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Method 1 – Baked Macaroni & Cheese Recipe

Hey guys welcome back so im finally sharing my tried-and-true macaroni and cheese recipe ive made this at potlucks family. Gatherings and its always been a hit theres no eggs in this is not three million cheeses as i see. Pitches that i use in this and im finally sharing the recipes so everyone can stop actually what i use. So yeah the first thing youre going to need is two bags of macaroni realistically you only need one but.

I like to fill my full pan to the brim so ill be using like two palm full of the. Second the second bag and you can see that in a second i know everyone already knows how to make. Well boil macaroni but what i see people usually do is add oil to their macaroni water do not add. Oil to any type of pasta water because what it does it makes your pasta really slick and whatever sauce. Youre putting on top of it it does not adhere to your macaroni cooking is a science guys so right.

Here you just see me stirring it making sure that the pasta doesnt stick together im using natural sea salt. Just probably just like a teaspoon im from the caribbean so you know we use our hands to measure we. Dont really use like measurements so that was like a teaspoon of salt im gonna bring it to a boil. And for my baked macaroni and cheese i like to over cut my pasta just a little bit just a. Tiny bit because i dont like hard pasta and my mom baked macaroni and cheese no this is my secret.

Ingredient velveeta cheese well be adding it to a cream sauce which is the best way to make baked mac. And cheese go and just add a bunch of grated cheese to like a pan youre gonna end up with. A hot oily mess i love this cheese because it has 50% less fat than other cheeses so youre not. Its not like a oily weird texture and it just melts better into the sauce and also has like a. Really distinct taste which is really really good it just its just guys dont fight with me on this one.

Just try it also for your cheeses youre not gonna get shredded cheeses in the bag because those are coated. With like um its coated with something to make the cheeses not stick together and i dont want that in. My sauce so velveeta cheese is gonna be the main ingredient in this mac and shes also one of my. Secrets so my cheese sauce this is red anita dye retta neto it comes from like a tropical fruit its. Just seeds from the fruit and its really really red it has no taste to it whatsoever a lot of.

People add paprika to their um cheese sauce to make it redder but that has a flavoring to it so. Im using red oh neato and its just basically a flavorless dye and its also what gives cheese its color. When cheeses are made in the factory its actually white but this is what they add to the cheese to. Make it yellow so im just adding more of that to myself im cutting the black in half so i. Can evenly cut up the cheese and cubes because velveeta cheese is very very smooth and you cant greet it.

Because its just too smooth so im just cutting it up and im actually just using one and a half. Blocks of it here im starting off my sauce whether im using 2 tablespoons of melted butter and two tablespoons. Of flour so im using equal parts by the way my butter is not unsalted it does have salt in. It but yeah so 2 tablespoons of flour 2 tablespoons of butter youre gonna whisk it until you took out. That raw taste of the flour and you dont want to add your milk immediately after so im doing this.

For about like two minutes dont do this too long where your roux turns brown you dont want to do. That cuz im your sauce im gonna taste burnt so i did this for two minutes on the high light. Medium heat im adding two cans of milk but im adding the milk gradually we dont want to add all. The milk at the same time because youre gonna have a very lumpy consistency it should just add a little. Bit mix it around make sure its smooth and then you can add all your milk im using evaporated milk.

Because it has a creamier consistency evaporated milk is basically whole milk with 50% of the water for 60% of. It taken out so it tastes a lot more creamier and its basically made for cooking i grew up on. This milk we make scalloped potatoes with a big mac and cheese like its just a better milk to use. You can use half-and-half or heavy cream but ive never used those milks to cook with but um just try. Them evaporated milk it just it just tastes a lot better and its cheaper so youre gonna see me adding.

This second can of ill milk to the pan and basically gonna mix it around until them the milk gets. Warm then i add a needle after i warmed the milk and i like to add it at this point. Because the milk is dinner so its easier to mix around like if i had the cheese and then i. Add the onion oh the consistency is too thick and it takes a lot more elbow grease to mix so. I just add it now and one of the reasons why i use and you know is because the velveeta.

Cheese is very potent and salty but by the time i add that small amount of cheese to all this. Milk it wont be yellow anymore so its a kind of like fake it and make people think that i. Use a lot of cheese i use a needle ill also be using half of the block of the sharp. Cheddar cheese that i showed you guys earlier and add it to the sauce this is gonna take you about. Like 15 minutes to get everything like evenly melted and all that jazz but yeah im just using half of.

It maybe even like a quarter and im just gonna use the rest of that cheese to put on top. Of the macaroni youre gonna continue mixing your sauce until it thickens this continuously mix it because if you dont. Then the bottom will burn but the longer you keep your cheese sauce on the stove the thicker it will. Get um however i dont like to um keep it on the stove for too long because i like on. My sauce is a little bit thin so i can float throughout the holes of the noodles so im going.

