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Method 1 – Diana Learns How To Foster A Kitten

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Method 2 – How To Do 10 Easy Magic Tricks!

Watch you can take the lighter and just make the rainbow completely disappear this allows you to do the magic. Simply the boat trip and watch the toothpick right here im just going to take it and squeeze it in. Between my hands just like this should be just rub looks like one two three you can actually see this. Happen actually changes color watch the fl looks like this magical report all the matches of this magically appeared i.

Flip through the box of cards it looks like it magically prints a playing card on the scarf whats good. Welcome back to how to magic i am your host of an era today ive got my lovely daughter ava. With me and we are showing you how to do ten amazing magic tricks so if youre ready hit that. Thumbs up button for us and it was go this first one is a really cool trick that you can. Do with an ink pen check it out right back in the deck review remember that card you got on.

Your mind keep that card in your mind over here i have a prediction that i wrote before the trick. Started my prediction says your card will be these six of spades that wasnt your card with it what was. It five up close so watch i take the lighter but one another secret heres how its done okay heres. The secret of magically changing a prediction using fire these are special heat reactive pen come in a bunch of. Different colors you can write something on a piece of paper and then if you take a lighter and run.

It underneath it it will just magically vanish just like that so what youre gonna do here is write in. Normal pen this is not a heat reactive pen draw the actual name of the card that youre gonna force. So in this case well do the button clubs down here then youre gonna take your heat reactive pen and. Draw over top of it to make it look like a different card in this case were gonna turn it. Into these six of spades so we turn the five into a six just like that then we turn the.

Club into a spade so you force the card on the spectator make them pick the five of clubs and. You reveal your prediction which obviously is wrong and so no thats not my card say look im going to. Take the lighter lets see if we can change it and as you bring the lighter behind it just like. This the heat reactive ink will disappear being only the permanent ink on the paper underneath it and it makes. It look like the ink just magically changes into their car you can also do something like this where you.

Have the card written out six of spades like this take the lighter hold it behind and the letters will. Magically change into a completely different card the five clubs watch you can take the lighter and just make the. Rainbow completely disappear the magic disappearing ink this next one is a really cool card trick that you can do. With a pencil check it out okay i have a really cool card trick to show you i have a. Playing card and i also have a pencil right here normal pencil its actually not sharpened yet if you look.

The tip of it is stolen blood okay check this out new pencil new card watch if i take the. Pencil itll actually just go right through the card just like that then cool watch i can take it and. Look itll actually just feel alright heres how its done im about to reveal the secret to this trick is. Extremely simple and will teach you how its done right now okay here is the secret behind the magic pencil. Through the card trick this is such a cool and easy trick to do pencil comes right back now instantly.

Healed requires no skill at all all you need is a pencil and this special card here it is from. A backside view youll see exactly how this works as the pencil goes through this little flaps comes down just. Like that this is on the backside of the card the audience never sees this and as the pencil comes. Out the flap will does automatically spring back into place now as you can see right here on the flap. Theres a little hole cut out and it is spring-loaded so that will pop back into place just like that.

On the front you can see that hole actually fills the space that the pencil slides through so the pencil. Goes through just like that the flap opens the audience can see the pencil going through the card and then. As it comes out the flap goes right back into place and it looks like the card instantly magically heals. Itself super easy to do it requires no skill really no practice at all and its not just limited to. A pencil you could also use a rolled up dollar bill the tip of a pen a crayon a colored.

Pencil really anything that will fit through the hole of the car stay tuned until the end of the video. If you want to win the magic card for yourself so you can pull off this cool trick at home. Do you like that one ava yeah that is how you do the magic pencil through the card trick heres. A really easy trick that you can do at home right now okay watch the toothpick right here im just. Gonna take it and squeeze it in between my hands just like this watch if you just rub it looks.

Like how do you make that disappear ill teach you and you right now okay here is the secret of. The magic toothpick trick all you need is a ring on your ring finger and a toothpick so hes gonna. Hold the toothpick at your fingertips like this heres what happens for my backside view the toothpick just slides down. Into the ring just like that and gets hidden behind your finger so youre able to show your hand completely. Empty from the front the toothpick is hidden there and held to the back of your hand by the ring.

