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Method 1 – How Hard Is It To Tint Your Own Windows?? Walmart Tint

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Method 2 – Window Tinting: How To Tint Windows (For Beginners)

Okay guys so were gonna need a couple of tools for this project you know you dont have to have. These but it makes the job a lot easier thought id give it alternatives each one okay so were gonna. Need some felt okay you can find film online on ebay amazon your local auto store film doesnt really matter. What type of film use obviously the better the film the better the finish but if you dont care about.

Finish and you dont care what product any a film will work okay were going to need glass cleaner for. The ending product were gonna need a blue max squeegee or just any kind of squeeze you can find on. Amazon were going to need a okhla blade with stainless steel stainless steel otherwise it will cut your glass we. Want to need a sharpie scrubby pad or dishwasher scrub pad okay guys were gonna do some sort of straight. Edge in order to get perfect lines we want you to need some sort of card debit card something sturdy.

And you can get these on amazon or ebay for pretty cheap the ones you need a blue card or. A you know honestly the diy kits every single one comes in one of these this is just a tri. Edge soft triangle card okay we want to need a squeegee specifically called an anger we want to need a. Scraper or just the blade of the scraper which you can get these at your local home depot this is. To clean the windows and carbon blades are optional not recommended for your beginner microfibers soap solution were gonna need.

A spray bottle were gonna need some joy the blue or yellow one is just fine and a tape measure. Now i want you to make sure that when youre filling up your water you fill up your water all. The way to the line about three-quarters full with water or distilled water and then you can add about one. To two seconds of joy and youll be fine after that so this is step number one you dont want. To get your tint you can buy this online if you have some your local auto zone or pet boys.

Might have it basically were gonna cut up a piece of film that was big enough to fit your window. With about three inches of about you know six inches all the way around so if you come closer ill. Show you well how were going to size it up so you want to get the bottom of your panel. Pretty flat basically using a flat surface of the film once you get the film youll be able to see. The bottom which is very flat use that at the very bottom and you dont want it to be too.

Far down and not too far up let me show you how to line it up so when we line. It up youre going to basically want it at the top of the seal and were going to want to. Tuck in the film once we get to that to this spot so now we have the film on now. That we have made our x weve made our mark on the left side always a smaller side now we. Can work our way to the right side okay so the right side is going to be our first cut.

Out and with this cut out what were going to do okay im going to move the film in okay. And youre going to get right to the line and youre going to cut it straight up alright guys so. Now we have two cuts we have one cut at the top about a about an inch from the top. Part of the rubber and about an inch at the bottom okay so were gonna cut those out later the. Next step were gonna do were gonna lift this film up okay and were gonna roll down this window okay.

Were gonna roll down the window just about three inches from the top and were gonna spray behind here and. Were going to cut off the excess film the excess film at the top all right now now we have. Some what if we get the pattern but now we gotta finish off the top so im gonna grab my. Flesh blade french blade make sure that its about you know two clicks out okay were gonna get our sprayer. To make sure its nice and wet im going to insert our blade here and were going to go through.

The top while holding the top okay now we have our top pattern you can see its nice and clean. Okay now were gonna go ahead and make the rest of our cutouts and because you guys do not have. A shot youre gonna be doing at home were gonna go ahead and do these cutouts on the vehicle and. Its safe to do as long as you have fresh blades that will not cut into the glass now you. Can use a regular ruler that you can find at like a dollar sort or you know i use this.

One anything thats straight thatll kind of straight line youre perfectly fine this is gonna work perfect so anytime youre. Cutting you want to make sure that your blade is flat when youre cutting you do not want to be. Into the glass because you can damage the glass so always have two clicks out one leave finger like this. Okay what were gonna do were gonna line this up right here ill reckon you see mia okay were gonna. Line up each pattern each corner then were gonna go cut okay pull away all right yeah im gonna cut.

Here and then were going to use our finger to craft quarter panel pattern okay and when it come to. The right side thats one corner done okay same thing here were going to grab it cut it okay use. Your fingernail take your corner alright now were going to flip it you see where youre lying that youre going. To cut at the corner of your line make a nice straight line where you hide your sharpie cut one. Side okay then heres your last corner youre just gonna match the lines nice and tight okay and cut the.

