How Do You Transfer Photos From One Iphone To Another – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how do you transfer photos from one iphone to another, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods do you transfer photos from one iphone to another,

Method 1 – How To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Iphone (3 Ways)

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Method 2 – How To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Iphone Without Icloud Or Itunes! [2021]

Welcome everyone i like to show you how to easily transfer photos from one iphone to the other so for. This video im going to be transferring these lovely pictures right here from my iphone 10 to my iphone 10s. As long as your iphone is newer than the iphone 5 youll be able to transfer any photos from one. Device to the other if you want to transfer photos from an iphone to an android that tutorial is in.

The description down below so the first thing we want to do is we want to open up settings up. On both devices and make sure youre on the exact same wi-fi network so im going to tp link here. Tp link here also make sure vpn is both on right here and id recommend you turn off mobile data. While doing this process next were going to find general vpn and ill do uh for both devices and you. Want to make sure if youre connected to a vpn you turn it off so just tap on the i.

And then turn off connect on demand for you you might just have to tap here to turn off the. Vpn um if you have a vpn on you probably know how to turn it off so once we have. The vpn off and were on the same wi-fi network the next step is make sure your phone is just. On the home screen the phone youre transferring to and were gonna go to the control center and you see. This is how it looks long press right here and you see airdrop for you it might be receiving off.

Just tap on it and make sure you set this to everyone now what were gonna do is on my. Other iphone which is im to be transferring from when i open up photos and heres the deal if you. Want to transfer one photo you tap on the photo then you tap on share if you want to transfer. Multiple photos you just tap on select and then swipe across and then tap on share so im going to. Tap on share here and then you see this big air draw button tap on that and now youll see.

All of the devices available to airdrop too so heres the deal we need to check the name of our. Iphone so im just going to uh open it up to settings general about and you can see my iphone. Name is called iphone so just tap on iphone right here and there we go iphone would like to share. Free photos well just tap on accept the process should work without any issues you can see these are the. Exact same photos and it also retains the live photo functionality as well which is honestly insanely cool if theyre.

Multiple iphone like here just tap on name and then change the name and then youll be able to see. Uh the right iphone youll be airdropping too now i just want to say um if you have any issues. With the edge up process like it says stuck on waiting make sure you update the latest ios but also. Restart both iphones reconnect to the wi-fi network and that should fix the issue for you so thats how to. Transfer photos from one iphone to the other this process is extremely simple make sure to leave a like subscribe.

If youre brand new and ill see you guys later bye.

Method 3 – How To Transfer All Data From An Old Iphone To A New Iphone

Hey everyone in todays iphone video i want to show you how to go from your old iphone to your. New iphone and transfer all the data over and this is everything im talking about all your apps all your. Contact information all your photos and the new process that has been around for a couple years makes it a. Whole lot easier you literally have to just keep these phones next to each other wirelessly and you dont need.

A computer you dont even need icloud which was the method that we used for a long time we put. Everything from this phone onto icloud and then downloaded it to the new phone this is much much better so. I wanted to make this quick video to show you exactly how to transfer data from one phone to another. And this works for lots of different phones you could be going from iphone 7 to iphone 12 and really. Any combination should work with this method now if your new phone is set to the home screen like it.

Is now i just set it up as a new phone i have to reset the new phone to factory. Settings to do that im going to go to settings under settings scroll down to general and on the very. Bottom here theres a reset option press that and we want to erase all content and settings we need to. Do this step in order to take advantage of this system here so you could either back up then erase. But since i havent set anything up here i just went through the setup process im gonna just press erase.

Now and its going to erase the phone to factory settings now if you started on the hello screen here. With your new iphone you could skip the last step here because youre already going to be starting right here. One more thing just for safety on the old phone go to settings click your name up here to go. Inside of icloud and then go to icloud over here and then scroll down to icloud backup click this and. We want to make sure this is turned on and that we back up now you want to make sure.

You do this now this is not necessary because were not using icloud to backup from one phone to another. Phone but we do this just as a backup in case something goes wrong so once we do that were. Gonna come back to this new phone slide up and im going to go ahead and lock this phone and. Unlock it one more time because were going to get this setting right here it says set up the new. Iphone so im going to say unlock to continue and i should get this prompt right here and all i.