You can then spread your fingers apart and from the front it still looks like the toothpick is completely gone. We know that its held in place right there and that is the secret of the magic vanishing toothpick heres. A cool trick that you can do at home with a piece of rope take a look okay if i. Have a piece of rope here solid piece of rope check this out empty hands watch others take the rope. And now wrap it around my thumb three times on this mint create a loop right there for okc loop.

See how it kind of looks like the eye of a needle and this is the thread of the needle. On the count of three i can actually just make it magically go through the eye without touching watch one. Two and on three right three look at that defense which im going through there the secret behind this one. Is a lot more simple than you might think you can do it too and ill show you how right. Now all you need for this trick is a piece of rope about two feet long or about one meter.

In length if youre in the rest of the world heres the setup for the trick youre gonna start out. With the length of rope across your hand just like this then youre gonna wrap the rope around your thumb. Just like this once twice three times just like that and then youre gonna make a loop with this end. Of the rope just like that now heres the real trick of it all youre doing is grabbing this end. Of the rope instead of this end so now all you have to do to make it look like the.

Rope passes through the loop is simply pull up like this and it will magically pop through there on its. Own so ill show you from a cutaway view how this works its actually really cool and self working they. Have the two lengths of rope right here all you have to do is make sure you grab this one. That is at the beginning of the coil right there so now as you pull up like this its actually. Gonna just slide through there just like that so you can talk about how this kind of looks like the.

Eye of a needle right here the loop kind of looks like the eye of the needle and the rope. Kind of looks like the thread of the needle say watch i can magically thread the eye of the needle. With the rope one two and on three and well just pop through just like that the hole you have. To do is yank up on this rope and all the work is done for you try this magic rope. Trick out at home and let me know your results and that is the secret of the magic rope loop.

Trick this is an amazing card trick sure to fool any audience take a look watch the pile of cards. If i just put my hand on top i can actually build up some static and just make them all. Stick just like that you can actually see underneath cards will magically stick to your hands like youve built up. Super static-charge the so strong you can actually just flip the cards over just like this magic trick that you. Can do at home right now its super easy to do you can set this up at home right now.

Okay heres what you need to set up this card trick its super easy its a card with a little. Flap on it just like this and what thats gonna allow you to do is take a bunch of cards. Put them on top of it just like this and then you can hold the little flap in between your. Fingers just like so and it allows you to pick up the entire pile of cards with your hand making. It look like your hand is like magically got a static charge or something and you just pick up all.

These cards at once they can even see it underneath and theyre not gonna discover the secret you can bring. It down then you can instantly fold the flap of the card down like this move some other cards on. Top of it flip them over and let the audience see they look completely normal and your hands are left. Completely clean heres a quick tutorial of how to make this card yourself all youre gonna need are two cards. Your first step is to cut out a flap on one of the cards just like that youve got your.

Flap cut now youre gonna take another card and simply glue it to the bottom side of that card so. Youre now left with a flap like this that can be easily tucked down and hid in the front of. The card looks completely normal and that is how you do the magic magnetic hand card trick heres a fun. Magic prank to pull on a friend or family member take a look okay watch this heres what you need. To set up this bun prank at home the first thing youre going to need to set this up is.

An ice cube tray the second thing youre going to need are some mentos mint candies these are chewy mints. Youre just gonna take a few of these and put them in the ice cube tray just drop one in. Each of the cube trays just like that and then youre gonna add a little bit of water to each. Of the cube trays once you have the water and the mentos in the ice cube tray youre ready to. Load them into the freezer once some time has passed remove the ice cube tray from the freezer once the.

Mentos and the water have frozen in the ice cubes youre just going to put them in the bottom of. A cup the next thing youll need in addition to the mentos is some diet coke it has to be. Diet coke and mentos that is the only thing that will make the reaction so heres what happens you add. The diet coke pour it in on top of the ice cubes prepare your friend a nice cool beverage now. Normally what happens when you add diet coke and mentos together they just instantly react what this does it makes.

