How Long Does It Take To Create An Llc – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how long does it take to create an llc, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods long does it take to create an llc,

Method 1 – How Long Does It Take To Form A California Llc (Limited Liability Company)?

In this video were going to discuss how long it takes to form a california limited liability company so this. Varies depending on how you file it theres several ways to file you can file it by mail you can. Drop it off at their sacramento office or you can file it online now when you file it online generally. The law states that an llc is formed when its received by the secretary of states office now this varies.

Again depending on how you file it but in california they have a very awesome service which is it checks. When your submission is valid so if you go on california let me get the website here sos ca govt. And on that website youll find a place that itll allow you to search whether your llc has been validated. And confirmed by the secretary of state so but usually if you buy online its same day or within 24. Hours that youll get a notification that your llc has been approved so if you need an llc approved the.

Fastest way to do it is online or im sorry if you need an llc formed the fastest way to. Do it is online sos ca govt theyll take you to their um their portal where you can file their. Business filings online if you dont have the time or you dont want to go through this process yourself thats. Exactly what we do for our clients we form llcs for our clients check out our contact information below and. Share this video if you think it was helpful we have a series of videos coming out for california limited.

Liability companies how to form them what they cost what the requirements are so on and so forth so thanks. For watching guys and thats how fast it takes to form a california limited liability company.

Method 2 – Don’t Form An Llc Until You Watch This! (3 Reasons You Should Not Form An Llc)

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Method 3 – How To Start An Llc – In Three Simple Steps

And again jim hart back out youre here from hawthorne law and today i want to share with you how. To start an llc this information is gonna be pretty much the similar regardless of what state youre in as. An attorney i practice in north carolina im also licensed in florida so by the end of the day im. Going to tell you about the different steps you need to know if youre gonna start your own llc and.

This is really important actually a client in yesterday he was wondering who was trying to going through a divorce. Situation and they have a business a rental property business that he needs to separate with his wife and they. Both want to keep the rental properties and we talked about one of the things they can do is start. An llc so how do you do that well its actually pretty easy to do depending on the state youre. On and before i get into that i want to remind you hit the subscribe button below make sure you.

Comment like this video and share it with your following in social media wed really appreciate it also hit the. Little bell thingy there should be a bail thing you down there as well i like to say bail thingy. I dont know why so that you get notified when i post new videos so anyway heres the deal when. Youre starting an llc the first thing you need to do is you need to do a search for your. Name you need to make sure your name is not taken and this doesnt need to necessarily be your brand.

Name this can be a special name for your llc your business name but you need to go to the. Way youre gonna do that is youre gonna go to your secretary of states website in the state where youre. Starting the llc by the way i need to mention something right off the bat you do not need to. Go to delaware you do not need to go to nevada you do not need to go to why aunt. Wyoming to start your llc you can start your llc in your own state if youre starting in another state.

Then youre gonna have to register in your own state anyway as a foreign entity big mistake costs a lot. Of money its more effort its more pain than its worth dont do it theres theres people out there they. Say you can do that because you can avoid taxes you cant avoid the taxes okay rant over start the. Llc in the state where youre doing business thats gonna be the best state for you to do it in. Thats number one number two so i already mentioned go to your secretary of states website do a search for.

Your name make sure the name is not taken if its not you can go ahead and file what are. Called or are articles of organization and i think its named the same thing in all 50 states im not. Sure about that but thats thats what youre gonna file youre gonna fill out this form your articles of organization. Its going to give information like the name of the llc the business address who the agent is make sure. You see up here my video on registered agent that needs to be an actual physical address where somebody can.

Accept mail on behalf of your business if you get sued thats where the registered agent does basically theres corporate. Entities that do that but it means to be a physical address in the state where your llc is located. Theyre gonna want information such as who the initial members are of the llc owners of an llc are called. Members not shareholders and other information like that and youre gonna take those articles of organization youre going to take. Them down your secretary of states office or potentially you can file this electronically through through the interwebs and youre.

Gonna pay a filing fee it varies in different states and then once they file those your llc is going. To be formed theyre gonna send you a little a document back thats gonna tell you that your llc has. Been formed then you can the llc but heres the thing thats not enough people if thats all youre doing. To start your llc there you might as well do nothing because it provides no liability protection to you theres. No tax advantages to doing that that you youve basically done nothing to protect yourself which is the whole point.

