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Method 1 – Royal Mail – The Original Delivery Service

At royal mail weve been connecting businesses and their customers for over 500 years with the original delivery service showed. The world how to do its what we do its in our dna weve always innovated often showing the world. How to do that to you and over the last few years weve spent a hundred and thirty million pounds. On building brand new technology to hold huge amounts of data that we can process in real time letting you.

And your customers know whats happening to every party and while we innovate while we continually push to drive those. Developments faster and faster some things always stay the same such as the impact that our postman and women have. On their communities and the unique relationship they have with their and your customers no my customer is really really. Important i think its a thought for me and its important for my customer they get to know that im. Delivering every day with a lot of marketing mail or a lot of parcels i think its very important the.

Brand for myself and the customers and provera were delivering for were so recognizable as a company our uniform fans. Weve always been trusted everybody knows who we are and i think just everybody loves a posting there are 70,000. Post men and women across the uk and were loved and relied upon by our customers who really trust us. To deliver their mail and parcels these days everyone loves shopping online i certainly deliver more passage now than ever. Before weve scanned every barcode in parcel to provide delivery confirmation or tracking information for our customers and will provide.

A four-hour delivery window to many customers using our track service on the morning of delivery so they can plan. Their day if our customers are not at home when we call we try and leave their item when the. Neighbor if possible mrs. Jones hes always getting parcels for her business and i know if shes not home when. I call that she likes me to leave them with their father four doors down when they order online some.

Customers provide details for us to leave their track parcel in a safe place which could be anything from the. Summer house in the garden to a back porch to keep their items safe and dry with so much online. Shopping returns are important too we make it easy for customers to drop their unwanted items backer a post office. Close to their home or workplace our customers rely on us to deliver come rain or shine and because we. Know our customers and they know us we like to feel that were very much part of their community rahmel.

Have invested in a new network of high-speed parcel sorting machine in five sorting hubs across the uk we can. Sort 10,000 parcels which equates 850,000 parcels a week at christmas this increases to over 1 million parcels every week. And we have the capacity to sort even more with mechanized sorting by weight and size each arthur is loaded. Onto the conveyor where cameras and sensors help direct it to one of 80 output destination and onwards to the. Right vehicle which journeys the recipients at the other ends in an average week we now save more than 1.

Greater speed means the ability to offer later acceptance times for our larger customers so they can offer their shoppers. Later or during times – such as ordering til midnight with delivery still being the very next day with online. Shopping on the up its great to offer longer ordering windows with reliable delivery for our customers if our customers. Know theyre not going to be at home for delivery we can also let them choose a local connect so. They can pick up their parcel from a post office or a royal mail customer service point instead and well.

Send them a text to let them know when their item is ready to collect as well as sorting parcels. Destined across the uk we also direct worldwide items on their journey to 230 destinations via our heathrow distribution center. Which is our gateway to the world rawrr mail has incredible reach wherever your customers are we can reach them. In the uk we can deliver to every house every day and internationally we can get to every country we. Have unique access to all of the postal companies around the world and we top that up with carefully chosen.

Commercial companies where we happen we all live and work in the most advanced ecommerce market in the world theres. More items bought online in proportion here than any other country in the world theres lots of reasons for that. But theres two big ones one weve got the best retailers in the world right here in the uk and. Because we handle more than 50% of all the e-commerce parcels we think raw mail are a big part of. That reason to war mail has invested hundreds of millions of pounds in a new state-of-the-art it backbone thats given.

Us cutting edge shipping systems that can connect to any of your online or physical sales channels its given us. The ability to send notifications for any uk services and now also for our international services direct to your customers. And for international items it makes sure that for customs information or labeling and for all of the paperwork its. Incredibly easy to do so what makes your mail different why should you jesus for 500 years weve been connecting. Businesses and their customers and showing the rest of the world how to do it were really proud of your.

Customers trust their reliability ethics and our fantastic service quality our it is reliable and state-of-the-art but most of all. Its our people our post men and women are loved across the uk and its then that helped the raw. Mail brand to be a mark of trust across the uk and around the world.

