that all.

On an iphone as well you can do it on an ipod touch no problem once youve created your backup. A really great thing if you shoot a lot of video and a lot of people are using ipad pros. Like this this is an ipad pro to shoot video you can shoot directly to the solid-state drive so you. Might need an extender for that but as you can see right now im recording directly onto the drive im. Bypassing the memory of the ipad which is fantastic if you are short on capacity you dont want to slow.

Your device down you can go directly to the drive and then when youre done and the amazing thing is. You can grab through the app that file and what i could do if i wanted to is plug the. Same solid-state drive into the iphone and then open up all of the files that i have recorded which is. An again a really really cool useful concept the data logics lightning cable and micro sd card adapter boosts your. Storage capacity so not only are you charging but youre also expanding upon the memory you got a 10 inch.

Cord length which is awesome and three versions which i found on sale a 64 gig 128 or 200 gigabyte. Version which is a ton of extra storage for thousands of photos movies music video whatever it is you want. To backup when you are short on space now capacity boosting is not that easy if you have a phone. You cant just go in and swap out at solid-state drive but this essentially gives you that extra hard drive. Space that solid-state drive space built into the cables so thats not only a great way to charge a great.

Way to back up but its a great way to perhaps avoid running out to buy a new iphone one. Of the main reasons people run out to buy new iphones this is not just all that commercial and peer. Pressure but youve run out of space and when you run out of space your phone starts running more slowly. So if you can actually move some of your data safely to a backup like this you could further delay. That next iphone release or when that new iphone comes out in september or usually around that point you can.

Wait a few months until it goes on sale or is at least slightly reduced or incentivize through your carrier. And im telling you cables like these will save you a lot of money in the long run it never. Pays to get something the day it comes out there you go triple savings and if you are looking to. Score this deal just expand the video description box right under me there youre gonna find a link and of. Course i test all the websites and make sure everythings secure and im a big fan of this deal im.

A big fan of you guys for watching id love to know if youre not team android what iphone or. Ios device do you have that you would use this on and it did say it works great with ipads. As well by the way does anyone still have an ipod we got an ipod touch which we use as. Our baby monitor because we needed a cheap screen i have an ipod touch i just realized that its kind. Of weird alright thank you for watching if youre not yet subscribed heres what you need to do to lock.

In a subscription to this channel and more savings click on my head right here thatll subscribe you to this. Channel if you need help turning on your notifications or leaving a comment click here and that last big roundup. Of deals i did its over here.

Method 2 – Increase Your Iphone Icloud Storage From 5Gb To 50Gb (All Iphones)

Hey theres saki here from saki tekken in todays video im gonna show you guys how to increase your icloud. Storage from 5 gigabytes to 50 gigabytes so you can have much more space for your photos videos and device. Backup so if you go to your settings and if you tap on your account card right here and if. You tap on icloud youll see that in my case i have 5 gigabytes of storage and im using 4.1.

Gigabytes already meaning that a lot of my photos a lot of my backup is taking a lot of space. On my device as a matter of fact if you look at this bar here it says backup is the. Purple one its taken a lot of my space and also photos is taking a lot of my space and. Then ive got docs and mail that is also taking a lot of my space its almost full so i. Need to actually increase this storage from 5 to 50 now what you want to do to do that is.

You want to tap on manage storage which brings you to this screen and this screen gives you even more. Detail on how your current device is using your icloud storage so backup using 2 point 4 gigabytes photos is. Using 1.3 gigabytes and so on and so forth you can see right here and then all you want to. Do to increase your storage plan its tap on this guy change storage plan now as you know everybody that. Buys an iphone gets 5 gigabytes of free storage for icloud but if you want to increase it to 50.

Gigabytes all you have to do is pay $1 per month now im the kind of guy that buys coffee. Every single day and a cup of coffee is 2 bucks so this is nothing for me so if i. Pay $1 a month thats 50 gigabytes of icloud storage thats gonna come in very very handy and of course. This can be used for all your apple devices if you have multiple iphones if you have ipads all of. Them are gonna get the 50 gigabyte storage so its not exclusive to the iphone if you buy this its.

Gonna be you its gonna be available to be used by any device that you want so what im gonna. Do is im gonna actually upgrade mine right now because i need more so thats all you have to you. Tap this guy and then you click by right over here and then its gonna ask you how you let. The by let me just pop in my password im gonna be right back with you guys now as you. Can see the person was complete i now have 50 gigabytes of total icloud storage and then again its $1.

