How Do You Listen To Podcasts On Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods do you listen to podcasts on iphone,

Method 1 – How To Listen To Podcasts On Iphone! πŸ₯‡ [Solved!]

Hey whats going on everyone in this quick video im going to show you two awesome ways on how you. Can listen to podcasts on your iphone or ipad device so this is very easily done just by going to. The podcasts app which is already pre downloaded on your iphone device so right here i have mine on the. Front page however if you really use the podcasts app you can simply drag down and then go and search.

For podcasts and then you can go ahead and press on the podcasts up now once youre in here you. Can go ahead and search for a particular podcast that you would like to listen to or alternatively you can. Go to browse and this will show you some of the most recommended and most popular podcasts at the moment. So if you can scroll down is pretty much an endless list and theres also different categories as well so. I can go ahead and browse by category such as business comedy education fiction and so on so in this.

Instance i actually want to go ahead and search for a particular podcast so im going to go ahead and. Search for joe rogan and right here we have the joe rogan experience so if i want to go ahead. And listen to one of these podcasts i can just go ahead and tap in here so once im in. Here i now see the recent podcasts that are available from this particular show so as you can see these. Are the most recent now if i scroll down i can go to see all episodes and now i can.

Pretty much go back to the huge catalog of podcasts available so if i want to go ahead and play. A particular podcast i can simply do that just by tapping so as you can see the podcast is now. Playing and now i can go ahead and skip if i want to go ahead so if i actually want. To go ahead and maybe download one of these podcasts if im going on a plane or a long journey. I can also do this by pressing on the plus icon and then i can press on the cloud icon.

And this will start downloading the podcast onto the podcast app and as you can see we have our little. Square icon and well have a little progress circle as well and this will take a while to download and. If i want to go ahead and pause the download i can simply do that by pressing pause and there. We have it so there you have it guys thats an awesome way on how to listen to podcasts with. The built-in podcast app on the iphone however if you are looking to listen to podcasts on a different app.

Then i do highly recommend downloading the free app called overcast so this is the one here its a free. One you can download directly from the apple store and im just going to go ahead and open this now. Once im in here i can go ahead and again search for a particular podcast so again ill search for. Joe rogan and again i can go ahead and play these particular episodes directly in the podcast player as well. So ill just go ahead and press this one and now ill go ahead and press play so there we.

Have it guys thats two awesome ways on how you can listen to podcasts on either your iphone or ipad. Device so hope this quick video has been helpful for you if youd like to see any other content like. This please share our dares down below as id be more than happy to make content for all of you. Out there so as always thanks for watching ill see you all in the next one.

Method 2 – How To Listen To Podcasts On Iphone

Want to get into listening to podcasts but not sure how to do it on your iphone we are here. To show you how its done im jessica from tech boomers calm in this video ill be showing you how. To listen to podcasts on an iphone now lets get started to begin launch the app store on your device. Then search for the podcasts app when you find it tap the download icon once it has finished downloading launch.

The app now you can browse featured content or search for a specific podcast if you know what you want. To listen to to do this tap search then type in the name of the podcast you want to find. Tap the name of a podcast to open it now select the episode you want to listen to the newest. Episodes will appear at the top of the list when youve chosen an episode tap the play icon to begin. Listening to it you can use the on-screen control buttons to pause play rewind or fast-forward if you enjoy the.

Podcast and want to keep up with new episodes they release tap the subscribe button under the podcast name if. You tap the library button you can easily find all the podcasts youve subscribed to thats everything you need to. Know to listen to a podcast on your iphone thanks for watching if you found this video helpful wed love. It if youd hit the thumbs up button below check out tec boomers comm for over a hundred free courses. On all of todays most popular websites and apps.

Method 3 – Podcast – How To Use The Iphone Podcast App

Whats up learn how nation and welcome back to another video part of my series 30 apps in 30 days. In this video we are going to talk about how to use the iphone podcast app im andy and youre. Watching learn how we create video lessons and tutorials to help people learn how to use technology to improve their. Lifestyle so if you like what you see in this video please consider subscribing also dont forget up in this.