Method 2 – Journey Of A Letter

Dear hope you have a lovely birthday lots of love amelia i mean yeah have you ever wondered about the. Journey of a letter how does it get from you to its final destination i start my collection at one. Oclock visit our 100 pillar boxes over free collections when ive collected all my posts from my roots i transport. The post to mount pleasant for it to be soldiers there are 2000 members of staff here at mount pleasant.

All working to ensure your post is processed and delivered we saw hundreds and thousands of letters and parcels here. At mount pleasant each day this is the color fresa custom machine which rejects any item larger than the standard. Letter or card its also suppressed the first and second class stamps items the color phaser custom machine processes 22. To 24 thousand items per hour by their cars like a millions can be posted first class one day and. We deliver to the recipient the last working day the post now goes across to the intelligent letter sorting machine.

The machine reads the postcode and prints a bar code on each envelope this bar called holds details of the. Address the mail is now taken to the compact sequence sorting machine this machine sucks all the mail into the. Order that it will be delivered in amelias card now begins the outward journey towards mineral hill delivery office i. Drive the post to which my hill delivery office overnight in time for it to be sorted ready to be. Delivered later that day bundles of letters are sorted into a frame each address has its own slot or philip.

Once the letters are in order they are delivered on fit by a post person amelias card has arrived in. Time for her grandmothers birthday so when you receive a card on your birthday or any letter in the post. Just think this is the journey of a letter you.

Method 3 – International Shipping Label Process (Royal Mail, Click & Drop)

Hey guys welcome back to my channel i hope you guys are doing well so on this channel we speak. About all things business health and wealth so in my previous video i showed you step by step and how. I ship my products out to my customers but on a domestic level so im going to show you how. I do it on an international level i received and i was excited about this so i received my second.

International order and i shipped that out to her not long ago but i thought id show you the process. Because i know a lot of you guys are watching this because you yourself are starting up your own businesses. And im proud of you keep going but you might have a few inquiries onto how you actually ship worldwide. So in this video im going to show you in an elaborate way as well how i am able to. Do so i did say i was going to show you how i print out my international shipping label so.

Firstly what youre going to do is go ahead and go into the royal mail website so im going to. Click on the royal my website and then you have the option to log in but if you dont have. An account with them then i highly suggest that you register with them so im going to go ahead and. Log in and then once youve logged in youll be presented with this profile so what you have to then. Do is go on sending now and then go on international standard and then with the international standard they have.

Key features so if youre sending a package within europe the delivery aim is between three to five working days. If you are sending a package worldwide the delivery aim is between six to seven working days and there is. Also a compensation cover up to 20 pounds included and also there are free returns for undelivered items which is. Always good to know and then if you go ahead and go down you have a price indication um and. Its all relative to the weight and where you will be shipping your item in the world so for example.

If youre selling a letter within europe and it weighs 100 grams you will be paying one pound 68 p. For your shipping label but if you are selling it within like world zones one and two and world zone. Three its just a little bit more pricier but in the grand scheme of things its not as bad as. One would initially think shipping labels will cost to ship worldwide and if you go down you have large letters. So for example the international order that ive just previously shipped to was within europe and the weight was 100.

Grams so i paid pound 97p for my shipping label but again if your package weighs more say for example. 250 grams or 750 grams here are the price details for how much it will weigh if you go down. There are prices for parcels on printed papers i just love this because its very transparent it will let you. Know how much your shipping label will roughly cost you and its all dependent on the weight and the watsons. That you plan on sending it to and you can find all of this information on the royal mail website.

Which is very handy so then if you go ahead and go down you have sizes on what you can. Send so you have four categories so you have letter large letter parcel and tubes unrolls so you need to. Know what category your item falls under so greeting cards and personal letters will be letter cds magazines dvds will. Be large letter a parcel it will give you the specific requirements that you can just follow which is really. Really handy and if you go down you have to be responsible and you need to check whether your item.

