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Method 1 – Cobra Health Insurance Explained: I Lost My Job! Is Cobra An Option Now That I’m Unemployed?

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Method 2 – ✅ How & When To Sign Up For Medicare 2021

In this video were going to review how to sign up for medicare so by the end of this video. Youll know how to sign up for medicare when you can sign up for medicare and whether or not youll. Be eligible to sign up for medicare online alright im matthew claassen with not everybody turning 65 needs to. Enroll in all of medicare in fact under some circumstances it may be in your best interest not to sign.

Up for part of medicare and ill explain that in detail here in a minute but first when youre signing. Up for medicare what are you signing up for when you sign up for medicare youre going to be signing. Up for medicare part a and/or medicare part b medicare part a is that portion of medicare that ensures you. When you are an inpatient in a hospital nursing home a hospice or if youre at home and youre unable. To get to a medical facility and you need home health care so medicare part a is your inpatient health.

Care im not going to get into the details of the deductibles and the co-pays and all the nitty-gritty thats. For another video what i want you to understand for this video is that medicare part a is your inpatient. Health care its not the medicare that you use when you go see a doctor or you go get lab. Tests medicare part a is that portion of medicare that you paid for with your payroll taxes that 1.45% that. Came out of your check for all those years as long as you or your spouse have paid that tax.

For at least 10 years your medicare part a is paid for when you turn 65 you just sign up. For medicare part a there are no additional cost you are considered medicare part a eligible technically if youre medicare. Part a eligible youre not required to sign up for medicare part a when you turn 65 and theres no. Real penalty for not and thats if your medicare part a eligible however it cost you nothing and it adds. An extra layer of insurance an extra layer of coverage it doesnt interfere with any other insurance you have theres.

Really no reason not to sign up for medicare part a medicare part b is that part of your medicare. That covers outpatient and physician services that is the portion of medicare you use when you visit a doctor or. When you go get lab tests medicare part b is not free you have to pay a monthly premium for. Your medicare part b everybody pays for your medicare part b no matter what your medicare choices are later on. And how much you pay for your medicare part b is income related it depends on your income its based.

On your adjusted gross income two years ago so as i make this video in 2017 if your income was. Eighty-five thousand dollars or less two years ago if you file individually or one hundred and seventy thousand dollars or. Less if you file jointly then youd pay just the medicare part b rate if your income was higher than. That then youre going to pay more youre gonna pay an income adjusted premium to find out how much your. Premium is now as youre watching this video the best way to do that is go to the website medicare.

Gov and in the search bar type in the cost for medicare part b or the medicare income adjusted amounts. They can change here li the monthly premium for medicare part b is typically deducted from your social security income. If youre not yet taking your social security income then medicare will bill you for your medicare part b premium. And when they bill you theyll bill you on a quarterly basis if youre supposed to sign up for medicare. Part b and you dont there is a penalty but not everybody needs to sign up for part b during.

Their initial enrollment period thats very important im going to get to that in a moment also if you happen. To have a health savings account if youre contributing to an hsa account as you turn 65 there are some. Important things were going to cover near the end of this video because you could get into an accidental tax. Trap again were going to cover that near the end of this video when i cover the final exceptions to. Medicare rules and some warnings so thats the what youre going to be signing up for medicare part a and.

Medicare part b and now were going to cover when you can sign up for that and how now i. Know learning this part of medicare can be a little bit confusing medicare has a lot of rules so to. Help grasp this concept quickly this is going to be a brief video what im going to do is separate. Out the medicare rules with their exceptions as they say every rule has an exception well with medicares those exceptions. That can often lead to some confusion the medicare rules apply to everyone everyone should understand the medicare rules the.

Exceptions only apply to certain groups of people if youre about that exception just set it aside and focus on. The rules some medicare rule number one you have a 7 month window to enroll in medicare this was called. Your medicare initial enrollment period a 7 month window is focused on your birthday month its the calendar month of. Your birthday three calendar months before your birthday month and three calendar months after your birthday month medicare rule number. Two medicare always starts on the first day of a month if your birthday is in the middle of the.

