How Long Does It Take To Charge An Iphone 13 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how long does it take to charge an iphone 13, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods long does it take to charge an iphone 13,

Method 1 – Iphone 13 Charging Speed Test

These are the four new iphone 13 models which seemed like a minor update until we learned about the big. Gains that apple has made in battery life but what about charging these iphones how long does it take hey. Guys vic here with phone arena and we have all four iphones completely drained for this test now apple still. Only supports 20 watt charging speeds so we have to see how long it takes to charge up these iphones.

And then well talk a bit about android flagships and their charging speeds max safe and so on so as. We speak i am plugging the phones in to start this test and i will be checking the charge level. Often to see the progression of the charge so i mentioned that apple uses larger batteries this year starting with. The iphone 13 mini it now comes with a 2406 milliamp hour battery the 13 this year has a 327. Milliamp hour battery versus a 3095 milliamp hour battery on the pro and finally the big boy iphone 13 pro.

Max comes with the biggest battery ever on an iphone with a massive 4352 milliamp hour battery the biggest ever. On an iphone so naturally you would expect that bigger battery to charge up a bit slower than the others. So lets see if thats the case and just two minutes after we started charging all iphones have now booted. And i will just quickly make sure to have the optimized battery charging option off that setting is turned on. By default and it basically slows down the charge towards the end of the cycle where most stress is occurring.

On the battery and it helps long-term battery health but it also slows down the charging and in our case. We are looking for the fastest charging times so we have to turn it off we have our first checkup. Just five minutes into the test where we already have about eight percent on pretty much all iphones and well. Keep on checking regularly so lets quickly fast forward to 10 minutes into the test and we now have 18. Percent readings on the battery meter only the pro model trails a bit behind but all iphones seem to be.

Charging at about the same rate so far despite the battery size differences so lets take a peek 15 minutes. Into the test i often dont have much time to charge during the day and its good to know what. A quick 15-minute top-up can do and in our case we have 29 on the mini and the iphone 13. While the pro and pro max are very slightly behind at 27 so well now give them a bit more. Time to juice up and our next check happens exactly 30 minutes since the beginning of this test and we.

Have the following results iphone 30 mini is at 58 iphone 13 has 56 the pro now is 55 and. The pro max has charged up to 53 so we are starting to see some differences in the charging speeds. But they are so tiny the nearly twice as large battery in the pro max is charging about as fast. As the others thats very very interesting okay our next checkup happens 45 minutes into the test and we already. Have some solid charge on each phone the iphone 13 mini has topped up to 78 the regular 13 has.

Reached 74 percent the 13 pronoun standard 76 and the iphone 13 pro max is slightly behind so next up. Already an hour since the beginning of this test and by this time most other phones would have charged up. Completely but not iphones apple is extra conservative with charging speeds and for a good reason an exploding iphone battery. Could slow down sales in a big way and it doesnt want to take that risk but lets take a. Look at the numbers one hour in and the mini has 88 the 13 is 84.

The iphone 13 pro. Is now 86 and finally the pro max has reached 85 so yes we are approaching the finish line and. Interestingly after you hit about eighty percent battery level the charge rate slows down to just five watts this is. Done to preserve battery health and those last few percentage points unfortunately take extra long time and are extra painful. One hour and 15 minutes into the test we do another checkup and we are almost done and all four.

Are moving at about the same pace and finally exactly one hour and 38 minutes since the start of the. Test we hit the 100 mark first surprisingly on the iphone 13 pro so lets flip it over indicating that. This phone is done so it takes just a couple more minutes and quite strangely the iphone 13 mini and. Iphone 13 pro max the two opposites finish at the same time taking one hour and 40 minutes for a. Full charge now interestingly the iphone 13 seems stuck in those final percentage points for whatever reason and we had.

To wait and wait until finally it hit the 100 mark about 1 hour and 55 minutes since the beginning. Of the test we guess there was some sort of an issue here and it should take a bit shorter. For the full charge but thats what we got on this test and what about magsafe some of you may. Be wondering so these iphones still support wireless charging still support magsafe with the same magnets and we have not. Tested it yet on all models but where we did it took two hours and 45 minutes to charge up.