Corner weve got some free downloads for you guys also to help you out to help you improve your lifestyle. So check that out at any time during the video alright i want to give a few shoutouts before we. Start this video first shoutout goes to prince whitey thank you for the love in the comments section if you. Leave a comment below i read all of the comments and id love to give you guys a shout out. On one of my videos so make sure youre hitting that thumbs up and commenting so i can get to.

Know you better all right guys lets jump in right to this video were gonna be talking about how to. Use the iphone podcast app podcasts have been really huge lately and i actually recently started a podcast to help. People learn how to improve their lifestyle through online business technology and lifestyle so im gonna be doing some solo. Shows interviewing some people its been a great show so far so if you arent already listening to it jump. Onto itunes or google play ill throw a link in the description below this video so you guys can check.

Out the podcast but there are a ton of awesome podcasts out there these days and a bunch that i. Listen to and the podcast app on the iphone is a great way to manage and organize all of your. Podcasts so lets jump right into the app and kind of see how it works right here off the bat. The library is going to be the main thing that youre going to use with the podcast app ive talked. To a lot of people about what kind of podcasts are listening to and a common response for a lot.

Of people is that theyre not listening to podcasts because they dont really understand how to use the podcast app. Because it can be i guess a little confusing once youre first getting used to it so were gonna hopefully. Cover some things to help you feel comfortable with the podcast app the library is where you store all of. The different shows that youre subscribed to so it kind of works like youtube where you can subscribe to shows. And theyll automatically update for you right here in your library so right at the top of the screen youll.

See shows and episodes so if i click on shows it will show me all this shows that im subscribed. To on the podcast app and well get into how to subscribe here in just a second if i go. Back can click on episodes and it will show me all of the recent episodes that have come out from. The different podcasts that im subscribed to back on this library screen you can see recently updated these are all. The shows that im subscribed to and so i can click on one of them and see their most recent.

Episode or i can scroll down and see some of the other episodes that are available i go all the. Way down this is where youre gonna youre gonna find really really old episodes if you want to scroll through. And see what this show has put out in the past i use this all the time youre gonna click. On available episodes and you can see every single episode that has ever come out on the show so on. My show i dont have a whole lot out yet so thats all of them right there but like for.

Example im gonna go back and im gonna go to garyvee im gonna scroll down he has a lot of. Recent episodes he puts out a lot of content go all the way down available episodes now i can scroll. Through for days with garyvee there are so many episodes on here like i cant even scroll fast enough to. Get them all but thats how you go and see all of the episodes i do this all the time. Cuz ill scroll through and see and look for specific episodes based on the title and description that would be.

Interesting to me so thats how you go back and see all of the episodes so lets look at a. Show how to go about finding a show subscribing and how that all works down at the very bottom of. The screen theres a browse feature so if you click on browse this is kind of like an itunes store. Where you can browse different shows so you can see here right off the bat theres feature theres top charts. Theres categories so let me just go to like top charts so its sorted by episodes right now but i.

Can sort it by podcasts so these are some of the top podcasts im in all categories if i wanted. To look for lets say business episodes im gonna switch to podcasts okay here we go some top podcasts so. Lets look at the dave ramsey show so once you find your podcast that you want to subscribe to its. As easy as hitting that big subscribe button and then youre subscribed to the podcasts so that back in your. Library it will be there and it will automatically update the new shows for you so if i go back.

To my library you can see the dave ramsey show is now in my library of podcasts that im subscribed. To so if i click on the dave ramsey show i can play right there that top episode is his. Most recent episode and i can scroll down so right there under my episodes first of all is the episodes. That have recently come out but i can go back to that available episodes and scroll and see all of. His episodes so now lets say i want to listen to an episode i can press that play breath play.

Button right there and listen to the episode and it will stream the episode using lte or wi-fi whatever youre. Connected to so youll see the bar at the bottom of the screen up here i can tap on that. And kind of see the main control so its kind of like the music app same sort of thing you. Can pause it fast-forward that whole thing but right now im just listening to the episode using like 3g or. Lte or whatever so im gonna just pause that and go to available episodes okay so this is something notes.