Month doesnt matter when your birthday is its going to your medicare will start on the first day of the. Month for example using the the medicare initial enrollment period lets say your birthday was april 20th well that would. Mean that your medicare can start april 1 your enrollment period is going to be you can sign up during. Your birthday month thats april and if you do your medicare will start and march from may 1 there we. Go just a calendar same bag so if you sign up in april your medicare can start in may 1.

On may 1 now your window is also three months before aprils so you could sign up in january february. Or march and if you sign up january february march april 1 will be your medicare start date your window. Also goes past your birthday so you have may june and july you can sign up and made you in. In july well if you do your medicares not going to start the next month they put a delay in. It where you you maybe two or three months down the road that your medicare would start still be on.

The first of a month but not the next month they do that to encourage you to sign up for. Your medicare early now heres the first medicare exception if your birthday is on the first day of the month. That you take your entire medicare initial enrollment period and move it forward one month going back to the april. Example if your birthday is april 1 then your medicare can start march 1 your initial enrollment period instead of. Starting in january actually starts the december before that so your whole 7 month window moves forward by one month.

Thats only for people whose birthdays on the 1st day of the month exception number two if you are already. On social security income if youre already taking your social security income before you turn 65 then youll automatically be. Enrolled in medicare part a and medicare part b youll have the option to opt out of medicare part b. When they send you your medicare welcome kit i think so welcome to medicare enrollment kit youll have a card. In there which will allow you to opt out of medicare part b if you choose why would you choose.

Well that leads us to exception number three exception number three for medicare if you have employer group health insurance. And your employer is company is at least 20 employees or more and your to continue on that insurance past. Your medicare initial enrollment period then you dont need to sign up for your medicare part b and you probably. Shouldnt sign up for your medicare part b and thats important to understand this concept best there is one term. That we need you to understand and that term is called creditable coverage as in you get credit for it.

When your health insurance your group health insurance is roughly equal to what medicare can provide then its called creditable. Coverage as long as you have creditable coverage you dont need to enroll in medicare part b you can delay. It and thatll save you two things one is you wont have to pay for medicare part b until you. Enroll and two all of your your guarantees that are associated with getting other medicare plans once you have your. Your medicare set up if you want to do more than just have your a and b or you want.

To do something else is you have a series of choices then your guarantees are anchored to the day that. Your medicare part b starts its called the medicare part b effective date if you enroll in medicare part b. While you have group health coverage and you dont need to make those choices until later on and that could. Be indefinitely it can be years ahead you may have automatically disqualified yourself from some of the choices that you. Can get in medicare so if you have creditable health coverage or your spouse that youre youre getting from yourself.

Or your spouses employers then you can delay and you should delay getting your part b you know also thats. Important to understand and that will lets say that you youve have done that with your creditable coverage you can. Then enroll in medicare part b at any time if you have creditable coverage youre beyond your initial enrollment period. You can enroll a medicare part b at any time youll get whats called a special enrollment period you will. Get another special enrollment period when youre creditable coverage comes to an end either way those are the times where.

You can enroll in your medicare part b warning cobra is not creditable coverage so that covers when you enroll. Now lets go in to how you enroll and then im going to follow up with some exceptions and a. Few warnings to help you avoid a couple pitfalls you sign up for your medicare through social security medicare law. Is a subset of social security law so all of your application process is done via social security you can. Do so on line at its short for social security administration gov and im told its a simple process.

Of about 15 minutes on occasion youll need additional documentation you may need to bring in a birth certificate or. Other documentation into a social security office or mail it in they will let you know as you go through. That process online you can of course also go into the social security office and sign up for your medicare. There one thing you may want to know if youve already signed up for your medicare part a and youve. Delayed your medicare part b and all you have left is your part b to sign up for you cant.

Do that online you actually have to go into a social security office to get your part b at that. Camp and in that occasion so here are a few warnings if you live in an area of the country. Where there are a lot of people retiring you may have to make an appointment with your social security office. You may not be able to just walk in i know some places in florida for example theres a three-month. Waiting list to get an appointment and get into your social security office so if you live in an area.