Corner take your time all right theres your back do grab myself im gonna clean off my window you can. Use a squeegee or just the regular micro if you dont have a squeegee but you can always get you. Know a tint squeegee online for pretty cheap okay just clean it off for a quick were gonna spray okay. Were gonna put our fill all right now were going to use a hard part iron soft squeegee something that. Is firm flat even like a debit card or credit card and im going to squeeze out all the bubbles.

From the top bottom top bottom and youre gonna force all the bubbles into the bottom now instead of using. A traditional heat gun okay you can actually use a blow dryer and youre gonna heat and wait until it. Turns into like a little like wiggle and push it down and youre gonna notice a lot of them if. You have a very curvy black thats perfectly normal just keep squeezing them out but dont you can eat there. For too long you dont want to burn them down either keep the heat moving never let it sit there.

Somewhere for longer than one second okay and go over it like two to three times just to make sure. Everything is out you burn your film you got to restart the process from step 1 okay so when we. Now shrunk the bottom alright now watch strength pop is he gonna wipe off your door panel were gonna lay. The film on here so youre gonna spray your door panel wipe it off all right now i want you. Lay it down let us stay here okay while we prep our window okay so now that is there were.

Gonna come to this side okay all right guys so the windows rolled up right now so were gonna want. To roll it down how far can you see that yeah okay so im gonna roll it down about an. Inch two inches im gonna use a blade you dont need to use that whole blade holder youve got even. A little tiny blade just like this would be sufficient but be very careful theyre very sharp okay were gonna. Squeeze each scrape sideways down sideways down squeegee side scrape everything okay overlap everything nice and light nice and tight.

Make sure you dont miss anything okay youre gonna roll the window up spray it down okay across the bottom. Now at that squeegee you want to need a scrubby pad or some sort of a scrubby pad from home. Like a kitchen appliance the same one they used to clean dishes that works as well hey now youre going. To scrape add the rest okay now thats all scrubbing pad and use your squeegee you start from the bottom. Go across go across like a rainbow push it out okay pressure wash the sides roll it down in this.

A little bit spray scrubby okay so after we have scrubby pad again i like to go over with my. Tripod okay theres some dirt on there youre gonna grab your micro spray your micro okay make sure its nice. And moist go over the top yes theres a lot involved with prep gotta make sure you prepping with us. Properly in order for this to come out good okay spray one more time get your squeegee your microfiber okay. And youre going to squeegee out all the remaining product on the window make sure your door panel is clean.

Im gonna spray again and were gonna get ready to install this hey well the window just attack right and. Just for to the neck of it spray the seals make sure you got a film put it up here. Okay this tends to be one of the most challenging parts is actually biting off the liner so youre gonna. Grab the liner im gonna bite it okay not too hard you spray the liner separate it this is a. Protective coating on top of the film protective liner okay make sure its nice and spread weigh it all the.

Way to about four inches from the bottom carbon film kit see okay im gonna walk it around and sorry. Film and now that youre here you just want to line at the top pretty good okay now this is. A training video so we have removed the mirrors thats why theres a gap here but this will not this. Would actually be covering this right now so if you have any curiosity about that thats because this is for. Training purposes so now that youve sprayed that you can use your yellow squeegee or you know something you can.

Find on amazon just look it up any kind of squeeze youll work youre gonna push out all the film. Sorry push out all the bubbles so now that everything is nice and settled down im gonna squeeze you out. Both ways then all right now that thats all nice and tight nothings moving all right is moving a little. Bit but not too much if it is moving a lot that means you have too much soap and water. Okay so roll up your window no okay now we rolled up we still have our liner so were gonna.

Lift up the liner its great underneath the liner were gonna get rid of all the dirt that got trapped. On the day when the window was rolled down let me push it out push it out again then when. Youre going to pressure wash the bottom again get a lighter weight okay then youre going to try to tuck. Your film in to the bottom okay now you go in to knee the skinny card for this because its. Going to make the install a lot smoother we have to get this film underneath that panel so the way.

