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Method 1 – How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

Hi and welcome to nova solutions video blog im char and im jamil and were here to talk to you. Today about a very common question we got all the time which is how long is it gonna take to. My website so there are a few different considerations to make and i would like to turn this to shimmy. On tape whats your take on this well number one determining factor quite frankly is whether or not its a.

Website based on a theme or its a custom design a lot of web design companies would first like to. Draw you know your website out in in photoshop and have several takes on the client going back and forth. And try to approve the design select the color schemes and so on so if its a custom website and. Its built in two stages right one being photoshop and then the backend elements bashar then it would definitely take. Slightly longer than a website thats based on a theme which you modify absolutely you know the other thing that.

We get all the time is the size of the website has such a huge effect or rebuilding a 10. Page site or a 400-page site right takes longer to write a bigger site so thats the second consideration in. The time frame for your website now the third thing that comes up all the time is the content yeah. Content is also key um a lot of times especially for new businesses from our experience um somebodys excited to. Build a website they think they have a logo slogan and you know they come they tell me i want.

It like this and like that and go ahead but then it comes a point where we would require you. Know selling points contact information you know a slogan perhaps few key points and internal pages so whether or not. You have that ready or not you know for a web designer to take it and implement it in design. Is key another thing different messages have different lengths so you know different visuals that you want to implement in. Your site and they all impact the design so without that content its very difficult for for you know a.

Graphic designer to kind of place it and play around with the content available if there is not so lastly. Yeah lastly when we talk about the length of a site is the features that are on your site is. How complicated are the features that you want on your site for instance if you are selling something on your. Website thats e-commerce we now have to tie that into merchant services and theres a whole plethora of other things. To consider when it talks about the complexity of the features of your site id like to kind of add.

To that you know several levels of access uploader bowl media or pdf files that the website you know might. Have that feature in it sometimes theres synchronization using api with different databases not only the commerce but perhaps some. For real estate agents and the less listings so on and so forth all these things really take an impact. General estimate on a lot of companies say six to eight weeks i would take that as an average and. I would like to repeat thats if you know the client is relatively organized and has the content available and.

Ready and then you know ii we have done a complete of the site before that in 2-3 weeks as. Well but it really really depends on the case by case scenarios anyway thank you for tuning in like us. On facebook follow us on twitter and subscribe to this on youtube till next time ciao.

Method 2 – How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

Hi im mark and im kyra and were with you design and heres another ask a web designer video todays. Question is how long does it take to build a website and i would say for smaller sites for small. Businesses it usually takes about two weeks from start to finish and that is after you provide us with all. Your content and all your images it takes us about two weeks to design and develop a site for you.

We require our clients to have all of their information ready because its really hard to design a web site. When you dont have content or images to go off load and if you have that stuff in place beforehand. You have the branding figured out you have your content you have your brand photos for your website youre gonna. Have a much better product in the end so thats why we require all of that information up front before. We start the design process and thats im gonna add to that is you know we definitely people ask why.

Do you need this upfront can you just give me mock-ups or anything like that and know we design around. Your content and your images which sets us apart from a lot of people because if you go to other. Design agencies they might waste more time doing like mock-ups and stuff like this thats not really needed these days. Right and doing amaka without content really isnt that effective because once you get the content its not going to. Look exactly the same as what that mock-up is going to be things are going to be changed around just.

Because the length of the content is likely going to be different than any dummy text or anything that you. Put into a mock-up so i always like to get that finalized piece of content ready to go before we. Design the website and thats going to make things more effective for you because we can break up that content. On the page to make sure that people are getting the most bang for the buck you know a lot. Of people arent going to go to your site and read every single word but theyll scan it so we.

Try to you know break up the content on the website so that its easily scannable it looks really good. And it gets the that you want to get across across so thats what we do and it takes about. Two weeks to do that whole process and for bigger size obviously its going to take a little bit longer. If you have more pages thats more work that we have to do but for our clients generally they have. Smaller size about six pages is generally what a and red website for us and our clients entails um so.

He takes about two weeks so in two weeks you can have a brand new website if you go with. Us its not gonna be months or years long process we dont we want to get you up and running. Quickly because the longer you wait thats money left on the table so that was todays question come back tomorrow. For another ask a web designer video make sure you subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications i.

Method 3 – The Process Of Building The Website (40 Hours In 14 Minutes)

I have well over 40 hours of footage covering about 80% of this website built i want to share it. With you here in this video but real quick let me tell you why chose the tools that i did. To build the website for first apply coffee i used web flow for the front end shopify for that side. Of things and then this adapter software called you désolée to turn my code from web flow into liquid to.

