How Long Does It Take To Update Windows 10 – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How Long For Windows 10 Updates To Install Answers And Questions July 22Nd 2020

Welcome to this windows and computer channel and i wanted to talk about time yes time and more specifically the. Time it takes for any updates to install so youve got typically two types of updates that get to your. Computer when you go and you check the update and security and were not talking about the ones that are. For the entire virus here theres cumulative updates like patch tuesday is a competitive update for you know security fixes.

Theres like yesterday for some versions right now theres bug fixes updates that are also communitive updates so both of. Them show up as cumulative updates the only thing that makes you understand one is security is because its released. On the second tuesday of the month and apart from some exceptional reason for a major update for security most. Other updates that will show up are canonical dates that are bug fixes and then youve got feature updates like. The may 20 2008 and one of the biggest problems i see and cause of problems for some im pretty.

Sure come from the install time and people are quick to judge that its too long its not working im. Gonna stop the update right now first of all never unless its really out of bounds really you know 24. Hours later you still havent updated now okay theres a problem but for the most part do not interrupt updates. In the middle of the update process a lot of you that have problems did that you decided that it. Was too long and you just cancelled the update and shut down the pc this can create a variety of.

Different problems from corrupt files in complete updates that make your computer work bad do not stop the updates once. They are started wait for it to happen and one of the biggest promise a lot of people have is. They dont want to leave their pc on doing the updates which he should just leave it on thats it. It doesnt matter you do something else the computer is gonna be fine by itself doing the updates and when. Youll come back well youll be either ready to restart or its already gonna be all done and theres a.

Feature updates that are very very long for some so whats a typical time that you can expect a patch. Tuesday cumulative update or a bug fixing cumulative update it can take anywhere from just a couple of minutes to. Half an hour one hour for some its the typical bracket it technically even on an old pc it shouldnt. Really take more than an hour in general for an update to happen for cumulative updates and for bug fixes. So thats and in i would say the most most people are in the bracket of you know within half.

An hour your computers restarted and everything is fine feature updates is the different thing what is a feature update. A feature update is the may 22 2008 for example version 2004 or any other updates that bring you to. A new version of windows 10 these updates are much longer to do but they are divided into different things. They are divided into the first part is the install that is going in the background that you can actually. Use your pc and do other things while its doing that and then theres the update itself a feature update.

From the moment it starts downloading to the end of when its actually installed can take anywhere depending on your. Computer from half an hour an hour to several hours i see so many people say well i started installing. Version 2004 and after four its after 40 minutes its still only at you know 24 percent well nothing is. Wrong here liat let it do what it has to do thats all it can take several hours in some. Cases this its very important to understand that very important to stop and i think that is the biggest problem.

Stop staring at your screen when its installing go do something else come back an hour later and check on. It to see where it is and thats it thats what i do i start the updates you know i. See it every week oh yeah i am an insider so i see inside of previews that our big feature. Updates all every week i do not sit down and look at my screen waiting for it to come -. To achieve its you know goal of updating my builds or anything same for the windows feature updates when i.

Installed the main 20/20 a date on this computer here what i did i started and i went to do. Something else and i came back maybe two hours later to see where it was two hours later was like. You know 90 80% 90% it was almost ready for the reinforced art and the real official install of it. So just be patient now youll say okay but what would be a not normal time frame well if it. Takes more than seven or eight hours for your pc to complete and install somethings just not right even an.

Old pc typically you know when i when i look at my insider preview machine its a 2015 computer maybe. Even 2014 computer well that computer being older takes more time to install or feature update but still it usually. Completes it in about three to four hours from download to the complete finished install and im on a new. Version of windows it could be up to four hours it has an old at magnetic hard drive its you. Know its not the performance of today so i would say that unless your pc is really really old if.

Its more than six or seven hours now you can start to worry but then again ive seen some people. Say it took seven hours on their pc and and installed fine so you know if if it has an. Installed afters you know more than six hours start worrying and maybe something is not right but for the most. Part be patient patience is very important on the pc especially what updates if you enjoy my videos please subscribe. Give us thumbs up thank you for watching.