Have to do is use the old phone to scan this right here on the new phone and once i. Do that its actually going to take the information from this phone and put it over here so ill need. To put in my passcode from this phone and this is moving the wi-fi information and some other information like. That were actually going to take another step to move in our apps and our photos and things like that. Now you could set up your face id here ill just set this up later now on this page you.

Have two options transfer from your iphone its gonna take everything from this iphone put it over here and this. Is 20 to 25 minutes so thats pretty much the standard time that it will take depending on how much. You got on your old phone or download from icloud this option is good the first one thats what were. Gonna choose the only problem with this option is both of these have to be on the same ios or. Your new phone has to be on a newer ios but in almost all cases the first one will work.

For you so select that and it will basically go through the setup process you could put both of these. Down and let that take place and you should see this screen right here transferring data from one phone to. Another phone and again this depends on how much data youre transferring from one device to another so it may. Take up to 30 minutes or longer depending on how many photos and how many apps you have on your. Old device so im gonna let this take place ill show you the next page okay so it took about.

30 35 minutes in my case and i should see something on my old phone that says transfer complete and. It says before you trade in your phone or sell it or give it away make sure you erase all. Your data now this is the same exact thing i showed you in the very beginning of the video so. You could go back to that and then do that to your old phone which is basically resetting all your. Information and erasing everything now on the new phone its going to take a little bit of time here for.

Everything to go ahead and move over and download so you could see all these different apps are starting to. Slowly download to my phone and in a few minutes everything should be synced up including all my data information. All my photos all my text messages they should all appear over here and you can see all the pages. Are slowly migrating over and all the apps are downloading now if youre selling your old phone or youre giving. It to someone else remember make sure you reset your phone to his factory default which i showed you in.

The beginning of this video because you dont want people to have access to your private information on your old. Phone so make sure you totally wipe it clean thanks so much for watching this video i hope you found. It useful please give it a thumbs up and ill see you next time.

Method 4 – How To Transfer From Iphone To Iphone – Contacts, Pictures, Videos & More

Hey there whats up in this video im gonna be showing you how to transfer everything from your old iphone. To your new iphone lets go alright so in this video im gonna be showing you two ways to transfer. Everything from your old iphone to your new iphone and this could be from any iphone to any iphone it. Could be your brand new iphone 10 r or tennis macs even if youre upgrading to like an iphone 6.

7 8 it doesnt matter its the same procedure for any iphone so im going to be showing you two. Ways to do it im gonna be showing you how to do it just through your phone and a wi-fi. Connection and im also going to be showing you how to do it through your computer with itunes which is. A faster way of doing it alright lets begin okay so lets get started alright so make sure you have. Both of your phones were gonna get the phone that youre currently using that youre gonna transfer out of were.

Gonna get this one first and im gonna show you the first way of doing it which is just with. The phones so make sure you connect to wi-fi and what youre gonna do is youre gonna go to settings. Here in settings were gonna click on your icloud account right here okay so once were here in your apple. Id were gonna select icloud right here and youre gonna scroll down and to where it says icloud backup and. Youre gonna make sure that this right here is set to on and then its gonna give you this message.

Right here that its gonna start icloud backup your iphone will no longer back up to your computer when you. Sync with itunes so hit ok and its gonna give you that loading message and then what youre gonna do. Here is make sure that your phone has enough battery and its connected to wi-fi and then were gonna select. Backup now so here its taking some time to think this phone is a large phone 256 gigabytes so its. Probably gonna take some time alright so once you have to your old phone completely backed up to your icloud.

What youre gonna do is on your new phone if youre already in this screen youre gonna go to settings. Here in settings youre gonna scroll down to general gonna go down to reset and then here were gonna select. Erase all content and settings and hit erase now erase iphone its gonna ask you to confirm times you might. Have to enter your apple id password so the phone will be reset back to its factory condition if you. Already have yours reset and youre in the setup mode then youre good im gonna walk you through the steps.