Basically turn into a shopify theme i went this route because one of you recommended web flow and i checked. It out i thought it was cool with it just made me want to learn it i decided on shopify. Over woocommerce for a reason i really dont remember i just remember sitting down doing research on shopify woocommerce hell. Even squarespace and wix and things like that and i came to the conclusion that shopify was what i wanted. To do if i had a guess its because shopify is very plug-and-play theres not really much involvement on my.

End it does everything right out the box like shipping labels shipping estimates automated emails has amazing analytics you know. Anything about me i love looking at the numbers then i also mentioned i did checkout web flows ecommerce side. Of things but they still have a lot to work out if they do indeed do everything that they plan. On doing i think its going to be a pretty good option now thats why i built it the way. I did now let me show you how i sort it off when i made a video basically a mock-up.

Drawing of the web site how i wanted to look right up here next to the stylized text you will. Have your navigation bar so you have home you have blank you have goods you have about us you have. Contact and then right here under the pink is going to be an image or two of the items the. Products that are going to be sold then of course right over here is going to be the name of. The product a little bit more information about the product and then a purchase button so you can click on.

That and go ahead and add it to cart and check-out right here i needed some separation between this and. The between this and the rest of the web page because i want this to be the focal point this. Is what your coming here for everything else is just supplemental information then down here is gonna be a little. Bit more about the company who we are were going to have join the join the what turn the what. Youll never know well i guess youll know eventually and then a join now button and then your traditional foot.

Now once i had those things figured out i hit the runnin made a web flow accountant started to get. To work i didnt watch any web flow videos any tutorials anything i just decided to hop on in and. Try it i got a little bit of work done on that first look of web flow i did a. Little bit off-camera here in this period as were talking right now and then i decided today i need to. Be recording this i think i just forgot once i had a better understanding of how i wanted it to.

Look i hopped on into adobe stock i pulled out some images from there for some reason the adobe stock. Payment wasnt working i wasnt able to get through to it so i just decided to take off the previews. Thats why youll see like the estonia adobe stock a logo on there and then i was just kind of. Fiddling with it to make it look how i wanted to look before i go any further i should probably. Test to see if this website will convert into a shopify theme so i went ahead and started doing that.

A little bit of testing phase and when i realized that you destiny was a little bit harder than i. First anticipated i thought it was going to take all the logic from webflow and turn it into liquid into. A shopify theme but theres a little bit more you know attributes to add here a little bit of formatting. Here and there that needed to be done but before i dive into that i decided to reevaluate some of. My options in no particular order option one was to host my entire site on hosting her and have a.

Shopify buy button thatll take you over to a shopify store that is within shopify another option would be to. Do the same exact thing but instead of hosting it on hosting or hosting it on web flow itself like. I said i looked into the e-commerce side of web flow doesnt work for me as it sits so i. Was just going to host it do a buy button on that homepage that will take you over to the. Shopify page which would be the product page where then you can check out and buy the coffee however the.

Only problem with this is that i believe hosting was like $12 a month and i could only get 25,000. Visitors per month and i wasnt really looking for the i dont want to have a limit on how many. Visitors i can have i dont want to be paying $12 a month when hosting her i bought four years. Which is 48 months for less than a hundred bucks and i came with free ssl and a free domain. Had a few other things so i that wasnt really much of an option but the third option was to.

Okay go through with this figure it out make sure you get all the attributes and you destiny will properly. Convert your web flow theme into a shopify theme obviously that third option is what i really wanted to do. So i took the starter template that you désolée has to offer that is a web flow design so i. Took that i threw that in your destiny he converted properly i threw that over into shopify and displayed just. As it did over in web flow all they did was prove you definitely actually work so i could then.

Move forward with adding these attributes that you nestle needs to convert it from web flow to shopify within my. Web flow design previously i thought i was going to be just creating the homepage within web flow throwing that. Over into shopify and then using the shell fight tools to create my product page i figured if i go. Through all the trouble to convert it from web flow into shopify ill just create everything in web flow that. Way just theres just one simple process instead of having a little bit done over here and a little bit.

Done over there but it is all always hosted over here so what a date is i decided to create. The product page the product page is done and were still using that stock imagery i got the first batch. Of first supply coffee that gl saw in the last video and i decided to take a few product photos. And all these product images we did a little bit of lightroom work in a one of them a little. Bit of photoshop work now we have the first-ever successful udesky conversion for from my design that allowed us to.

Give a first look into shopify with the actual design to see how it deferred from the actual web flow. Design and from there we can start adding more attributes adjusting the attributes and doing more formatting so it looks. Exactly on shopify as it does on web flow things were completely coming together so what i did was i. Took that start a theme that i previously tested in you nestle i threw that over into web flow and. I used that as a base because there i can see all the attributes i can see exactly how their.