Of forming llc hold on a second my wife thinks wanted me when i drink coffee that way anyway if. Youre getting what im saying so far make sure you leave a comment down below and just type something cool. You can type something cool thats fine and let me know you get what im saying so far so thats. Number one you got to file those articles of organization but theres another step you need to create and whats. Called an operating agreement an operating agreement is a document its a contract between you and you as a member.

Of the llc and the llc the basically spells out exactly how the llc is going to operate what youre. Gonna pay yourself in terms of a salary or distributions or how those are going to be distributed all those. Different things where the businesses can be located what youre gonna do if you decide to add new members what. Youre gonna do if you decide to break up with your the other members how often youre gonna have meetings. Whats going to be the subs those meetings all these things theres all these things that need to go into.

This operating agreement and you need to have that done and then you need to follow the next step is. You need to actually follow the terms of the operating so that if somebody decides to see you at some. Point they cant do whats called piercing the corporate veil and by piercing the corporate veil thats how they can. Do that if you basically dont operate yourself as the llc according to the terms of your operating agreement so. Thats important all right the next step is to make sure oh and let me go back if youre in.

Some some states ask you to publish a notification i know i think new york asks you to do this. So there might be other requirements in your particular state you want to check those requirements and make sure that. You follow the law and the legal requirements in your particular state the next thing you want to make sure. You do is remember to to file all the necessary updated paperwork every year and and that may be annual. Minutes that may be an annual report different things theres usually going to be filing fees associated with with this.

So you want to make sure you do that on an annual basis to make sure your llc stays active. Ive had situations where people have failed to do that and then the llc becomes inactive and then anything the. Llc has done up to that point while its inactive basically is is void i had a big issue with. The client who there it involved a transfer of real estate through the llc and a deed was passed and. Money was paid and things like that but the llc does not shoot were talking about oh making sure you.

Do all the annual reporting requirements you need to make sure you do that if you dont do that then. You can run into problems and your llc can be disbanded and as i mentioned i had a client that. Had a real estate deed and the real estate deed was basically void and that was a big problem because. My client had spent several hundred thousand dollars im acquiring that piece of property but his deed was no good. And then there was a death and thats thats what we do thats what lawyers do we deal with problems.

Like that so we try and fix it all but the better thing to do would just make sure the. Llc never had a problem in the first place so thats what you need to do thats how you start. And run an llc and other than that i mean ive got other videos here about about how to pay. Yourself in an llc about the tax implications different things like that ill make sure to keep those up here. And include links down there and other than that i hope you have a great day folks i hope you.

Are having a wonderful business i think i hope things are going well for you and lets see what else. Dont forget to hit the little button down here subscribe and like this video if you like it if you. Dont like it well you can dislike it i guess if you want to but i like to i like. When people like and make sure you share with whatever when you know on social media so thanks so much. Folks have a great day and well be back next time with another awesome video take care peace why do.

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Method 4 – Start An Llc In 2022- 4 Things You Have To Know Before You File

Whats going on folks a friend of mine actually reached out to me he asked me just like how do. You start an llc and i was like hmm maybe i should do a video on this because its just. Not about starting an llc okay its about the stuff that you want to think of before during when you. File and after which is the wealth building and im going to talk to you about how easy it is.

To start an llc but im gonna be talking to you about the stuff that i wish i hadnt known. When i started my llc all right so stay tuned folks im going to be giving you the good good. Whats up folk welcome back listen help a brother out by subscribing below and make sure you click notifications so. You could be notified because a lot of the videos that i actually you know you know put out there. Is to really help you all out really for real i got a lot of knowledge and i decided to.

Give back to the community by helping by giving the knowledge back because i noticed that at first i used. To think that i didnt know a lot didnt everybody else didnt know until i started getting questions and i. Was like wow that was like the questions that i was asked in the beginning so i decided to do. A lot of basic videos and i want you all to get some of this knowledge i paid thousands of. Dollars for so you can get like thousands of dollars worth of knowledge for like free right but anyway moving.

