How Long Does It Take To Update Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How Long Does It Take To Update Iphone To Ios 14?

You definitely have to watch this video if you know how long it takes to update from ios 13 to. Ios 14. This is youtube channel and lets dive right into the apple releases today september 16 2020 ios. 14.

So lets check how to update first go settings general software update allow your iphone to check for the. Update its found now you can read the update log summary and see all the new changes that are available. Also tap on learn more to get a detailed view you see all areas of changes new widgets app library. Compact design messages memoji maps app clips translate siri search home safari weather so you know you can notice that. This is a huge update bringing lots of new features to your iphone once you read the extended update log.

You can hit back and tap on download and install as soon as i tap on download and install i. Will also start the stop watching you because our main goal is to see how long it takes to install. Rs14 on your iphone so lets go ive entered the passcode agreeing with the apple terms and ios 14 is. Starting to be downloaded its a huge file 4.7 gigabytes file and it should take a while the first estimate. Says that we have about 10 minutes remaining for the file to be downloaded so well have to be patient.

So it took a bit over 10 minutes until the update was downloaded and now we have the preparing update. Status which means that the ios 14 file is unzipped and deployed on the iphone and prepared for the update. As we are nearing the 15 minute mark we are 20 minutes into the process and there is still a. Bit left from the preparing update stage 27 minutes into the update process and the preparing update loading progress bar. Is almost loaded to the end of course that you can skip all this waiting time by enabling enabling automatic.

Updates and allowing your iphone to download ios 14 in the background and prepare the update for you however youre. If youre a die-hard iphone fan you have to do this manually because automatic updates take one or two days. Until they are installed and if you want to grab ios 14 as soon as it is available today you. Have to do it manually okay so as we spoke uh the preparing update completes and now we have to. Type install now the update is verified and soon uh well get the black screen and the apple logo flashing.

On the screen 30 minutes into the update process and we still have the apple logo on the screen waiting. For the progress bar to fill up its i think about 10 percent about now 38 minutes 38 seconds and. 37 milliseconds later im asked to swipe to unlock my iphone and see ios 14. So lets do it i. Have to enter my passcode and im informed that the software update is complete and my iphone has updated to.

Ios 14. So lets continue agree to the terms one more time and im asking if i want to share. My iphone analytics i dont want to share them swipe up to get started with ios 14 being installed you. Can start toying with uh all the new features for example dont press on the home screen and start adding. New widgets like weather swipe for the app library where you have a one-page view of all your apps and.

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Method 2 – How To Update To Ios 15 – Tips Before Installing!

Whats up guys my name is brandon and today im going to be showing you how to update to apples. Latest major ios release ios 15. So in this video ill be showing you some important tips that you need. To know before updating your iphone ipad or ipod touch to ios or ipad os 15.

And if you guys. Want to see all of the new features included in ios 15 i will have that video linked up in. The cards and down in the description below its a long one because ios 15 adds a lot of new. Changes all right so lets go ahead and get into the tips that you want to follow before updating to. Ios 15.

So the first thing is to make sure your device is compatible and this is very simple to. Figure out if you have ios 14 right now you can update to ios 15. So now that you know. You can update to ios 15 we need to go into our settings and remove the beta profile if we. Have that installed so mine is in settings general and then wherever your device management is you will see the.

Configuration profile for your ios 15 betas so if you dont want to receive betas anymore just go ahead and. Remove this profile but if you want to get betas in the future then you can keep this enabled but. Most people probably do not want to run betas anymore once the official version comes out so when you remove. This that means youll only be getting the public the final releases in the future and no more betas to. Update to now we also want to make a backup of our data so this is probably the most important.

Step in this video so if we go to our settings and go to the icloud section right here and. Then to icloud you want to make sure to go to icloud backup right here and make sure thats turned. On and back up your device it doesnt matter if it shows that it was updated or just you know. Backed up last night you want to do one right now right before you update to ios 15 and you. Also want to make sure to go back to this page right here and select off everything that you want.

To be included in that backup so if you want to keep all your text messages you know your safari. Data all of that you want to go ahead and toggle these on so that they are all included in. Your icloud backup and if you dont have enough storage space in your icloud to make a full backup of. Your device i would just go into manage storage right here and maybe delete some old backups so once this. Loads up you can see we have a backup section right here mine is almost 50 gigabytes so yours obviously.

Will not be that large but if you go into here you can see old backups and maybe its devices. That you dont even have anymore or just order backups from the same phone that you just dont need so. You can maybe find something in here to delete and free up some space if you need it and you. May even see things in here that are taking up more space than you thought so you can go in. And remove them to give yourself enough space to back up your device and of course if you do physical.

