How Long Does It Take To Replace An Iphone Battery – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how long does it take to replace an iphone battery, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods long does it take to replace an iphone battery,

Method 1 – Iphone Battery Replacement – Is It Worth It?

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Method 2 – How To Replace Iphone 7 Battery In 3 Minutes

Today im going to quickly show you how the battery is replaced in a regular-sized iphone 7 the biggest problem. People will have with this repair is damaging the screen in the removal process so be very careful always attempt. Any repairs at your own risk turn off the phone and there are two pentalobe screws at the bottom these. Are the same type of screw that apple has used in previous versions of the iphone i will include all.

The tools you need for this project right below this video in the video description now because of all the. Waterproofing adhesive around the edge of the screen a suction cup isnt going to help out a whole lot plus. There are a few ribbon cables you have to watch out for and ill show you those in a second. So to remove this screen im taking a thin metal pry tool and going between the metal frame of the. Phone and the plastic frame of the screen and gently lifting it away from the edge slicing through any remaining.

Adhesives on the side lift up gently we want to make sure not to damage any parts of the screen. As we do this here are those sensitive ribbon cables i was talking about earlier do not damage this there. Is adhesive on the top of the screen as well cut through that with a metal pry tool and slide. The screen down a little and then opens up like an $800 book remember it is excruciatingly ly important that. You do not damage or put any stress on these ribbon cables along the side there for the screen and.

If they get damaged your screen might stop working and will need to be replaced apple cant seem to use. Normal screws so whip out your wide triple-zero tripoint bit to remove all four of these screws since most normal. People dont have one of these laying around ill include a good inexpensive tool kit in the video description keep. Your screws organized one screw is longer than the others and we dont want that going in the wrong hole. Later on this ribbon is for the battery itself so were going to unsnap that just like a little lego.

Some people would suggest removing this oversized taptic motor down here at the bottom to get better access to the. Pull tabs its just three screws in a ribbon cable but i prefer to just grab the pull tabs without. Removing extra components these pull tabs are magical but very fragile as they are pulled the adhesive stretches out right. From underneath the battery no heat or prying required as long as the adhesive doesnt break on you mine did. Break once but i was able to salvage the broken end and pull it the rest the way out if.

You are unable to reach your broken pull tab you must commence the pry of shame if you end up. Prying out your battery do not puncture or bend it it will start on fire just like what you saw. With my note seven battery explosion video now that both pull-tabs are out the battery is completely free and ready. To be swapped replacement batteries are usually pretty inexpensive especially a year or so after the release of the phone. The iphone 6 batteries are only about five or ten dollars right now thumbs up for these beautiful aluminum machining.

Marks on the inside i actually do think this is really cool i will link the current iphone 7 battery. Pricing in the video description along with everything else plug the new battery in and then plop your metal plate. Into place getting these four little tri point screws back in then gently lift up your screen and gently tuck. The top of the screen into the metal frame of the phone before gently pressing down the sides and clicking. It into place i said gently three times just barely press too hard and you might crack your screen so.

Go easy on your phone its had a rough day everything should be working at this point if your phone. Doesnt turn on try charging it up for a bit sometimes the new batteries dont arrive with a charge if. I was able to help you out today hit that subscribe button it is totally free for you and makes. Me feel all warm and fuzzy inside bonus points are following me on instagram and twitter and ill even post. A behind-the-scenes snap story every now and then thanks ton for watching ill see you around.

Method 3 – Iphone 6S Battery Replacement In 3 Minutes (Easy Method)

All right today im going to try to replace the battery in the iphone 6s there are two ways to. Replace the battery theres an easy way and theres a hard way i will be showing you both ways the. Actual battery replacement will be starting at the minute 15 mark i will link tools and replacement batteries down in. The video description so check those out if you need them to get out the battery you do have to.

Open up the phone so go ahead and take your pin elopes screwdriver remove the bottom two screws from the. Phone and then you can lift up on the screen with a suction cup and slide a tool between the. Metal frame of the screen and the metal frame of the phone and pry up very gently there is adhesive. Surrounding the screen and the frame so im going to go ahead and slide my plastic pry tool between the. Two and separate them and that makes it easier to lift off the screen from the frame pretty straightforward once.