A month that means its 12 bucks a year which is absolutely nothing compared to some of the other plans. Out there now this is completely integrated with your iphone so its very convenient to have all right so uh. Let me go out im gonna show you one more thing really quickly now if i go back to my. Icloud account here you can see that that bar that i showed you earlier has shrunk considerably and now its. Saying 4.1 gigabytes of 50 gigabyte used that means have 45 gigabytes of storage and really quickly from here you.

Can actually find queue in which application you want icloud to actually use so if you dont want a keychain. To use icloud you can disable it if you dont want the mail to use like like and disable it. Thats gonna free up some space for you to on the icloud but its not a big deal they dont. Take too much space normally photos will take the most amount of space as well as the device backup as. You can see from that purple chart so if you decide to upgrade make sure you go to the photos.

Right here and then make sure that the icloud photo library is enabled basically what this is gonna allow you. To do is any photo you take any video take is gonna get automatically uploaded to your icloud account so. You never ever lose it and also it makes them available or on any other apple device seamlessly including a. Windows pc you can download an icloud application for your windows that will show you all your photos and other. Documents right on windows if you so desire but mostly it is designed to work with your apple devices so.

Let me enable that right now is saying turning on and right now what is happening is its actually uploading. Every single photo i ever took on my iphone to my i clawed back up and of course after you. Enable icloud photo library these two options become available now if you want to save some storage on your iphone. You want to pick the first option if you dont care about the storage space on your iphone right now. You can actually choose this option this option downloads and keeps the original photo files right on your iphone but.

This one its gonna optimize the iphone storage so whats gonna happen is its still gonna keep the photos on. Your device but its gonna lower the quality of the photos that are on your iphone which is gonna take. Less space but it is going to upload the full quality images to your icloud account so this actually saves. Space on your iphone but this one here does not save space on your iphone and that really depends on. You if you have an iphone that has 256 gigabytes of storage you should be fine but if you have.

A 64 gigabyte or a 32 gigabyte iphone that could be a good option to have the top one but. The primary purpose of this video was to show you how to increase your actual icloud storage capacity from the. Free 5 gigabytes to $1.00 per month 50 gigabyte option which is what i have right now alright and that. Brings us to the end of the video if you have any questions comments concerns just drop them down below. And of course make sure to subscribe to sake tech and give this video a thumbs up also if you.

Do use twitter instagram or facebook make sure to follow me on all at sake tech online guys have a. Fantastic day.

Method 3 – How To Delete Other Storage On Your Iphone

I havent done a how-to over here on the channel in a while ive done them on this site recently. But not really on the channel so lets do one today shall we so this one is on something ive. Heard a lot of people mention that they need help with on their iphones and thats how to get rid. Of the mysterious other storage that can be taking up a ton of space and seems to not go away.

No matter what you do thanks to everyone who commented asking me to do a video for this over on. My other video on how to free up your iphone storage which if you need more help with that id. Suggest checking that out as even though its an older video it still works today in this video though well. Focus on that annoying other storage in particular now first to see if your issue is the other storage head. To settings general iphone storage here youll see a little bar graph thatll show you using colors what amount of.

Storage is taken up by what category of item other is usually the one to the far right and depending. On a lot of factors it might have gotten out of control and is much larger than it needs to. Be so really quick what is other well basically its kind of a catch-all for a lot of different files. That your iphone happens to save things like your series files some settings files and ios updates sometimes gets stuck. In there can take up a ton but a big portion of it usually are cache files these are files.

That apps in the phone store temporarily on the phone storage in order to use something and in theory at. Least should be deleted automatically by the system as soon as they are deemed not needed or the device is. Low on storage so an example of this is if youre streaming a four gig movie it might take up. Four gigs of other storage while watching it but once you finish it and close the app those four gigs. Should be deleted since its no longer needed at least thats how it should work in theory now the problem.

Here lies in that things can get stuck in there sometimes as ios just never decides to remove them and. Also those update files i mentioned seem to get stuck in here pretty often now unfortunately there is no good. Way in ios to clear out all of the caches we can try and clear out a few of them. Though at least and see if that helps get rid of enough of that other storage for you and if. Not then i have a final option thatll get rid of all of it at once for the most part.

If we need to so firstly lets clear safaris cache to do that head to settings safari and tap on. Clear history and website data and then confirm then after this and every one of these steps really you can. Go back to settings general iphone storage wait a sec fer to refresh and see if that cleared enough of. Other if not we can go to the next step now other apps that you have on the phone also. Have their own caches unfortunately as i mentioned earlier there isnt really an easy way to remove these but we.

