How Do You Attach An Email To Another Email – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do you attach an email to another email, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do you attach an email to another email,

Method 1 – How To Attach An Email To Another Email In Outlook

Hey everyone 365 ninja here today i want to show you how to use outlook to attach an email to. Another email now this is really helpful if you dont want to just forward an email or copy and paste. Text you actually want someone to receive the entire original email that you got so i find the email i. Want to reply to you can also start a new email and do this and then ill find in my.

Inbox the email i want to attach so when i find that email i simply click once drag and drop. Into my reply window now as you can see my reply here has that email attached if you double click. On it you can see that its that entirely separate email now if your user doesnt have outlook they might. Experience some different behavior when they try to open this attachment so be sure to keep this in mind when. You use this method you can do the same thing in the outlook web app let me pull that up.

Now here its a little bit trickier but this is the best way that i found to attach an email. To another email in out the outlook web app ive got my email reply open and im going to actually. Make sure that its open in a new window now im going to resize my original window to make sure. That i can see both on the screen here im going to find the email i want to attach in. My inbox single click move my mouse over to the other window you can see that my cursor changed and.

Then im going to drop now you can see that my email is attached if i click on it it. Will open as a new window so its a little bit trickier but you can still attach an email to. Another email in the outlook web app hope this tip helped for more tips and tricks like this in office. 365 please check with 365 ninja com.

Method 2 – Send Emails As Attachments In Gmail!

Hey everyone its gary the google guy here and ive got a really important gmail update for some of you. At least most of those people that are former outlook users especially and that is the new update with the. Feature of the ability to send an email as an attachment in another gmail so we have a couple of. Different things that we can do here first off in the old way of doing things with google mail to.

Add an email thats existing as an attachment and another email you would have to go through the rigmarole of. Opening the email go to the print window save it as a pdf as that destination download it and then. Drag that file into your new email as the attachment now with this new feature we can add existing emails. As attachments very quickly and easily without downloading them first so let me walk you through a couple of different. Scenarios so first off ive got this email up at the very top and i want to send this off.

To someone way number one that i can do it is select it i can click my three dot menu. In the upper middle of our screen and then down at the bottom youll see for word as an attachment. Pop that window up and youll see down at the bottom it has already added that as an eml file. And i can send it off as an attachment that way as opposed to maybe just forwarding it now another. Option that i have is i can actually select maybe multiple emails and let me just grab a couple of.

Emails here go to our compose window and i can actually take these three and drag and drop them into. Our new email compose box and it adds those three emails as attachments to this new email so its another. Way that we can do it now if you are inside of an email and lets say for example ive. Got this one that is a threat i can go into my email that is multiple emails to it as. A conversation thread and lets say theres this one from anson that i would like to add another email attachment.

To now youll notice that with this one i need to reply so if i go to my reply button. I dont see my list of emails to be able to drag that attachment to it so heres what youll. Have to do youll go to the upper right of that compose box in the reply pop it out into. A separate piece youll see it will contain that old email and down at the bottom if you wanted to. See what else was there you could click on that trimmed content button now i can go back to my.

Inbox view find the email that maybe i want to add as an attachment and drag and drop it to. That email thats in the middle of a threat and do it that way now another thing that you may. Want to do is maybe you have an email your opened it youre reading it and we need to reply. I need to add an attachment email here once again with the same piece being that were inside of the. Email youll need to go to the upper right of that box and pop it out then go back to.

Your inbox or whatever label view you may have that email then you can find that particular email message you. Would like and drag and drop it in there just like you would any other attachment from your hard drive. So those are a few different ways that you can add your emails as attachments to new emails whether theyre. Replies or whether theyre brand new now just a couple of heads up here first off ive just received an. Update from google that they are adjusting the rollout for this feature for scheduled release domains that rollout will now.

Begin on the week of january 13th 2020 so just be aware of that if you are on that scheduled. Release domain if you are on a rapid release domain or if you are working with your free gmail account. That you have you can probably do that right now its immediately available so just be aware of that just. A quick thing if you want to do to double-check whether its available for you to not select an email. Go to the top middle tree icon and see if in that menu have forward as an attachment as an.

Option now being that this is a screen view of something as an update to your interface if you dont. Immediately see it what i would advise you to do is in your chrome menu click the three dots on. The upper right corner of your screen go down to more tools in that chrome menu and clear your cookies. And cache with that clear browsing data option that will give your screen a reset for anything that would be. Brand-new interface and being that were looking for that menu change you may need to do that to have that.

Change go into effect okay so with that everyone i hope you all have a wonderful holiday season no matter. What youre celebrating this year around take care take care of each other and have a wonderful new year until. We meet again everyone this is gary the google guy signing off until a another day another time another update. But bye now.

Method 3 – Attach An Email To An Email In Gmail

Are you trying to share an email with someone that wasnt originally part of the email thread do you need. To send a set of emails to a new person on your team in order to provide a ramp up. Do you need to attach an email to another email for contacts attach an email to an email in one. Easy step im laura may martin googles productivity advisor here to show you how to work your space in google.

