How Long Does It Take To Reset An Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How Long Does It Take To Factory Reset An Iphone?

Hey guys on todays video were gonna factory reset this iphone now its the exact same thing no matter which. Iphone you guys have so this in particular is an iphone 8 so were going to get started go right. Into settings under settings were going to scroll down so we see general under general all the way down were. Going to see reset from there our second option thats exactly what we want to choose is our second option.

Where it says erase all content and settings so were going to go ahead right now we should see this. Maybe if you didnt back something up this is the time to do it if you dont care if you. Already transferred all your information to your brand new phone i suggest you just continue on from here were gonna. See this so you could go ahead back up then erase or just erase now im just gonna erase now. Enter my passcode once you enter put your passcode in its gonna ask you this now thats if you guys.

Had a passcode if you didnt its not gonna ask you for one and were just gonna erase iphone erase. Iphone again from there you might ask you for your apple id if you guys had an app id configured. With your phone so its going to ask you for that password just put in the password and right away. Its going to do this okay its just going to think for a minute apple logo loading bar how long. Will this take well for most of you its just gonna take about five minutes others this could take longer.

And if you guys have a older iphone it might be even a little bit longer than that with newer. Phones its a little bit faster but i wouldnt take this whole thing more than five minutes five minutes actually. A lot and yes this process will erase everything from your phone that includes pictures photos phone numbers personal information. Emails your apple id will be erased youre not deleting your app id so your account does exist still theres. Another way to actually delete an account but thats your account so you can log into your account lets say.

On your macbook on your pc on your ipad so that account still exists however the apple id which is. Tied to this phone we just deleted it from being tied to this phone so its no longer synced up. To this phone in particular okay so for sure if youre buying a new phone or something like that you. Want it to be factory restored so that way you can activate it using your own apple id and that. Way its going to be 100 yours anyways at this point we can go ahead and set it up again.

This is exactly whats supposed to show us and we can just push this button in order to get through. And just do the whole setup so right now its factory reset if you bought a new brand new iphone. This is exactly how its going to start up and the whole setup so brand new apple id everything i. Could even use my app id again to activate this phone i dont have to anyways if thats all you. Guys wanted to do you can shut it down for now however if you want to sell it i highly.

Suggest to set it up you can set it up without using a sim card so remember to take out. Your sim card from the side also remember that to activate this you guys can just skip out on all. The icloud stuff so you dont need to put in your icloud id or any id for that matter you. Guys can skip out on all the passwords everything and just have it set up for that brand new person. To just test it out of course they should erase it again and activate it using their own apple id.

For now what im going to do is just go ahead and turn it off im going to press the. Volume key plus the power key and slide to power it off and thats how i can power it off. Im all done its all set up and im done with this iphone 8. Anyways if you guys have any. Comments questions you guys can write down here in comments area dont forget to subscribe and rate thank you you.

Method 2 – How To Properly Reset Iphone To Factory Default

Hi everyone aaron here for zollotech and i want to show you how to reset your iphone to factory default. Meaning that it will be just like it was when you took it out of the box for the first. Time and so this will help you erase all data from it disassociate it from your account and make it. So the next person that either purchases it or that you give it to or maybe youre returning it can.

Sign in without having to sign in to find my friends or any of those accounts because it wont be. Locked to your account so in order to do this properly what youll need is a couple things youll need. The devices passcode to unlock it and youll also need the icloud account password if you dont have that you. Wont be able to reset it so if you need to reset that password go to and then you. Can reset your password there now before you erase everything on your phone you want to make sure that you.

Have a backup if youre going to continue using iphone so if youre going from an old phone to a. New phone i have other videos to show you how to do that and transfer all of your settings including. The same app layout and all the app data and messages and everything else but if you want to just. Have a backup in general make sure that youre either using itunes on windows itunes on mac on an older. Mac or you use the finder click on your device and hit backup now however if you want to back.

Up using icloud thats even easier as long as you have the storage available and you do that by going. To settings under settings tap on your name then under your name or whatever phone youre on here you want. To go to icloud and under icloud down towards the bottom youll see icloud backup and under icloud backup tap. On this youll see that its on and as long as its backing up everything it will give you the. Last successful backup below and as long as its backed up youre good to go that will back up not.