It time release so that the ice cubes will hold the mentos inside and keep them from reacting until the. Ice melts enough that the mentos are exposed and as soon as they hit the diet coke theyll react and. Make it foam up super cool it makes it look like youre activating the carbonation of the soda with your. Mind a fun magic prank that you can pull off at home right now and that is the secret of. The magic mentos and diet coke ice heres a way to magically change the color of a liquid right in.

Front of the rock okay so i have three separate cups of water here check this out this is really. Cool all i do is take one of the cups of water and pour it into the other one and. You can actually see this happen look and actually changes colors just like that now check this out we can. Take the other cup of water watch if i pour it in will actually magically change back to clear ill. Show you the secret right now the secret behind this one is really amazing take a look okay here is.

What you need to set this trick up at home this is a really cool science experiment type trick gonna. Need some sodium hydroxide some distilled white vinegar and this right here its called phenolphthalein its actually a ph indicator. It indicates the ph balance of a liquid youre also going to need three plastic cups or you can use. Glass beakers your first cup is gonna have to stay little bit of sodium hydroxide in it then youre gonna. Add some water to this so this first one is actually alkaline its a base this is the fina faylene.

Right here in the middle cup it looks completely clear and its color will actually indicate to you what ph. The liquid that youre putting it in is acting the fina failing in the middle cup your first cup has. Some water and your sodium hydroxide solution in it and hes gonna make sure those crystals are mixed up in. The water and then in your last cup the third cup you have your acid its a weak acid its. This white vinegar so whats actually happening here these all look like water but theyre actually not none of them.

Are water this is a sodium hydroxide solution with water this is your phenolphthalein ph indicator and this is white. Vinegar all of them look like water though so you can present it to your audiences if their water and. Then as you pour the first two cups into each other it almost looks like its changing into wine so. As it pours in like that it magically changes colors now what its actually doing is indicating the ph of. The water that is poured into it because this water is highly alkali its going to show up purple when.

It detects an acidic liquid it actually changes back to clear thats where the vinegar comes into play when you. Pour the last cup in the vinegar it will actually change it back to clear you can see the color. Completely go out of the cup and it will slowly just magically change to completely clear liquid again a fun. Science trick that you can do at home with a few household chemicals changing a liquid trip heres a really. Cool way to make fire magically appear without ever lighting a match take a look so magical looking that is.

Awesome its super simple setup heres how its done masses all you need to set this up at home you. Need some steel wool and a 9-volt battery time volt batteries are the ones with these exposed prongs on top. You can get steel wool at any hardware store or really any retail store that has a hardware department theyre. Gonna take a steel wool pad like this its important to note that you want to get the really fine. Steel wool like this one not be more coarse steel wool like this one you want this really fine one.

Right here then all you have to do to ignite it into flames is touch the two ports the positive. And negative of the battery to the steel wool it will light up this is actually a really cool like. Camping hack if you ever had this in the woods you can start a fire this way so again this. Is super easy if youre a kid you do want to use adult supervision with this what you do is. Touch the two ends of the battery to the wool the electricity and the battery will cause the wool to.

Ignite and create a really cool effect as it burns so all you do is touch the battery to the. Steel wool and it will light up just like that such an awesome visual as the fire spreads down the. Steel wool sounds really cool dad thank you babe now you all know how to do these steel wool and. Battery trick at home be careful heres a super cool magic trick that you can pull off with stuff you. Probably already have around the house take a look at this performance i have a really cool trick to show.

You with this candle here but first we need to light it okay were obviously going to need something to. Light the candle with so i have some matches here if you look oh im actually out of matches theres. None left in the box thats a problem so lets see if we can use a little bit of magic. To solve this problem whatd he say so well take the box of matches if i just close it up. On this watch i just give it a magical wave snap my fingers look matches actually appear inside and there.

