How Do You Attach A File To An Email – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do you attach a file to an email, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do you attach a file to an email,

Method 1 – How To Attach A File In Any Email

Welcome back everybody to another tech tip in todays video im going to show you how to make an attachment. To an email check it out if you are new to this channel be sure to hit the subscribe button. We do a lot of how-to videos tutorial videos and videos just like this one welcome back everybody in todays. Video like i said were going to show you how to attach an attachment like a picture or word document.

Or something along those lines to your email most of them work the same when i say most of them. Talking like google yahoo aol they all function very similar they all usually use the same pay-per-click a paperclip icon. And youll see that here in just a moment so the provider the email provider that im going to use. Today is going to be gmail so im going to go ahead and open up my browser of choice which. Again is google chrome you may open up your yahoo you may open up your firefox browser either way what.

Youre going to want to do first is navigate and get into your actual inbox for whatever email provider you. Use so in this case like i said im going to go over to gmail and if youre not logged. In of course you want to put in the information get logged in and then once youve got your login. Into your actual browser so actually into your email itself what youre going to want to do is click on. Create new email or if youre again if you can see youre on chrome or google gmail youll want to.

Click on compose either way what youre going to want to do is bring up a new message that youre. Going to pretend like were going to email or create a new email message so as you can see ive. Clicked on the compose the new message box has appeared in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and you. Can see too you can see subjects then youve got an empty field but right alongside the bottom here youre. Going to have you can do the font or formatting options youve got your attached files insert files using the.

Drive so if you use google drive and you have files in there that you want to send you can. Click on that icon you can send and request money via this way pictures insert links and then of course. You can insert some emojis as well so the main one that were going to focus today on is the. Little paperclip icon as you can see when you hover over it it does say attach file so were going. To want to attach a file in this case im going to go ahead and send it to test at.

Test comm were not actually going to end up email but were going to go ahead and create the email. Self subject im just going to type in weekend beach photo and then of course here if youre familiar with. Writing emails this is where you arent going to want to write whatever you want is to send somebody so. If you want to tell them about how your weekend at the beach was is where you tell them that. And then once youve got everything in there youre going to come on down to the little paperclip click on.

Attach files and then were going to want to navigate to wherever you have that picture saved so in this. Case i do have it saved straight to the desktop so im going to go ahead and click on the. Beach photo and then im going to click open what thats going to do as you can see at the. Bottom its going to upload that image to the email itself is going to attach it to the email it. Does give you the file size and of course the name and what kind of extension is in this case.

It is a jpg photo this again will work for most other providers click on the paperclip icon attach the. File youll probably get similar results and then from this point forward you can go ahead and click the send. Button if for any reason you did end up attaching the wrong file on the right here youll have a. Little x you can click on the x that will remove it from the email and then of course if. You want to just trashcan the air you know trash the email altogether you can click on the trash can.

Right there and that will discard the entire email and that wraps up this tech tip if you liked it. Thumbs up if you hated it thumbs down please leave any kind of comments or feedback in the comments section. Below the video dont forget it a subscribe button we will see you next time you.

Method 2 – How To Attach Files To An Email In Gmail

In this video we are going to see how to attach a file to an email on gmail there are. Several ways to do it but in this video we will cover the direct attachment method and the google drive. Attachment method both methods work if you are composing a new email or if youre responding to an email lets. Start with the direct attachment method for this method you have to have the file downloaded on your computer for.

This example we will use a pdf file that is located in our downloads folder start composing a new email. Add a contact subject and message now click on the attach files icon this new window will open navigate to. The folder where the file is and select the file now click on open here you can see that the. File has been attached you can attach more files if you need to the file size limit for a direct. Attachment is 25 megabytes finally to send the email click on send another way to direct attach a file is.

By dragging and dropping it from a folder on your computer lets respond to this email then open the folder. Where the file is once you find the file drag and drop it into the email you were composing the. Second method we will review is attaching a file from google drive to do it first you have to have. The file in your google drive if you dont know how to upload a file to google drive please watch. The video google drive overview under 3 minutes compose a new email and add contacts subject and message now click.