The phone is open you can see the four screws holding down this metal plate i remove those four screws. Lift off the metal plate and then disconnect each of these little ribbon cables you definitely dont want to let. The screen bend past 90 degrees or will damage the cables once the screen is removed you can see the. Battery down here in the little connection for it so unscrew those two screws and remove the metal plate so. Heres the wrong way to remove the battery theres these two little pull tabs down here at the bottom you.

Can see that im unsticking it from the battery right now theyre kind of hard to grab because they shrink. Up as soon as you remove them and heres where i went wrong i took the pull tab once i. Got a hang of it and pulled it through the side of the phone and that makes the pull tab. Break which makes it a much harder repair if you actually grab the pull tab and pull straight out the. Bottom of the phone dont try to wrap it around the battery like im doing right now just pull straight.

Out the bottom and you can see it pull entirely away from the battery so easy and now thats one. Whole half of the battery that i dont have to unstick from the back but since i messed up the. First time around with the first pull tab i have to do the pry of shame to pull the battery. Out from the back of the housing the sticky tape is pretty strong stuff the best way to do is. Just pull the little tab out from the bottom of the battery and yank it right out to put the.

Battery back into place you can buy new pull tabs or you can just take double-sided tape and stick it. Down underneath the battery so it doesnt jiggle around inside of the housing take the battery plug it back into. Place take the two screws screw them into the metal plate over the connection then you can take the screen. And plug in the connectors you have one for the front-facing camera you have the lcd and you have the. Digitizer once theyre all plugged into place theyre like little legos you can just kind of plug them in before.

Putting the metal plate down i am going to test to see if the screen is working if you have. Lines or a white screen theres a good chance that one of your connections isnt quite right so disconnect it. And replug in the ribbon cable and then to line up the screen i usually take it and push it. Into the top of the housing first and then i can slide my hands down the sides of the screen. To lock it into place get the two screws in at the bottom and you are good to go if.

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Method 4 – 6 Signs You Need A New Iphone Battery

These days we use our phones for way more than just making phone calls and all that use means your. Iphones battery is gonna get some serious wear and tear the batteries and iphones and all cell phones are consumable. Products in fact the average iphone battery retains only 80 percent of its original capacity after 500 cycles to put. That into perspective if you charge your iphone battery every night for a year and a half the battery meter.

Would still read a hundred percent but your battery life would only last 80% as long as it did when. You first got it you know when your car needs a new battery because it doesnt start out but how. Do you know when its time to replace the battery in your phone here are six signs that it may. Be time to swap out your iphones battery number one your iphone often turns itself off if your iphone suddenly. Shuts itself down when the battery is at 50% or so the calibration might be off to calibrate your iphone.

Follow these steps step 1 use your iphone until it shuts itself down due to low battery step 2 plug. Your iphone into a reliable charger and let it charge uninterrupted to a hundred percent step 3 once its charged. Perform a soft reset by holding your sleep/wake button and your home button down until the apple logo shows up. If youre on an iphone 10 youll be holding down the sleep/wake button and the volume button if that didnt. Solve the problem the battery may be the culprit and you should replace it whats happening is that lithium-ion batteries.

Have a voltage range in which they operate safely and this is enforced by the power circuitry as lithium ions. Age their internal resistance grows so when the phone does something processor-intensive it draws significant current pass this current through. The increased battery resistance and you get added heat generation and substantial voltage drop number two your phone feels sluggish. If youre using an iphone 6 or later you may be subject to cpu throttling if youre running ios 11.3. Or later you can check your battery health by going to the settings app select the battery option in the.

List and then select battery health under peak performance capability if you see a warning that your battery health is. Significantly degraded its time for a replacement number three is an obvious one your iphone has terrible battery life this. Is especially true with iphone 5s or earlier earlier iphones arent affected by cpu throttling so the only sign of. A dying battery will be shortened usage times swap out the battery and youll be boosting the battery life number. For it your iphone works but only when its plugged in you might have thought your phone was completely dead.

