How Do You Reset An Ipad To Factory Settings – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do you reset an ipad to factory settings, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do you reset an ipad to factory settings,

Method 1 – How To Erase And Factory Reset Your Ipad!

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Method 2 – How To Reset & Restore Your Apple Ipad Pro 3Rd Gen – Factory Reset

Hey there whats up in this video im gonna show you how to factory reset your apple ipad pro hey. There my names sergio with search tech and in this channel i do tech reviews and tutorials so if you. Havent subscribed already go ahead and do so now hit the bell to receive notifications on my future videos theres. Gonna be links to all the information that i talked about in this video down below in the description alright.

Lets get right to the video now alright this is gonna work with all the new ipads and im going. To show you how to completely reset it back to its factory condition im gonna show you two methods of. Doing it first i will show you through the settings and then ill show you how to do it with. The buttons so in case you have a password and you cant get into your ipad youll still be able. To do a complete factory reset erase everything on your ipad back to its factory condition so you can set.

It up and start using it normally again alright so first off lets go through the settings so well go. Into settings here in settings we will go to general over here on the left hand column and then on. General settings its gonna be towards the bottom its gonna say reset right here and then were gonna have this. Option right here that says erase all content and settings so thats the option were gonna choose if you have. A password and you can get into it you will enter your password and here its gonna give you a.

Confirmation message to erase the ipad once you select that the reset process will begin and everything on your ipad. Will be erased back to factory condition so make sure that you do backup your ipad if theres anything on. Here that you want to keep alright lets go ahead and show you now how were going to do the. Hard reset method so for example lets say you have a password on your ipad and you dont know it. You cant get into it alright so first thing were gonna need is a either pc or mac with itunes.

Installed and these are the steps that were gonna take to reset it so lets say you dont know your. Password your ipad may even be disabled like this no problem this will still completely reset it even if its. Disabled so what were going to were going to connect it first so lets connect it to the computer or. My hey make sure you have the latest version of itunes open so download the latest version of itunes make. Sure you update it to the latest one and then once you have it connected what were gonna do is.

Were gonna press volume up volume down and were gonna press and hold the power button until the screen completely. Blacks out once the screen blacks out were gonna continue holding the power button but were gonna press and hold. Volume down for 10 seconds then were gonna quickly let go and press them both again until it goes into. Its restore mode alright so lets go ahead and do it now volume up volume down power button continue to. Hold the volume button until it blacks out once it does quickly press the volume down and hold it as.

Well there you go ten seconds eight seven six five four three two one let go press them both again. And continue to hold them both power button and volume down continue to hold them and once you see this. Connect to itunes screen you can let go of all the buttons it is now in i i pad restore. Mode so now were ready to go we can go ahead and just place the ipad down okay so were. Gonna get this message right here which says theres a problem with your ipad that requires it to be either.

Updated or restored so lets just go ahead and select update your ipad cant be updated you will need to. Restore it perfect so here just see if you get this message just go ahead and hit update and its. Gonna give you these confirmation messages here that you need to download the new update today so here just go. Ahead and select agree and it will take a few minutes to download the new software so this is gonna. Take some time here it says four minutes depending on your internet connection it may take longer if it takes.

Longer than 10 minutes most likely your ipad will get out of restore mode so you will have to follow. That process again to get it into the restore mode but for this step we have to wait till we. Finish downloading the software update and then once the software update is complete the reset process will automatically begin if. Not if your ipad gets out of restore mode like i said go ahead and put it again in a. Restore mode and since your software update will be downloaded it will continue with the reset process all right so.

Since my software update download pretty quickly in about three to four minutes the reset process continued on its own. So now its at the next step which is extracting software so now we just gotta wait until all the. Bars load its gonna do this a few times its gonna do a couple different steps and once they load. Completely the reset process will be done so lets wait it should take a few minutes probably about five minutes. For it to completely extract and reload the new software into the ipad alright so once you see this white.

Screen come up that means that the reset process was done so it also should say this on your itunes. Welcome to your new ipad alright so once you see that we can go ahead and disconnect it you dont. Need that no more and then now all we got to do is simply swipe up and were gonna go. Ahead and get the ipad set up just set your language country connect to wi-fi and your ipad has been. Completely factory reset back to its factory condition so that is how you hard reset also known as a factory.