Homepage their product page their navbar everything is set up so i could basically use that as a base as. A template for my own design so i took like the add to cart from there over into my own. Design i just add all the attributes to fit appropriately for those that werent 100% correct i want to be. Able to take the descriptions from shopify so a lot of that went into the web flow design for the. Conversion to be successful and be able to do a lot of the editing on shopify thereafter now towards a.

Nose theyve got a crunch town because i knew i wanted january 6 2020 to be the launch date its. A monday i felt like it was a perfect timing so finalize the website made all those final little adjustments. And made it live along with last weeks video speaking of which yalls reaction to all of this the announcement. Of the coffee company and last weeks video and the website itself amazing i couldnt be more grateful and i. Had a lot of people a lot of yall testing the website i know yall are gonna do that now.

Youre gonna poke and prod at it and i knew there are a few things that i may or may. Not have left in there for yall to find not everything but like the nav menu i knew that the. Nav menu need a little bit of adjusting because whenever you go to the product page the about us and. The contact was still there however it wouldnt take you back to the homepage to the about us section so. What i did thanks to yalls input so i just remove that from the product page because the about us.

Is on the product page the contact is in the footer on all the pages but i felt like it. Was a cleaner look to just take both of those out and only left home and coffee for every page. Other than the homepage and theyre also a handful of other tweets i didnt realize were there that yall let. Me know through eml through comments and that was with firefox with firefox when you would go to the product. Page the quantity youre unable to see that it had to do with the padding and within web flow for.

Some reason wouldnt work properly on firefox and the padding kind of put the number way off not within the. View of the quantity in which youre trying to add to cart so i effectively just took off the padding. There and that way it worked the same within safari within chrome within firefox and thats just one example of. The handful that yall helped me identify and that is how the website for first supply coffee was created if. You all have any other questions i know theres a few you all that are currently in the process of.

Using udesky where that is to convert web flow over to shopify like i did or web flow over to. Woocommerce like you can so if theres any more specific questions just leave those down in the comment section below. I hope you all enjoyed this video were gonna have a lot more videos coming to you here in january. And then well see where we go from there.

Method 4 – How Long Does It Take To Create A Website?

Hi and welcome to our church coms questions and answers where we have the answers to your questions today were. Going to answer the question how long does it take to create a website hi im mark steinbrueck with And on this video i want to talk about what determines the build time of my website one of the. Most popular questions that im asked is how soon can the website be done so were going to talk about.

The what goes into determining the length of time that it takes to build a website for a client first. Is it a custom or pre-existing design when were talking about the design were talking about the look the layout. Of the the website and the type of design will greatly affect the the type of the time that it. Takes to build a website using a pre-existing design often called a template or theme if youre working with wordpress. I will speed up the process preexisting designs however dont offer the uniqueness or the flexibility that custom designs offer.

Choosing a custom design will increase the amount of development time however it gives you much more control as far. As the the options the look the layout of the website the number of revisions provided in the design process. This is especially important when youre doing something that has a custom design so if if you only have one. Revision then obviously that will take the developer less time theres going to be less back-and-forth communication with the developer. And so that will be a quicker process whereas if you have two or three revisions then that will take.

A little bit longer because were the developer is going through the process of making changes and youre going to. Go through the process of reviewing the design and having the developer make those changes so usually two to three. Revisions is sufficient to get the design to the way that the customer wants but each revision typically just add. About a week of time to the design process amount of content that is being entered how much is being. Entered by the developer versus how much will be entered by you later on and the the amount of content.

That the developer enters and its not going to affect it pected the design time as much as a custom. Design versus a pre-designed template however if theyre only creating two or three pages versus you know creating 40 or. 50 pages that will significantly significantly impact the amount of time that it takes to build a website the developer. And client response times so what is the the developer have some kind of a goal or a required turnaround. Time when it comes to responding to your emails or your phone calls we here at our church com we.

Strive for a maximum of one business day turnaround time oftentimes its much less than that is within a few. Hours but its good to know its good find out if the developer has a certain gold time that they. Have to respond back but something else that is going to greatly affect the of the launch date or the. The overall time of the project is how quickly you the customer art in responding back to the developer one. Of the biggest things that we find slows down the project and were not complaining about it but it simply.

Is the the fact of life is that oftentimes the website is not the number one priority of the point. Of contact and so it usually will take a few days to get a response back to an email or. When it comes to putting in content it usually you know sometimes it might take weeks to be able to. Get that content in so to improve the or to speed things up its oftentimes very helpful to get responses. Within a day from the client or to get the content in within just a few days of when were.

