How Long Does It Take To Reset Windows 10 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Windows Reset Stuck For Hours Pc Stuck At Windows Reset! % – Pc Taking Too Long Resetting!! *Fix*??

Hi guys so basically i have purchased a pc of ebay and as you should do pretty much one buying. Any second on pc you should you reset it clean wipe out everything and reset the pc to a fresh. Start and i basically click the reset button about half 6 it was half 6 definitely around that time and. I have been waiting for such a bloody long time i mean im gonna look right now its 2 seconds.

So i mean is literally stuck on 4% half 6 i click the button 4 % so many hours have. Gone by this is the pc you bought and as you can see it is now nearly midnight and i. Am still waiting i mean ive searched online i guess im not the only one im in the problem if. Youre out there youre not alone ive been searching not resetting the pc and not just me but many other. People have also had a problem where its been stuck and this not just this number it could be any.

Numbers being stuck on uh for so long and it looks like progress is not being made but however what. I will do is im gonna go to bed now i will leave this on all night in the morning. Ill wake up give an update see how far is and hopefully it should be done which im thinking it. Probably will be if not then i guess were gonna leave it on and wait until they actually complete that. We dont really know it could take actually couple days maybe three days which ive found some people had actually.

Being not long which hope and it isnt and yeah so if you also got the same problem um just. Let it be basically do not try to switch it off or do anything like that cause youll definitely mess. Something up and its not the wise thing to do so yeah basically i will update you guys in the. Morning okay guys so its basically the next day and funnily enough last night when i went to bed i. Woke up during the night and i needed the toilet so i went down and when i got back i.

Checked the computer and funnily enough it was complete and it was around two oclock last night so yeah from. Half 6:00 to 2:00 its about roughly well seven and a half hours it took um thank god thats over. And if youre still waiting im sorry but all you can literally do theres no fix to this youre just. Gonna have to wait and wait it out and yeah until its done because you definitely will not want to. Do anything while its resetting because youll probably mess your computer so yeah here we are as you can see.

Theres installations done and i am posing literally go do something and id probably recommend if youre gonna do something. Like this is do it before you go sleep so its done overnight cuz itll definitely take several hours for. It to be complete and yeah so ill see you in the next video.

Method 2 – How To Reset Windows 10 To Factory Settings

In this video im going to show you how to reset your windows 10 computer and get it working like. New again you might want to do this because you want to sell your computer or give it to someone. Else or you might be having problems with your computer and you want to get it working properly again so. Keep watching to find out how this is daves tech rescue where i solve your problems with computers internet and.

Technology if you have a question youd like to ask me leave it in the comments below and ill do. My best to answer it and remember to subscribe so you dont miss my next video where i might be. Answering your question windows 10 has a built-in reset facility that will get you a computer back to a clean. Pristine state after you reset your computer it will have none of the apps or programs that you currently have. Installed but it will just have the basic apps that come with windows 10 it will reset all your settings.

So everything like your desktop wallpaper your list of printers the amount of time it takes for your computer to. Go to sleep to save the battery all those things go back to the default settings as for your data. You get to decide whether you want to keep your files like your documents photos and videos or if you. Want to delete everything and completely clean the computer just make sure you decide carefully and i always recommend you. Backup anything important before you start a big operation like this and if youre going to be passing your computer.

On to someone else or selling it theres a really useful option that lets you securely erase your data so. That no one can recover your data later on make sure you watch this video to the end and that. You completely understand what youll be doing before you start if youre not sure you might want to take your. Computer to an expert instead and if you do want to keep any of your data make sure youve backed. To talk to a separate place before you start also bear in mind that what you see on your screen.

Might be different to whats online windows 10 is always being updated and features might move from one version to. The next so if something looks different on your screen read it carefully and you should work out what to. Do so lets get started youll need to close any programs you have open so youre just looking at the. Desktop like this click on the start menu and go to settings now scroll down to the bottom and click. On update and security on the left hand side click on recovery now this is what we want reset this.

Pc so click get started now you need to choose whether you want to keep your files or remove them. Im going to show you what happens if you keep your files and ill go through the other option later. In this video so click keep my files after a short wait youll get a summary of whats about to. Happen were going to change the settings back to the defaults keep your personal files and remove all apps and. Programs if youre happy to go ahead click the reset button now you just need to wait while your computer.

Gets reset you dont need to do anything the computer will restart when it needs to this computer took around. 30 minutes to finish im just going to close this welcome page so you can see i have my files. On the desktop and any other files i had before in documents and downloads and pictures and so on are. Still there if i go to the start menu all the programs i had installed are now gone and were. Down to just the stock windows apps and if i expand the start menu my username is still dave so.

