How Long Does It Take To Get Priority Mail – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Is First-Class Usps Delivery Slower? We Tested It To Find Out.

I am about to go to the first post office to mail off five letters that will go around the. Country to test whether or not mail delivery is slowed and where it slowed and how slow it is so. Were sending 125 letters at least thats the hope to five different places around the country to see if mail. Gets delayed because mid-summer or so it was announced that the postal service was making cutbacks and those cutbacks have.

Become very political because now people are worried it will hurt the chances of a good a fair election even. Before the election questions people are reporting that their medications are getting stalled their social security checks are getting stalled. So the post office is really important people depend on it and so we are going to test it out. And see how it does and were starting here in manhattan beach hello how are you today im well im. Back i have five um certified mail return receipt things okay and i just need to know when they get.

There how are you yes how about how long do you think its taking for priority mail these days oh. Im sorry this is regular mail this is uh first class so three to five days so these should get. Oh so that itll show me a promise well a a suggestion itll give me a suggestion of when its. Supposed to be our estimation so were going to uh 25 different post offices from the north in la county. Lancaster palmdale area to the south long beach where were headed right now were going to the east pomona were.

Going to the west malibu were going to lots of places in between compton and inglewood and beverly hills and. Downtown l.a and boyle heights we just came back from bart were just leaving gardena one of the things that. Happened this summer was that the u.s postal service started cutting back it cut back on mail sorting machines it. Cut back on overtime hours mail started to delay the post office has been run poorly for many many decades. Great people in the post office incredible people but theyve had very bad leadership for many years so well get.

It straightened out i want to assure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable. And committed to delivering the nations election mail securely and on time we decided to go to 25 post offices. Mail letters to five different places across the country and see whether there are the delays that people are talking. About people have been talking about medications lost in the postal system for weeks and thats a real problem so. Were driving down the 405 now toward long beach on the plus side to do all of these miles um.

The coronavirus has cut down on traffic um on the minus side were going to be driving a long long. Way and now i need air conditioning because its really hot its 89 degrees we are in the middle of. A heat wave on top of a pandemic on top of a general election thats very contested on top of. Northern california being on fire on top of calls for the end of systemic racism all this and its sweltering. Wed hoped to send mail from 25 post offices but los angeles county had other ideas its 4 753 square.

Miles and over three days we only made it to 20. But that was enough to see a pattern and. It wasnt pretty overall just 75 of the letters sent by the times that should have arrived within two business. Days actually got to their destinations on time this rate is substantially lower than the most recent postal service performance. Report which shows a 92.4 on time delivery rate in april may and june and seven of the 20 letters.

Mailed from los angeles county to the san francisco bay area took seven days to arrive you can drive that. Far in less than seven hours we emailed the u.s postal service for comment a spokeswoman did not address our. Findings directly but she said that service has improved although the agency continues to quote identify and address some ongoing. Service issues end quote the moral of this story if youre planning to vote by mail in november and you. Want to make sure that your vote is counted mail your ballot back early you.

Method 2 – Understanding 1,2&3 Day Usps Priority Mail

I hear above town we want to help you understand there one day today and three day postal priority mail. Options that are offered to you at checkout now the united states postal service gives you these options according to. Your zip code so you may have a two day priority option that comes up but its just a transit. Time estimate by the post office after we tender it to them we give the package to the post office.

Thats not a guarantee that youre going to get it you know in two days after you place your order. But if your order is life or time-critical give us a call an 800 for one three nine eight four. Seven and check the stock and availability of your item and confirm the shipping details and make sure that were. Going to get you your package in a timely manner this is an example of a customer that chose the. Priority method of shipping and according to the united states postal service this is their estimated time of delivery of.

This package to their zip code.

Method 3 – How To Ship Usps Priority Mail

Hey guys today im going to teach you how to ship things using uspss priority mail so how long does. Priority mail take to be shipped it takes one to three days to be shipped wherever you want it to. Go and theres also this cool feature online called the priority delivery map and im going to link it down. Below and maybe show you something right here and you enter your zip code and itll show you a map.

Of the us or i guess close to places in the us im not sure how far the map expands. To be put in your zip code and then the map colors from 1 to 3 days and well show. You how long itll take to get to that location so whats so special about priority mail first up tracking. Is included so when you get the receipt back youll have a whole number on there you enter it in. On usps is tracking box and you can track the package wherever it goes see if it got delivered next.

Thing it includes is insurance has up to $50 of insurance just in case your package gets lost next thing. It has is that it could deliver on a saturday thats great adds one more date of the week and. Also has free package pick up at your home or office and im not a hundred percent sure on this. Because ive never done that before so youre going to have to look that up and theres also a flat. Rate and regional prices and this is what makes priority one of the chosen things to ship because of the.

Flat rate prices and what flat rate means is that you could ship anything under a certain weight limit in. This box or in this envelope and you just get one price so cool you can send whatever under that. Weight under one price guaranteed or theres restrictions i guess that apply thats always in parentheses um so now for. The prices if you want to calculate your price online theres a price calculator and you could choose the different. Box you have you put in the weight that is and you put where youre shipping from and where youre.

