How Long Does It Take To Get Id In Mail – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Get A Real Id California: My Dmv Experience

Hey guys today im coming to you from outside my local dmv im gonna go in and try to get. My real id you know the id you need to be able to fly on airplanes soon so i wanted. To go ahead and get it im gonna show you guys the process that im gonna go through and that. The probably you guys are gonna go through if youre watching this video so lets get right to it so.

In order to get the real id you got to prove citizenship so i brought my passport you also have. To prove that you have a social security number so the social security card that counts so i brought that. You also need a utility a utility bill so i brought my trash bill im literally giving them a trash. Bill and then just to make sure i have everything they said you can bring also a w-2 to prove. Your residency now i wont be able to film inside with my good vlogging camera but im gonna try use.

My cell phone in a sneaky incognito way ill record it ill just put it there right on the desk. And ill see what i can do and me were spies today hey i have enough 5 minutes and 20. Im trying to get the real id okay so i have a utility bill social and passport now you know. Your life is expiring its only here yeah i just wanted to i fly a lot and i just want. To use it until 2020 im not yeah but i just want to get it over with so this is.

Whats gonna happen yeah when you get it today we will validate your license like we are one ok ok. So you have two choices you can either extend the state but then you have take a written test or. Get the same day then you dont have to do it ring toss ok so keep the keep the same. Date i dont want to retake it thats all things wait theyll be paying for a year yeah i just. Want to get it out of the way because i fly a lot well im done at the dmv it.

Seems they preferred the w2 even though i had a utility bill and and my social they referred to w2. So thats good to know we have now time travelled exactly one day and one week since i was at. The dmv and i already got my new real id here it is folks i got it pretty fast my. Information has been redacted to protect me obviously im not happy with my photo but i dont think any of. Us ever really are thats how easy it is to get your real id in california thanks for watching everybody.

Im moises amaya and im out.

Method 2 – First Time Getting My Id Card|Adriana Simpson

Good afternoon you guys so it just got home from school and ive a really really busy day today so. Fyi im going to start vlogging much more now because im out of school i have today was my last. Day of school im so happy because i have a lot of fun videos planned for you guys so keep. An eye out for that and pretty much today im going to the dmv with my parents to get my.

Id and yeah well with the plans i smashed id have to get ready did i take my picture and. Everything so im gonna go get ready so now i just change into my new outfit and now all i. Need to do is my makeup and my hair so i im gonna go do that right now right now. Alrighty guys so heres the update i already did my makeup i did my hair and im all ready to. Go but i cant go yet because i do it for my parents my god i just wish i could.

Drive myself there but i dont drive yet so thats that also it is summer im so excited and if. You go to school with me or you doing this pool with me or if you knew me and youre. Watching this video or even if you go to school or you went to school but now youre in summer. Vacation to happy summer vacation woofle summer summer summer im so excited i have so many good videos planned for. You guys and deal with summer means summer means im gonna have more time do you know what that means.

It means im gonna be making more videos oh look videos videos videos alright guys so lets just go ahead. And head to the dmv now that im gonna go get my id i feel so grown up you have. No idea we are here we are here my god you guys is a really big line look at this. So many crying children so we are leaving and returning to find somewhere to go eat because we have to. Wait for almost an hour and were hungry so well see where were going to go eat now actually we.

Have about half an hour and my dad hes hungry write down what im doing this was hungry yeah youre. Always hungry oh yeah yeah just put it on me oh im hungry which the little theres so many options. What are you gonna do sorry lots of chicken eyes my fries a moscow martha okay so now were going. Back to d and b get back on line which means whipping away look i hate waiting but now i. Just gotta do what you gotta do so were done and now im home weeks again okay so im home.

Now from the tv thank god we left because i was going to go in spain but thank you for. Being there i really enjoyed having you guys there and made stuff so much fun and i kind of like. Have to organize my room a little bit there and i also have to edit this vlog well dont forget. To subscribe and i hope you enjoyed it and ill see you in my next video or blog so bye.

Method 3 – What To Bring For The Ca Real Id | Dmv Experience

Hi guys welcome back to my channel today im going to be taking you guys along with me to get. The california real id its a monday its monday morning its around 9:30 a.m. Right now and im about to. Head out so before we go let me give you guys a quick checklist of the things you need to.

Bring and then ill head up so the first thing that youll need is proof of residence the things that. You could bring for that is like passport birth certificate like naturalization forms permanent resident card we have the full. List is on real id dot dmv dot c govt so you guys can take a look there cuz i. Dont know the entire list by know for sure that those ones i just listed you can bring next youre. Going to have to check your name on those documents and make sure that they match so two youre gonna.