Now on how to restore everything to your new iphone all right there you go so once your phone is. Completely reset its gonna take you to this screen where you have to set up your phone so im going. To show you how to do it now just go ahead through the steps here youre gonna have to connect. To wi-fi so there you go its connecting so were gonna continue to go through these steps here but be. Careful because theres a certain option here that were gonna have to set up which is very important right here.

Once you see this right here that says apps and data this is what were gonna select the first option. Up here which is restore from icloud backup and then here were gonna sign in with your apple id and. Password so there you go its gonna ask you a couple other security questions once you fill everything in it. Will allow you to continue through the process here here its asking us for another security question or once you. Type that in its going to continue with the process and then here its gonna allow us to choose the.

Backups that we have created so the backup that we made with this iphone will show up here so im. Just gonna like select this one for example hit ok and then its gonna ask you a couple more setup. Questions here that youll have to answer and continue through and then once he gets to this screen this is. What were gonna have to wait its restoring from the icloud backup that we created from the old phone so. Here well just have to wait and then once its done this phone will look exactly like this one everything.

Thats on this one will be on the new one all right now im going to show you how to. Do it through itunes which is actually a lot quicker which will do the same thing it will transfer everything. Over and its a lot easier and quicker lets go alright so im going to show you how to do. It now through the computer with itunes its super simple just go ahead and connect your iphone i have it. Connected right here to my computer go ahead and open up itunes so here in itunes were gonna select the.

Iphone up here and were gonna go right here towards his backups and then were gonna select this computer so. Just make sure that this is selected right here this computer and then go ahead and say back up now. Before we hit back up now go ahead and select this right here encrypt local backup this will make it. Easier to transfer everything completely even your passwords health data home key data so im just gonna go ahead and. Select encrypt local backup you have the option thats optional you dont have to do it and then the backup.

Will begin so its estimating the time remaining here and there you go so it says that about 31 minutes. Remaining and its actually calculating it and going up this is a 256 gigabytes iphone so there is a ton. Of data in here so the more data you have the longer it will take to completely back everything up. So just allow this to completely back everything up and get to this and then ill show you the next. Step alright so i have left the iphone here a few hours for it to completely back up because it.

Was gonna take an hour and i had to leave and do a couple things so i just left it. Here connected to itunes backing up now it is done and as you can see here it says latest backup. Today 449 to this computer so its done so now all were gonna do is disconnect the old iphone which. Is this one right here connecting your iphone here there you go the computer is reading it right here so. Were gonna select restore from this backup todays backup go ahead and hit continue and it might ask you for.

Your password so go ahead and type that in hit ok and there you go once you see this restore. In progress that means that the iphone is now being restored give it some time on the computer especially if. You have a big size file like me its calculating here how many minutes its gonna take to complete the. Restore process so just like the backup it took about an hour probably gonna take about an hour as well. For it to restore now on to the new iphone so im gonna let it do its thing and fully.

Restore and then ill show you once this bar gets all the way to the end how the iphone is. Looking and to just verify that it did transfer everything to the new iphone tenace max alright so its been. About an hour now and it finally finished restoring so its going to come to this screen right here on. The itunes screen its just gonna look like this because its done so right now were gonna have to do. Is just follow the prompts here on the iphone as you can see it says restore completed your iphone was.

Restored successfully and you just gotta follow a few more steps so im just gonna select here set this stuff. Up later and im gonna give this my apple watch ill set it up later you can set all this. Stuff up as you go im just skipping through this for the purpose of the video and there we go. Im gonna go ahead and put in my password and login so that it can finish downloading all of the. Apps so there you go i put in my password on my apple id and itunes here so that it.

Can finish just loading and set it setting up all of these apps you will have to be connected to. Wi-fi so that it can completely download and install the rest of all of these apps but these are all. Of the apps that were on my previous phone as you can see here is my previous iphone 10 so. Here are all the apps even the background is the same all the contacts pictures and everything will be transferred. Over just like your old phone so everything is going to look exactly just like your old iphone that is.

How you completely transfer everything over from an iphone to a new iphone so hope that video helped you out. Go ahead and give it a like it really helps me out a lot and thats it for this video. I will see you in the next one and as always peace.

Method 5 – 2 Ways To Transfer Photos From One Iphone To Another Without Icloud

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Conclusion – How Do You Transfer Photos From One Iphone To Another

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