But when you plug it in it magically comes back to life unfortunately no matter how long you leave it. Plugged in as soon as you disconnect the power cord it shuts right down sign number five your phone gets. Hot like really really hot its normal for your iphone to generate heat during heavy use and charging but if. You notice that your phones becoming too hot to touch it might be time for a new battery and lastly. Your batteries got bloat this can be a tricky one to spot but youll know it when you see it.

Batteries can sometimes swell due to a failure of the smart circuitry or physical damage like getting bet in your. Back pocket you may start to notice some unexplained bowing or case separation along the sides of your phone a. Hazy white screen or even some squishiness when pressing down on your screen in some more extreme cases you might. Even see some unexplained screen cracking no matter how you discover it a swollen battery is something that requires immediate. Attention the battery should be treated and disposed of properly as soon as possible so if youre experiencing any of.

These battery problems head on over to and pick up an iphone battery fix kit its a super easy. Repair that you can do yourself in under an hour ill see you next time.

Method 5 – Iphone Se Battery Replacement In 3 Minutes Fix

Today im going to show you how to replace the battery in the iphone se it looks very similar to. The iphone 5s but the batteries are not interchangeable remember if you are under warranty or your phone has insurance. Check those routes first but if you need to replace it yourself you are in the right spot there are. Two pentalobe screws down at the bottom i will link all the tools and replacement parts and replacement batteries down.

In the video description below take your suction cup in your pry tool and lift on the bottom left edge. Of the screen a little groove there that you can slide your thin metal pry tool in between the plastic. Frame of the screen and the metal frame of the phone theres a tricky little ribbon cable down here at. The bottom as well lift up the little metal latch then unclasp the ribbon like a little lego once that. Ribbon is on clasp you can lift up the screen 90 degrees then there are six screws you have to.

Remove these are normal phillips head screws remove the two plates and then unclip the battery from the mainboard this. Will stop all the power from running through the board and make the repair safer there are three ribbon cables. Attached to the screen lift those off just unsnap them like little legos and then there are some magical adhesive. Underneath the battery grab the little black pull tab down at the base of the battery and lift it up. Youll see two white strands of sticky stuff as you stretch the sticky stuff it becomes not sticky stuff and.

Itll pull the adhesive out from underneath the battery without you having to use any effort now this is great. In theory but these are also extremely fragile so be very very careful as you pull ill show you what. Happens when they break if the adhesive does not break youll be able to pull it out completely from underneath. The battery and the battery will just fall out of the phone very very easy if the adhesive does break. Youll need to pry the battery up just a tiny bit do not bend or kink or puncture the battery.

In any way that is where the dangerous part of this repair comes in lift it up just barely enough. To grab the rest of adhesive and then pull it out the rest of the way and your battery will. Come loose from the phone i will link this professional adhesive down in the video description at the time of. This repair i do not have the adhesive so im going to use the regular double-sided sticky tape to put. The battery back into place remember that all of the replacement parts and tools will be found in the video.

Description right below this video if ive helped you out so far make sure youre subscribed to my youtube channel. It is free and it does help me out a lot before i clip the battery into the motherboard im. Going to connect the screen then i will connect the battery and test the screen before i screw everything in. Place if your screen is gray or has lines running through it theres a good chance that the screen is. Not connected correctly to the motherboard and you should reseat those lego-like connections if everything is working perfectly like mine.

You can take those metal plates put them back in place and get those six metal screws pinned down now. The fingerprint scanner ribbon cable does clip into the bottom near the charging port then get that metal latch back. Into place if youve lost this i will link these down in the video description below as well they are. Tiny little guys and it is very difficult to clip them down once that is done you can take the. Top of the screen and line it up inside of the frame of the phone and then take your hands.

And press firmly down along the edge of the screen be careful not to break it moving your way down. Towards the charging port everything is working if you have any questions leave them down in the comments below go. Ahead and check out my screen replacement video for all the different parts on that as well as the charging. Port replacement if this battery repair did not solve whatever issue you are having thanks ton for watching hope see. You around.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Replace An Iphone Battery

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