Right along i want to talk to you about how easy it is to you know to start a an. Llc or a limited liability corporation and i also want to talk about the things that i wish i had. Of known before i started my llc that youre gonna learn right now that i started it was like seven. Years worth of experience folks so lets go ahead and get started with this number one right i want you. To do one more thing before i start with number one i know you guys are anxious to get into.

It but in the comment description i want to do something for you i want you to calm me right. The link to your facebook business page or a link to your website all right that way you could get. Note no landing pages just to link to your website into your business and maybe i can actually you know. You know reach out to you and we can talk about how to grow your business right and you can. Also get free press from those who see your link in the description so thats free press right there bam.

Told you im looking out for you but anyway step number one you want to pick a name picking the. Name could be something unique within a particular state that youre registering your llc right because limited liability corporations theyre. Managed on a state level okay so you want to make sure that you pick a unique name and in. The description youre gonna see a link did is good that is a national free name search it is a. National search but what you can do is if you pick a name and you see that the name that.

Youre looking for in business is in your state then you cant pick that when you gotta pick a different. One but if you see a name thats in a different state yeah you cant pick it i recommend that. You dont that you find and pick a unique name that is not active okay so number two articles are. Organization you need to file that okay so for those who dont know im gonna give you just in laymans. Terms what the articles of organization is its basically say for instance you know how you get a birth certificate.

All right most of us i know in america all of us have a birth certificate basically the articles of. Organization is a birth certificate for your company the irs is gonna look at you as a different person from. Your business so your articles of organization is like the birth certificate youre filing for okay into the irs all. Right hey but you felling it on a state level okay so the operating agreement number three you want to. Make sure you have now if you are going to be a single-member limited liability corporation meaning that youre the.

Only one thats only one hundred percent ownership in some states you dont need one but i recommend just recommends. You to do one why because in some cases you want to make sure it there could be a case. Where you can run into a lawsuit okay lets just say for instance if you are screening an llc and. You want to start buying apartment buildings i dont need that llc corporation name right and lets just say somebody. Slips and falls now if you have an llc they cant sue you personally they can sue your business now.

Lets just say that they sue you for a million dollars god forbid okay but i want to talk about. This because thats the purpose of why were forming a limited liability corporation and it is to protect ourselves but. If you arent doing it right then they can actually say for instance they sue you for a million dollars. And your business total assets everything if it was to all be liquidated money in the bank comes up to. A hundred thousand dollars well guess what if you dont operate your business according to a fine-tooth comb and you.

Have an operating agreement that has not been followed out they can actually do what they call pierce through your. Llc and come for your personal assets for the remainder of the money and youre on the hook and that. Includes creditors as well so if you have an operating agreement it is something that you can provide in court. And its something that you can follow right that could literally say like nah i do business right i do. Business right i dont commingled funds i dont mix personal and business everything is right now your business is protected.

And it just cant rule a pierce through you know thing and you can actually go and they can come. After your personal assets so our operating agreement is to keep you on your toes make sure your eyes and. Tees are dotted across so i recommend it to do it and and what i wanted to do is in. The link in the description when i found my my llc i actually didnt like you know myself right kind. Of like a diy i went the stables fill out the paperwork and sent it off to the states they.

Had all the instructions on there about a bone by the bing right but what you need to do is. Click on the description below and theres a link to the staples and you can get those two forms the. Articles of organization and the operating agreement for your state make sure you pick them ones right for your state. So when you go to the link youll see a whole bunch of them you want to pick the one. Thats according to the state to want to file all right so thats some goodies for you thats really the.

Three things you need and you need one final thing and that is the ein remember when i talk about. The birth certificate you know the articles are organization having to be your birth certificate for your company well the. Ein is like the social security number or the employer identification number which is what its called its a social. Security number for your business so to speak so you need to file that with the irs i have a. Link in the description for that you its pretty self-explanatory so im not really gonna do a horn screen on.

How to fill it out you folks can get through that right all right listen lets talk about the good. Stuff the stuff that i wish they i had freakin known before i actually fell and before i actually did. This right so this is the before check domain availability i didnt check online to see the domain for my. Business was available so like for instance my company tsunami promotions llc i didnt check to see if tsunami from. Oceans calm is available its probably not i really dont care because i accidentally made that my company name all.

