How Do You Transfer Android To Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Move From Android To Iphone | Apple Support

Its easy to move from android to ios heres how to transfer your photos contacts messages and more before you. Start your android device should have wi-fi turned on and both your devices should be plugged into power you should. Also double check that you have enough space on your iphone for the content youre transferring over its best not. To finish setting up your iphone before you begin this process if youve already set it up youll need to.

Erase it and start over if you choose not to erase it you can move your content over manually alright. Lets get started first follow the on-screen instructions on your iphone to start setting it up on the apps and. Data screen on your iphone tap move data from android if you havent done so already youll need to install. The move to ios app on your android device you can download the move to ios app from google play. Or scan the qr code on your iphone by tapping the qr code button in the top right corner of.

Your screen on your iphone tap continue a 6 digit or 10 digit code will appear on your android device. Open the move to ios app and tap continue if you agree to the terms and conditions tap agree then. Tap continue on your android device enter the code displayed on your iphone tap continue then tap connect now just. Wait until the transfer data screen appears on your android device and select the content that you want to transfer. You can move your google account messages contacts and other things like accessibility and display settings now tap continue even.

If your android device says the process is complete leave both your devices alone until the loading bar on your. Iphone finishes depending on how much content youre moving this process can take a little while when the loading bar. On your iphone finishes tap done on your android device next on your iphone tap continue setting up iphone and. Follow the on-screen steps to finish setup its that simple now your content should be transferred and all of your. Important information is right where you expected to learn more about your iphone from useful tips to helpful features subscribe.

To the apple support youtube channel or click another video to keep watching some sequences in this video were shortened.

Method 2 – Transfer Data Android To Iphone 2020

Hi guys and welcome to one to three mit in this video i will show you how to transfer data. From android to iphone in 2020 this video is the official way apple recommends to transfer your data from android. To iphone we will help you transfer contacts message history camera photos and videos web bookmarks mail accounts calendars and. Free apps the first step is to reset your iphone if you dont want to reset your iphone then you.

Will have to transfer the data manually i plan to do some more videos on this method so hit subscribe. Okay you can go into settings general and scroll down to reset once you are there tap on arrays content. In settings next tap arrays iphone this foot to lay all media and data so do a backup first if. You need to once your iphone has reset itself just follow the prompts and start setting it up again next. Up connect to your wi-fi and make sure that your android device is connected to the same wi-fi continue setting.

Up your iphone until you get to the absent data screen once youre on the apps and data screen tap. Move data from android before you hit continue go to your android phone and download the move to ios app. From the google play store move to ios ive already downloaded it therefore im going to press open tap continue. Agree and then next tap continue on your iphone and on your android device type in the code that you. See on your iphone if you get the error message could not communicate with the device i have already done.

A video on how to fix this and i will put a link in the top of the video now. Ok great youre on the transferred data stream just deselect anything you dont want to transfer and press next cool. Well your data is transferred now tap done on your android phone and you can close the app on your. Iphone tap continue setting up iphone go ahead and setup your iphone awesome the last step here is to install. Your free apps to do this you will need your apple id just tap add apps and then tap use.

Existing apple id and your iphone will download all the free apps for you if you swipe across you should. See all your apps start to appear you can also check if your photos messages and videos copied across also. Guys dont forget to check out my other videos like fix could not communicate with a device error and do. Me a favor hit the subscribe button and smash the bell icon.

Method 3 – How To Transfer Data From Android To Iphone (2 Free Ways)

Welcome to tenorshare channel if you just turned to iphone from android i bet you must have lots of data. To my grade your photos videos music apps message and etc so today ill introduce two easy and efficient way. To help you transfer your data to from your android to iphone lets get started so the most common and. Easiest way to transfer is by using move to ios app as you can see here on my android i.

Put some pictures and videos and here is music and contacts so first lets go to google play on your. Android and search move to ios and install it once install open it so this is the interface before we. Start to move we need to factory reset the iphone go to settings and reset and tap erase all content. And settings then enter the passcode and tap erase okay so after factory reset your iphone we can start to. Set it up here i just skipped the unimportant steps when it goes to apps and data well see theres.