Can kind of remove them and all be at a slightly drastic way but honestly its probably something you should. Be doing anyway so first were gonna head to settings general iphone storage now here youll see a list of. Your apps from the ones taking up the most storage to the least you can choose one of two options. You can either tap the recommendation at the top to automatically offload apps also manually found in settings itunes automatically. Offload apps and this will essentially uninstall any apps you havent used in a long time and free up their.

Cache as well as storage and opposed to specifically uninstalling them as soon as you tap them it will simply. Redownload the app leaving the icon where it was and youll just have to wait for that to reinstall and. Then the data etc will all be back we left it but in all likelihood itll clear that apps cache. The other option is you can manually look for apps that are taking up the most space and the decide. Which ones you dont need and tap on them and then tap offload app for each of them to force.

It to clear it from the phone in the same way and then again after you finish that for as. Many apps as you want we can check settings general iphone storage and see if that helped a little now. Hopefully youre lucky and that cleared up enough that other storage and you can stop right here but theres a. Good chance that it probably didnt and so there is one final way to make sure that we clear as. Much of the cache and as much of other as possible and thats by doing a backup and a restore.

Now i know that sounds scary but so long as you do the backup its actually pretty painless and all. Of the things that you have on there will come right back when were done so to properly do that. Backup on the phone were gonna connect to wi-fi first then go to settings on your name at the top. And then tap on icloud in here turn everything on that you want to save anything you do not turn. On will be deleted so triple check that everything is on now youll actually notice that i leave photos off.

On mine but thats because mine are backed up to google photos instead since its free unlike icloud storage and. Also im pretty integrated with google services if were honest now you can check out the affirmation video on freeing. Up space at the link here but if you havent done that then make sure that photos are turned on. Here so that you dont lose your photos and videos and they will instead be backed up to icloud now. Once everything you want to save is on scroll down and tap on icloud backup turn on icloud backup and.

Then tap backup now and youre gonna wait for it it could take a while depending on how much you. Have on here but then eventually it will say the last successful backup with the time next to it that. It was done and when you have that youre all set now depending on your icloud storage plan it might. Tell you that you need to upgrade your icloud storage to accommodate the backup this is the reason i back. Up my photos elsewhere as they are the biggest culprit of the storage so to try and make a little.

Extra space if you dont want to go the route that i did with google photos go to settings tap. On your name icloud manage storage tap on backups and then tap on any of the backups that are for. Devices you no longer own or need and tab delete backup repeat this until you only have the devices in. There that you need hopefully thatll help but if not you could just pay the extra money for the more. Icloud storage its honestly not too expensive at least as you get 50 gigs for $0.99 a month now if.

Youre also still nervous about what were about to do you can also just take all of those photos and. Videos and either save them to your computer by connecting to itunes or upload them to dropbox or google drive. Or any of those other services you have as well this way its backed up twice essentially and then that. Way you can be sure that you wont lose anything if youre nervous next once that is confirmed to be. Backed up and that everything you chose to backup was selected lets restore the phone so go to settings reset.

Erase all content and set and then well ask you to confirm multiple times be sure to read each of. These and understand what its saying but then go ahead and confirm all of that and then you can go. Through your normal setup process and theres gonna be a point where its going to ask you to take your. Other phone and bring it close to this phone in order just hit set up manually and then itll eventually. Prompt you to restore from a backup were gonna do that and use our icloud backup that we just made.

So tap on icloud backup and then tap on the one that is the most recent for this device then. Continue to follow the prompts to have that restored it will take a bit and eventually after it reboots itself. A few more times youll be back on your normal home screen and back to the way that you were. You will notice that a lot of your apps are grayed out and whats happening is those are actually read. Downloading in the background it allows you to use the phone for now but those will eventually all download and.

Be back to the way they were before we started and then finally we can go to settings general iphone. Storage and see if that finally helped the other storage there we go i hope that helps some of you. Out there i will leave a link below to my actual website where ill have the written tutorial for anybody. That wants to see that also if there are any tips than anyone else has to help with this please. Leave those in the comments and ill add those to that website that page just so that this can be.

Updated a little bit easier if anybody needs it if you like me though please thumbs up at our shared. Its really appreciate it also check out the rest of channel if you like what you see there please subscribe. And ding the bell and i store subscribe so you get notified when i do new videos as always though. Regardless thanks for watching you.

Method 4 – How To Expand Storage On Any Iphone!

So you may be in a position where your iphone for some reason keeps running out of storage and you. May actually want to go and expand the storage on your device now theres a couple of different ways to. Go about doing it its not like a perfect endopol way but there is a way if im being completely. Honest that is super functional and not functional and in my opinion the best way to go ahead and expand.