Backups like if you plug your phone into your computer and make a backup through finder or through itunes you. Can also do that its the same as the icloud backup icloud backups are just more convenient to do and. You dont need to plug it into a computer to restore from so thats why i recommend that but if. You are old school and you like doing it through the computer theres definitely nothing wrong with that now the. Next thing we want to do is make sure that we have enough storage space to download and install the.

Ios 15 update so if we go to our settings and go to general and then down to iphone storage. You should see your storage right here and for ios 15 theres actually a first in the history of ios. And that is that apple is only requiring 500 megabytes of free space to install this update so before it. Would take like five to six gigabytes of available storage to update to the latest major ios release but now. With ios 15 apple is only requiring 500 megabytes of free space which is awesome so most people probably have.

500 megabytes of free space you know if youre on a 16 gigabyte device you may have a challenge with. That even 500 megabytes i know how that struggle is but you can find things to remove to be able. To get up to that 500 megabyte mark all right so once you have all of your data backed up. Via icloud or your computer and you also have enough available storage to update to ios 15 you are now. Ready to update so now all you need to do is go into your settings and then lets go to.

General and then to software update and you should see ios 15 populate so its going to be a pretty. Large update its probably not going to be quite as large as mine at six gigabytes but it will be. A pretty large size and once you get to the screen you will see that the download and install button. Is right here but it will be grayed out if your battery life is less than 50 so i would. Highly recommend plugging your phone into a charger while its updating and before you even start the update process i.

Would also make sure you are connected to wi-fi so you can download software updates over cellular but i would. Highly recommend doing it over a wi-fi connection so youll see ios 15 right here and you can tap on. Learn more to see all of the new features but i did make a video showcasing all these new features. Which will be a lot more entertaining than going through and reading all of these bullet points right here so. Once you see this just go ahead and tap on download and install and put in your passcode and youll.

Have to agree to the terms and conditions right here agree again and it will begin the update so this. Could take some time because usually at first when everybody is downloading ios 15 at the first time the server. Is taking a hit and it takes quite a while but just be patient and give it some time and. While youre in here you can also go up to the automatic update section right here and you can turn. On automatic updates if you want to so you can download and install ios updates automatically now me personally i.

Like having this disabled because you know i dont like updating to every latest version without even checking whats included. And thats another reason you guys watch my videos as well to see if you should update to the next. Version or not so i would turn this off if i were you but that is up to you and. So once you finish downloading ios 15 you will see a home screen that looks very similar to ios 14. But we do have quite a few changes and if you go down to the control center you will see.

First off we have the focus modes we have some different icons here and the control center we have some. Different icons on the home screen as well like for weather and maps has a new icon as well there. Are a lot of small and also a lot of pretty large changes here in ios 15 as well and. Again if you want to see all of those new features i will have that video linked up in the. Cards and down in the description below and then also one thing i did want to mention after updating to.

Ios 15 i would go into your settings right here and then go to your icloud and then go to. Icloud again and then go to icloud backup and you might want to make sure that icloud backup over cellular. Is disabled so if youre on a newer device like an iphone 12 or newer you will see an option. Here under backup that says backup over cellular and thats for 5g iphones thats why i said the iphone 12. And newer those can back up over 5g but i would disable that just because thats going to take up.

A lot of data and a lot of battery life i would just keep that to wi-fi only i would. Only want to have an icloud backup initiate when connected to wi-fi not over 5g so thats one setting you. Should definitely go ahead and change and then also inside of icloud you will see the new private relay feature. And the hide my email feature again you could see all the new features though in my big ios 15. Whats new video but thats just the basics guys that is how you can update to ios 15 and now.

You can do it right now it is released to everybody and those are just some tips to make sure. You do not lose any data and you update smoothly so if you guys found this video helpful i would. Appreciate if you give it a thumbs up and of course also make sure to leave a comment down below. If you installed ios 15 and what device you installed ios 15 on and of course i will have a. Ton of coverage coming here on ios 15.

You can find all of my latest videos on the software down. There in the description below but anyways guys thanks again for watching enjoy ios 15 and ill see you soon. You.

Method 3 – How Long Does It Take To Update Iphone To Ios 14.1? | Techno Window

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Fix Ios 14 Not Downloading During Data Transfer Old Iphone To Iphone 12

Hi this is tom from toms tech reviews and this is my video on how to fix the issue when. Apples latest ios 14 update freezes during a data transfer from your old iphone to your new iphone 12 and. This fix will work for any model of iphone 12 im actually using my iphone 12 mini in this tech. Help guide so the first thing we need to do is press the power button down on the right hand.

