How Long Does It Take To Delete An Apple Id – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods long does it take to delete an apple id,

Method 1 – How To Delete Apple Id

Hey everyone im max dalton and in this video im going to show you how to permanently delete your apple. Id in mid-2000 18 apple unveiled a data and privacy portal that gives users the ability to permanently delete an. Apple id and its important to be aware that this is not any kind of soft delete but rather a. Hard delete of your account while it will take apple roughly seven days after your request to actually delete your.

Account after your account is deleted you will lose access to your itunes ibooks and app store purchases you wont. Be able to sign into any apple services associated with that account your photos files and any documents stored in. Icloud will be removed from apple servers you wont receive messages via imessage facetime or icloud mail and any subscriptions. Associated with that apple id will be canceled as a result before you move forward with deleting your apple id. Its important to make sure this is something you actually want to do and now lets walk through the steps.

To permanently delete your apple id step 1 open your web browser and navigate to privacy apple comm youll arrive. At apples data and privacy website step 2 enter the username associated with the apple id you want to delete. In the field beneath sign in with your apple id a password field appears directly beneath where you entered your. Apple id username enter the password associated with your account and then click the right-pointing arrow on the right side. Of the password field a screen appears asking you to enter the security questions associated with your apple account step.

3 answer your security questions and then click the blue continue button a message appears on the screen informing you. That apple may record certain information associated with you accessing this site such as your ip address time security level. And sign-in history click the blue continue button to accept these terms the manage your data screen appears step 4. Click the blue started linked in to delete your account section the delete your account screen appears step 5 read. Through the information on this page that outlines what happens when your apple id is deleted and what you should.

Do before you delete your account read through this information thoroughly as deleting your apple id is a non-reversible action. Step 6 after carefully reading through the information on the delete your account screen scroll down to the bottom of. The screen select a reason for deleting your apple id and then click continue the important things to know before. Deleting your account screen appears step 7 read through the information on this screen carefully before moving forward with deleting. Your account at a high level you will lose access to your itunes ibooks and app store purchases your icloud.

Storage plan will be canceled and any subscriptions associated with your apple id will be canceled scroll down to the. Bottom of this screen and click continue when youre ready to move forward the deletion terms and conditions screen appears. Step 8 click to place a checkmark to the left of i have read and agree with these conditions after. Reading through the terms and conditions and then click continue to choose how to get account status update screen appears. Step 9 choose to receive updates through either the email account associated with the apple id or deleting through a.

Different email address or through a phone number tap continue after making your selection a screen appears with an access. Code that will be the only way you can verify your identity with apple support for this account print download. Write this access code down or save it in some other way and then click continue a screen appears asking. You to enter the access code you were just given to continue step 10 enter your access code and then. Click continue a delete your account window appears on the screen reiterating what you will no longer have access to.

When you delete your apple id step 11 click the red delete account button in the lower left corner the. Window a screen appears informing you that your request to delete your apple id is being processed and may take. Up to seven days additionally apple encourages you to sign out of any devices or web browsers you are currently. Signed into using that apple id immediately click sign out at the bottom of this screen step 12 check the. Email account associated with the apple id you requested to be deleted youll receive an email from apple with a.

Subject line that says your apple id account will be deleted soon that will verify your request was received until. Your apple id is permanently deleted you have the ability to contact apple support and request that your apple id. Not be deleted congratulations you now know how to permanently delete your apple id thanks for watching leave your thoughts. And questions in the comments section below click the video link on the right side of the screen to check. Out another video click the logo on the left side of the screen to subscribe to this channel to see.

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Method 2 – How To Delete Your Apple Id Account Permanently

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Method 3 – How To Permanently Delete Your Icloud Account Apple Id

What is up everybody welcome back to this video and today we will talk about and removing an apple id. On an iphone 12. So as you guys know that you cannot do anything with that apple id but for. Some reason if you decided that you dont want to use your upload anymore you simply can delete it from.

Your device but heres the common questions that how you want to delete it so first of all if you. Want to delete apple id just for your iphone you can do it and also if you want to delete. Your apple account for permanently you also can do it so im going to show you how you can just. Delete an apple id from your iphone first then ill show you how you can do it permanently so first. Of all go ahead and open your settings and right after that scroll it down and then open up your.

Mail once you have done that you will see this option called account so go ahead and tap on your. Accounts tap icloud then it will make you through it will go you through that apple id right over here. So notice just you simply can sign it out in order to delete this account or remove this account from. Your device however if you want to delete your apple id for permanently in that case all you need to. Do just go ahead and open up your browser and make sure to type as soon as you just.

Type it up and then go ahead and tap go then you will most likely get this prompt now this. Is actually asking you to enter the password is because now this apple light is related even locked in with. This device for some reason if you want to delete any different apple id that you havent logged in with. Your device simply you need to tap use a different apple id so as you guys can see that im. Using this apple id currently on my device therefore im gonna go ahead and tap continue with the password and.