Were gonna do this were gonna get your corner card in there okay got it on this side this challenging. Part so you dont want to wrinkle the film okay were gonna gently guide that film into that crack once. Theyre in now we are successfully almost done with this car so were going to grab our squeegee i want. To squeeze it out rest of the solution thats trapped underneath now youre just squeezing everything out all right once. Everythings to reach it out for the most part youre done with that so were going to grab our little.

Corner card youre going to bend it a little bit and i want you to go over the whole bottom. The sides okay and thats it that is how you tense a window at home hope you guys enjoyed see. You guys in the next one.

Method 3 – $20 Autozone Window Tinting Using A Gila Installation Kit

So if youve ever been to advanced autoparts autozone or over ailees youve come across this right here this is. The hilo window tint kit this has been very requested by you guys and today were finally gonna be tinting. The same door window but with only this kit here i cant imagine how they expect you to actually install. Film with only these tools but the more ive thought about it the more ive come to kind of realize.

That this right here this heat gun or any heat gun for that matter drastically changes the price point of. An installation kit so for 10 bucks i would suggest that they change a couple of tools in here theres. Some stuff out there that would definitely make it easier for you guys to try and install but you know. If theyre only trying to keep the price point at ten bucks then hey it might not be that bad. So lets go ahead and crack this open and there we have it so these knives are very chintzy very.

Cheap you can find these at walmart for 50 cents theyre just you know your basic snap off knife what. I had hoped is that this would include a stainless steel blade to make it you know a little bit. Safer for your car shows no markings whatsoever yeah if this blade is not safe for your windows at all. This one is actually a pretty good choice you have a soft rubber squeegee to get out most of the. Water and then you can actually flip it around and use this plastic edge here to get into more corners.

And stuff like that it might scratch your film so were gonna see if it does or not but you. Know for an all-in-one squeegee its not a terrible choice we have this here which is a lint-free cloth this. Is actually bigger than i thought it was gonna be i mean itll probably clean the lint off but its. Not going to do much more than that were gonna see what this is like – oh that actually actually. Sprays pretty far now you only have this little bottle to work with the application solution is already mixed up.

So if you run out they do say here on the box that you can use their application solution were. Baby shampoo now one of the things that really gets me about this film here is that this whole company. Is actually owned by one of the most prestigious window film brands in the business they are owned by eastman. Chemical company and eastman owns llumar and sun tech so i would expect this film to actually be halfway decent. Theyre not winning any points here there we go that sticker made it a big pain in the ass so.

Lets go ahead and take our first look at this film its pretty grey and blue this is a six. And a half foot roll by 24 inches so definitely enough to tint a couple of truck windows its a. Little rubbery and a little bit flimsy this isnt exactly inspiring much confidence this is feels very similar to a. Lot of like films that ive ordered off of amazon and played around with alright so now lets get into. The installation so were gonna roll some of this we have to be very conservative with our water this time.

Because i only have whats in the spray bottle i cant refill it if i have to get more im. Spending another like 10 bucks to buy another kit essentially were gonna go ahead and line this up take this. Knife and cut it off its very curly to the stuffs been sitting for a while the first step is. Kind of get rid of some of the extra and then we need to make the film slightly bigger so. We dont show any gaps and stuff like that but because we cant shrink it im not gonna pull the.

Film very far down to tuck below the seal because thats just gonna make things a lot more difficult so. Were just gonna go a little bit more basic on this installation because i feel like i feel like we. Need to try and show you guys how you could possibly use this to get a halfway decent result i. Dont expect that you would get a super professional result of it but lets try and at least set this. Up to be somewhat successful so now that i shifted that over im gonna go ahead and cut down this.

Other side and then throw this away and then were gonna shift it back over so now we have a. Little bit of overlap on the sides and im not gonna pull this down well maybe just a hair but. When i cut my top edge and install it on the inside its gonna set a little bit below the. Seal but we dont want to install it past the bottom seal on the inside of the window we can. Take this and kind of tack it to the window lets go ahead and roll this down a bit now.

This knife is actually not bad for cutting out a top edge its gonna be tougher than some of the. More expensive knives but you know the basic things are there you have plastic to hold the film against the. Glass and then you have a sharp enough blade to make a cut so this really comes down to a. Lot of practice and as long as you try and keep it a taste at a diagonal angle you can. Cut out the top edge but this just comes down to practice so now that we got that cut out.