Method 2 – ✔️ Windows 10 – Working On Updates – Don’t Turn Off Your Pc – This Will Take A While

In this video i would like to talk just a little bit about this kind of thing where your computer. Is working on updates and it says dont turn off your pc and you may be wondering can i turn. Off my pc and of course the short answer is yes of course you can and the repercussions however could. Be quite dire so really really recommend that you dont write there is a fair chance that if you do.

Things will continue on as they were that the update will you know recognize that it isnt complete and reinitialize. Itself when you do turn your computer back on and i totally understand that there are situations like when youre. Leaving a hotel for example and your batterys down to 3% and you just cant leave it on you have. To leave youre not going to have power you just have to turn off your computer what other choice you. Have right but if at all possible you want to keep that computer on and running and and it can.

Take a long time so you know you you may be alarmed to discover that certain updates on certain systems. Could actually take hours right rare cases you know it could take all day i would start to suspect after. Several hours however that if it hadnt moved along as it were that there was something wrong and in which. Case i would start seriously considering turning off your machine and and having it try again but if you are. Able to keep it running and if you have the patience for particularly long installs to just let them continue.

That is always the best and first approach that you should consider alright and as it says at the bottom. Here your pc will research several times thats quite normal for extended updates this particular update thats running is a. Feature update to windows 10 so its actually a new version of windows 10 thats coming in so theres quite. A lot to do you know in the background for the update some updates are very trivial you know theyre. Over in a few minutes but this particular one you know is taking some time not terribly long this is.

A fairly fast system but but anyway hopefully this little bit of advice has helped you decide whether you should. Turn off your pc or not thanks for watching take care and please subscribe.

Method 3 – How To Fix Windows 10 Updates Taking Forever To Install

What you guys got another video here on how to fix windows 10 updates taking forever to install on your. System or maybe youve got a windows 10 update thats stuck or frozen im going to show you what to. Do in this video now sometimes you may feel that its stuck but in fact your update is fixed in. A few things and it will eventually start to install now it can take up to two or three hours.

To install a really large feature update so if youve got an update like this one here and its stuck. Say on installing at 91 or any other type of percentage that its stuck on then this video is for. You sometimes you get it stuck on the reboot screen where its updating and you get it stuck there if. Youve got a slow old pc you really need to give it plenty of time to install so go to. Your search box and type in here trouble uh shoot or trouble and you will then see the troubleshooter here.

Were going to go to additional troubleshooters down here first off and take a look at the windows update troubleshooter. Sometimes there may be a problem with your updater now if youve got a very old slow pc it may. Take a long time to update so be patient guys because people are probably stopping it during the process of. Updating so you can always try this update troubleshooter first which sometimes can fix and resolve a few problems so. Its going to detect a few problems on the system and then it will start to try to rectify those.

Windows update problems with windows 10. Now windows 10 has been played with some update issues so bear that in. Mind and keep an eye on the known issues on windows 10 uh microsoft windows 10 website and youll be. Able to see whether theres an issue with the updating process you can see here its checked for windows update. Issues its detected a problem and well go ahead and try to rectify that and fix it in this video.

For you so im going to give you a little tip what you can do here to keep an eye. On whether some activity is happening on your computer i see this quite a lot where people get impatient and. Then they shut down their pc during the updating process and it can mess it up so right click on. The taskbar and go to task manager and open up the task manager here go to your performance tab here. And youll see some tabs in here called cpu memory disk and ethernet you can check all of these to.

See whether theres activity happening on your computer during the updating process especially the disk if you see your disk. Is actually got some activity going on as long as youre not using the computer at the time when youre. Checking here if its completely dead then theres no activity just give it a little bit of time and keep. A high eye on it to make sure that its actually working looking at the ethernet here it may be. Downloading and sending and receiving files so keep an eye on that you can see that down at the bottom.

Here and youll be able to see your cpu will also be spiking up and down and you may get. Memory usage as well so keep an eye on all of those uh areas and this is a good telltale. Sign that something is still happening with your computer during the updating process you can also check the uh hard. Drive indicator light on the case to see whether theres any active activity on there as well so go into. The search box and type cmd and then click run as administrator to open up the command prompt box in.