An option called move data from android tap it so as you can see here goes the important part of. Todays video we just tap continue on both phones tap agree on terms and conditions on android on the iphone. It shows the code to enter on android lets follow it then on android itll ask to connect to wi-fi. Network that created by iphone we just tap continue and connect lets wait for the transfer data screen to appear. Next select the content that you want to transfer we can move contacts and message history photos and videos and.

Mail accounts and calendars as for music we need to transfer manually once confirmed tap next even if your android. Device says the process is complete leave both your devices alone until the loading bar on your iphone completes this. Process can take a little while wait for the loading bar on your iphone to finish then tap done on. Your android no we can continue to set up on your iphone once done data should be transferred thats very. Easy so the second way ill introduce today is by using an app called share it what we need to.

Do is to download shared on both of your phones you can easily find it on google play in app. Store lets check out how it works once its downloaded on both side open it on your android it would. Be the sender so we tap send button what we can transfer our apps photos music videos and other files. Lets try to send some photos to your iphone and we can see its now searching for receivers lets turn. To iphone tap receive button also on the upper left corner it may takes a while for android to find.

Your iphone so just be patient okay iphone is detected tap it and boom the photos we selected have been. Transferred to your iphone in seconds its super fast lets check the album on your iphone well find that the. Transferred photos have been automatically saved so this is how share it works also many people use whatsapp neither move. To ios nor share it could help transfer whatsapp message there is also a third-party tool that can help you. Solve this problem its called icare phone for whatsapp transfer all you need to do is to connect both your.

Phones to your computer by following the instruction on the software just a few steps you can transfer the whatsapp. Message without any problems definitely you should try it you can click the video on upper right corner to learn. More about this tool okay so thats all for todays video if it helps dont forget to give us a. Like and ill be grateful if you subscribe see you in next video.

Method 4 – Switch From Android To Iphone With Move To Ios

So youve decided to make the leap from an android phone to an iphone dont be scared im here to. Help apple has a simple app to help you make the switch and today im going to show you how. To do it all apple is more than happy to welcome new converts to the world of iphone and ios. So theyve come up with an app called move to ios to make the transfer process easy lets get you.

Ready to make the switch first of all youre going to want to do this before you finish setting up. The iphone when you first take it out of the box and begin the setup process youll see this screen. If you want to use the move to ios app now is the time to do it if youve already. Gone through the setup process and started using your iphone you can still transfer your data manually or you can. Reset the phone and start over from the beginning which is what id recommend so by now youve probably set.

Up wi-fi on your iphone if not go back and do it now make sure your android phone has wi-fi. Turned on as well and make sure both phones are charged up or plugged into power you dont want the. Battery running out in the middle of the process now its time to go to the play store and download. And install the move to ios app on your android phone continue agree allow while using the app allow access. To contacts and the calendar photos and media sms messages you can decide whether or not to share your usage.

Data or not at this point move to ios is looking for a code from your iphone so click here. On move data for android device and enter that code here tap continue to connect to the wi-fi network created. By your iphone when theyre connected select what data you want to transfer tap continue and the transfer will begin. Dont worry if your iphone goes to sleep the data is still being transferred while this is happening lets actually. Talk about whats being transferred depending on what you chose on this screen move to ios can copy your contacts.

Message history camera photos and videos web bookmarks mail accounts and calendars but only if those files are actually stored. On your phone if youve sent your life over to google like i have then your google photos and google. Drive docs arent going to be directly transferred over but youll be able to sign into your google account and. Use them just the same its also not going to copy over any music files books youve downloaded or pdfs. Saved on your phone youll have to transfer those over manually or decide if its just easier to download them.