That has a lot of retirees it doesnt hurt to call the social security office first and see if you. Need to make an appointment thats also a good time to ask them what documentation you need to bring in. When youre going to enroll in medicare so dont assume that you can just walk in its always best to. Call first and find out warning number two if you are going into social security office and you have enrolled. At that office dont just assume everything is okay and you know if it seems like youre not getting your.

Documentation your medicare card in time and dont surround patiently waiting the reason for this is that many of these. Social security offices are overwhelmed and their human human error happens and weve seen actually a lot more often than. You would think where people have to go back into the social security office to make sure that the paperwork. Is processed properly and most ive seen people go back in three additional occasions just to make sure that everything. Is done right so you know dont dont assume and if youre if its not being processed with what you.

Think is a timely matter check up on it call up the social security office make sure everything is being. Done in a timely fashion warning number three hsa accounts i mentioned this earlier if you have an hsa account. Theres potential tax traps heres where the tax trap can occur you are not allowed to contribute to an hsa. Account once you have medicare its a you get a tax penalty for that what happens on occasion however people. Like their hsa accounts and so they delay getting their medicare part a and their medicare part b and they.

Continue to contribute to the hsa beyond the age of sixty-five and then at some point in the future they. Decide well were going to go ahead and get your medicare and you sign up for your part a and. As you sign up for part a you stop contributing to your hsa thats the problem because medicare part a. When you sign up for it late starts six months before you sign up for it its a retroactive start. Date and if you were contributing to your hsa during that time period then youre going to have a tax.

Penalty now if that happens all in one calendar year its really easy you reverse out you back out those. Hsa contributions and it shouldnt be a problem im not a tax accountant im not giving you tax advice but. I have seen that work very well the problem is if its true two tax years that can be an. Issue if you have an hsa account strongly consider simply cutting that off as you turn 65 so you dont. Accidentally get into one of those tax traps i hope you found this video helpful if so please give me.

A thumbs up let me know what you liked about the video when you give a thumbs up to a. Video you make it easier for other people to find the video in this case when theyre researching how to. Sign up for medicare and also please subscribe to the channel ive got over 30 other videos if you subscribe. To the channel you can take a look at my new to medicare playlist and be able to follow along. All the different videos that i have on medicare that might help you out but now its your turn i.

Make these videos for you please leave me a comment below let me know what it is that you like. About this video what you might want to see in other videos as well and if you have a question. I will respond i will answer every question i want to hear from you so please leave me a comment. Below im matthew clawson at thank you for watching.

Method 3 – How To Apply For Medicare Online – Step By Step

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Method 4 – Cobra Rad 480I Review #24Krew

Whats up guys how are yall doing so youre here 24 crew life so want to do a video on. The radar that you guys see in pretty much all of my videos the cobra rat 450 okay so this. Little guy right here ive had it since its spread you know older processors or whatever testing system ready okay. Start up right there so let me actually pull it out of the way so there are many videos out.

There or at least a few personalized ones or personalized ones on this little guy right here okay so the. Front looks like it comes just like you see everything here the cable that either you can run it through. The 12-volt outlet or some people buy that kit and run it all the way from there to up there. Or wherever you prefer it does come with a like a double sided tape mesh or whatever you can put. On your dash but ive seen a lot of bad scenarios where it just because of the sun i mean.

Its gonna be in the you know its gonna get hit all all the time so just melts into the. Dash there so once again it just detected the laser on every rare occasions we get hit with the laser. But i think it just detected the camera or something they actually yeah well theres one perfect scenario so lets. Say if youre driving and then you hit with laser you get hit with the laser i mean its pretty. Accurate so if youre spitting i mean unless youre the only one on the road youre pretty much screwed um.

Thats the side so you can turn it um let me see you can turn it all the way off. Let me try to focus this thing there we go so you can turn it all the way off or. Testing and its got different volume settings system ready okay so you can turn it down all the way to. One but i mean in my opinion it defeats the purpose of you having a raider if um if you. Turn it down now right now as you can see it keeps saying laser i think its detected something in.

