How Do You Connect Your Iphone To Your Tv – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do you connect your iphone to your tv, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do you connect your iphone to your tv,

Method 1 – How To Connect Iphone To Tv + Screen Mirror! (2021)

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Method 2 – How To Connect An Iphone To A Tv

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Method 3 – How To Connect Your Iphone Or Ipad To Your Tv

Sometimes your iphone or ipad screen is just too small fortunately its easy enough to connect your ios device to. Any recent tv for a bigger screen media experience by far the simplest way to connect your iphone or ipad. To your tv is to use a cable like apples digital av adapter which connects your apple device to your. Tvs hdmi port there are two models of the digital av adapter for ios devices both are $49 one connects.

To an hdmi tv display or projector while the other plugs into vg a compatible peripheral is instead connect your. Iphone or ipad to the tv with an hdmi cable then switch at the tvs input to the port with. A cable also plug the usb end of your lightning cable into the adapter and plug the other end into. A power outlet it needs juice to play where tv will become a duplicate of the connected devices screen in. 1080p hd now you can play your itunes videos netflix movies or whatever else you want on your tv there.

Are many third-party lightning to hdmi cables on sale and amazon or fifteen to twenty-five dollars triste search lightning to. Hdmi youll find cables from companies whove probably never heard of one big caveat with those third-party cables though as. If youre looking to watch video streaming services like netflix amazon prime video hulu hbo our on-demand video from providers. Like comcast xfinity and directv most of these cables wont work they lack high bandwidth digital content protection which prevents. Pirates from capturing hi-def digital content for their own leaders maybe you dont want a pesky wire between your iphone.

And your tv the easiest way to connect wirelessly is with apples airplay picture which allows you to mirror your. Iphone or ipad via the apple tv or tvs thats before airplay – if you have an apple tv setup. Make sure its connected to the same home wi-fi network as your iphone or ipad open the control center on. Your device by swiping down from the top right of your iphone or ipad screen to launch control center tap. Airplay mirroring then select your apple tv your apple tv will stream a mirror of what your devices screen apple.

Recently opened up its streaming platform and announced that some smart tvs will support airplay to streaming among the vendor. Set to supported our lg samsung sony and vizio while youre not likely to run out and buy a new. Television just to cast a few youtube videos its probably something to keep in mind when youre shopping for your. Next big stream.

Method 4 – 3 Ways To Screen Mirror Iphone To Any Tv (No Apple Tv Required)

Hey what is up everybody today is a great day because today in this video im going to teach you. Three ways you can mirror your iphone screen to your tv i mean know an apple tv like sony samsung. Or lg but its a great day now there are tons of ways you can do this but ive got. Three best ways you can do this now before doing this just make sure you have a tv with a.

Wi-fi connection or a youtube app so and an iphone and a wi-fi connection now you can have an ethernet. Connection too if you want but just make sure that you arrive you your cell phone and your tvs connected. To the same wi-fi network thats it starting off with the number one theres got to be a youtube app. Now youtube map is a pretty powerful album comes to video streaming our video watching our music and stuff like. That but what you dont know is that youtube can also be used as as a screamer app now you.

Might be wondering whats a youtube app gonna do its pretty simple when you select any video just on the. Top right corner you will see a icon named is a screamer ring or casting sometimes now when you click. On that icon it will able to truly show you you were home tvs or you were a laptop pcs. And they are if there is any now in my case ive got tv running in the background so when. I click on it it will show me my tv name thats it now you click on it and it.

Will mirror that video from your phone to your tv without asking anything else and thats it you can watch. Almost anything on your phone on your tv thats it simple wi-fi connection coming on to number two its gotta. Be a app called imediashare now frankly im not getting paid by these guys or nabis sponsored i literally use. This app as a know until best because i want to show pictures to my family and stuff like that. So anyways they open that app okay just before opening that up just make sure your phone is connected to.