Have to bring a proof of social security number this would be through w-2 forms 1099 s social security cards. Or pay stubs with your full social security number i think if you dont have a social security number theres. Different options for you and number three you can have to bring two proofs of residency this could be through. Mortgage or utility bills as well as like bank statements and things like that again theres a super long list. For this one that you can go on the website ill link it down below and you guys can pick.

Out whichever is best for you just make a note that all the documents must be original and then expired. So things like your passport cant be expired im just a note all the documents will be processed and verified. The dma people will take them and then process them make photocopies or whatever they need and then theyll return. Them back to you so dont worry about your items being taken away from by them like your passport or. Something but yeah thats it lets go im just a quick reminder im bringing extras of everything so im bringing.

Like bank statements and employment forms and and you know whatever i can find just in case they dont take. Something or something to live match up how do they recommend that you guys do that as well just because. They deny one of your forms dont want to go back home and grab them again so bring extras and. Yeah okay did my makeup a little bit because i think i will be taking your new drivers license photo. For this today so if you are thinking about that be prepared lets go okay guys so i just parked.

My car streets because theres parking in the parking lot because it way up parking lot is packed theres a. Line i can see the line its 9:55 right now theres a lot of people highly regretful cuz my friend. Was like lets go 6:30 a.m. Tomorrow and i was like oh i cant wake up and im like oh. Good i should have look it up im probably not gonna film in there because everyones gonna be holding their.

Sensitive documents at once im ben ill let you know how it its 11:45 right now so it took almost. Two hours i recommend you come earlier than ten by i it wasnt too bad i brought a ton of. Snacks and votes and entertainment hey my backpack so the way it wasnt too bad at all i also got. A nice seat and i just sat down some people were standing because theres so many people and as i. Was leaving the line was longer than when i entered so yeah definitely come early yeah just a note renewing.

Your license when its not expiring yet like me so mine actually expires in 2021 but my parents are just. Like you should get the real id my friends are also just like you should get the real id the. Lines are gonna get longer and longer especially when it hits october of 2020 so i just came and i. Did it now there was no problem at all they just renewed it for me actually costs $28 i think. Im keeping my old expiration date which is going to be in 2021 of august which im completely fine with.

But yeah so if youre going to renew your drivers license before it expires to get the real id its. Totally okay you can do it bring all the documents and everything is fine theres an online application that i. Didnt do but you can do there takes less than five minutes just needs your like name and address and. Information but you could do at home if you want you once they call you up they photocopy all your. Documents and then they your fingerprint and yeah pretty much youre good to go it took probably like five minutes.

And then i went to get my photo taken which took like 30 seconds i dont know every time i. Go out or taken i feel like im not ready and then i like see the photo after where is. It i dont know how to turn down but whenever who cares i think i did the best and kid. At smiling so i guess well see but yeah im gonna go home now im freaking tired from waiting for. So long even though i wasnt really doing anything but like playing and reading and having fun at my fun.

But yeah i hope this healthy is if youre getting a california real id or just a real id in. General soon um and yeah thanks for watching this video if you enjoyed it please give me a like and. Subscribe to my channel if you havent already okay bye guys.

Method 4 – Getting My Driver’s Permit!

Im packing stuff to get ready for my permit picture probably packet to be caught concealer and eyelash stuff at. The stop sign turn left onto u.s. 441 north so whatd you do i just got a 100 on my. Practice test arrived hi guys its whitney and welcome to my channel today im going to be trying to get.

My permit so i turned 15 two days ago and now im going to the place ive passed all of. My practice tests that i did online but im still nervous so hopefully i pass and ill keep you updated. Yeah its not easy though what are you doing practicing d 915 at desk 2 nice future my sister good. Luck did you pass nice i got the forms ah so where do we go okay this blue thats enough. Got this blue shoes actually we need everything you grab that yeah just hang out behind him thats a thats.

Not a little card okay congratulations thank you did you see 763 yeah what yeah that had to ask the. Lady there to help him get this cool thing this is what i need him so im super excited because. I passed my permit test i got a 100 on the road signs test and then an 80 on the. Other test like the general knowledge one but there was like no questions that i studied it was like what. Month and year was this law put into action and i was like how am i supposed to know that.

But anyways i got my light not my life i got my permit and im super excited theres my picture. I dont want to show my information but anyways im super excited and im gonna ask my dad if i. Can go drive over there so yeah they only have two people your son.

Method 5 – Cds 2 2021 Updates !! Confirmation Mail !! , 2 Id Issue ,#Cds2201ssb,

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Get Id In Mail

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