How Do You Attach A Photo To An Email – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do you attach a photo to an email,

Method 1 – Attaching Photos To E-Mail

Hi im sharlene mar and im a volunteer instructor with the senior net program at willow glen community and senior. Center in san jose i generally teach the email class and todays lesson is going to be on how to. Attach a photograph to an email i think thats something that everyone wants to be able to do and i. Know that in the class thats one of the biggest things that biggest reasons why people come to the class.

I want you i want to first of all have you compare the process to what you would have done. Before computers you would have for instance written a message found a photograph attached it maybe with the paper clip. To your message put it in an envelope and put it into a mailbox really with email its not much. Different because the the process is the same you have to have a message youre going to find a photograph. Attach the photograph and send them both together the important thing in both processes of course is finding the photograph.

And so you have to have your file management in your mind where did you put the photograph whether it. Was a hard copy that you put into a file folder or a photo box or in email its got. To be in your computer you might have downloaded it into a folder on your computer from your digital camera. It might be on a cd that youve put into your cd drive or it might even be on a. Flash or thumb drive that youve inserted into a usb port on your computer before we start im going to.

Show you where the picture that were going to use in this lesson is located i placed this picture the. Picture is called penguin jpg and a jpg is a file extension that means that this is an image file. Of some kind so this particular picture has been placed in a folder called email files and this folder is. In a larger folder called my documents so before you start its important that you know exactly where your picture. Is and that you know what your picture file is named now that were ready im going to open up.

My email program of this one that im using is yahoo mail which is what we use in our classes. Here it doesnt matter whether or not youre using yahoo mail because every email program has pretty much the same. Procedure for attaching a file to an email message so lets open up a new mail message so this is. Going to be a opening up a window where i can compose a new message and you would do what. You normally would do with an email message you have to put down the email address of your recipient its.

Always nice to put a subject in there and ill just put and win photo to give your recipient an. Idea of whats coming im going to type a brief message here this message can be as long or as. Short as you like so i hope you like this picture and im ready the message is done now were. Ready to attach the photo and on this email program im looking for this particular button to click its called. Attach now on yours it could be also an attach button or a send attachment button it could be a.

Paperclip icon and i will click this to start the process of attaching this takes us to a window where. Its more or less asking where is your photo or where is your attachment and so what you need what. I need is to see up here at the top the place where i want to go and if its. Not there i can go down here because i know that mine is in the my documents folder now if. Yours is not there you would just click this arrow and find the right place location in your computer so.

Im going to click my documents because remember that was the large folder it was in and inside my documents. There is another folder or there are a number of folders theres one called email files and remember thats where. I put mine so i double clicked on email files and now what i have listed here under email files. Thats the one thats open is a list of the contents of this particular folder now you have to keep. Going down until you actually locate the name of your the name of your file that you want to attach.

And mine is penguin jpg once i have located that i can either double click it or i can click. It once and open all right now it takes you back to the the message pane here but youll notice. That theres one thing added and thats right down at the bottom here theres a paperclip it says one file. That means one file has been attached and it gives the name of the file and its penguin jpg so. I know ive attached the correct file if it were not correct i could click remove and go back through.

The process to find the right picture all right what you notice is that the picture itself does not show. Up just the name of the attachment but once thats done were done i mean this is this is the. Message this is the attachment all i have to do now is to send and off it goes you can. Actually attach more than one picture you just have to go back and do the process again and so now. The message is sent and hopefully in an hour or a day or a week your recipient will email a.

Reply back to you and say got that great picture of yours thanks a lot and so that in effect. Is how you attach a photo to an email and you just need to practice and it will become almost. Automatic to you thank you.

Method 2 – How To Attach A Picture To An Email

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Method 3 – Computer Basics : How To Attach Pictures To Email

Hi my name is chris noble im an independent it consultant and this is a video on how to attach. Photographs to an email things youll need for this are an email account a program youre using for your email. And some photographs if youre using an email application like outlook express microsoft outlook or mail on a mac then. Adding a picture to an email couldnt be easier you just find the picture in jpeg form and drag and.

Drop it into the the text of the email itll then attach it to your email you can add whatever. You text you like and send it on if youre using a web-based internet system like gmail or yahoo or. Msn then as youre in the email youll see on each of those pages a little paperclip button now that. Paperclip button across the board on all of those sites means the same it means attach an image when you. Click on that little icon itll open up a new window and that when they will be asking you where.

The location of the photo you want to attach is just find the location of the photo click select and. Itll insert that photograph into the email then just put the persons name or the email address into the to. Line whatever text youre going to send and send the email my name is chris noble and thats how to. Attach images to email.

Method 4 – How To Attach A Photo To Email On Iphone (2 Ways)

All right so how do you attach a photo to an email well theres a couple different ways on the. Iphone probably the way that youre most familiar with is if you go to your photos if you tap a. Photo down at the bottom left youve got the share button and then it gives you choices theres your choice. To do mail right there so you hit your middle itll attach that photo thats the way you know i.

Usually do but what if im in the middle lets say ive composed the email and im just typing away. And i went oh i need to attach a photo so how do you do it then well what youre. Going to do here a little bit different youre going to hold press and hold in the body of the. Email and you get the bar with the different things up at the top cut copy replace etcetera see the. Arrow all the way the right tap that arrow keep tapping until you see insert photo or videos so now.

Im going to tap that its going to take me to my photos i want to tap the photo i. Want it choose and there it is its in your body of your email now as an attachment so there. You go two different ways to send a photo on email on your iphone.

Method 5 – How To Attach Photos In Gmail

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Conclusion – How Do You Attach A Photo To An Email

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