Shipping to and ill calculate the price if you dont want to go through all that you could just go. And look at there lists which theres different sections and ill link that all in the description below one thing. I forgot to mention about pricing is online youll see commercial based pricing and the retail or online pricing and. So what is commercial based pricing its the discounted price when someone buys the stamps or postage yeah postage online. So you know those ebay and amazon sellers you could buy the postage on other sites like stamps comm and.

You could print up that shipping label because its all prepaid thats what commercial based pricing is and its usually. Cheaper next up we have the products themselves and were going to start with envelopes first up we have the. Priority flat rate envelope and here you could fit documents letters manuscripts and the measurements are 9.5 by 12.5 yeah. Next up we have the flat rate padded envelope and in this sucker the same dimensions yeah 9.5 by 12.5. But you can fit in there if a box jewelry okay thats it or you could put books of any.

Kind that fit and wont get ruined because the padded well now i probably ruined it by putting on the. Floor and you could put clothes all right yeah fits right there so those were envelopes okay now we have. Boxes and im not going to say the dimensions for all this because theres a place online and i will. Link that in the description too but this is the small flat rate box and in here you could fit. A lot of small things they say online brochures and small electronic devices and i will show you exactly what.

Can fit in there and i dont have this all together because i dont gonna tape it yet but um. You could put your camera in there plenty of room and you put stay harmonica still plenty of room and. A hockey puck thats even smaller still fits i probably fit all three of those and i dont know if. The way i had the weight cylinder so that you have to fit it im gonna fit it there we. Go i could fit all three and still have room awesome box next box we have is the medium flat.

Rate box number two and why number two well because it opens up at size number one opens up at. The top i guess ive just never seen that one but what kind of fit in this one online it. Says brochures and shoes so lets see about the shoes then i got my sandals one says oh – sandal. So yes it fits use with plenty of room um lets take those out next um i mean like this. Fits a lot o mean i can fit a whole cd thing with plenty of room and even fit cheese.

Paddles ah add an angle there we go and still has plenty of room so you can put packaging stuff. All in there so this can fit a lot in there a lot of books if you want and for. The last box i have this is the large flat rate box which is more i guess why so the. Large flat rate box can fit a lot of things i didnt bother to look up what it fits because. You could fit anything even your ps4 look at that fits snug in there and i dont recommend doing that.

Because you know your ps forbes very gentle huh yeah be very gentle um but if you do put a. Lot of packaging stuff in that to keep it protected yeah that is the last of the boxes for a. Quick lesson on dimensions of the box when youre reading it online on their chart of dimensions what you look. At is theyll have on the box and i will find it here where is it out here this so. On the box you have two things i dont know if you can see it with all a bright light.

But when you do look at the box that says id and od and so id which is usually labeled. First means the inside dimensions od be outside dimensions so just to make that clear that is what youll see. On their chart and if you thought one two three days was a great delivery service youve seen nothing yet. There fastest domestic service is the priority mail express and it starts at 20 295 at a flat rate of. Anything under 70 pounds obviously not in this envelope but in they have boxes and they ship overnight which is.

Awesome but 2295 keep that in mind not only is this priority mail beast fast it also has tracking included. It has proof of delivery signature record if only youve requested at purchase so remember to request that and it. Has 100 dollars in insurance if this sucker gets lost now thats a lot of money and so what does. This do again they ship overnight by 10:30 a.m. On sundays and holidays so if youre sending a last-minute gift.

Priority mail express is the way to go so youre all ready to go you have something you want to. Ship what do you need you got your priority box that you picked up at the post office and lets. Say were shipping in this hockey paw you know put it in the box and what i like to do. So that this doesnt move around and transit is put packing stuff im not sure what the real term is. And theres a few that you could use like these air cushions on both sides so that helps theres also.

What everyone knows packaging peanuts and i dont really have much and this wont really do much but you get. The picture and then everyone uses bubble wrap and i actually dont have bubble wrap on me right now and. The last thing you could use is this paper a lot comes with all right now your package is ready. Lets say everything is in there um theres ways to seal it usually the boxes come this nice thing take. It off you seal it but i never find that to be enough so i always like my package is.

Secure so what could you use to make sure that stays well you could use clear tape you always use. Clear tape you cant use any other kind of tape and i usually get the scotch heavy-duty tape and i. Put it along each edge any exposed area i put it because i want to prevent any kind of rain. Or wet getting into my box so i usually tape the whole box up thats how crazy i am uh. Next thing you need is a sharpie marker and thats to write the names so you put who youre sending.

It to their address a name here and your address in your name here and after everythings done we taped. It up you wrote everyones name you go to the post office and you hand them the box and they. Its easy one two three and youre done whoa see ya priority mail is the way to go if youre. Sending holiday gifts or packages to customers or even fun stuff to your friends like gifts and whatever they get. There on time they get there fast its at a great price because its that flat rate price for whatever.

Weight and usps has been pretty reliable in my experience ups a fedex man dhl i cant really say much. About because i dont know much about it but usps has not let me down this whole time and i. Dont think ive really lost anything that usps if you guys have im sorry that happened but you usps has. Been on the up with their service so if youre going to send something i totally recommend usps priority mail. Or usps in general.

Method 4 – This Is Improved Tracking For Priority Shipping – Usps

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Method 5 – How To Get Free Overnight Shipping – Gamble With Usps Priority Mail Express – Odds Are In Your Favor

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Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Get Priority Mail

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