If you connect the magsafe adapter to a 20 watt apple charger which gets you presumably best speeds and thats. A full hour longer than wire charging which is quite the difference so wireless charging is still quite a bit. Slower you might have expected that 15 watt wireless charging would be faster but it really is quite slow and. If you just have an older qi wireless charger lying around that would take just a half an hour more. As it charges for about three hours and 15 minutes not a huge difference really and i know i wouldnt.

Rush to spend extra dollars on the max save charger if i already had a perfectly good qi charger at. Home so anyway this is how long it takes to charge the iphone 13 family and once again theyre so. Much slower than other phones like xiaomi and oneplus and oppo that charge fully in less than 30 minutes but. Our guess is that apple is just afraid to implement those faster charging risk battery blowing up somewhere and endangering. Its millions of sales so what do you want to see us test next let me know in the comments.

My name is vic and thanks for sticking with us subscribe for more and ill catch you in the next. One you.

Method 2 – Iphone 13 Pro – Battery Charging Test – How Long Does It Take?

Okay simple but useful video for you guys today how long does it take to charge the iphone 13 pro. From zero to 100 now we do have a 3125 milliamp hour battery which is 11 percent bigger than last. Years 12 pro model it achieved just over seven hours of screen on time with heavy usage i have to. Say im very impressed with the battery life so far for this charging test i am going to be using.

Apples original 20 watt charger so lets plug in the power and switch on the timer so five minutes later. We have reached eight percent charge eight percent after five minutes so 12 minutes later we have a 21 battery. 30 minutes later we have a 54 battery all right we just passed 40 minutes and the battery percentage is. Now on 70 percent so one hour and one minute later the battery is at 87 percent and one hour. And 20 minutes later battery life is at 97 percent okay so we finally reached 100 charge and it took.

Exactly one hour and 30 minutes to get there so that concludes the battery charging test do let me know. Your thoughts on the final result meanwhile my full review for the iphone 13 pro is coming very soon i. Just wanted to spend a little more time with this phone before i share my honest thoughts thank you so. Much for watching and ill see you all in the next one peace you.

Method 3 – Iphone 13

All right guys is what you have to know about charging your iphone 13 the 13 pro to pro max. Or to mini now when you open your box you guys notice that they have not included an adapter and. Theyve included this cable that probably most of you are not familiar with so the lightning port of course goes. In the iphone but this part this is usbc which does not work with the old iphone chargers now theres.

A few different solutions for how to charge it so one is you can get this fast charger uh this. Usbc apple adapter or if you have an android one that works also so just need to plug this in. Here and thats going to fast charge your iphone now this would charge your iphone 13 at 20 watts so. It will be 50 charged within 30 minutes so its going to plug this in now instead if you want. To use an older iphone cable and charger so this one has been shipped with my iphone 7 or something.

But you can use this its just going to be a lot slower itll charge a lot slower this is. Only 5 watts but it works perfectly fine with your iphone 13 if you dont want to be nickel and. Down by apple then i just use this oh and by the way the batteries right there now one more. Method now the final way is a wireless charger so this is apples official magsafe charger which uh charges twice. As fast as other wireless chargers uh apple artificially limits that of course but nonetheless this is 15 watts uh.

Regular wireless chargers will charge it at half that seven and a half but you also have to get with. It a usbc adapter so the thing i just showed you so again im not a fan of how apple. Has handled this uh they really should have included the usbc adapter but yeah hopefully this helped out.

Method 4 – Time To Charge: Iphone 13

Hey guys jack here welcome back to the channel hope youre doing well weve got here the iphone 13 unboxed. And run it down to zero percent so that means its time for a time to charge video so as. Always the phone is completely dead we run it down to zero percent were going to plug it in with. The fast charger which again is no longer included in the box so were using a 20 watt fast charger.

Weve plugged it in well check back every 15 minutes to see how much charge it can gain and see. What the total time is now unlike last year where both the 12 and 12 pro came with a 2. 850 milliamp hour battery this year even though theyre bumped up the 13 has a bigger hundred and twenty seven. 3227 power battery compared to the thirteen pro which only has three thousand and ninety five milliamp hours so maybe. A slight difference there but certainly a boost over the twelve series so we could see a few minutes more.

Considering its still using the 20 watt charger and we should see it go pretty quickly up to 80 but. Then slow down quite a lot in that last 20 to protect the battery so well give it 15 minutes. And see how much charge it can gain in that time all right so after 15 minutes of charging the. Iphone 13 is at 24 so thats okay for an iphone good to see we should see around 50 at. That half an hour mark but certainly a lot slower than even something like the oneplus nord 2 which is.