That i like to do – if youre gonna be in the car for a while and lets say you. Want to have a couple episodes lined up you can download episodes and put them in order so that they. Will automatically play in order so thats why when i scroll through here and i see these plus signs next. To an episode title i can hit that plus sign and it will add it to the list of episodes. For that show if that makes sense so if i press back youll see right here under my episodes it.

Has that one that i just added nine four one five how to alleviate the anxiety i added that one. By clicking the plus sign so thats in my my episodes so that little cloud icon means that i can. Download that episode to my phone temporarily so that im not using lte or 3g when im out and about. Listening to it so if you dont have a limited data you can just hit that little cloud like im. Connected to wi-fi right now i can hit the little cloud download the episode to my phone so that i.

Can listen to it when im out and about doing whatever and then once youre done the app automatically removes. Episodes after youve listened to it so after you listen to it it will delete it from your phone so. Its not taking up storage so there now i got two episodes in my playlist so lets say im listening. To this one that i already started its down here at the bottom nine four to five martie listening to. This one ill press play im listening to it and i want to get it set up so that when.

That episode ends i dont have to fiddle with my phone and find the next episode so im going to. Go down here to this one i added nine four one five im gonna click on it its not playing. Im still listening to nine four two five if i click these three dots next to the play i can. Click play next so thats adding that episode to my cue so as soon as the episode im listening to. Right now ends this next episode is going to automatically start playing so you can do that with any show.

You can mix shows so i do this all the time so lets say i want to listen to im. Gonna go back to library lets say im listening to one of my episodes right now a good point to. Remember right here so im already listening to an episode and ive already made my cue so ive got those. Two dames dave ramsey episodes playing so i can either choose to keep that bat dave ramsey episode up next. Or i can clear it and start over i still want to listen to that dave ramsey episode next so.

Im gonna say keep up next so now the order is my episode then the dave ramsey episode i can. Go back lets do gary vee next click on one of these ones maybe i want to listen to this. Episode next click the three dots and now is what im gonna click is play later so see it right. There play later so now im setting up my playlist and its kind of you have to kind of keep. Track of it in your head so ive got my episode dave ramsey then gary bs episode and thats kind.

Of how you can pre organize episodes that you want to listen to otherwise when an episode ends its just. Gonna play the next episode from that podcast but if theres very specific episodes you want to listen to thats. How you organize it okay so one last thing that im gonna talk about with this app is the search. Feature down in the bottom right this is where if you know the name of the podcast or if you. Want to search for a specific type of episode you can just type it in right here so if you.

Know that theres a podcast called entrepreneur entrepreneur on fire youve heard about this you want to find it you. Can just search for it right here and there it is entrepreneur on fire and subscribe or listen to an. Episode something that is nice is that you dont have to subscribe to a podcast just to listen to one. Episode so i could just come down here if i want if im looking for very specific episode and i. Can just click on it and once it loads i can just play it right there i dont i dont.

Necessarily have to subscribe its kind of like youtube you can just watch youtube videos without subscribing to the channel. But if its a channel you like and you want to hear whats coming out next from them you subscribe. So you can kind of keep an eye on him and see whats coming up next thats basically the podcasting. App guys so just remembered the main thing youre gonna focus on after youve found some episodes and subscribing some. Podcast and subscribed youre just gonna use this library im just gonna go back to your main library and whenever.

You want to listen to a show you can just click on a specific show find the episode you want. To listen to and listen to it or if you just want to go in order play the most recent. One and after that its just gonna play the next one and then like we said if you want to. Set up a little custom playlist you can use the play next and play later feature to kind of set. Up a little custom playlist for yourself sorry one last thing i guess listen now at the bottom left ill.

Just talk about it this just shows well all the most recent episodes from all of the podcasts that youre. Subscribed to so you just want to quickly see whats out from all that the podcasters subscribe to you just. Click listen now you can scroll through and see all right thats whats whats out recently from from these guys. And click on it and play it thats how the podcasting app works guys and i recommend going out finding. Some podcasts that you enjoy if thats a learn how podcasts great if not go find some podcasts that are.