Windows has been reset and its left me with my old user account and my files now lets take a. Look at the option where we reset windows and delete everything click start and go to settings then scroll down. And click on update and security on the left click on recovery and under reset this pc click get started. This time were going to choose remove everything and this is the part we need to read carefully if we. Were to click next it would wipe the computer and make it work like new again but if someone really.

Knew what they were doing they might be able to recover your files from the hard drive so we want. To click change settings and turn on data erasure as it says here it will take a few hours but. Its a much more secure way to reset your computer now click confirm and im going to click next now. Read this summary really carefully because theres no going back from this when you click reset its going to remove. All your files and remove all the user accounts on this computer remove all your settings and remove all the.

Apps and programs if you ready click reset and wait this one can take a really long time but if. Your computer has something called an ssd it will be quicker so thats how you reset your windows 10 computer. Please let me know in the comments below how you got on and if this video helped you please give. It the thumbs up if youd like to see more tutorials from me click on my face below and hit. The red subscribe button and while youre here why not check out one of my other videos thanks for watching.

And ill see you next time.

Method 3 – ✔️ How To Reset Windows 10 (2020) – Recovery, Restore, Reinstall, Reset This Pc, Factory Settings

Hello in this video im going to show you how to reset your windows 10 pc begin by clicking on. The start button click on power little icon in the lower left and then youre going to hold down the. Shift key on your keyboard keep your finger on the shift key pressing it down and while youre pressing down. The shift key click on restart now youll wait a moment for the computer to give you these options youre.

Going to click on troubleshoot and then take the top option reset this pc now theres two options here one. Option is to keep your files but remove all apps and settings this is a good choice if you find. That your computer is has slowed down and youre afraid you may have malware or virus or just too much. Junk running on your pc but you still want to keep all of your documents that are in your documents. Folders and your photos folder on your desktop that kind of thing the next option is to remove everything right.

And this removes all your personal files apps and settings youll just have a fresh installation of windows 10 of. Course if you if you want to do that make sure that anything that is important to you has been. Backed up in this tutorial im going to do to remove everything option so im going to go ahead and. Click on that well wait a bit for the computer to begin the process at this point its getting things. Ready and now we have two more options so the first is just to remove your files and if youre.

Keeping the pc for yourself thats totally fine if however youre selling the computer or giving it away and you. Dont want any chance of any of your files being recovered then you want to choose the second option which. Is clean the drive fully and thats going to actually go through all the empty parts of the drive and. Overwrite all the empty parts of the drive after the process of resetting is done otherwise the way things get. Deleted in windows even though the file is marked as deleted it may still be sitting there on the hard.

Drive so the second option is your more secure option but it does take much longer im going to assume. Were going to keep the pc and click on just remove my files youll then come to this prompt reset. This pc is saying all its ready to go make sure that the pc is plugged in so this is. Whichever option you choose on the previous screen this is a time intensive process here so leaving your computer on. Battery isnt a good idea right and then it just gives an overview of what will be removed in this.

Case everything basically right so lets go ahead and click on reset were almost done the first step windows is. Now rebooting and now it goes into a further process of setup see the note at the bottom says your. Pc will restart several times so just let it go through its cycle until you see that its settled down. And asking questions a little bit more preparation okay and now we come to our first question so its asking. About the region so im in canada so ill click choose that and in canada our default keyboard its the.

U.s. Keyboard so ill choose that click on yes i dont want to add a second keyboard layout so im. Going to skip that and then theres some more work to do youll need to accept the license agreement and. Then were into a bunch of the setup questions so im sure for the vast majority of you youre going. To be setting up for personal use if you are setting up for an organization go ahead and click on.

That and youll need some information from your organization you know for login credentials that kind of thing but lets. Assume setup for personal use this dotted box is just saying what the i suppose preferred or default choices but. You actually have to click to highlight it and then youll be able to click on next now here we. Have a sign-in with microsoft area and if you dont want to use a microsoft account there is a procedure. You can follow which consists of unhooking your internet so actually take the cable out from the back of your.

Computer or turn off your wi-fi disable your wi-fi right put your laptop in airplane mode if thats the option. That you have and and then click next from there and ill show you how that does let me just. Unhook from the internet here it could be one moment okay so ive disabled the internet on this machine so. That i can create a local account right so were just going to type in say anything here and click. On next and there youre going to get this message that there was an issue looking up your account lets.