Only your settings but your messages your mail settings you may have to enter a few passwords and things in. The future but it will back up even the layout of your apps and most of the app data as. Well so as long as you have that backing up or youve backed up on itunes you should be good. To go and once you know that you have your information secure we can move on to removing everything off. The device now in order to reset the phone what you want to do is once you have that information.

Go into settings and then at the top youll have your name or someone elses name whoevers it is tap. On the name here and go down to find my we need to turn off find my if its on. So tap on find my and youll see it says find my iphone and its on on my device so. I need to turn this off now in order to turn this off i need my icloud password so go. Ahead and tap on find my iphone and then turn off find my iphone it will pop up asking for.

Your apple id password once you put this in it will turn it off now that find my iphone is. Off we want to remove it from our account as well this will make it easier in the future unless. Youre setting it up for yourself so lets go ahead and do that so well go back now once youve. Turned off find my iphone on the same account page we need to scroll to the bottom to turn off. Icloud and disassociate the phone from our account so lets go ahead and scroll down and all the way at.

The bottom it says sign out so well tap on sign out now its saying do you want to keep. A copy of your data on this phone and you dont want to do that if youre erasing the phone. So make sure all of these are turned off if you did want to keep this and sign in with. Another icloud id then you would leave those on otherwise keep them off and hit sign out and it says. Are you sure you want to sign out and then go ahead and hit sign out and then it says.

Copying icloud data thats just to the cloud you wont necessarily have that on this phone and then well erase. The phone in just a moment once weve signed out now once youve signed out of the iphone what youll. Need to do is go down and reset it so under the main settings just scroll down and go to. General scroll all the way to the bottom of general and then you have reset so well tap on reset. And then theres a few options here we want to erase all content and settings so all of these other.

Things dont matter erase all content and settings and then its going to ask you for the passcode of the. Device itself so maybe your touch id wasnt working its that same passcode and this will work for face id. Phones as well once youve put that passcode in its asking you if you want to erase it again its. Just a safety check so it says this will delete all media and data and reset all settings so you. Want to hit erase iphone and then youll have to hit erase iphone again and it will take a moment.

And the phone will reboot now the same thing applies to all iphones so this is my iphone 11 pro. Max and you can see here it says erase iphone if i hit erase and erase again it will wipe. The phone so thats how you completely wipe it well wait for this to reboot and youll see that its. Back at the setup screen now will take a little bit of time to erase and reset and once its. Done it will look just like this and youre at the main startup screen again and so this is where.

You can set your phone up we just press home to open on this phone and well start set it. Up just like it was new you can hand this to someone else to use give it to someone else. Sell it return it either way all of your information has been removed from the phone and its good to. Go it wont be associated with your icloud account and it wont be activation locked or anything like that so. Youll be good to use it hand it to someone else and youre all set and if you dont have.

The wallpaper from the iphone se that i have here from 2020 ill link it in the description for you. Just like i always do in all my other videos if you havent subscribed already please subscribe and if you. Enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching this is aaron ill see you next. Time you.

Method 3 – Hard Reset Iphone 6S

Hows it going viewers thank you guys for watching my video in this video ill be showing us how to. Do a hard reset on an iphone 6 the hard reset will work on any other iphone and what the. Hard reset does is it clears your phone of any information contact pictures videos anything on your phone it wipes. Everything clear and sets it back to the factory settings as if it were new and you just got it.

From the store just before i get started if youre just doing a hard reset because youre having some sort. Of malfunction i would strongly recommend that you backup any of your information make sure you have it saved on. Your itunes or icloud before doing the hard reset because once you do the hard reset it will delete all. Of your information and just another question that i always get is can i remove the apple id or the. Activation lock anything like that once that theres no way the hard reset will not remove an apple id or.