All again apple has a useful guide on how to move those types of files manually but the basic process. Is to copy the files from your android phone to your computer and then add them to your iphone using. The finder or the appropriate app like itunes apple music or icloud photos and i can see here that my. Transfer is complete heres a generous offer to recycle your android phone at an apple store for free and now. You can continue setting up your iphone if this is your first iphone youll want to set up an apple.

Id or log in if you already have one and then continue on through the rest of the setup process. And when you get to the home screen youll see this pop-up offering to download the ios versions of the. Android apps you had on the other phone this seems like an all or nothing choice at this point though. You could always go and delete the downloads you dont want while thats happening i can see the photos that. Got copied over and here are my contacts and now the apps are done too once i sign into my.

Google account im pretty much back where i started except now its all on my iphone you might need to. Go back to your android phone and look for anything that didnt make the trip some of the apps may. Not have an ios version so go look for something similar in the app store or you might just want. To keep using your android phone for that purpose and again check out apples guide for manually moving data for. Your music files or anything else if need be so is this the end for your android phone it doesnt.

Have to be check out my video on how to use your phone as a home security camera and ill. Put a link in the description for even more ideas even if you move the sim card over to your. New iphone your android phone might still have a lot of life left in it unless it looks like this. Then you might want to take apple up on the recycling offer after all thanks for watching and well see. You next time.

Method 5 – Switching From Android To Iphone After 10 Years – Things You Need To Know!

Hey guys so the last time i had an iphone was the iphone 3gs which came out in 2009 and. I remember switching to samsung and ive been with android ever since 2010 so for the last 10 years ive. Bought into the android ecosystem this is the first time in 10 years im actually switching back to iphone so. I have the iphone 12 pro im switching from my google pixel 4 xl this video will cover a few.

Topics ive got a whole bunch of list of items of me and my experience of switching everything from the. Last 10 years of being an android person over to being an iphone person so hopefully this video is useful. To anyone else whos an android user and wants to switch to the iphone these are some things you need. To be aware of some things to note maybe it might help you make a decision if this is the. Right thing to do but its not very easy to make that switch so im going to cover things like.

How to backup and transfer everything youve had on your android phone to iphone ive also covered things that you. Lose in terms of the functionalities and the features im also going to cover a bit about the pains that. Ive felt by using an iphone compared to using an android phone for the last 10 years and finally im. Going to cover the last topic which is the gains one of the reasons why ive switched to an iphone. So the things that this can do that android is not capable to do so lets go ahead and get.

Straight into it okay so starting off with just the backup and transfer items the first thing i wanted to. Do is transfer all of my apps now there isnt any real easy way to do this i try to. Research it and obviously because the app stores are completely different there is a lot of similarities in apps that. You can get like for like but i found it easier to actually have my android phone next to me. And manually download one by one all of the apps from the ios app store took me a whole day.

To pretty much get everything installed and i had about a hundred and so apps so it is time consuming. Its something if youre going to be using an iphone long term youre going to have to do that so. Re-downloading them one by one is the strategy i used for that the next thing is my whatsapp messages now. There is no way to transfer all of your whatsapp backup messages onto an iphone and vice versa you cant. Go back the other way so i had to download an external tool and that is called mobile trans which.

Is by a company called wondershare so have a look at this screen recording it does quite a few things. Now its made not just for whatsapp transfer but i had to use this to transfer everything from my whatsapp. On my google pixel to the whatsapp ive installed on the iphone 12 pro but you can also use other. Chat services like viber and wechat to transfer everything from there as well but this is also able to transfer. Things from your phone like contacts text messages pictures ringtones photos wallpapers videos all of that kind of stuff as.

You can see here and its pretty easy to do so you just have to connect both phones with the. Original charging cables directly to your laptop it will get picked up by this app and then you just start. The transfer and it should go flawlessly as it did with me one thing i didnt use that app for. Was to transfer the contacts because i had all my contacts synced to my gmail account and i logged into. Gmail on my iphone 12 pro and i synced contacts through there and it just came out into the contacts.