Here or my camera or something or when you point it down or when you point it up uh it. Picks picks it up but um right now i have it kind of like on mute so you can hold. It down like this quiet drive off see so now i think hes gonna keep lets see lets see if. I can make it go off again there you go laser alert see and its gonna keep keep doing that. I usually have it like that see its gonna keep doing that lets see lets just put it right there.

Because i think it every single time you pick something i think its actually this right here so you see. Those little lights in there does the uh the volkswagens have the uh hand motion detection or whatever so watch. This see it brings the menus up there so i think its picking that up there you go so lets. Do it again there you go yeah it is so itll do it like that but you know in every. Single car like i said i bought one for my parents for the atlas shes got one on her gti.

I got one on the rt on i think um i got one of my sisters gli and the cabbie. And the the diesel dont have one because the alternate them but this has been a yeah the atlas has. One so pretty much in every car at the house or whatever so other than that you do have a. Dim mode uh so you can dim it you can mute it you can menu and then the sensor or. You have a wi-fi because i think you do have an application you can download and itll pretty much detect.

Lets say if i have one and somebody else in the road is driving ahead of me and its got. The app up or whatever itll send an alert to my phone and vice versa so let me just put. This back to mute quiet drive on there you go so now its gonna just like it was doing earlier. Its gonna go off its gonna tell you but its gonna instead of you know you keep hearing that sound. Its going to kind of mute it but you still see that its on so you just gotta be careful.

Dark so you have the difference see different modes there so dark dimmer dark bright okay and then the menu. So you have you know exit menu menu alert settings see and you can um x on so you can. Pretty much select if you dont want that alert like x alert its usually like a itll pick up a. Menu itll pick up like the doors for like the stores or whatever so um you can always turn that. Off and then so watch this see instead of keep going off itll just kind of mute it menu so.

Were going to alert oh there you go k band so usually the k and k bands or k and. Ka are going to be your normal cop um you know radar detectors or whatever menu raider guns or whatever. Theyre going to have alert settings lets see you also have bg2 which is um if somebody else has a. Radar itll detect it this one right here uh spectre what is it on okay im gonna turn it back. On so specter um itll be whenever youre behind ive noticed whenever youre behind like and the newer cars have.

Like the blind spot monitors or whatever itll be pretty much radars itll throw it off so um you know. Other than that its been pretty good i mean its its a co-pilot for sure but now i was doing. Uh because i wanted to get another one for for you know one of the other cars and i think. Those are discontinued theyre you know rad 450 or r8d450s now this is the latest and greatest i think they. Just released this as freaking um covet hit so um i mean fortunately but unfortunately i guess because you know.

Not that many people are driving but this is the newest one okay rad4 or 480i so of course i. Think its uh pretty much an update of that one it probably worked out all the kinks and whatnot so. Now its got twice the range so on this ones at least in my experience its i feel like its. Picked up at least um police clock and you know clogging cars or you know you know with their radar. Guns up to half a mile or maybe a mile if if not more so id say at least a.

Mile because lets say you know weve been driving or whatever ive been driving and on a you know of. Course right right here has got a lot of trees or whatever but on a pretty much straight away um. Its you know my the raiders have gone off and picked up like i was like i dont see anybody. Theres like you know just a few people on the road theres no one and sure enough kept driving kept. Driving kid driving maybe about half a mile to a mile there was the cop like you know under a.

Hill or pretty much uh yeah you know under the hill or just down the road uh you know on. The side either in the medium or whatever they do clocking people so this thing has been awesome so now. This one uh apparently has twice the range it reduces the false alerts and you know once again i think. This is the app you can download on that one i didnt do it i dont know why but um. Or i didnt download it so i might try it with this one so not that many reviews just the.

Normal cobra uh you know the press release review or whatever they do and um yeah so should be pretty. Cool so i usually get them or i get mines from either uh best buy which it just came from. Over there and or amazon um like i said none of them had the 450 which is thats what i. Was getting and its here there we go so side by side its pretty much about the same size let. Me get it out of the box right quick or actually this there you go put it right here looks.