Asking for it website build time so in summary its impacted by whether there is a custom design versus a. Pre-existing design the number of revisions thats provided in the design process the amount of content that the developer is. Going to be entering and then lastly the developer and client response times so i hope that this has been. An informative video and helps you understand what goes into determining the the length of time that a website project. Will take if theres anything that we can do for you here at our church com to help you achieve.

Your mission or your goals online please email us at support at our church com thank you very much.

Method 5 – How To Build A Website In 2021

Making a website is one of those things that feels really hard if you havent done it before youre like. Oh my god i need to code i need to do this and that html css javascript its its so. Easy these days hey friends welcome back to the channel in this video were talking about one of my favorite. Topics of all time which is how to create a website now ive been making websites since about the age.

Of 12 but five years ago when i started my own personal website that was one of the best decisions. Ive ever made in my life and starting that personal website in 2016 ultimately led to this youtube channel where. You are now watching this video and so in this video im gonna break down everything you need to know. To create your own website well start by talking about why you should have a personal website why its something. I recommend for everyone secondly well talk about how to actually create your own personal website how to get a.

Domain and which platforms to use both free and paid options and then well talk about once youve got a. Personal website what the hell do you actually do with it how can you make it work for you in. A nice way so lets dive into it lets start by talking about why you should have a personal website. You know everyone has twitter and instagram and theyre like why do we need a personal website well overall there. Are six benefits of having a personal website and instead of using myself as an example because im quite far.

Ahead in the journey im going to use my housemate sheen who started her own personal website just under a. Year ago and has had all of these benefits in one form or another benefit one of having a personal. Website is that it really helps you develop your own ideas so with sheen for example she cares a lot. About women empowerment and enjoys documenting life as a phd student and through writing her weekly blog posts shes just. Automatically become a better writer and a better communicator and shes better at developing her ideas overall now this can.

Seem quite a sort of uh soft kind of benefit like the personal development side if youre not if youre. Not like naturally into that thing so benefit number two of writing online is that it actually really helps you. In terms of your professional life as well in sheens example she started her website in june of 2020 and. Has been blogging more or less every week and last year when she was applying to lots of jobs there. Were quite a few interviews that she had where the people on the interview panel had come across her website.

Theyd googled her name and theyd found her blog and it in a way the website acted as a sort. Of online cv and in some of her interviews they would ask about things that shed written on her blog. And saying oh you wrote an article about this thing im interested in that thing myself lets talk about it. And these days whatever professional field youre in you can pretty much guarantee that your prospective employer is going to. Be googling you and if you have your own website you have this you know you can put your best.

Foot forward and you can start creating all these possibilities for someone to be like oh my god youre interested. In this thing as well im interested in it too lets have a chat about it benefit three of having. A website that you write on regularly or a blog is that it gives you lots of connections so again. Ive you know for me as an example ive made friends from all around the world through my website through. My youtube channel uh but im im quite far ahead of the process with sheen again started less than a.

Year ago shes had people from all around the world reach out to her because they read something interesting on. Her website and said oh you know youre interested in period poverty and things like that im working on period. Poverty lets get in touch lets have a bit of a chat about it oh youre interested in improving access. To womens education this is actually a charity that im working for that does the same thing lets talk about. It and through that shes made a lot of interesting connections from all around the world some of these connections.

Have led to benefit number four which is that when you have a personal website you expose yourself to lots. Of in a you know in a non-weird way you expose yourself to lots of interesting opportunities and because random. People around the world have found sheens blog posts through her website shes been invited to write articles for publications. Shes been featured in lots of publications shes been invited on podcasts and interviews and shes been invited as a. Speaker and all sorts of these kind of global health event type things which is exactly the sort of causes.

That she cares about which leads us on to benefit number five that when you have a personal website and. You write on it regularly you can have a lot more impact than you would if youre not on the. Internet having a presence on the internet is the modern day equivalent of just being very good at networking and. The analogy that i like is that its like back in the day you imagine like if you just lived. In a single village and you never interacted with anyone outside your village the amount of impact you can have.

The amount of opportunities you can have is pretty small because its confined to your little village but if youre. The sort of person back in the day who would every weekend youd visit a different village neighboring village and. Youd be traveling around and youd be making friends and saying hello to people and having conversations that sort of. Person just automatically exposes themselves to a lot more interesting opportunities and can also have a far bigger impact on. The world and if youre one of those people who insists on not having an online presence in some capacity.

Not having like your best foot forward not having a professional reputation thats on the internet thats sort of the. Modern day equivalent of just being confined to your little village where the only people that youre really going to. Interact with are people that you meet at work or at you know school or university and maybe if you. Go to a conference or a networking event maybe youll run into someone but having that website that you write. On regularly massively expands the potential impact of your work you know sheens had articles that shes written about women.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Create A Website

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