We have to round our corners oh my god im trying to move okay that didnt even break off clean. You see how its now dipped up you want these blades to break clean against these this mark here on. The blade itself might not have a very clean front edge either so here im actually going to put the. Card against the glass and what were gonna do is basically eyeball a straight line and then round off the. Corner and were cutting on the card so we dont actually scratch the glass itself kela should should hire me.

To do these to do a proper installation with their kit see we got some lines here on the card. But that is not on the glass the application solution is drying up on the glass right now so i. Would normally spray it a lot more to get it to stay in place because these corners keep rolling away. It just makes it more difficult to try and install we go its not too shabby so we did get. A pattern out of this knife normally i would shrink the film here youre gonna see on the inside of.

Glass what happens when you dont shrink film on larger trucks and suvs you might be okay with not shrinking. The film especially if its your first time youre probably gonna have a thing or two pop up however that. Does change the price point a lot in my last video my target video i did use a hairdryer instead. Of a heat gun so if you have one laying around your house you can get away with use using. A hairdryer just for the door windows that dont need very much shrinking so it does take a lot longer.

To shrink with it but it does work all right so now were on the inside of the glass brace. Some of the application solution and then want to run my hand just to feel what kind of is on. The glass you can take this knife you can actually swipe it sideways like youre using a razor blade this. Is not gonna scratch your glass if youre going at a very steep angle so the same thing for the. Top well just spritz it off and then from there you might want to wipe off your top edge two.

Of the window because a lot of times dirt will sit in this channel up here especially if you have. Laminated windows wipe off the whole window with it because this is a lint-free cloth thats supposed to help with. The application so you might as well try and use it huh instead of just using it as a towel. Next up lets go ahead and were gonna spray this one more time and now were gonna squeeze your window. So we really only get a couple of shots at this with just the stuff that we have in the.

Bottle you see this bottom edge here i want to make nice clean strokes against the whole window but this. Kind of gets in the way you have to be a little bit creative with how you do your sweeps. And then were going to sweep down both sides and we should be good actually spray this off one more. Time so we have a nice layer that we can use to slide the film along the glass they did. Say use two pieces of tape to try and get the film to peel away the clear liner nice to.

Be peeled away a simple trick that i like to do is ill use my key and work the corner. You know just peel the corner that way just dont like bite real hard to like crunch the film as. Youre peeling this away you might want to spray it a little bit too because you dont want any dust. You dont want much dust settling on that it can create some static and i will say this does not. Peel away very easily its almost like a static cling to it this is not through static cling film for.

Sure just to be clear on that but its a lot of what are called release liners will usually peel. Away much easier than that this film is so flimsy feeling to look any more blue against this glass this. Is definitely a 1 mil film theyll tell you that that that means that its thinner a lot of professional. Films like you can still get a thin film like a 1 mil film in a professional quality its just. Very indicative of being you know a cheap film and yeah its 10 bucks from autozone so you cant expect.

The world out of this its just the company that sells it im just surprised a couple things that the. Film is so thin coloring is so on the blue side of things were getting this lined up into place. They if the soft rubber grabs the film so as youre trying to squeegee it out a lot of times. Its going to be shifting things around the amount of slipperiness to this film is actually really really good makes. It easier to try and install if you can slide it around the glass you know if youre trying to.

Do this outside and youre baking it in the sun youre gonna have a hard time but if youre in. Like a cooler environment then this is this is pretty ideal here so were gonna flip this around – were. Gonna try using this plastic edge for like the corners and stuff and that works pretty well so now were. Getting pretty tacked up its still wiggling just give it some time at this point you can just kind of. Take a breath if you got this far this clean just let it sit and it will tack up more.

Aggressively as you let it dry out and then you can wiggle it to see if its gonna move on. You or not looks like its not gonna move on me go ahead and roll that up ill usually go. A little bit more aggressive with like the slip solution because a lot of times dirt can trail and stick. Along this line where you have the window half-ass i would take the squeegee and try and run it across. But theres just theres too much here to try and get this in there and keep things clean so now.