That youre sending is permissible or not and you have to follow the rules and the regulations for that destined. Country and also the uk and then here its the last um just the last bit so fill out your. Customs label so if you have a package for example that is valued up to 270 pounds you will then. Need to fill out a customs form scm-22 but personally ive never had a package valued up to 270 pounds. So i have never had to worry about filling out a customs label view and then if you go down.

It says now so now that weve kind of gone over the dimensions and the requirements were going to get. Down to the knitty and gritty and actually purchase our postage online so im going to go down to the. Click and drop ill click on that and then here is where you fill out all the requirements needed to. Print out your shipping label so for example if i was shipping to the usa im going to type the. Usa and put in the weight requirement which is 100 grams and then ill continue and then once again you.

Have three different formats letter large letter and small parcel and they all vary in different prices so a letter. Would be two pound forty two p a large letter would be three pound sixty six p and a small. Parcel will be eight pounds and eight p i usually always opt for the large letter which is three pounds. 66 p and here it really does specify the weight amount so if its a letter is zero to 100. Grams if its a large letter is zero to 750 grams and if its a small parcel is zero to.

Two kilograms next you do have the option to apply a compensation amount so you can do up to 20. Pounds up to 50 pounds up to 250 pounds i usually say dont know because i dont usually apply a. Compensation amount um so yeah so ill just leave it at that and then you have the option to opt. For international standard international track or international tracked and signed ive told you guys in a previous video that im. No longer doing um tracks because it just tends to be a bit more expensive and to be fair because.

We are going through a pandemic currently theres not much face-to-face contact to begin with so an international standard service. Was suffice for me so ill continue and then so here you have to write down the recipients details so. For example say that i was shipping to beyonce i would write miss beyonce ive already got everything saved because. I did this earlier for you guys recipient company is a be good foundation say for example youre saying that. The western hotel in manhattan im just gonna import the address of the western hotel 270 west to third street.

New york i was about to sing that i cant sing they let me not and then the zip code. Is that so im going to click on continue and then im going to write down my own details so. The company is my name yeah im writing my random address down pekka city is london so this then the. Postcode is this which is like a random address and then continue sorry space is not spot like that then. Continue so then you just have submarine and confirmation so the item does indeed weigh 100 grams the size is.

A large letter and because i did not apply a compensation amount um the selection is non-applicable and then the. Service is indeed an international standard which cost me exactly three pound and 66p and then the recipient details is. As follows and my details is as follows oh yeah and by the way i thought ill let you know. That your details will be on the international shipping label um as opposed to domestic labels where you can opt. Out from it just an fyi just a heads up really so yeah then all i have to do is.

Confirm that ive entered the correct weight for the item being sent and that i am not sending anything that. Is prohibited or restricted in the uk or overseas and then i have to confirm that i have indeed read. And understood the terms and conditions and then just type in my email address boom and then confirm and proceed. To pay whoop and that really is it guys and then yeah so then you have the option to pay. Through paypal or via debit or credit card i usually just um go for debit and then once youve imported.

All your card details you just have to continue and then once you press continue it will produce a shipping. Label for you and you just need to put that on your package and then send it off to the. Post office it will produce a barcode as well and that barcode is really important because what you can do. Is go to the post office and then they can scan that barcode in and then produce a receipt for. You so for example if a customer doesnt receive their package and that pulls you up on it you can.

Then send them the evidence that you actually went to the post office and you actually did send off that. Item and you send it off at this time at this date so that way you are covering your own. Back and if you did apply a compensation amount then royal mail will handle all of that for you so. Yeah that is literally all it takes its very self-explanatory very simple and it doesnt cost that much free power. 66 like before i was doing this i literally thought international shipping would cost me minimum of 20 pounds but.

Im here to dispel the misconceptions because it can cost as little as 3 pounds 66 p to ship your. Package to new york that is amazing i really do hope they dont start increasing the prices more and more. I really really hope that you have a plethora and an abundance of international orders coming your way and i. Hope that your business flourishes but that is it from me and if you did like the video please like. Share and subscribe and if you have any questions please comment down below and i will definitely reply back so.