Workspace today well show you how to attach an email to another email in gmail in gmail open a compose. Window search for the email you want to attach then drag and drop the email and it will attach as. A dot eml file dot eml files will open as a new window you can also select multiple emails then. Click the three dots and forward as an attachment so there you have it attach an email to an email. In one easy step if you have any questions about this tip leave them in the youtube comments below looking.

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Method 4 – Attach An Email To Another Email In Outlook

Hello everyone i hope that you are having a great time in this video at learntech ill show you how. You can attach another email on a new email that you want to send on outlook ill show how you. Can do that on your outlook desktop application which is part of the office package and on outlook web so. Lets get started so i have opened here my outlook and i want to send a new image so i.

Will click over a new email and ill put on the right this tab that its open ill minimize the. Tab of outlook on the left and here then i will search for the email that i want to send. As an attachment on the new email once you find the email you just drag it and drop it over. New email and you can attach as many images as you want for example i will attach another one so. Lets suppose that i want this one so i drag it and drop it here on the new email this.

Is the easiest way how you can attach another email on a new email another way how you can do. That is once you have opened the new email is by going here at toolbars and you select over insert. And here at the end of the options you select here at these three dots which is more commands and. Then you choose outlook items and from here you find the email that you want to attach it can be. A send email or an inbox made or whatever so once you find the email you just click over it.

Two times and then it will be shown here as an attachment this was the second method how you can. Attach an existing email to a new email in outlook in case that you want to use this method on. Your outlook web version you click over a new message and then from here on the left you search the. Email that you want to attach here so once you have found the image that you want to attach here. You just drag and drop on the new email and thats all that you have to do then you specify.

To whom you are going to send the subject and the text and then you press send and thats it. So thats all i wanted to show to you guys hopefully you like this video and please do not forget. To subscribe to my channel wish to you all the best thank you.

Method 5 – How To Attach A File In Any Email

Welcome back everybody to another tech tip in todays video im going to show you how to make an attachment. To an email check it out if you are new to this channel be sure to hit the subscribe button. We do a lot of how-to videos tutorial videos and videos just like this one welcome back everybody in todays. Video like i said were going to show you how to attach an attachment like a picture or word document.

Or something along those lines to your email most of them work the same when i say most of them. Talking like google yahoo aol they all function very similar they all usually use the same pay-per-click a paperclip icon. And youll see that here in just a moment so the provider the email provider that im going to use. Today is going to be gmail so im going to go ahead and open up my browser of choice which. Again is google chrome you may open up your yahoo you may open up your firefox browser either way what.

Youre going to want to do first is navigate and get into your actual inbox for whatever email provider you. Use so in this case like i said im going to go over to gmail and if youre not logged. In of course you want to put in the information get logged in and then once youve got your login. Into your actual browser so actually into your email itself what youre going to want to do is click on. Create new email or if youre again if you can see youre on chrome or google gmail youll want to.

Click on compose either way what youre going to want to do is bring up a new message that youre. Going to pretend like were going to email or create a new email message so as you can see ive. Clicked on the compose the new message box has appeared in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and you. Can see too you can see subjects then youve got an empty field but right alongside the bottom here youre. Going to have you can do the font or formatting options youve got your attached files insert files using the.

Drive so if you use google drive and you have files in there that you want to send you can. Click on that icon you can send and request money via this way pictures insert links and then of course. You can insert some emojis as well so the main one that were going to focus today on is the. Little paperclip icon as you can see when you hover over it it does say attach file so were going. To want to attach a file in this case im going to go ahead and send it to test at.

Test comm were not actually going to end up email but were going to go ahead and create the email. Self subject im just going to type in weekend beach photo and then of course here if youre familiar with. Writing emails this is where you arent going to want to write whatever you want is to send somebody so. If you want to tell them about how your weekend at the beach was is where you tell them that. And then once youve got everything in there youre going to come on down to the little paperclip click on.

Attach files and then were going to want to navigate to wherever you have that picture saved so in this. Case i do have it saved straight to the desktop so im going to go ahead and click on the. Beach photo and then im going to click open what thats going to do as you can see at the. Bottom its going to upload that image to the email itself is going to attach it to the email it. Does give you the file size and of course the name and what kind of extension is in this case.

It is a jpg photo this again will work for most other providers click on the paperclip icon attach the. File youll probably get similar results and then from this point forward you can go ahead and click the send. Button if for any reason you did end up attaching the wrong file on the right here youll have a. Little x you can click on the x that will remove it from the email and then of course if. You want to just trashcan the air you know trash the email altogether you can click on the trash can.

Right there and that will discard the entire email and that wraps up this tech tip if you liked it. Thumbs up if you hated it thumbs down please leave any kind of comments or feedback in the comments section. Below the video dont forget it a subscribe button we will see you next time you.

Conclusion – How Do You Attach An Email To Another Email

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