Right a long story on that i wont go over that but make sure that your domain is available you. Can just go like godaddy right ill have a link in description where you can check the name for that. And see if its available but when you go in and you selecting a business name and youre picking it. You searching it you also want to search to see if the domain is available you want to do all. Those at the same time all right now the next thing that i wish i hadnt known was i could.

Register in any state my business right you can literally register your llc in any state and you dont even. Have to live there all you have to do is have what we call a registered agent right and what. They call a registered agent basically a registered agent is a person a real person with an address in the. State that you want to file your llc in and basically what a registered agent is is they get you. Know they get all the text they get all the legal documents if your company were to ever you know.

Be sued or anything like that they get all the legal documents on behalf of your company okay thats it. They dont own it or anything like that theyre just a registered agent for your company they have to have. An address in the state that you want to file and thats the only catch to it now the other. Thing is is is i didnt i didnt talk to a tax advisor for the benefits like for instance i. Didnt know that i can have a home office in my home and get a tax write-off when i first.

Started like literally if im making this much money and i had to pay out his taxes i could have. Saved a lot on taxes just by talking to a tax advisor right so thats something that you want to. Do is you want to talk to a tax advisor folks make sure that you are doing everything on the. Books to make sure that youre doing your taxes right so in the case of an audit or a peer. Screw situation if you happen god forbid get sue that your tax advisor should know should have your stuff clean.

On the books and you dont have to worry about that your job is to run your business let your. Tax advisor do that and in many cases talk to them about using the services that youre actually paying for. It as a tax write-off as well all right now if you are i got a little bonus for you. Now the 4% if youre a pro member for the 4% we have a tax advisor that gives free consultation. Right and they talk about business he talks about business structure and entity you tell them what you want to.

Do he tells you the best name for your state he does all the legwork for you and of course. That is for free if you are a pro member now of course if hes going to found a paper. Working everyday for you that will cost but the most most tax advisor they charge just even coming to talk. To them but if your problem with the 4% you dont have to do that now there is if you. Want to learn more about that and and anybody knows about the 4% its not like a business opportunity basically.

Its a hub for the information and products that teaches you how to be an affiliate marketing and they have. An ecosystem set up to where as you can actually you know itll-itll sell affiliate marketing products on your behalf. Not only that it is some of the best education and resources for solopreneurs so if you want to know. More about that go ahead and click the link in the description itll go to my facebook page shoot me. An inbox ill get you more information on how to become a pro level remember all right so the last.

And final thing is you want to have a set structure for wealth building now we talked about that before. When we want to choose a correct domain name then we talked about fouling it thats the during right now. We want to talk about beyond this is the thing that i wish i had when i actually started my. Llc listen folks you need to be setting yourself up for wealth thats exactly why were starting llc now when. You set yourself up for wealth building when you get that money in how do you actually what is your.

Money go right how do you set your money up like what percentage goes towards operating what percentage goes towards. Wealth building how do you build more wealth what percentage goes towards this you know how to separate it what. Percentage goes towards taxes we talked about that in this wealth building program and what that does for you is. It enables to give you a structure to ride pass and it makes you feel a little bit more comfortable. When youre receiving revenue that youre doing it right and building and growing your business right thats what the 4%.

Is about helping you grow your business and thats why i love it right so i got a link its. A free free of video process right that you not process but its its a free video i dont even. Want to say training is more like a presentation did they give you on how to well right and this. Is done by someone who i truly trust it actually helped get my business off the ground by some of. His teachings so you can click the link in the description to access the wealth building blueprint right its like.

A blueprint you could check it out you can follow if you want to not gonna you know not gonna. Push it or anything like that right so folks thats it thats all i got for you if you got. Any questions go ahead and leave them in a comment also if there anything that you want me to cover. Anything you want me to talk about go ahead and put that a link in the description and if i. Actually choose that to be my next video which more likely i probably will cuz aint stuck up i might.

Get you a shout out and tell people to come visit your website or your business right who knows listen. This is a network im all about you know entrepreneurs creating their own economy and thats all i got for. You on starting to llc folks i see you on other side or see you in person peace you.

Method 5 – How Long Does It Take To Form A New York Llc?

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Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Create An Llc

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