Reset your apple ipad pro so go ahead and like this video if it helped you out it really helps. Me out and thats it for this video ill see you in the next one and as always peace.

Method 3 – How To Reset An Ipad To Factory Settings (Tutorial)

Hey everybody im here today to show you how to reset an ipad to factory settings in this video i. Will be outlining all of the instructions in a step-by-step manner as you can see right here i have an. Ipad mini but the process is pretty much the same for all of the different versions of the ipad so. Lets get right to it youre going to start off by clicking the settings app just like that and as.

You can see it opens up a wide variety of options youre going to go to the general section just. Like that then you are going to scroll to the bottom and you will see that theres an option that. Says reset youre going to click reset just like that and it brings you a few different options you can. See that it says reset all settings erase all content and settings reset network settings reset keyboard dictionary reset home. Screen layout and reset location and privacy you are going to go to the erase all content and settings option.

Click on it and it just gives you a little bit of a warning it says this will delete all. Media and data and reset all settings you click the erase option and it just gives you one more warning. Are you sure you want to continue all media data and settings will be erased this cannot be undone and. Before you click the erase option make sure that you are sure that you want to erase all content and. Settings and give your ipad a factory reset so when you are sure click erase and as you can see.

The ipad basically just starts to reboot and your ipad will pretty much automatically reboot and erase all of the. Content data and settings and it will basically be it will basically reset the ipad to factory settings and depending. On the amount of content and data and media that is on your ipad this can take a while so. Just go ahead it reset give it some time and thats basically it in this video i have shown you. How to reset an ipad to factory settings just follow the instructions and that is follow the instructions in this.

Video and youll be good to go and once again this may take a while depending on the amount of. Content media and data that that you have on your ipad so just give it some time let it work. Its way through and thats basically it i hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and thats all i have. For you today thanks for watching.

Method 4 – Forgot Passcode – How To Reset Ipad To Factory – Reset Password

Whats happening youtubers this is a video showing you how to factory reset your ipad if youve lost or forgotten. The passcode so this is going to wipe it so if you have any photos theyre going to be gone. Hopefully youll have a backup to restore from if not you just have to start from scratch but at least. Youll be back in your device so what youll need for this is the ipad connected to the lightning cable.

Or classic cable and then the other end going into your laptop or computer which needs to have itunes on. It so with those things in place lets start the restore what you need to do is hold down the. Home button and the power button both at the same time which im going to do now keep those two. Buttons pressed what youll notice is the screen will go blank next up will be an apple logo and following. On from that will give you itunes loading okay when matts there we turn our attention to our juice answers.

Theres a problem with the ipad that requires it to be updated click restore are you sure you want to. Restore the ipad restore and update at the top of the screen you can see extracting software with a blue. Bar running underneath given a progress if your ipad didnt have the latest version of ios operating system itunes will. Download it now and then install will then extract and install software so depending on the speed of your broadband. The download may take 30 14 minutes ill fast forward this next bit and bring in the ipad so you.

Can see the progress as it happens.

Method 5 – Ipad Factory Reset – Wipe Clean- Delete All Data – All Ipads

Whats going on youtubers he has had to factory reset your ipad now this is going to wipe all of. The photos all of your data and it will be as if it was a brand new ipad just out. Of the box so please be aware of that before proceeding good idea if youre planning to sell silvius device. To sign out of the icloud first as well so it doesnt look up for the next person so yeah.

Lets get into this if you click on the settings button just quickly if you go up to the top. Left you see my name apple id icloud thats where youll sign out the icloud but we want to erase. All the data so what we do from the general option on the left hand side look on the right. Youll see a reset press that button you get given some more options and we have erase all content and. Settings so lets select that okay on – this documents and data are being uploaded to icloud finish up late.

Upload invent a raise or erase now your message may be slightly different it may just say something like a. Raised ipad you just go ahead and do that go ahead and press that it asks for the passcode which. Ill put in now you know youre gonna see my see my password here but im sure you can keep. A secret okay this will delete all media and data and reset all settings so if youre comfortable with that. Press arrays gives you one last warning before we reach the point of no return or media dead zone settings.

Will be erased this cannot be undone this eraser next it asks for the apple id password and hey presto. It starts in two white you.

Conclusion – How Do You Reset An Ipad To Factory Settings

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