Interesting to you one of the best things about audio these days is you can multitask you can listen to. A podcast while youre driving to work while youre working out at the gym while youre doing the dishes you. Can just play it through your speakers at home theres so many benefits to audio with these days that its. Worth your time just to enjoy or listen to something uplifting or fulfilling for you theres not just business podcasts. Out there theres like storytelling podcasts theres history podcasts entertainment like theres all sorts of podcasts so whatever youre interested.

In you can be sure that theres probably a podcast out there about it and its a nice change of. Pace to listening to music every day i really got sick of listening to the radio driving to work every. Day and thats really how i got into podcasts and its been great because its its like im learning while. Im driving its almost like reading a book or watching a youtube video while youre driving and so you can. Multitask essentially if you liked this video guys give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends and.

Dont forget to hit that subscribe button so you dont miss any of our upcoming videos part of our 30. Apps in 30 days let me know what your favorite podcasts are in the comments below im always looking for. New podcasts to listen to im open to suggestions so if you listen to podcasts leave a comment and let. Me know what your favorite podcasts are so i can check them out and you know keep on learning alright. Guys thanks for watching and well see you in the next video.

Method 4 – How To Listen To Podcasts On Your Ipad Or Iphone

Hi this is jane ratliff with blue hair technology group and todays lesson is going to be on the ipad. But remember almost everything i do on the ipad you can do on the iphone so remember its an easy. Translation of what im doing today today were going to be talking about podcasts and if you havent heard about. Podcasts youre missing a lot of great audio that is out there and published on a regular basis this is.

Podcast is something that you get automatically with your ipad so you really should be taking advantage of it theres. Hundreds of thousands of audio podcasts that you can find on your ipad and it has great tremendous content that. You can listen to now my recommendation again on the ipad or even on your iphone is that you get. Some headsets and plug them in because youre going to be able to hear the podcasts that much better so. Were going to go directly into the podcast app so im going to look for the podcast app remember theres.

A couple ways to look for the app you can swipe on the screen like im doing you can swipe. On the screen but if you cant find it and its frustrating always you can actually press your finger in. The middle of your screen and swipe down and when you do that it brings up a really great feature. That you should know about which is searching you can come up here and you can actually search for the. App youre looking for so im going to type in because i know the app is called podcasts im gonna.

Start typing p.o and as soon as i just type pio there comes the podcast app and i can just. Tap on the podcast app and up pops the podcast app itself and more than likely for most of you. Just like what you see on my screen youre going to say has going to say something like you have. No podcasts because i havent subscribed to any podcast youre going to see a lot of familiarity with this app. If you already have been in the app store before down at the bottom its important that you see the.

Different functions or the and sections you have unplayed my podcasts featured top charts and search so just like in. The app store sometimes you like to look at featured to see what is itunes featuring in the podcasts so. Im gonna tap on feature featured will give you the featured things the featured podcasts that apple wants you to. Know about and usually usually these are some of the better or just the newer podcasts and hundreds and thousands. Of them so you can swipe through here if you wanted to just by swiping across you can swipe up.

And down to swipe up and theres more theres editors choice and you see some things such as magic lessons. Not too deep featured collections theres tv talk the great outdoors parenting podcasts on parenting its amazing how much information. Is out here another great thing to note is theres a category section up at the top left if i. Tap on categories just like in the app store you have a list of categories that you can look at. And narrow down into a specific topic thats more interesting to you like for me i love technology so i.

Might tap technology and when you tap technology this is all the podcasts that are out there all related to. Technology so lets pick something lets pick something that would be lets go back actually to the top the very. First page will go back to all categories and well look at what i saw on here this one which. Says never not funny and im going to tap on that because i like jon hamm so ill go back. There im not tap on it and again this looks just like the app store right so heres the podcast.

Five stars pretty close to five stars heres the description of it and if you swipe down youll see all. The podcasts each one of these numbers is a podcast a separate podcast over here on the right-hand side is. The number of minutes and hours the podcast might be so the first one here grabbing a bite with phil. Rosenthal and the episode you can see what episode it is its two hours and 15 minutes and 30 seconds. The cloud means that youre downloading it from the cloud or youre downloading it from their server so you would.