To show you guys in a second the consistency that like to keep it at because the sauce it also. Thickens when you put it in the oven then im gonna add the remainder of sharp cheddar cheese on top. And last minute i decided to add a quarter of that block of monterey jack cheese just because i wanted. It to be extra crusty at the top and i wanted like a variation of color so im gonna add. All the cheeses and then make sure when you make this youre gonna bake it at the top shelf of.

Your elbow the top shelf of your oven is where is the hottest point of the oven because hot air. Rises so im baking at the top with the foil cover on you want to make sure you put a. Full cover on for the first 10 minutes youre cooking it because you want all the flavors to marry and. You dont want it to get golden brown as soon as you put it in so i have a baking. At about 375 degrees and this is how it came out for the first 10 minutes then youre gonna put.

It back in and for the remainder about like 30 minutes youre just gonna let it get golden brown and. Crispy and this is how it should look and thats about it thank you guys so much again for watching. And let me know if you guys do decide to try this recipe i highly recommend that you guys do. And when you do you dont have to give me credit for it just message me on instagram and let. Me know what are your thoughts this is not no drea mac and cheese recipe this is like expert level.

1000 mac and cheese.

Method 2 – How To Make “Kraft Mac N’ Cheese” In 5 Minutes!

Yo guys its your boy monkips here today um this is kind of a different video i am making mac. And cheese for the people that dont know how to make it um and the way its its its the. Way that i make it its kind of the same as the box says but why not show a video. On how to make it because theres probably not many of those um watched every like 200 videos showing you.

How to do it but um yeah if you liked the video make sure to drop a like on it. And subscribe to my channel peace so the first thing that youre going to need for this is a pot. Of water and im not doing this in the order that it shows on the video because i dont think. Its the correct water its not water order um so first thing youre gonna youre gonna need a pot of. Water and a stove preferably a flame stove it cooks a lot faster uh youre also gonna need some of.

The uh kraft mac and cheese um as you see as you see on the screen um youre also going. To need some butter which is about four tablespoons of butter that i used it may seem like a lot. It is a lot but um it makes it taste really good youre also going to need like some almond. Milk or some kind of milk i only i only drink almond milk because it just tastes better but um. You could use any any kind of milk really um also what youre going to need is a little strainer.

Or colander or whatever and yeah i believe thats it i was gonna do like a mixing span or whatever. Too so what youre going to do is youre going to uh pretty much boil the water until it comes. To a rolling boil and then once its at a rolling boil youre just going to insert your uh your. Dry noodles by themselves and um wait for it to fill up the whole bit of water that you have. There dont boil them for like more than 10 minutes because if you do theyre just gonna get really soggy.

And be disgusting um so if you if you do boil them for more than 10 minutes you cant really. Reverse that so id recommend you eat them anyway because its kind of wasting food if you dont but um. Yeah thats were going to need to do from there once youre uh at that point you could go ahead. And follow from the video that i have here and yeah hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did. Make sure drop a like on the video subscribe for more content twitter instagram snapchat links in the description um.

Yeah peace guys stay chill so so so so you.

Method 3 – Ultimate Mac & Cheese | Jamie Oliver

Lovely people we are going to make the most incredible mac and cheese ive got a recipe for you thats. Gonna blow your mind you interested lets do this first up a nice big knob of butter into a pan. Finely slice three of these onions as the butter comes up to the heat fifteen minutes to make these onions. Go sweet and gorgeous medium-high heat a stir every now and again beautiful so after 15 minutes you can see.

The onions have shrunk back down its lightly golden so ill take 3 tablespoons of flour and thats our thickening. Agent to turn our milk into a silky gorgeous sauce and that will immediately suck up all of the moisture. From the onions and then ive got a liter of milk so slowly slowly well add that milk as soon. As its absorbed well add some more so the rest of the milk goes in and were gonna let that. Simmer while we cook the pasta so of course were using macaroni im only gonna cook this for five minutes.

I want a half cook the pasta and then let this simmer while we get on to the other flavorings. Of this sauce so when it comes to choosing the cheese you could do one of course you could but. I want to do it my style right i want that balance of flavor depth of flavor and stringiness booze. Enus a hundred grams of cheddar now thats a good flavor and a good melter then were gonna go to. A really straight core giuse cheese so this is a raclette but you could absolutely use a lovely gruyere 100.