The internet like wi-fi connection or something like that when you open the app you will see multiple sections like. Picture sections video sections even facebook or the browser something nada now if you want to see pictures from your. Phone to your tv wirelessly you can just go to the picture section if you wants to listen to some. Music you can just go to the music section if you want a place on videos you can just go. To the video section and thats it okay now in this example im gonna go to my camera roll and.

Thats pictures picture section im gonna select that picture when you select any picture it will ask you on what. Tv do you want in this picture to be merged so ive got only one tv and it will show. Me my actual tv that is running in the background just go ahead and click that name and thats it. Bam you will be connected without asking anything else and thats it now number three would be the the old. Fashioned way now this and the iphone have this feature called screamer and now when you swipe up the control.

Panel you will see this put a streamer on ios 11 and if you are using if youre not using. Outs 11 you might be seeing airplay murray but both are the same dont worry about it now that feature. Only works with the apple tv so well be using a laptop as a middleman ive got tons of videos. On my channel showing you exactly how to do it so thats it thank you so much for watching guys. And by the way consider subscribing my channel because ill be uploading tons of these kind of videos and by.

The way you can also follow me on my twitter facebook or instagram if you have any queries regarding the. These kind of videos please subscribe for more and thats it peace out.

Method 5 – How To View Your Iphone On A Tv – Hdmi Cable

Hello there everyone so in this video i want to show you guys how to connect your iphone to your. Tv hello everyone welcome to cellular pros in this channel we do tech reviews and tutorials so if youre new. To the channel i welcome you to subscribe all right lets go right to the video now first thing i. Want to let you know is that your tv does not have to be a smart tv this tv is.

Its just a hd tv and im gonna be showing you how to be able to view your phone on. The tv and only spending less than $10 all right so lets get right into it this is a good. Alternative to an apple tv if all you want to do is be able to see your phone on your. Tv the apple tv does the same thing but it also has the apple tv features where you dont have. To connect your phone to be able to use all the apple apps on the tv so this is a.

Good alternative because youre gonna save a lot of money the apple tv a lot more expensive you know with. This method its only gonna cost you under $10 so lets get right into it so the only thing youre. Gonna need this cable right here so its hdmi on this side and then over here it has a usb. Regular usb cable and the lightning cable alright so im gonna show you how to connect it really quickly first. So find your hdmi port mine is right here your tv this tv that im using here is a little.

Bit older so you your tv probably has you know maybe hdmi ports here on the sides i would recommend. Using those and probably a lot more hdmi ports this tv since its an older tv it only has one. Hdmi port and then the other thing that youre going to do is youre gonna get the usb cable and. Find a usb slot on your tv this one has it right here button connect this usb there we go. And then were left with the lightning cable there we go okay so next thing that you want to do.

Is go ahead on your tv and place it on the hdmi channel that you placed your hdmi port in. So that you can start viewing the phone on the tv so as you can see as i swiper on. The screen you can view the screen perfectly on the tv as well okay and then another thing you could. Do is you could turn it sideways and it will put the tv in the full landscape mode so you. Can view the entire area of the tv on your screen some apps that only open up vertically will show.

Like this so for example if we open up like instagram its gonna show up like this you cant turn. Instagram sideways facebook as well you cant turn it sideways so these apps youll have to be like this but. Theres other apps like messages whatsapp some games youtube so lets go ahead netflix so lets go ahead and open. Up youtube okay so youtube is right now like this but once you play the video you can hit full-size. Screen and youre gonna be viewing it see the tv in form alright everyone so this was just a quick.

Alternative a cheap alternative to connect your iphone to your tv so im gonna have a link for this cable. Down below in the description you can get it for under $10 alright everyone so thats it for this video. I hope you enjoyed the video and i hope i helped you out if it did please give it a. Like it really helps to channel a lot so i took for now ill see you around in the next. Video and as always peace ciao.

Conclusion – How Do You Connect Your Iphone To Your Tv

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