Actually tap on that to download it heres the one that id be interested in rolling the credits with jon. Hamm so if i come over here and i tap on the cloud like i will right now the way. You find the podcasts that you just selected tap outside of the white box so we want to we want. To remove this big white box so im just going to tap it and you actually have selected a podcast. Now so were going to go to the my podcast section and here is the podcast that you just tapped.

On or that i just tapped on never to funny and this is the one with jon hamm and this. Is where i can decide i want to start playing it ive actually paused it but down here is where. All your controls are for playing and remember when that when i tap that it will start playing what you. Have here is just a phenomenal resource of hundreds of thousands of audio podcasts out there all for free all. Brought to you by apple and it comes standard on your device and remember it comes standard on your ipad.

Or you can also put it on your iphone as well you know take some time check out the podcast. App and look at whats out there and download some of them and have an opportunity to start listening to. Them i think youll really enjoy it and again whats amazing is it comes standard on your device im jane. Ratliff with blue hair technology group you.

Method 5 – Podcasts 101: What’S A Podcast, Where To Find Them, & How To Start Listening Today

Hey whats going on its mike and im here with another episode of smart simple digitally so i love podcasts. Like i listen to a bunch of podcasts i look forward to the to some of my favorite podcasts coming. Out each week the same way that some people might look forward to their favorite shows airing on tv every. Week you know they are by far you know when it comes to digital media theyre by far one of.

My favorite sources for information and entertainment no question however i am constantly reminded that there are still a lot. Of people out there who dont know what the heck podcasts are or who might have heard the term podcast. But still dont have really much clue on how to start exploring them and listening to them so i figured. I would do todays talk you know this podcasts one-on-one talk just to serve as a reference for anybody out. There who might be interested in learning more about podcasts and looking for some tips on how to start exploring.

Them and listening to them so thats what todays episode is all about so a podcast is a recorded audio. Series you can think of it as like a radio show and you know theyre packaged these episodes and made. Available online and from there anyone can subscribe to them and they can download them to a computer or a. Smartphone and from there you can then listen to them anytime you want to the really cool thing about podcasts. Is that they come in a variety of formats and genres you know literally like their there is quite possibly.

A podcast or multiple podcasts that exist for just about any interest or topic that you can think of you. Know i mean right off the bat i can think of pod this is the different categories of podcasts that. Exist you know they are comedy podcasts once i focus on news politics pop culture cooking books tv religion technology. I mean you name it theres likely a podcast out there that exists the other thing is they come in. All sorts of formats so theres some podcasts there are one-on-one dialogues or one-on-one interview so every episode the host.

Is sitting down with the different guests and they are just having a q&a discussion theyre also podcasts that are. Roundtable discussions or panel discussions where you may have two or more hosts and every episode theyre talking about just. A wide range of subjects and maybe happenings in pop culture etc then they you also have podcasts that take. The form of storytelling so you may have a host or multiple hosts and they are using sound effects or. Sound bites from various sources just to craft a really interesting there and a really interesting story whether fiction or.

Nonfiction you also have podcasts that are talks you know where every episode the host is giving a talk or. Sermon or some type of instruction or inspiration if you will so all sorts of different formats or podcasts in. Addition to that the other thing that makes pockets really cool is that they can be creative by anyone so. You have your just regular everyday people creating podcasts you know about whatever things that they or maybe experts in. Or be really passionate about you know have companies who are getting into the podcast game and theyre producing podcast.

You know about you know whatever their brand or market might be and then you also have celebrities now who. Are podcasting and you know its just a really really really diverse field right now which makes podcast is really. Cool and interesting so just to give you a bit of backstory little history on podcast pakka has have actually. Been around since the early 2000s however the main difference between podcasts as they existed then versus podcasts now completely. Comes down to accessibility so back in the early days you needed to number one in order to discover and.

Conclusion – How Do You Listen To Podcasts On Iphone

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