That we got that all taken care of okay look at this curling back the other way try and keep. That wet but like its its just curling really aggressively opposite of this liner thats not its not a good. Thing to see put a little bit of solution on the underside and then because were sitting above the seal. We just need to lay it flat as a professional tenor youre going to want to install the film underneath. The seal but since were not shrinking it and were not pulling off the panel either thats why were cutting.

It a little bit short good god you definitely want this squeezy to be wet like thats kind of what. Ive been fighting against now see these little spikes here these will suck in dirt if you fight with them. Too much so as you push it down and it pops back up itll pull whatever was at the base. Of it up into it and thats what will make a window look really dirty really quickly itd be ideal. To try and sweep this under the seal but i just have one tool here so if you have like.

A stick or something laying around i mean just use that to pull back to seal a little bit when. You go to make like a sweep see these little things popping up not great so we can also try. And wrap this around our towel and soak up a little bit of the moisture or if youre in a. If youre trying to do this on a sunny day maybe letting this sit outside and just tack up it. Might be the way to go it looks like were okay i think everythings down and then were gonna wipe.

This off the film starting to let go a little bit like starting to get those little fingers popping up. Just a little bit so keep an eye on that before you go to roll your windows down as its. Drying out if those pop up just let them dry some and then try and sweep them out so at. This point you probably just take a regular towel the paper towel wipe off the outside too youd want to. Probably save this to do the other window too as well but were just gonna go ahead and do the.

One here so thats it i actually used only the stuff in the kit to install their film and it. Didnt go as horribly as what i thought it would go there definitely setting you up for a hard time. With only these things but you know its only ten bucks im gonna link below to a cheap kit on. Amazon that i would probably recommend over this basic kit here but if you just need something now run there. This squeegee is gonna be your biggest asset right here and then after that youre pretty much on your own.

Thanks you guys so much for watching i hope you guys enjoyed this and ill see you guys in the. Next one.

Method 4 – How To Tint Windows – Window Tinting For Beginners – Learn To Tint Windows – Tint Training Classes

So this is just going to be a quick youtube edition tutorial and how to tinted windows with myself now. Im resuming that youre watching this because youve already figured out how cheap window film is and how much a. Window tinta was going to potentially make off you so you already know that this is a very profitable industry. An average cinder can make upwards of a thousand dollars in a single day so were gonna jump into this.

Tutorial now and again this is a youtube edition tutorial so its going to be short and sweet you will. Need to pause it throughout to really capture the information and if youre looking to become a window tint app. We have a full course from start to finish which also includes business training where its going to show you. Exactly how weve created over 120 locations across the uk and america so be sure to give this video a. Thumbs up and subscribe if we get enough demand were going to be making more youtube edition tutorials so in.

This youtube tutorial were going to show you how to cut and tint the film to a front window now. The aim is to cut the film bigger than what you can see so we dont want any light gap. So we have on here we have half a centimeter overlap on each side and we have half an inch. Overlap on the bottom now for the top were gonna be leaving a very slight gap is still an industry. Standard but its also the best way to learn now the tools were going to be using were put in.

The description below and with our spray bottle its just water and we have four drops of soap per one. Liter so the biggest probably going to have when tinting is dust and contamination so the first thing were going. To do is to clean the area that were working on and then were going to respray the window and. Lay the film so very important you need to make sure the backing sheet is facing you youre going to. Cut the film back to front then were going to slide the film up so we have half an inch.

Overlap on the bottom and well give it a small anchor and were going to cut a side so really. Important you need to make sure that you have a stainless steel blade so it doesnt scratch the glass and. That your knife blade is only out one click when cutting against the rubbers so here one click so were. Going to overlap the film by half a centimetre thats our overlap but were going to do it again to. Compensate for the other side that were about to cut now give it another anchor again make sure a knife.

Blade is out one click because you dont want to cut the rubbers so here and we can move it. Back over half a centimetre and were taking it from this side then we give the film a hard anchor. And the reason were giving it a hard anchor now is because when we wind the window.

Conclusion – How Hard Is It To Tint Your Own Windows

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