A budget friendly phone but that charges insanely rapidly ill leave a link in the top right if you want. To check that video out but well give another 15 minutes taking us up to that 30 minute mark where. Apple claims it should be at 50 percent thats the 30 minute mark where apple says we should be at. 50 and if we check the iphone 13 we are at 50 so thats good to see the claims are. Still there and even with the bigger battery were still hitting 50 in 30 minutes but dont expect us to.

Hit 100 in an hour it will start slow down as the battery gets more and more full to protect. Itself so well check back in another 15 minutes see how its getting on alright so thats another 15 minutes. Taking us up to 45 and the iphone 13 is at 71 so its starting to slow down even now. Were not getting 25 every 15 minutes and it will continue to slow down as it levels off the charging. Until we reach 100 so well see what it is at the one hour mark and thats the one hour.

Mark and the iphone 13 is at 83 so you can see just 10 in that last 15 minutes its. Really starting to slow down from that original 25 every 15 minutes so well check back another 15 minutes hopefully. It should be around 90 percent thats an hour and 15 of charging and the iphone is at 92 so. You can see were still going pretty slow hopefully in around another 15-20 minutes it should be done so weve. Just hit an hour and a half of charging and the iphone 13 is at 97 so were nearly there.

Were gonna be around 135 one hour 40 so well come back in another five ten minutes see if its. Fully charged and there we go the iphone 13 is fully charged 100 taking a total of one hour 39. Minutes so just one minute longer than the iphone 12 even though its got an extra 400 milliamp hours in. Battery capacity that could just be down to some variation but pretty much the same as last years iphones with. That 20 watt charger so good see its the same time not too much longer but still a long way.

To go getting it down below an hour or down to half an hour like a lot of these fast. Charging phones with 65 watt 100 watt charges so hopefully next year apple can improve this and get this down. Even further if you guys do have any of the other iphone 13 models do post a comment down below. Letting me know how long it takes to charge those id be very interested and im sure everyone else would. Be if you guys have any questions also post the comment and ill get back to you as soon as.

Possible if you found this video useful do please hit that like button it really helps out the video and. The channel and if youre not already subscribed get subscribed over there on the right for upcoming videos thanks for. Watching guys and ill see you in the next one.

Method 5 – How To Properly Charge Your Iphone (New 2021)

Hey guys i device help here welcome back to the channel today i want to share a few tips on. How to properly charge your iphone on the latest os now in this video i also want to talk about. A few common misperceptions that could impact the battery or your iphone good or bad so lets just dive right. In now the first thing i want to talk about is misperceptions or missed for example the app switcher here.

You see all these applications are open in the background theres a common misperception that if i leave these apps. Open in the background the battery of the iphone would actually drain faster and that is entirely false its actually. The opposite so for example heres safari with loaded if i open the app you see it goes right. Into safari right into the website without having to reload the entire website right here if i go to the. App switcher here and close safari out or quit safari when i go back it actually reloads the entire page.

What that means it is used in resources therefore it drains the battery a lot quicker so if you go. Through your app switcher and just close all applications out every time you use them youre actually doing the wrong. Thing because this is actually going to force your iphone to re-initiate the entire process of the application having to. Reload all the content and therefore using resources and actually draining the battery slightly quicker so yeah you can leave. Your apps open in the background i know a lot of users prefer to close them out but it isnt.

Really doing any good when you close them out another thing i want to talk about is charging when you. Leave your iphone charging overnight is that an issue yes or no should i unplug my iphone once its done. Charging to 100 the answer to that is you can leave your iphone charging all night without any problem ios. Is designed to recognize when your iphone has reached a hundred percent and then it stops charging now throughout the. Night during standby time if it drops one percent your iphone will reinitiate the charging and then once it reaches.

100 it stops once again it doesnt just continue sending charge ios is not designed that way if that was. The case every single iphone will be fried so yeah the power source just stops once it reaches 100 so. You can leave your iphone plugged overnight without any issues and well talk about optimized battery charging a little further. Down the road in this video as well now another common misperception or another common use ive seen from some. Users is once the iphone reaches 100 pick it up and enable low power mode is that any good should.