Activation lock or anything like that so just a little heads up there for all you guys that are gonna. Ask please dont ask so what im gonna do here is power off the phone once its powered off im. Gonna go ahead and slide and ill just give it a couple seconds here just to make sure that it. Is fully powered off and i will be getting out my charging cable my charging cable is connected to my. Laptop so make sure your charging cable is connected to your laptop once youre there go ahead and hold the.

Home button and while youre holding that down just go ahead and insert the charging cable keep holding its at. The apple screen make sure youre still holding your thing and once its on the itunes logo you can at. This point release the itunes logo and from here we will move on over to the laptop and just so. You guys can see what is going on over there as you guys can see the little itunes logo there. Is popping up for us to open and ill go ahead and open it theres a problem with the iphone.

That requires it to be updated or restored what i want to do is im going to restore it and. It says are you sure you want to store the iphone to its factory settings all of your media and. Other data will be erased and the newer version of the phone software will be installed so im going to. Go ahead and hit restore and update and i want to just bring up itunes because this is where everything. Is happening it says iphones in recovery mode itunes is preparing to restore the software on this phone its extracting.

Software here up at the top well go ahead and let it do its thing in the mean time i. Will give you guys a little heads-up about the activation lock if you guys are not aware of what it. Is the first link below will give you all the information that you will need it just kind of talks. About the activation lock of the apple lock what it is what it does how it works that sort of. Thing and then if you guys also want to buy a phone and make sure to make sure its not.

Activation locked the second link in the description will show you guys how to do that and now well just. Answer some of the questions that i get fairly frequent frequently about the hard reset and the first one being. Does it remove the apple id or the icloud lock no it does not remove the apple id or the. Icloud lock and people also ask will this delete my you know delete my carrier will interfere in any way. With my carrier will avoid my contract with verizon or at&t no will not and it will not remove the.

Carrier so if the phone is a verizon phone you do the hard reset it will still be a verizon. Phone it wont be unlocked you wont be able to go use it on a different provider you know if. Its a ate of rising phone and do unlock and go use it on a teen teen thats not what. This video is showing you guys how to do so that will not work and then people will ask do. You have to use an apple product to reset the iphone no you dont you can use you know your.

Regular hp or your lenovo whatever you have any kind of laptop computer the only requirement is that you have. To have itunes on your computer and then theres a every now and then youll run into errors different errors. And the first thing i would recommend is make sure your itunes is up and downloaded the latest version of. Itunes is on your computer on the next one if you guys get some sort of air i will try. Using a different charger cable make sure it is the original charging cable as you guys can see the one.

That i have here is fairly beat up there but its the one that works with this phone so thats. What im using in this demonstration and if youve tried to do the latest version of itunes youve tried the. Different charging cable the next thing i recommend is try a different computer maybe for some reason or just not. Working well with each other you can also try a different computer and the last question that i get asked. Fairly caught fairly frequently is how long does this take and and my question is well it depends on a.

Lot of different things theres you got to take into consider it into consideration internet speed computer speed how full. Your phone is if you got if your phone is maxed out and its got to go through and delete. All of all of your old stuff and bring in the new stuff so that could also take a while. So theres a lot of variables to take into account for that question so theres no way for me to. Answer your questions and tell you oh its going to take you 30 minutes or 10 minutes or an hour.

It all depends theres a lot of different variables that go into that determining the speed or the length of. The hard reset and just going back here to the hard reset as you guys can see its restoring the. Firmware computer part is done now its just waiting on the iphone and the iphone here is finishing up and. Now we should be doing a reset restarting the phone starting it back up it will go through the second. Loading screen that bar will load all the way and the screen here popped up as if youre starting a.

New phone you can set up as new as a new iphone or restore this from a back backed up. Version im just gonna go ahead and wait and show you guys that the phone is at its factory settings. And at this point you guys can go ahead and unplug it the laptop doesnt make that big of a. Difference so im gonna go ahead and slide back down and im just going to go ahead and really quickly. Start this phone back up just to make sure that everything is working properly so i got my internet signed.