Grams goes in like that and then parmesan ill do that on a finer side and parmesan just has an. Amazing ability to join up flavors make it all make sense now lets just talk about nutrition this is not. A cream dish but it is one of the most beautiful things ever but also as indulgent as this is. Its a brilliant carrier of seasonal veggies – lovely fresh or frozen peas been amazing getting asparagus in there fantastic. Handful of spinach but today were keeping it really simple and this pasta has had nearly 5 minutes get into.

This pasta water and steal some of this starchy water and we might need that later weve only half cooked. The pasta and theres good reason for that because when it carried on its journey of cooking its sucking up. That flavor not water so ill get that in and ill save back just a little bit for on top. Later a teaspoon of english mustard gives it an amazing color and gentle heat a little hack of a friend. Of mine that they swore by when i tried it and i did it as a blind taste cuz i.

Swore that it wouldnt work and it did mango chutney 1 teaspoon slightly strange but go with it were gonna. Add a little bit of this starchy water to get easiness and silkiness so its really important to do this. Off the heat we dont want to be boiling cheese at this point in a story we go in with. Our macaroni give it a nice little toss up im excited and i forgot one seasoning of course worcestershire sauce. A good couple of little swigs in there and we are good to go were gonna take this gorgeous silky.

Pastore goodness look at that so that goes in the oven for half an hour at 200 degrees celsius which. Is 400 fahrenheit now what i want to do to make it even better is contrast that creamy cheesy gorgeousness. So were going to make a panga tartar bacon herb garlic whats not to love as it starts to get. Lightly golden that is your cue to put the bread crumbs in it and these flavored bread crumbs i like. A gift on a simple pasta dish even lovely stews amazing these bread crumbs have gone golden and crunchy they.

Smell amazing come on half an hour oh look at that come on mac and cheese beautifulness crap come on. You know it makes sense i feel beautiful salad leaves the ultimate smoky bacon enough talking lets just eat it. Thats what we want nice cheesy bits hmm like the depth of flavor is off the hook one of the. Things i like to do which is my own personal problem is to take a vulnerable empty gem lettuce leaf. And then load it with mac and cheese and i actually do this at home and my kids are around.

The table and theyre just looking again you are such an idiot but then when they try it they realize. That im a missionary trying to make the world a better place through mac and cheese dont judge me i. Say no more but click the link and cook it youll love it.

Method 4 – Cooking With Momma T: How To Bake Macaroni And Cheese

Welcome to another episode of cooking with mama t today were going to be doing a variety of different meals. So youll see a variety of different sessions and videos uploaded starting with our own macaroni and cheese so were. Gonna cook macaroni cheese and ive already started the water boiling i put 12 cups of water and two tablespoons. Of salt to the water and add its possible then you add remove let me table is really important about.

Cooking macaroni do not just pull them in and walk away because then youll get macaroni that are sticking together. So when you first pull been stir them rigorously and tell the macaronis are completely separated and you will cook. Them somewhere between 7 and 10 minutes and tell the macaronis are tender the ended cooking time youre gonna come. Back and release every two minutes and stir them again you could do one do not watch your macro means. They stick together so we dont let these stir and let these cook and youre gonna come back and complete.

The rest of it noodles are done they cook for 11 minutes for the second time i drained them and. Return them back to this container you can either stir it into container you cooked it in order for 10. If youre gonna bake it in either way whichever is easier sometimes because of the news get kind of messy. I like this third in this inning so to mine dilution i added a stick and a half of butter. I did not actually see that one margin i added butter and then im a seasoned it with mama cheese.

Oh with all-purpose seasoning and im going to add about two tablespoons and if youve seasoned it right you wont. Have to add any seasoning to taste yeah different people use different kind of cheese you can use monterey shaq. You can use kobe i like structure so i upgrade weve graded up 24 ounces of sharp cheddar and i. Put half of it in and im a human and as you can see we just started tell its well. Mixed i used to live on my twenties but thats easy and stir it and mix it like this you.

Can add more if you like depending on how much cheese you like i have a sister friend that actually. Adds cheese whiz and it is the bomb i have a sister that actually uses velveeta but first in addition. To this and this amazing ebook so it depends on home like im actually doing my normal recipe so after. You get it mixed up then you can pour it into my container youre gonna baby nice and easy which. Is what we like and we just put it and buy another handful bobby cheese as you can tell is.

It a little more challenging stir and this paper thats why a lot of time is easier so you mix. The noodles and the cheese in the pan you board the news in now as you can see it is. Full of cheese and i thought this is my sons for his drive-by pick up it was a new it. Was getting the reduction powder so i just separated it yeah i use cannula so when my husband went to. The store the other day he could not find it in a kenyan but its the same thing as evaporated.