Page perfectly fine then also with the photos all of my photos were stored on google photos so i just. Re-downloaded google photos app and had it all there straight away now of course having the photos appear onto the. Iphone photos app it will sync to icloud which is not a major issue but youll have that duplication so. Youd have to get two syncs happening at the same time so when you take a picture it will send. To google photos and it will sync your icloud so thats something just to be aware of and finally the.

Last thing was about the whole cloud service backup in general so i paid premium for dropbox and for google. Drive and those were my backup solutions to the cloud for the last 10 years now i have signed up. For icloud and im going to be using that well im forced to use that actually for backing up everything. And they only give you five gigabytes of free storage and that pretty much ran out on the second day. Of using it because i was recording some 4k videos and that pretty much maxed out as well as the.

100 applications i downloaded my icloud storage so i had to upgrade which actually wasnt too expensive for the 50. Gigabyte storage which was 79p per month so i upgraded to that but now i have three cloud storage accounts. That i need to maintain so those are the main things i need to cover about how to transfer everything. Over if you have any specific questions about transferring anything from your android phone to your iphone drop a comment. Ill try to help you out so now lets move on to the things that ive lost since ive transferred.

To iphone so the first thing that i believe everyone is aware of is the loss of functionality on custom. Launchers themes icons widgets all of that kind of stuff theres so much flexibility you can do on android i. Use the custom launcher called nova launcher and theres really cool gestures that you can even use in the launcher. Which i use quite a lot theres one where i can lock the screen by just pinching anywhere on the. Screen and it automatically locks it was quick and easy rather than pressing the sleep button on the side of.

The phone so obviously apple is quite restrictive you cant have custom app icons custom themes theyve introduced widgets now. In the new ios which is fine but its very very limited in how you can be more flexible in. Arranging those widgets secondly i used a lot of air gestures now this is specifically for the google pixel 4. Xl this is not for every android phone but ive used air gestures to basically when you approach the phone. Without even touching it it wakes up and it makes it quicker and easier to see any notifications you have.

On your lock screen or to just quickly get into face unlock and get straight into your phone but i. Also use this quite a lot to do air gestures for my music so when im playing spotify on the. Lock screen all i have to do as you can see here is just swipe my hand over the screen. And it will switch to the next song now i use this when im training at the gym as well. So my hands might be dirty i might have gloves on but all i have to do is wave in.

Front and it just goes to the next song and it makes it so much easier and more convenient which. I know i wont be able to do on an iphone the next thing ive lost is the functionality of. My galaxy watch so if you have an android smart watch just remember that it would still pair with an. Iphone and you can get for the most part top functionalities like notifications and calls coming through which is absolutely. Fine but theres a lot of things that will be limited because of the apple ecosystem and the os that.

It runs on so for example i cant reply back with text messages i cant use a keyboard to send. Text or send emails that kind of stuff from my watch back to any person in my contacts list and. Some other things that i just partially supported but most important things they still work fine but again im using. This because it has great battery life compared to the apple watch so i havent bought into that just yet. But thats just to be aware of so if you do have an android smart watch that works perfectly with.

Your android smartphone you may have partial support when you switch over another thing that i always use is the. Always on display so the lock screen on android is always on i can see the clock and i can. Just see icons for specific notifications that are always there the iphone screen will always stay blank i cant have. An always on display which i just found very convenient so ill just have to live without that for now. The other thing that i really dont like is on the iphones the battery percentage you have to swipe down.

From the top to see the percentage or what ive done now is ive created some widgets on the screens. Just to see what the percentage is which is a bit pointless they used to have the option to turn. The battery percentage on all the time they dont have that now in the new os so its a tiny. Thing but it does make a lot of difference when you can see how much battery you have left completely. The next thing ive lost is the power of usbc charging so everyone was hoping that the iphone 12 would.