You use low power mode at all times on your iphone now the answer to that it isnt good but. It isnt bad now the reason i say that is because you can get slightly better battery performance out of. Your iphone overall but you lose out on performance low power mode is designed to throttle your iphone downs performance. It slows it down a little bit network performance could decrease in order to push through that last 20 or. 10 percent of the battery of your iphone so it slows down your iphone pretty much entirely with the performance.

The network and everything else in between so youre not really damaging the battery youre actually getting slightly better battery. But youre also losing out on entire performance of your device so if you use your iphone to only just. Quickly glance at social media and things like that youre not doing a big impact but if youre watching videos. Using the network a lot youre just going to lose out on performance so next i want to talk about. A wireless charging and theres a few questions that i always get with wireless charging number one is it common.

For the iphone to get slightly warmer with wireless charging than what it does when youre plugged into wire and. The answer to that is yes it is most common for the iphone to get slightly warmer when youre using. Wireless charging than if you were using the wire so thats okay now if it gets extremely hot then thats. Not normal but warmer to the touch than if you were to plug it in that is entirely normal another. Thing you may want to do is if you go to wirelessly charge your iphone if you dont have a.

Case thats designed for wireless charging you may want to remove it for example this one that i have here. Isnt necessarily built for wireless charging so i like to take it off my iphone every time i go to. Use wireless charging or magsafe at all because it isnt designed for wireless charging wireless charging as we talked about. Gets slightly warmer to the touch your iphone gets slightly warmer and therefore you dont want to use a case. That would actually make it even warmer because that could impact the battery in a negative way by creating heat.

And heat is a big enemy of wireless charging or batteries in general so you may want to get away. From any case that isnt built for wireless charging if you have apples magsafe case those are designed for wireless. Charging but something plastic like this one that i have here which isnt designed for wireless charging you may want. To remove it because it will create extra heat which is an enemy of the battery of your iphone so. Yeah wireless charging is slightly slower it heats up your iphone slightly more than if you were using the wire.

And if you have any case with wireless charging that isnt compatible for wireless charging you may want to remove. It before you drop it onto the magsafe or any wireless charger for that mat and last but not least. Were going to talk about a wire charging now when you go to wire charge your iphone is always recommended. To use the apple cable and the apple brick of course these are specifically tailored and designed to charge your. Iphone to the best of its capabilities and the fast charging from apples fast charger will actually fast charge your.

Iphone the best than any other charger because it is coming from apple it is designed to work with your. Iphone the best way now that doesnt mean that you cant use a third-party charger you can definitely use a. Third-party charger but if you dont have one handy always at least try to carry your cable with you so. If you use a third-party brick to charge your iphone at least have the apple cable that comes with your. Iphone when you go to plug it in in case that charger doesnt support proper voltage for your iphone youll.

Get this message right here accessory not supported so if you have the cable the cable is smart enough it. Is mfi approved of course which is apples cable and it will recognize that the brick that youre using isnt. Proper to charge your iphone or if it could damage the actual battery of your iphone or anything at all. So always if you dont have the brake at least try to have the cable with you if youre traveling. To charge your iphone and obviously wirelessly its a lot slower than wire charging so use the wire charger if.

You want faster speeds now another thing that i want to talk about is optimize battery charging here under the. Battery option so if we go to battery health here we have the optimized battery charging option now this feature. I highly recommend using at all times now what this feature will do it will charge your iphone to 80. Until youre ready to pick it up and then it will charge that extra 20 right before you pick it. Up to use it every day so for example if you go to bed on your routine lets say you.

Go from 10 p.m to 6 a.m the iphone will stop charging at around 4 a.m and leave it around. 80 percent and then right before you wake up it can measure the time that it takes to charge that. Extra 20 before you pick it up in the morning and then it will completely charge the entire phone therefore. Creating less stress on the battery so optimized battery charging definitely an amazing feature that apple has created but anyway. That is everything that i wanted to share with you guys make sure you always use apple bricks if you.

Dont have your apple brick handy make sure you bring your cable with you wireless charging does get a little. Warmer than wire charging that is definitely true dont go quitting all your applications in the background it doesnt really. Impact the battery much in a positive way and there you guys have it that above brings an end to. This video let me know any of your personal recommendations in the comments down below i would like to hear. From you thank you for watching and ill see you on the next one peace.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Charge An Iphone 13

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