Are real matches we can take them out use them we want to perform the trick yourself heres what youll. Need okay heres what you need to pull this one off what you need is a book of matches and. Something to cut im gonna start out by removing the match trade just like this and dumping out all the. Matches set these aside dont need them in a moment so heres what youre gonna do youre gonna cut the. Little match tray knot in half half would be about here youre gonna cut it about right there just like.

That now you want to load this back into the sleeve of the match box just like that now simply. Load your matches back into the tray so now once you have the matches loaded in you can push the. Tray back in just like that so now you can open the match box like this pull up the match. Tray and show it completely empty all the matches are hidden down inside the box right there so because the. Tray is cut youre able to pull it up like this and the bottom cut part of the tray will.

Hold the matches in place inside the box so as long as you hold the box of matches vertical like. This you can show it empty and then slide the tray back down inside the match box give it a. Magical wave say a magic word do whatever you want to do and then as you slide it out again. It looks like all the matches have just magically appeared inside the box and then slide this back in repeat. The same move and make it look like theyve vanished again super easy to do try that at home and.

Amaze your friends and family and that is the secret of the magic appearing matches heres a really cool card. Trick that i guarantee youve never seen before watch the red scarf as i pull it through the box of. Cards it looks like it magically prints a playing card scarf but alright heres how its done heres what you. Need to pull off this amazing trick this is a beautiful new silk scarf that we have available in the. Shop right now link is in the description if you want to pick one of these up to say big.

Red silk scarf with the queen of hearts on them you can use this for a lot of different tricks. Use it to make it look like youre pulling the ink off a card and it magically turns blank you. Can use it for a card reveal after you forced a card on a spectator or you can use it. As part of this trick that were revealing to you now heres what you need to pull off the trick. You need a card box standard bicycle card box like this empty box you need the queen of hearts sash.

And youre also going to need this this is our magic silk through the bone trick it comes with a. Standard red silk it looks just like this one but it doesnt have a queen of hearts on it and. Then it also comes with this this is the magic silk through the phone gimmick this allows you to do. The magic silk through the phone trick where it looks like a scarf is just magically passing through your phone. Were gonna adapt it to make it look like the silk scarf is passing through the box of cards and.

Then the scarf is magically changing as it passes through the box into this scarf that reveals their thought of. Car this is one we actually invented ourselves so let me show you the setup of how this is done. Youre gonna take the card box and youre gonna cut a hole in the back of it your next step. Is to feed the corner of the queen of hearts sash up through the hole in the card box just. Like that you can then stuff the rest of the sash inside the box once you have the full thing.

Stuffed inside you can close up the card box and youre going to position the plastic gimmick and the red. Plain silk on the front of the box just like this so on the front we have this setup and. On the back we have the hole with the queen of hearts still poking out just like that so from. A cutaway view heres whats happening youre actually pinching the solid color silk thats going under the box like this. And the one coming from inside the box at the same time youre pulling them simultaneously so this one is.

Going to get hidden underneath the queen so as you pull it looks like the silk is passing through the. Box like that and its magically changing as it comes out as it passes through the box it looks like. Its just like picking the ink up from the deck super cool then the solid color silk is neatly hidden. Behind the queen and your audience is left baffled and amazed that is how you do the magic scarf through. The box of cards tricks alright guys that is it for the video if you enjoyed it hit the thumbs.

Up button and share it with someone who you think might like it help us spread the magic by posting. A link to the video on your social media your facebook or twitter tell somebody about it on instagram or. Snapchat share it on youtube whatever you feel all the sharing really does help and sharing is caring so thank. You for caring about the success of this video and the magic and spreading it to everyone really appreciate it. If you want to pick up a magic card silk theyre available now at evan aaron tv comm theyre really.

Cool you can do a lot of cool tricks with them and theyre super soft arent they so nice we. Have those available now in the card version and we also have this regular red soaps and i think we. Might have white available too so if you want to pick up some soaps theyre perfect the mannish and thumb. Tips and for all sorts of other illusions check them out the link is down below in the description of. This video also at eben era actually theres not a lot of props to give away in this video.