Have usbc it has lightning port still now i have cables all over the place that are usb-c which would. Have made my life easier theyre around my house theyre upstairs in my bedroom downstairs in my car in my. Office wherever i go it would have made things a lot easier but now i have to buy more lightning. Port to usb c cables to just cope with this phones charging capabilities its not the biggest loss of functionality. But it just would have made things a lot easier if they had done that and lastly the final thing.

In the lost category is the ability to get to the camera by double pressing the power button on the. Side of the phone i used to use that all the time to get quick access to my camera now. I have to just hold down for a couple of seconds the camera shortcut on the lock screen on the. Iphone if they had the option to turn on that double press shortcut or if theres any apps that will. Do that id like to hear that and that would be so much easier for me but until then ill.

Just make do its not the end of the world and its just something to be aware of okay now. Lets move on to the panes now this is a category of things just to note its not specifically loss. Of functionality or anything like that its just annoying things that have occurred in my experience after the transfer so. Starting off with the first one i had to reset up all of my smart lights so i have a. Lot of philips hue lights around the house the light bulbs the tv lights whatever it may be i need.

To resync them with my bridge and set them up again but if you did an android to android transfer. All of those settings would have been synced already seamlessly the second thing is logging into all of your apps. Again so obviously i downloaded 100 apps manually most of them required an account so i have to go back. And remember what was the login details i did forgot my password a few times and just logging into things. That require more than just a username and password like banking apps you need to go through a lot of.

Security settings to re log in and start using that again but if you spend a whole full solid day. Just working on apps going through one by one then you can get it done but just remember that is. A bit of a pain to do otherwise all my passwords were synced to my google account i couldnt load. It because im using an icloud account to run the iphone so they wont sync to that thats just something. To remember now speaking of the apps the next thing is i did purchase some apps that i use quite.

Frequently because theyre on a completely different system the different apps i had to repurchase them so if you do. Have something that you pay for just note that you might need to pay for if its not linked to. A cloud account then you may need to pay again to work on the iphone then theres also the issues. About reconnecting all of the other connected devices via bluetooth so whether thats all your headphones you may have speakers. Ive got some gimbals that i used with my phone i had to reconnect all of them set them up.

Again so thats just something else to remember and finally the last pain that i had was ive lost progress. On a lot of the apps that i was using to track things like even gaming ive played a lot. Of games where im on level 400 or whatever all of them are gone i use fitness apps as well. You lose your progress you have to start again if theres ways you can transfer and export backups from those. Apps and re-import them into an iphone app then that would be great but i dont think thats going to.

Be possible all of the time so just be prepared that you may lose a lot of progress in some. Apps that you have that covers all of the pains now there are some little pains that might be a. Non-issue for most people im not going to cover a lot of details in these but they are tiny things. That ive just noticed like the notifications for one app to get grouped together on an android and then you. Get just a single app notification on the menu bar for that whereas the iphone will just list every tiny.

Notification in its own separate line so you have to scroll through all of them then you also have things. Like the custom keyboard that ive downloaded for the iphone because im not a fan of the default keyboard you. Cant have things like a dedicated comma key you have to go into the second keyboard settings press the comma. And then come back and then continue writing so thats three taps as compared to one might not be a. Big issue but you will notice it if youre so used to working in a specific way and is very.

Limited in functionality then theres also the issue with the back button being at the bottom on an android you. Can just single tap to go back whether youre browsing sites and in some cases you can just swipe on. The iphone to go back but most of the time you might need to press the back button on the. Top left of the screen which has a result you will need two hands to do that so its not. Great but i can get used to it and the last tiny little pain that probably might not be an.

Issue for a lot of people is that you cant transfer all your blocks numbers so spam callers cold callers. Whatever you may have a list of blocked numbers because they keep calling you when i transfer the contacts they. Dont get transferred youd have to manually add those blocked callers as a contact and then block them afterwards which. Is pretty annoying but in my case youll have to just wait for that person to call again and then. You can block them from the recent calls and finally the gains so these are the things that the iphone.

12 pro does really well and allows me to convince.

Conclusion – How Do You Transfer Android To Iphone

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