Here were going to do sfc space forward slash scan now what this is going to do is check your. System files and make sure everything is okay and running as it should be this is also a great way. Of telling whether the system has got problems and what well do is let this run it does take a. Bit of time so be patient but ill speed this process up and you can see here the windows resource. Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them so we know there was an issue with the uh system files.

So its now fixed those corrupt files so were in good stead there but if you want to go a. Little step further you can do this dism command here and well do restore health here so first start off. Typing in dism and in space forward slash online and then space forward slash type cleanup all one word here. So lets just take that dash out put clean up and in dash and then image and in space forward. Slash restore health once youve done this you can then push enter and this does take a bit of time.

So be patient and well let that run and hopefully your problem will be resolved but once thats done you. Want to run sfc space forward slash scan now to make sure all of the problems are resolved and then. Try to run windows update again to see whether that fix your problem so you can see here its now. Completed and uh we can now move on to the next step if youre having issues uh still having issues. With your windows update so what well do here is were gonna go down to the search box here im.

Going to type ms config and open this up system configuration box and what youre going to do here is. A clean boot basically to stop anything running in the background sometimes when youve got antivirus programs they can cause. Issues so load uh started items take tick out of there and also were going to go to services here. And were going to put in here hide all microsoft services and then disable all we want to click on. The disable all here and this will be any sort of service thats running or any sort of program thats.

Running like your antivirus program or anything like that that can interfere with that also we want to go into. The open task manager here and disable all of these here because there may be something in here thats conflicting. And causing a problem with your update so just disable everything inside here okay and then try your windows update. Once you know its working you can go back in here and turn all this stuff back on and revert. Back to the way it was before the windows update unfortunately you have to do these types of things to.

Try and troubleshoot the issue because you wont know what is causing the problem and sometimes programs can be a. Little bit mischievous with windows updates and cause issues especially security software so now ive done all this what i. Can do is close this box and go back let me close the box out and we can go backwards. Here and it will say do you want to apply and ok these settings so just do that and of. Course we will need to reboot the system once that is done it will prompt us here to restart so.

Restart your system and enjoy your windows update and hopefully it will be working if it is once its finished. You can go back into ms config and put your settings back to the way they were before you just. Put normal start up here at the top and you should be good to go next up were gonna reset. All of the windows update components here so download now this script has been designed to take out all the. Hard work of running a load of commands in the command prompt whereas this does it all for you and.

Makes your life a lot easier so now youve got it downloaded open up the powershell with administrator and get. The execution policy you can see theres a restriction on there and we need to take that restriction off before. We run the script you can do self dash execution policy unrestricted and then push enter and say yes to. All and basically this will remove the restriction for you to be able to run that script safely and then. Once the script has been run we can then revert back and put our policy back to restrict it again.

Its that simple and to do that you would just put this in here basically put unrestricted here so you. Can see ive done this now and if you want to restrict it you would just put the get dash. Execution policy space restricted and put the restriction back onto that system im not going to do that just yet. Because we are still going to run this script so now weve got it unrestricted as you can see in. The list there so what im going to do is basically go ahead and run this script so im not.

Going to finish off this process here i just wanted to show you how you can revert back ill show. You after ive run the script as well so lets open up uh our script here so im going to. Close this off and ill show you an easy way to get to the location where your script is go. To where your script is where youve downloaded it highlight it go to file open with powershell open with powershell. With administrator say yes to the user account control this will open up your box here where we need to.

Type in our command so were going to do dir here just to see whether the script is in that. Folder it is so now we can do dot and backslash and then the actual name of the script so. Do that dot backslash and then the name of the script which is in this case reset dash windowsupdates.ps1 and. Then we can run this and then basically this will run the script and remove any files that have been. Inside our software distribution folders and cat root and stuff like that and it will also clear all that out.