Yeah if i have the knowledge to do so that is um but yeah thank you for watching have a. Lovely day bye.

Method 4 – How The Uk Postal Service (Royal Mail) Operates

Here in britain the royal mail have to process an incredible 84 million item to post every single day and. Ensure all these letters and parcels reach any destination in the british isles in just 24 hours so how do. They do it this is the quiet scottish island of carrara where ned rimmer lives with his wife and his. Horse ned and his wife dont get out much and orders the horse and compared with the average british home.

Which is regularly snowed under with an avalanche of junk mail they dont get much post ned sister elizabeth lives. 800 kilometres away in london and shes left it until the very last moment to send him a birthday card. At least she remembered which at her age is a feat in itself with just 24 hours for her car. To reach ned before he begins to feel old and unloved shes banking her precious 32 pence on the royal. Mail getting it to him in time at 10:45 a.m.

Her card is collected by postal worker nancy bryant nancys. Task is to get her mail to the gatwick mail center and the outskirts of london but to do this. She first has to get through londons congested traffic and theres no shortcut every delay increases the chance of the. Card not arriving tomorrow morning and it takes nante almost three hours to reach the mail center its one oclock. By the time neds card arrives time is ticking away and the card hasnt even left london yet every day.

An average of 2.1 million letters have to be sorted here that means for neds car to stand any chance. Of arriving on time the royal mail need to sort through 150,000 letters every hour the good news for ned. Is the royal mail are up to the job thanks to an automated system called integrated mail processing or iymp. Here a gatwick this state-of-the-art system sorts thousands of letters into their correct destination slots the first task is to. Weed out any oversized mail thats done by milly the colour this huge rotating drum consists of a series of.

Separate fins with narrow gaps between them these let normal sized letters pass through but reject oversized mail which passes. To another series of conveyors for manual sorting fortunately neds card slips straight through and enters a dizzying network of. Belts and wheels the next task this amazing machine is to read the addresses the problem is it can only. Do that if letters are facing the right way the solution is this green – its a kind of high-tech. Bloodhound because its actually a highly sensitive phosphorus detector and by sniffing out the phosphor and stamps it can work.

Out which way a letter is pointing if its upside down a network of conveyors can turn the letter the. Right way round unfortunately neds birthday wishes have ground to a halt because his card is both upside down and. Back to front but ned neednt panic because it takes just a fraction of a second for the conveyor to. Flip it over and were off again the next challenge is reading 150,000 addresses an hour without getting a single. Postcode wrong the answer is a high-resolution camera that takes a digital image of each envelope this image is sent.

To a bank of address interpretation computers which can reprint it and handwritten addresses and then tell the inp where. To stack the letter incredibly this whole process takes just 21 seconds but bad when you think they call it. Snail mail but the system isnt perfect to do its job properly the inp needs the full address and postcode. And there are people out there who keep forgetting this basic rule dont let me have to tell you again. You know who you are of course with a bit of human intervention even most badly written addresses can be.

Deciphered quite quickly but some require the detective skills of hercule poirot or in this case the royal mails less. Savage well it is in this train of the no dresses innova motion to try upon reverse the spacious someones. Name the recipe about 400 wilburys alone if there is no address on the envelope the letters must be open. By special staff to see if there are any clues inside fortunately neds card is properly addressed and by 6:00. P.m.

Its arrived in the scottish highlands pigeonhole ned is just one of 165 thousand people in the uk who. Share a birthday and all of whom expect a flurry of birthday cars to tumble onto their doormat tomorrow morning. But how will his card travel eight hundred kilometres north to carrara the answer is by plane but unfortunately not. From the nearby gatwick airport instead the card must travel to stans adair for a hundred and fifteen kilometres away. And along the notoriously busy m25 motorway its 7:20 and it should take a little over an hour three hours.