Im gonna go ahead and enter the password after typing your password go ahead and tap continue well now it. Is opening a page now it says the data and privacy so right over here you have to be a. Little bit of careful with every information that is given on top of your screen scroll it down then you. Will see this option called delete your account now go ahead and tap a request to delete your account now. Here you need to read all of these things is because it is giving you the meaning much more information.

About deleting your account and what will happen to your account as well so im just going to go ahead. And scroll it down here and now you have to put the reason why you want to delete your account. So im just going to go out and talk on the or tap on the drop-down menu then it is. Giving me much of that given information such as i have concerned about this privacy of my data i want. To stop using my accounts so im just going to go out and say i want to stop using my.

Accounts and now i will just continue with this stuff so im just going to go ahead and tap continue. Alright guys right now as you can see this is giving me this prompt is because i got two dollar. On this apple account so right here now it is asking for before you get or before you can delete. Your account you must take action so i cannot delete this account because i have already cash in it so. If you guys dont have any dollar available on your account you simply will get an option called delete account.

Therefore you can simply tap delete but before you go ahead and do that its one thing so we want. To talk about here make sure to have that are backed up of your important data and files even before. You go ahead and delete your accounts because once you have done that then your account will be deleted all. Right guys this is the little way that you guys can follow invited to delete your apple id on your. Iphone 12 and this is the only way that you you can literally use for any other device in order.

To delete your apple account all right guys hopefully you find this video useful if so please let us know. In the comment box and lastly dont forget to smash that subscribe button.

Method 4 – How To Remove Apple Id From Iphone

Hey everyone in this video i wanted to show you how you could remove your apple id from your iphone. Or ipad or ipod touch and im gonna show you three different ways to do it im gonna show you. How to do it on the phone then ill show you how to do it on a computer using a. Browser then ill show you how to do it via itunes so one of those three methods should work for.

You and if you look in the description ill leave timestamps to each one so if you want to jump. Ahead go ahead and do that and if this video is outdated this is recorded on ios 11 ill make. Updated videos and ill leave links to those in the description so make sure you check the descriptions if its. Your first time here i make easy-to-follow tech videos five times a week so please consider subscribing lets start with. Removing our apple id on the iphone so im on the iphone x here and first we want to go.

To settings so im gonna click settings here and under settings here right on top you should see your user. Id if youre on ios 11 so go ahead and press that and on this page you want to click. I tuned an app store right in the middle of the page im gonna press that and then right on. Top you should see your apple id go ahead and click that id and you should get this pop up. Here and here you want to press view apple id right on top go ahead and press that i have.

Face id but if you dont have the iphone x you will still get a message to confirm im gonna. Confirm this page and now on this page if you scroll down you should see remove this device and that. Will remove the apple id from this device okay once youve done that go back to setting and go ahead. And click your apple id again on top it has been removed from your itunes on your icloud but you. Just want to make sure you log off here on your phone so go ahead and click name phone number.

And email and over here press edit and then press the minus sign here to remove that apple id from. This section of the phone press done go back and then scroll all the way to the bottom and sign. Out click sign out and then sign in to your account one more time and then turn it off and. Here you could decide if you want to keep copy of the data on this phone or if you want. To remove it all you could select all these if you want to keep a copy or dont select them.

If you dont want to keep a copy and then press sign out right on top also gonna leave a. Link to this page where apple walks you through the same things that im showing you here but if you. Want a little more information go ahead and check out that link directly from apple the next step is lets. Do it on a computer on a mac or pc launch any browser and go to and you can. Remove any device and the apple id for any device here so go ahead and sign into your apple id.

You might get a pop-up code to verify your device go ahead and fill that out and then youll see. A page that looks like this go ahead and click on settings here and under the settings page you should. See my devices section right here in the middle and youll see some of the devices that are associated with. Your icloud account and right now i have my imac my iphone and macbook pro well you can remove them. Here you want to click manage up here and the manage tab is gonna bring up this page where you.

See even more devices in fact my ipad is here also now i could remove any of these devices so. For example if i wanted to remove my iphone i just click on it and then it will give me. The option to remove it right here this is the option to remove it if i press it it will. Remove that apple id from that device same thing with my macbook pro ill have a remove option and every. Device here will have that remove option associated with it so thats how you do it on a mac or.

On a pc let me show you one last option which is on itunes so i just launched itunes here. And in itunes what you want to do is go to the menu on top and go to account and. Go to view my account go ahead and press that and then thats gonna ask you to log in to. Your account go ahead uh sign in and here on their itunes in the cloud you should see manage devices. Go ahead and press that and you should see some of your devices that are associated with your accounts you.

Could go ahead and press remove here to remove that apple id from that device that will do the same. Thing that i showed you how to do on your phone or on the browser or mac or pc so. Hopefully one of these options solves your problem again please check the description i will update this video if any. Of these things go out of date and please leave a comment with any questions or suggestions for other users. And give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel i post easy to follow videos just like.

This one to help solve your problems with tech and i hope to see you on the next video as. Always thank you so much for watching.

Method 5 – How To Remove Apple Id From Iphone Without Password

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Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Delete An Apple Id

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