And when you download again sometimes that rectifies a lot of problems and you can see its just done what. We need to do there and reset a load of dlls back to their defaults now its asking us to. Reboot our pc but before we do that lets just put our restriction back on by doing a set dash. Execution policy space restricted and say yes and basically restrict it and then reboot our system and hopefully when we. Reboot our system you can try the windows update and hopefully you will be successful if you still get frozen.

At a certain point just be very patient and let that run it can take quite a bit of time. If youve got a very old system especially four gigs of ram or something like that and an old uh. Processor third gen processor it can take quite a bit of time anyway thats basically how to fix windows updates. Taking forever to install or windows updates that are stuck or frozen and stuck at a certain percentage my name. Has been brian from brighttech computers dot co door uk hope this video helps you out guys remember hit the.

Like button guys it does help with the youtube algorithm and i shall see you again for another video real. Soon thanks again bye now if you havent subscribed yet hit the red subscribe button and hit the bell notification. Button and click all to be notified when we upload new videos you.

Method 4 – How To Update Your Windows 10 Laptop Computer – Update Drivers – Process Updates – Shown On An Hp

Hey guys this is jamie with pc monkey were bringing you another do-it-yourself computer video today right now we have. An hp laptop were gonna show you how to manually initiate your updates and update your computer often times theyll. Hear it guys saying this whenever you complain about it being slow or a key not working or at being. Glitchy the first thing they say is make sure your updates are through so well show you how to do.

That well show you how to make sure your updates are all processed and in so when you call your. It guy and he says that you can say i already did so get to your desktop first were gonna. Go down to the left side of your screen the search bar oh also as a side note if you. Have any questions or comments please leave them below we do get back to you a couple times a day. At least also remember to view the description in our videos first oftentimes well have related video links or frequently.

Asked questions if we hear the same question over and over again well put it as well as the answer. In the description so keep an eye on those it could say good time if you have a question so. Go down to your search bar type in updates make sense huh okay it the person that pops up check. For update system settings and thats what we want enter so this is your windows update screen thats showing you. All the available updates sometimes it wont show this sometimes itll try to trick you itll say no updates are.

Available or youre all updated or something to the effect of you dont need to update this but therell be. A button saying check for updates always click that button because that that will manually check for updates sometimes it. It lies to you so we see all these available updates here lets scroll down to make sure theyre all. Going through ok good theyre all started sometimes none will be processing and therell be a button here that says. Download and you have to manually click download to get them to start downloading but thats how you would access.

Your updates now if you wanted to just sit here and stare at it i i guess you could but. But theyre gonna start updating like downloading 27% itll work its way through at various points a lot of these. Updates can go through with no hitch but every now and then an update that processes your computer has to. Restart so if youre updating your computer like go get a coffee take a break but keep coming back and. Checking it every now and then because you may see a dialog box prompting you to restart for certain updates.

If its saying that it needs to restart just hit restart restart your computer when your computer restarts come back. Here do this again process these again depending on how many updates you have this could take a while and. Then sometimes when you go down here to your start menu to leave for the day and you hit power. Sometimes itll say update and shutdown update and restart so once you get this update train going its kind of. Hard to stop it and you dont really want to you want these all the process so thats how you.

Would access this thats how you would make sure your computer is updated for your it guy any questions leave. Them below well get back to you if this was helpful please like and share and if you enjoyed do-it-yourself. Computer work please subscribe thank you for watching.

Method 5 – How Long Does It Take To Upgrade To Windows 10?

Okay everybody how long does it take to upgrade to windows 10 well the answer is hours ive got a. Lot of very old computer pretty modern hp love it does everything i wanted to do but i got a. Quote for a free upgrade to windows 10 and its real simple you follow a couple links but this thing. Has been going for a well over an hour now it says your pc will restart several times sit back.

And relax so just do that make sure you dont have any work to do any computer you can be. Around for a while and go ahead and install it this is probably been going for 90 minutes for about. 83% done so dont worry dont give up dont control-alt-delete dont cancel just be patient it will load come on. 84% come on 84 come on 84 its copying files list all features and drivers configuring settings.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take To Update Windows 10

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