Like a hole itself there we go so theyre pretty much about the same size ish same width and yep. Its just of course newer and whatever so theres a typical screen that you see on here and i love. That the previous ones you know they only have the uh it just shows you x k k a v. G two whatever i love this one i mean its got the little scanner on so pretty cool oops one. Second so oh it connects now with uh looks like a usb usb port so mark thats a new one.

All right so dim is right there sensor which is up there menu i guess mark would be oh wait. On me so theres a new button and then so its a little bit more bulkier this one at the. Front versus this one all right you find the cable so thats the cable right there and then thats the. Just like this ill hook it up on here little suction cups and theres the double-sided tape that i told. You about like a 3m double-sided tape so let me just put this up there lets turn it on all.

Right guys so made in voyage lets turn it on okay okay okay lets see so looks like hes got. A smaller so you all heard the other one from that one earlier so i guess thats the way this. One sounds but let me mess with the settings right quick lets see if we can mute it quiet drive. On oh cool all right so lets see if itll feel good again huh okay well it didnt until i. Pressed it and didnt do it or it didnt mute it but should i turn the quiet drive on lets.

See quiet drive off okay so lets see wheres this mark one oh i think this is how you mark. Um i think this one right here to mark its to if you on your daily commute if you you. Know goes through uh walmart or whatever because like i said itll throw off or itll throw some fake alerts. I guess you can mark it lets see menu menu okay so its got the gps lets see alert settings. Press expand k band okay everything is on were actually im gonna turn here we inspector on im gonna turn.

Everything on the vg2 some some police officers also have radar detectors on their cruisers hello battery warning i do. Want that voltage warning on exit menu there we go and then just lets see dimmer dark bright okay and. Then center it high yes i never missed i usually keep my name high on that one as well so. Its definitely a little bit lighter a little more slick uh look to it like i said its the revised. Version oh there you go oh theres a k alert so i usually disregard everything other than the k a.

Or the laser but if somebodys i mean because they can still clock you with an old-school x alert or. A killer so uh yeah guys so hopefully im gonna drive around lets see if we can pick something up. While were driving and as soon as we take off so were going towards this stores over here it picked. Up x alert first and then it turned into a k so there you go huh the quiet drive is. On but its not quieting it down so you can always press that if it gets annoying but you dont.

Want to do while driving or whatever thats why they have that quiet mode on so ferrari back mustang race. Car oh its a four cylinder this one yeah this one is quieter than the uh one but let me. See right quick quiet drive on oh there we go i guess it was off there we go okay so. Now its working so its still on the k alerts on but it quiet down oh gosh are yall saying. The same thing im saying like the little screen looks like switching back and forth so its still on still.

Throwing it off and then there he goes so so far so good last night we were out and about. And they were clocking people left and right on the highway so oh check this out guys we came to. A stop so a lot of people ask me well why is there a cop you know like friends that. Are written women in my car why is there a cop right there but its not picking it up but. Right now as you can see the k band is on and theres a cop right there so who knows.

That i mean i dont know who knows if its actually clocking people because it would like i said usually. Would be ka alert but as you saw if it is it picked it up from since maybe the off. Ramp it was picking it up so like i said its there it goes all right guys okay alert and. Im looking around i think it could be an undercover still going off lets see could have been in the. Other side of the road so thats thats why i love this little radars itll pick up somebody on the.

Other side of the road behind you in front of you beside you literally so it just went off so. Sometimes it goes off briefly ska uh and i dont blame them because you know unless their cops have the. Radar on all the time itll you know itll go off but if theyre just sitting lets say in a. Parking lot like that or you know some corner where theyre hiding and only when people drive by theyre clocking. Or specific cars see like lets say if that was a cop right there the land rover ranged over probably.

Could have clogged and you know still didnt see it so so im not sure which part of the world. You are or you know which part of united states you live in but theres a ton of undercover cars. So see i mean were not speeding i have the cruise control at 55 that right there could have been. A in.

Conclusion – How Long Do You Have To Sign Up For Cobra

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