Your storage is to clear out all these apps is to clear out everything you dont use thats a very. Easy one thats the given you can delete any updates on your settings you can go ahead and go into. General here you can go ahead and click on iphone storage which is right here and you can kind of. Get an idea whats taking up the most amount of storage so as you can see pubg is taking up. A lot all these other apps are taking up a lot too so clearing out and deleting any apps that.

You dont use you know factory resetting your phone and restoring it can also clear up a lot of the. System and other data on your device so thats another cool way and a very easy way to get some. More storage back but if youre trying to actually expand the storage and make your 64 gig phone you know. Have actually like 128 gigs or something more than that well theres two different ways of going about doing it. First of all you can go ahead and get cloud storage which is one option the other way is getting.

Actual expandable storage and plugging it into the lightning port so some of you may know that some of you. May not but recently with i think ios 11 or ios 12 apple made it really really easy for you. To actually expand and plug in you know expandable storage to your device and have access to it and ipads. Have had this since i think ipad pros or whatever but the process is very easy all you want to. Do is grab any lightning to usb adapter ive seen a lot of these for sale everywhere you may even.

Have bought some accessories that have access to this already and its probably like a three dollar piece you can. Buy on ebay or amazon or something and all you would have to do is plug in that little port. To here your charging port and then you want to plug in that hard drive straight into your device right. Here and you will be able to actually see that specific storage pop up onto your files app so if. You go into your files app here you can click here you want to go and click whatever and you.

Just want to see your all your devices you want to come right here and you should be able to. See a little pop-up that will basically come up of your expandable storage so whether its an sd card or. A flash drive or whatever youll actually be able to see that within your files app which is really cool. And you can go ahead and drag whatever you want to put it within that files app or within that. Specific folder and pretty much move anything from your device to the specific you know destination so that hard drive.

And thats a very very easy thing to do and thats a super easy way of expanding your storage now. The next thing which is a little bit better in my opinion its something that makes way more sense to. Me is actually getting icloud storage and ive done this with my own personal device because it just makes way. More sense to me now with icloud storage is an apple gives you i think five gigs for free but. I would highly recommend getting the 50 gig plan or its like a dollar a month and it is something.

That i use all the time it is something that i use for my macbook from my imac for my. Iphone and pretty much it lives right here so you can see icloud drive again this is not my main. Device but what you can do here with icloud drive is store all your data pretty much your photos a. Lot of apps i think your messages and all this stuff you can store it on your icloud drive and. Pretty much save up a bunch of hard storage on your phone so the 64 gigs here but you can.

Get 50 gigs just for a dollar a month from apple now theres a couple other places you can do. Google drive and a lot of other places but basically icloud drive is the one i use so if you. Dont want to go through the cloud storage you have the hard drive option again by plugging in a lightning. Port to usb adapter or getting a lightning compatible hard drive i dont know if those exist but im pretty. Sure they might and thats pretty much what i would do in this specific situation and those are just a.

Couple ways to expand the storage on your iphone so if you guys have any other questions or anything let. Me know in the comment section below hit the like button tell me so much but definitely hit that subscribe. Button every single subscriber that we get really does count so me so much if you guys could hit that. Also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram my other channels more. Importantly everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully ill catch you guys in the next video.

Peace out till then you.

Method 5 – How To Free Up Icloud Storage (& Never Worry About It Again)

Okay time for another how-to i think this one is on something you guys all kind of commented on on. My last how-to which was how to free up your other storage on your iphone now during that video i. At some point asked you to create a backup to icloud in order for us to reset the phone and. Not lose everything on it but some of you mentioned that you couldnt because your icloud storage was full and.

So you were in a bit of a catch-22 so in this video lets show how to free up your. Icloud storage now i already did a video a while back that still works for freeing up the actual storage. On your iphone and then i did one on how to clear that mysterious other storage that i just mentioned. So ill link to both of those if those are your issues you can check those out below for this. Video though were clearing the icloud storage which isnt on your phone at all really instead your icloud storage is.

The cloud storage that apple gives you on their servers similar how dropbox google drive or onedrive work at the. Time of making this video here in the us apple gives you five gigs of storage for icloud for free. And you can pay an extra 99 cents a month to get 50 gigs 200 gigs for three dollars a. Month and two terabytes for ten dollars a month now you can of course just pay that if its not. A big deal to you and itll just give you extra storage and you can use that to do the.

Backup or whatever it is youre trying to do right now and frankly its exactly what apple would want you. To do because theyre actually trying to get more and more revenue from recurring services instea.

Conclusion – How Do You Add More Storage To Your Iphone

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