On the button insert files using drive this new window will open here you can search for the file you. Would like to attach please note that there is a sub menu here that could help you find the file. Easier for example if you recently uploaded the file to google drive you can click on the recent tab you. Can also navigate between folders until you find the file if you know the name of the file you can. Just search for it using the search bar type the name of the file and press enter once you have.

Located the file you want to attach click on it to select it and then click on insert as you. Can see the file has been inserted into this email to send it click on the send button depending on. The file you are sharing you will get some notifications asking to give access to the file youre ascending check. That everything looks good and finally click on send you.

Method 3 – How To Attach And Send A Folder By Email

Hey everyone today were going to do a quick video on the how to send a folder through your email. Now this may seem elementary for some people but for others they find that they cant send folders and they. Dont know why so what im going to do is just a quick tip video on how to do that. And were going to start with first having a folder here and let me go ahead and open up my.

Browser hit compose and if you saw my other video we could you know typically just drag and drop a. File so for instance we can hit attach a file so for instance we can just go ahead and open. Up this file here we have a couple of pictures and what we want to do is we want to. Send maybe a couple of these now what we can do is we can actually grab them and drag it. In here and attach it that way now what if we want to send the whole folder instead of one.

By one and all the differences well we can do that too so instead of doing that lets go ahead. And remove this one and well go ahead and started getting compose a new mail now if you try to. Do a whole folder its as attachment fail you cant do a whole folder just like this so what we. Can do is well do whats called creating a zip file you can right-click on a windows machine and click. On send to compressed zip folder now we have our zip folder that was just created here and from there.

We can now attach it and drag it in here so on a windows machine thats how that would work. Now the same thing can be done on a mac so while this is uploading lets go over to our. Mac screen and this is how this is the folder that we have that we want to now send off. And on a mac all you need to do is you can either hold your ctrl key down while you. Click on it if you have a single mouse or if you have two buttons on your mouse simply right.

Click and click on compress my folder to sin the mac will then create this zip folder and you can. Now attach this to your email program and it will be sent out from there so lets check back to. See if our attachment is done and it is and all we need to do now is go ahead and. Send our the zip file so the other side people today with anything with a windows xp and above and. Most the mac programs can automatic unzip zip files without a problem and youll be able to send out your.

Multiple files thank you for joining us and thats another tips microscopes and chris calm thanks.

Method 4 – How To Attach And Send Pdf File To An Email

How to attach and send a pdf file in email this is what im going to show you in this. Video so this video is going to be to the point and very short so i would highly recommend you. To watch till the end and if you find the value in this video do give it a like and. Consider subscribing now in order to attach a pdf file uh you need to go to your email account i.

Am using the gmail uh so first of all i will click the compose and here you are going to. Add the address to which you want to send the email write the subject and then write the content of. The email whatever you want to write im not going to waste your time so im just writing a sample. Email and then when you need to attach a document so the next step is attaching your pdf file in. Your email if you look at the bottom you would see multiple icons so in this these icons you need.

To look for this paper clip type icon once you will over that it would give you a tool tip. To attach files so you need to click this icon to browse the file from your computer and then you. Need to go to the location where your pdf file is there so my file is here in this new. Folder on the desktop i have selected this file and yes im going to click open so it will take. Some time to upload and once it is done it will give you the pdf file name here and along.

With the kbs so this is all what you need to do and you can just recheck the uh addressee. And everything and then press send and as you can see that i have received this mail since i was. Sending it to myself if you want me to make a tutorial on a specific topic especially on how to. Pdf related topics you can ask me in this comment section below in this video in any case thank you. For watching this video till the end if you like this video hit the like button share and subscribe.

Method 5 – How To Attach A File To An Email

The way you attach a file depends on which email provider you have but ill show you how it works. On gmail as an example first log in to your email account then click the compose mail button on the. Left next click the attach a file link just under the subject line from here you have to find the. File you want to attach if youre not sure where to look try the desktop or documents folder select the.

File and click open depending on the size of the file it may take a little while to upload once. Its ready the name of the attachment will appear in black text and youre ready to send away look forward. To seeing what you send me.

Conclusion – How Do You Attach A File To An Email

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