Oh here we go lets click on offline account in the lower left now that that option is available and. We can type in whatever username youd like to appear on your computer and well click next im gonna set. Up a password at this time so im just gonna click next and now we get into a bunch of. The privacy tracking kind of thing so i dont want this history across devices bit so im gonna say no. That would be associated with a microsoft account you could sign in on different machines and have your settings similar.

Between the machines but im gonna say no to that and im going to decline the digital assistant that just. Uses up a lot of processing that i dont need running all the time and essentially i turn off almost. All of these bits here so dont use that i do keep the location services on so that you know. Things like weather etc and news will work properly when youre online so accept that one but otherwise for greater. Privacy and performance i just go and say no or take the basic versions of the rest of this you.

Can of course choose otherwise but thats just my default thing so now we get into this a little intro. Well its getting the last bits ready for you and soon well be on the actual desktop and here we. Are on a nice fresh windows 10 desktop so our reset has been successful and probably the next thing that. You want to do is you know click on start go into settings a little gear icon on the left. There okay scroll down and go to update and security and youre gonna want to click on check for updates.

So i had turned off the internet so of course thats not working let me turn that back on now. When windows 10 does detect a new network and it will be to windows 10 a new network after a. Refresh like this youll get this question do you want your pc to be discoverable by other pcs and devices. On this network yeah if youre at home or in a work environment choose yes to this if youre in. A public environment all the time choose no but yes would be by far the big default for this otherwise.

Things like printers and such wont necessarily work the way that you expect or at all right so lets go. Ahead and retry now for checking for updates and the thing with updates is theres often updates on updates so. You can get a round of updates and then your itll prompt you to restart and then when you restart. If you go back into window its update and itll say that youre completely up to date but thats not. Always true always click one more time at least on check for updates because it will then you know confirm.

And see if theres anything really new it will often find something new and you may need to update three. Or four times before youve got all the applicable updates for your machine so its always a good idea to. Do this with a new installation to you know get all the security patches and bug fixes etc and then. Youll know that your computer is going to be running at its optimum and will have all of the components. Necessary for any newer software that that relies on a more updated version of windows than you might have from.

Your reset your initial reset well hopefully this has helped you reset your pc and and bring you to a. Faster better world thank you for watching.

Method 4 – Reset Your Windows 10 Pc And Make It Like New Again

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 5 – How To Fix Your Pc When Stuck Resetting

Yo whats going on guys its your boyfriend123 here back with another video and im here just to show you. Guys um problem that occurred my pc so um if you guys are having problems with um resetting the pc. And it taking um many hours i have a solution for you all so just keep watching the video and. I will show you step-by-step solution on how to get your reset to be complete so as you guys can.

See its just chilling at 10 and uh i will admit that it has been at 10 for about two. Hours now i started the reset at 8pm i dont have a clock near me so i cant show you. Guys the time but its currently 10 p.m 10 percent and uh yeah this is really terrible news but if. You keep continuing to watch the video i will show you guys a step-by-step solution on what to do so. Uh step one you wait until night time step two go to sleep step 3 just pray and the last.

Step you just wait open in the morning wait till the morning time comes after you went to sleep and. Uh your reset should be complete resets can take up to 10 hours so all you have to do is. Wait um whatever you do do not shut off the pc i repeat do not shut off the pc if. You do that youre just gonna damage your pc completely entirely remotely its gone so um also if you ever. Have to reset your pc just keep in mind that i could take a long time and um you always.

Want to be sure to have a backup plan um and throughout your day so youre not just bored all. Day whenever youre resetting the pc for example if you want to play valorum if you want to play fortnite. I got banned on fortnite so i cant really do that anymore for my boy jarvis but yeah all you. Have to do is just wait and uh i also wanted to show you guys some airpods i got as. You guys can see here theyre really good never die and uh yeah heres some airpods so im gonna come.

Back in the morning to show you guys that shirley and truly your pc reset will be complete as long. As you have the patience uh to be quite frank its been really stressful running into pc issues um i. Was about to buy a new um 4k monitor to do a 4k review but that got delayed until i. Can get my pc to work so um let me know down below in the comment section how i can. Fix this uh greatly appreciated and as always thank you guys so much for watching and peace out yo whats.

Going on guys its your boy cool4123 here currently four am just getting started so thank you so much for. Watching of course all you have to do is wait and just wait hard your problems will be solved have. A nice day please make sure to leave a like comment subscribe catch you guys in the next video peace.

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