Cuz its all stuff that you can do at home so im actually gonna give away 5 of these right. Here to lucky comments in the comment section down below put a thumbs up on the video of me subscribed. Of an era tv you can leave as many comments as you want in fact the more comments you leave. The better your chances of winning cuz ill be picking comments from the comments section and i will mail you. One of these so that you can do the magic at home alright its time to announce the giveaway winner.

From our last call to magic video the winners are right here on the screen send me an email with. Your full mailing address to this email address right here to claim your prize thank you to everyone who entered. The giveaway drawing and good luck to everyone and drink this giveaway drawing be sure to hit the thumbs up. On the video and leave your comments down below i guess thats it if you missed the last episode of. How to magic you can catch up watching it right over there the subscribe button down there is perfect if.

Youre new just click it and tap a notification bell so you see all of our videos the shops right. Down there if you want to grab some merchants support the channel and until next time remember that anything is. Possible as long as you stay positive work hard and laugh at life living.

Method 3 – Diana And Roma Show How To Help Each Other At School

Hmm wow good morning good morning open your notebooks what happened now grab a lesson huh time to walk outside. I know what to do uh time to watch thank you go to the blackboard four plus three minus one. Equals four plus three minus one minus five equals plus zero minus good job oh lets go diana water leaves. Countries oh.

Method 4 – How To Play Wordle! The Word Game Going Viral | How To Play And Strategies To Win!

Hi everyone welcome back to my channel if youre new here my name is claudia thank you so much for. Watching today today i want to talk about something that ive been loving lately and that is wordle if you. Have no idea what im talking about it is a word game that has gone sort of viral on social. Media and you have to guess the new five letter word every day theres a new word every day you.

Only get one word and its the same word for everyone in the world so i think thats probably why. Its gone viral is because everybody wants to share how many guesses they got their word in its really fun. And i want to show you how to play and also some strategies you can use to successfully guess the. Word if you like this video while youre watching it please give it a thumbs up and lets get started. So wordle isnt an app i am hoping they make it one in the future but for now its just.

A website so if you search for wordle on google its the first one to come up and heres what. It looks like you can play it on your computer or on your phone i actually thought it was a. Crossword puzzle at first but its just six rows so you get six guesses to get the five letter word. So if you click on the question mark it will show you basically what to do so youre going to. Type in a word and if one of the letters that you guessed is in the word and in the.

Right spot itll turn green if one of the letters is in the word but in the wrong spot it. Will turn yellow and if a letter is not in the word at all it will turn gray you also. Get no hints as to what the word is it could literally be any five letter word so lets start. Guessing so i can actually show you how this works so to start the game youll just type in any. Five letter word it can be any word in the world and if you want to erase your guess you.

Can click the backspace button but once you type in your guess and click enter your guess is going to. Be submitted so i actually started with about because it has three vowels in it so i wanted to kind. Of figure out what vowels were going to be in this word so as you can see a will be. In this word but it is in the incorrect location and the other four letters are not so the next. Word im guessing is crave because i wanted to guess another word with some more vowel so i wanted an.

E and i knew that a was in a different location so i put it in the middle of the. Word this time and as you can see that was the correct location for the a and now i found. Out that c is also in the word i also wanted to show you that if you type in a. Mixture of five letters that doesnt turn out to be a word it will alert you that the word is. Not in the dictionary or the word list so i will admit i did not know this word that ended.

Up being my next guess but i did get a new letter which was h and i eliminated three more. Letters from the board with this word shand apparently it is a word more commonly used in the united kingdom. Let me know if you are watching this video and youre from the united kingdom if this is a commonly. Used word so with that i decided that with my next guess i was going to use that c that. We know is in there but not at the beginning of the word and use it as one of my.

Second to last letters and looking at the board there arent a ton of letter options that can precede an. H in a word so looking at my options i decided it had to be a w and thinking through. Some words that are w h a c i decided to go ahead and guess whack and that of course. Was the correct word for today and once you guess the word correctly this little screen will pop up which. Will allow you to share your results with your friends and as you can see itll.

Conclusion – How How To

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