Later at started airport theyre still waiting unless it comes soon theyll have to leave without it just in time. Theres no passport control or duty-free shopping for neds card and by 10:30 its finally locked loaded and ready to. Take to the sky its now 7:00 a.m. The next morning and almost time to say happy birthday to ned. But wheres his card well having landed at glasgow in the middle of the night its now being driven through.

Some of scotlands most beautiful countryside to open on the west coast just a few miles from neds front door. At 7:45 neds birthday card meets carreras local postman tony tony uses the latest sack on road technology to sort. Through carreras mail neds card is now in spitting distance of his house however theres still a watery hurdle to. Cross the firth of lawn morning so far neds letter has traveled by van lorry airplane and ferry the carrera. Offers one last obstacle here the roads are near mud tracks its time for some off-road action so bring on.

The easy rider you and 20 minutes later at five minutes past eight neds card reaches its final destination a. Lot of books hey tony without it in it i forgive you a cup of tea return so with the. Help of an eye mp a plane and an off-roading postman the royal mail has kept its first-class promised and. Delivered next card in just 24 hours lets delighted and a little confused to get a card from his sister. As its not his birthday until next month but never mind its the thought that counts.

Method 5 – How To Post Orders | Uk Shipping 🇬🇧

Dont stress dont think oh my god will i be able to post because i dont have a printer yes. You will hey guys so todays video is on postage and how postage in the uk works because i know. That sometimes it can be a little bit scary and not a lot of people know exactly how it works. For businesses so im going to tell you my top tips for postage how to write your customers address and.

Exactly what you need to keep from the post office and what you dont so make sure you carry on. Watching the video to find out everything you need im not a postman and im not a post-office lady im. Telling you guys to the best of my knowledge and what i know from the internet and from my experience. It isnt like qualified or whatever this is just what i know and what works for me and what i. Think is right okay so first thing were gonna do is write a label a shipping label so lets say.

Your customer ordered pair of lashes and youre putting it in this so you obviously need to ship this parcel. To the customer so what youre gonna do is you can literally get these white sticky labels so its plane. On one side and sticky on the other side and i think you can literally get them from ebay amazon. At checkout your customer would have provided their full address including their name and their number and email so what. I do is i write the customers name on the top obviously this is not a customers really address i.

Will literally put kylie jenner this is just for like the landing passes do you literally just copy that address. Straight from what theyve written do not not include everything you have to include every single thing theyve written exactly. As theyve written it so just their full address make sure you put that postcode on there as well the. City the county and then the country and then mine cut off at the bottom cuz i didnt realize how. Much space that had on the label but i also like to include their phone number so in case the.

Part of it ever gets lost or it ever gets did to the wrong person and that person can call. That phone number if theyre nice enough why do with the sticky label is i just stick it right at. The top very visible i feel like a lot of these arent very sticky i dont trust the sticker by. Itself so i get sellotape and i just sellotape over so the whole thing is covered and that also makes. The address waterproof as well so rain when on air the sellotape is obviously gonna protect and their ink from.

Smudging what you do after that is you go to your local post office you do not put it in. The post box okay so you know them read post box that are near your house do not put it. In there do not put it in there even with a stamp dont put it in that and the reason. Why i say go to the post office and not the post box is because of the proof of postage. Receipt which is so so important so a proof of postage receipt is a receipt that you get and it.

Says your post office on the top left-hand corner so it says whatever address your post office is at it. Has the royal mail signature at the top and it tells you how much you paid to post a persons. Item and on top of that it tells you the door number and the postcode address that youre posting to. And the reason why that is so important is because if a customer ever comes back to you and says. You never posted my item or i havent received my item you can show them the receipt that says look.

I posted your item on this day at this post office and at this time and this is your address. That its gone to therefore they cant say to you you never posted it because you have evidence that you. Did and whenever disputes come up with customers the best thing to have is evidence you need the evidence on. Top of that i dont really know about this because ive never used this service but i think ymail compensate. Or something if a customer ever says i havent you havent delivered it i think you can like go into.

The world mail website and tell them that you havent risked like your customer hasnt received that item like wher.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take For Royal Mail To Deliver

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