Side of our iphone 12 to bring up this list of options and now we need to tap on shutdown. So that we can restart our iphone 12. For this fix to work we need to do the opposite of. Before and we need to keep our iphone 12 away from my old iphone as we dont want to trigger. The data transfer process yet until weve updated the ios 14 software on our iphone 12.

Lets power the phone. Back up press the power button down for a few seconds it may take a few seconds for your iphone. 12 to spring back to life so dont panic here we go finally got the apple the apple symbol of. Hope hope that my phones going to work hello lets swipe up on this screen again it may ask you. For your passcode this time now you may get a few prompts one for our apple id and password which.

We need to enter but for the other prompts its best to click on setup later or dont use to. Save time as we will be starting the iphone up again anyhow welcome to iphone if we swipe up we. Can see that our iphone 12 is now set up and if we go to settings general and then about. We can see that this ios software version is 14.1 but it needs to be version 14.2 or higher for. The data transfer to work as our old iphone already has ios version 14.2 installed on it so lets update.

Our iphone 12 to ios 14.2 now in settings lets go to general and then software update then tap on. Install and enter our passcode it verifies the update and starts installing and it took about 10 minutes to install. The update for me and after the update installs you should get this hello screen again and when you swipe. Up to open you should then get the software update complete screen so lets tap on continue iphone analytics tap. On dont share and then tap on continue again welcome to iphone swipe up and if we check in settings.

On our iphone our ios software should be up to date on version 14.2 which it is so thats great. And this means we wont get stuck on the software update screen again and we can now reset this iphone. 12 to trigger the data transfer stage which should work smoothly now with no problems now we need to go. To settings on our iphone 12 and then general and then reset and finally tap on erase all content and. Settings and tap on erase now then enter our passcode and tap on erase iphone and tap on it again.

And now we need to enter our apple id password right and then return okay and here it goes its. Going its there actually erasing all the content on the iphone 12. After the erase has completed we should be. Back at this hello screen and we now need to place our old iphone that we are transferring the data. From close to our iphone 12.

After weve done that we can swipe up this hello screen to open it. And enter our language and then our country and we should now see the quick start page on our iphone. 12 but we also need to see the pop-up window on our old iphone screen so that we can trigger. The data transfer process if you dont see that pop-up window which is what happened to me there is a. Way to trigger it you have to wait for your iphone 12 screen to go to sleep and return to.

A black screen and then tap on the power button or move your phone to switch the screen on again. And then swipe up on the hello page again and this should trigger the pop-up message to appear on your. Old iphone tap continue on the pop-up message and now hold the camera of our old iphone over the animated. Qr code until it triggers the connection and now we need to enter the passcode for our old iphone make. Sure its the password for your old iphone and not your new iphone 12 okay so were back at the.

Face id so lets do the face id this is really good face id and lets set that up so. Set up transfer data from iphone okay so now lets just tap continue and setting up your apple id okay. Terms and conditions lets agree to those right settings from your your iphone so okay lets transfer those over apple. Pay ill do that later ill set my apple watch up later uh i wont share all the recording yet. If analytics dont i wont share that for now and here we go finally got there transferring data from iphone.

This transferring data process took me about 20 minutes to transfer about 60 gigabyte of data so it could be. Quicker or slightly longer for you depending on how much data youre transferring over transfer complete and your iphone 12. Should now be an exact copy of your old iphone with all your data transferred across for me its even. Recovered all my missing emails well i hope this video has helped you out if it has please thumbs it. Up and please subscribe for more iphone tech guides and tech reviews to come thanks for watching.

Method 5 – How To Update Your Iphone Software Faster

Hello everyone in this video i will show you how to quickly update your apple software is normally every two. Three months so you go to settings here settings click on settings and first of all to you need to. Put display and brightness here display and brightness click up on display and brightness and then click on automatic lock. Auto lock here and then click on never so that it will be under your screen brightness will be on.

It so it will update faster and now we go to general click on general and then we click on. Software update tap on software update so we we need to update the software is twelve point four point one. New apple software for august 2019 so we click on download and install we need to put the password and. It will be takes faster time to install and to download the update so now we verify in update after. Four minutes so in this occasion your phone restart my probably a few times and now installing the downloaded updates.

Under still screen on which is helpful to finish the update faster so after seven minutes the update is completed. So we click on settings here settings and then dont forget to turn off never so we go to display. And brightness display and brightness here and go to automatic lock auto lock so never so that it will update. Faster so we put back in 30 seconds or how you normally use 1 minute 5 min 30 seconds then. Go back go back to check if the update is done to make sure general and software update here software.

Update and it shows ios twelve point four point one your software is up to date your software is up. To date thanks for watching please subscribe share bye.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Update Iphone

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