Up there disabled locations im just gonna do this as a new iphone skip the apple id agree to the. Terms and conditions skip the touch id and then dont add a password dont use siri dont send zoom dur. Standard it doesnt really matter and welcome to iphone get started and here you have it if youre selling your. Phone i would recommend you take it through these steps and get it to this screen to where its on. The home on the home screen um that way you wont have people asking hey whats your apple id im.

Trying to do a reset here and i dont have the information so id recommend you do that before you. Sell it or ship it off and like i said if you guys are buying iphones be very cautious a. Lot of people try to steal stuff make sure youre doing the right thing check out the two links in. The description below if you guys have any comments questions or concerns go ahead and put them in the comment. Section below i will try to answer them as soon as i can i appreciate you guys watching this video.

Thanks have a nice day.

Method 4 – How To Fix Iphone Stuck On Factory Reset Screen (3 Ways)

Hello guys welcome back to the 10 or share channel you can probably tell that my iphone is stuck on. The progress bar i got this when trying to restore it to factory settings since i want to trade it. In for a new one its not my first device that run into this so thank god i do know. How to fix it here id like to share the whole process with you guys lets get started whenever the.

Device got stuck a force restart is always the first step to go which is free and requires no computer. So lets give it a try for iphone 12 is press and quickly release the volume up button then press. And quickly release the volume down then press and hold the side button let it go when the apple logo. Reappears okay as we figured it didnt seem to work no worries lets move on to the next one restore. Iphone using itunes if you got the loading bar from itunes skip ahead to the next method so once open.

It plug your phone into the computer then put it into recovery mode the same as the force restart but. After pressing and releasing the volume buttons hold the side button a little bit longer till you see the connect. To laptop icon then proceed with the restore option right here download the firmware then here we go if everything. Goes smoothly itunes will bring you to the hello screen well done it says your iphone has been restored to. Factory settings now you can proceed to set it up for those who are seeking alternatives because itunes is giving.

You errors reboot would be a nice option theres a link in the description below if youd like to download. So once launched it make sure your phone are connected and in recovery mode then click on reset device choose. Factory reset download the firmware then here we go well done now it says the reset process is completed you. Can see your iphone is restarting okay now lets go ahead and set it up if you want to give. Your phone to a friend or trade it in simply skip all the password options then proceed to the home.

Screen see finally we make it thats it thanks for watching i hope this video helps you guys have a. Nice day see you in the next video.

Method 5 – How To Erase Your Iphone | Apple Support

Want to erase the current content and settings on your iphone restoring your device to factory settings is easy before. You start make sure you have an icloud backup or a backup saved on your computer a factory reset erases. All of the data on your iphone so you need a backup if you want to save your content or. Settings or transfer them to a new device youll also want to have your apple id and password handy if.

You want to restore to factory settings from your iphone go to settings and tap general then scroll down and. Tap transfer or reset iphone next tap erase all content and settings and tap continue then enter your passcode if. You have screen time enabled you will also be prompted to enter your screen time passcode now just wait for. Your backup to finish next enter your apple id password tap turn off in the top right corner of your. Screen and tap erase iphone now just wait for your iphone to erase this may take a moment or two.

When the process is complete youll see the hello screen you can also restore your iphone to factory settings using. Your mac or pc if youre using mac os catalina or later youll use the finder in mac os mojave. Or earlier or if youre using a pc youll use itunes instead first youll need to turn off find my. On your iphone you wont be able to restore it until you do this in settings tap your name tap. Find my then tap find my iphone and turn it off when prompted enter your apple id password then tap.

Turn off in the top right corner of your screen to confirm next connect your iphone to your computer and. Open the finder or itunes then select your device from the sidebar to sync your computer with your iphone click. Trust now tap trust on your iphone to continue then enter your passcode now click restore iphone next youll erase. All content and settings from your iphone so make sure you have an icloud backup or a backup on your. Computer that way you can retrieve your data later click backup if you need to make a backup or click.

Dont back up to continue without making one click restore to confirm then wait for your computer to install the. Latest version of ios on your iphone your device will restart and after a moment or two youll see the. Hello screen and thats it for more tips subscribe to the apple support youtube channel or click another video to. Keep watching some sequences in this video were shortened.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Reset An Iphone

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