Milk so to one pound of macaroni to make macaroni cheese im gently going to use anywhere between two to. Two and a half cans of milk so this term right here its a canned and a half and we. Actually just gonna pour it even if it seems like this a lot its not cuz its gonna cook down. I had to get used to this milk because im a creature of habit and im used to looking a. Can so i read it several times to make sure it was evaporated milk i do not use whole milk.

Right and if i just hope youll come for the add an egg and course starts to thicken it up. I cut a little steps up and i just you straight handle as you can see you can see the. Milk rising and dont worry its not gonna be too much because we have a lot of cheese ill just. Put a small layer on top and i dont cook macaroni cheese especially when im going to serve it the. Next day i dont cook macaroni cheese so when i stick my cottage cheese out and youre seeing at the.

End you may think its wrong but its not wrong i dont cook it completely dry because then when you. Heat it up its going to be dry so this is ready our lu sungs dry pot is ready for. You and we gonna cover it with a little before and the oven has been preheated or 400 i cook. It on a really high temperature because i wanted to cook fast i wanted to cook really slow i wanted. To cook fast so a macaroni cheese i actually had to put it back in i let it cook for.

30 minutes and as you can see the milk that you saw has dried up and this was almost done. So we can leave it in there for about 10 more minutes uncovered or 400 how macaroni cheese is all. Done and i want to show you something as you can see around the ends you see a little bit. Of the milk residue around ends thats on purpose because macaroni and cheese continues to cook even after its out. Of the oven its gonna still cook probably about another 10 minutes and if you dry it out then if.

You dry it out in its gonna be extra dry when you take it out so i always leave a. Little bit of juice and even in a container like this where i cant see the milk i have already. Pulled through it so i know thats a tiny bit its not wet its not loose its just a little. Residue of the milk because its still cooking thats extra important when youre only going to eat it the next. Day thanks again for joining us for our episode of bates macaroni cheese.

Method 5 – The Ultimate Mac & Cheese

Hey whats up yall its darius from and im about to show you how to make the ultimate macaroni. And cheese this is probably uh is it probably yeah i think its probably my like top one of my. Top recipes this one in the fried chicken but um everybody wants to learn how to make it and uh. Im gonna show you and there are no eggs in the mac and cheese okay on the stove i got.

A pot of water boiling im gonna add some salt to the water always have two golden rules when it. Comes to cooking pasta and that is over salt the water and of course undercooked the pasta now you could. Use regular macaroni and you know theres a time and place for that but i have these little corkscrew pasta. Shapes with the ridges because they hold on to the sauce so were going to use those into our boiling. Water all right my pasta is al dente so lets go ahead and drain this out lets make the sauce.

So into the pot i have a stick of butter that im gonna add in here and then to that. Butter im gonna toss in a little bit of flour so im just gonna stir the flour and the butter. Together to make what we know as a roux so were going to do a light skin roux or the. Real term for it is a blonde roux so were going to add in our half and half and just. Whisk it in that way we have no lumps lets season that by adding in some salt black pepper a.

Couple more flavoring agents so i have some garlic powder to do a little bit of onion powder a little. Bit of smoked paprika how about that just whisk that together and as soon as this comes to a boil. Itll thicken and then well be ready to continue on our mac and cheese journey all right lets do it. So i have our corkscrew pasta and again you can use uh regular elbow macaroni that works absolutely okay uh. In this particular situation the one thing i do that i think is so crucial to the mac and cheese.

Is i add in a hefty amount of sour cream right you cant taste the sour cream but what it. Does is it just gives the macaroni and cheese this sort of moistness that is kind of outstanding another thing. I like to add and i know theres going to be lots of comments about this but i need an. American cheese a processed american cheese product in the mac and cheese i just cut it and cube it and. Then we can throw it right into uh the mac and cheese like that that way as the mac and.

Cheese cooks this sort of melts down and gives us a really nice surprise every couple of fork fulls you. Know what i mean this is the bechamel or the sauce that we made just a little thickened cream sauce. Right now we may look at that it looks good now lets give that a a mix before we add. In our cheese oh my god thats perfect yes i have a four cheese blend i have a mozzarella i. Have a sharp cheddar and then i have a white cheddar blend the cheese dont even matter okay if you.

Dont do this part right this part dont even matter lets add this to our casserole dish thats gorgeous right. All right now were just going to top it with the remaining cheese all right there we go right look. At that mac and cheese off to a hot oven i mean this is the part i hate the most. You know i always say that but look at that if your mac and cheese aint doing that i mean. Is it really even worth calling it mac and cheese this is the ultimate okay um ill tell you what.

Ill say this the recipe on my website two things food is my life life its my food yall. Until next time i gotta wish you a happy cooking oh from my heart to yours bye yall.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Cook Mac And Cheese

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