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Method 1 – Is First-Class Usps Delivery Slower? We Tested It To Find Out.

I am about to go to the first post office to mail off five letters that will go around the. Country to test whether or not mail delivery is slowed and where it slowed and how slow it is so. Were sending 125 letters at least thats the hope to five different places around the country to see if mail. Gets delayed because mid-summer or so it was announced that the postal service was making cutbacks and those cutbacks have.

Become very political because now people are worried it will hurt the chances of a good a fair election even. Before the election questions people are reporting that their medications are getting stalled their social security checks are getting stalled. So the post office is really important people depend on it and so we are going to test it out. And see how it does and were starting here in manhattan beach hello how are you today im well im. Back i have five um certified mail return receipt things okay and i just need to know when they get.

There how are you yes how about how long do you think its taking for priority mail these days oh. Im sorry this is regular mail this is uh first class so three to five days so these should get. Oh so that itll show me a promise well a a suggestion itll give me a suggestion of when its. Supposed to be our estimation so were going to uh 25 different post offices from the north in la county. Lancaster palmdale area to the south long beach where were headed right now were going to the east pomona were.

Going to the west malibu were going to lots of places in between compton and inglewood and beverly hills and. Downtown l.a and boyle heights we just came back from bart were just leaving gardena one of the things that. Happened this summer was that the u.s postal service started cutting back it cut back on mail sorting machines it. Cut back on overtime hours mail started to delay the post office has been run poorly for many many decades. Great people in the post office incredible people but theyve had very bad leadership for many years so well get.

It straightened out i want to assure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable. And committed to delivering the nations election mail securely and on time we decided to go to 25 post offices. Mail letters to five different places across the country and see whether there are the delays that people are talking. About people have been talking about medications lost in the postal system for weeks and thats a real problem so. Were driving down the 405 now toward long beach on the plus side to do all of these miles um.

The coronavirus has cut down on traffic um on the minus side were going to be driving a long long. Way and now i need air conditioning because its really hot its 89 degrees we are in the middle of. A heat wave on top of a pandemic on top of a general election thats very contested on top of. Northern california being on fire on top of calls for the end of systemic racism all this and its sweltering. Wed hoped to send mail from 25 post offices but los angeles county had other ideas its 4 753 square.

Miles and over three days we only made it to 20. But that was enough to see a pattern and. It wasnt pretty overall just 75 of the letters sent by the times that should have arrived within two business. Days actually got to their destinations on time this rate is substantially lower than the most recent postal service performance. Report which shows a 92.4 on time delivery rate in april may and june and seven of the 20 letters.

Mailed from los angeles county to the san francisco bay area took seven days to arrive you can drive that. Far in less than seven hours we emailed the u.s postal service for comment a spokeswoman did not address our. Findings directly but she said that service has improved although the agency continues to quote identify and address some ongoing. Service issues end quote the moral of this story if youre planning to vote by mail in november and you. Want to make sure that your vote is counted mail your ballot back early you.

Method 2 – Why Is Your Mail Being Delivered So Late?

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Method 3 – How Usps Sorts Mail

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Method 4 – Delivering Mail – The Post Office

Now the post office thats a different story you got to case your mail you got to deliver the mail. And you have packages and i thought it would be easier in a sense it is but no its not. I absolutely love delivering mail and i love the customers its a really fun job and it pays well working. For the government but im gonna be honest christmas time aint it and i havent even worked during christmas time.

You know how i know christmas time aint it because they say its worse than it is every day and. Every day is crazy i transferred from one post office to another thinking that maybe i wouldnt have to stay. Till 9:00 10 oclock at night although we get there at 7 8 oclock in the morning and i was. Right i didnt have to stay late but working six seven days a week nine ten days straight before you. Get a day off it aint for me baby it aint for me but what i do love is casing.

The mill making it look all beautiful we fold it in tacos so that whenever you get to each mailbox. You could just look at the address on the outside which is a magazine either like a magazine or a. Little card that goes in everyones mailbox we fold those and make a taco and so if everyone gets one. Then every house has a fold and you could put the other letters inside of that fold which makes life. So much easier its so much better than like getting to the mailbox and having to go through the letters.

Like this and then put it in the mailbox whenever i have tacos i move so fast ill have my. My bundles sitting on the left side of me im driving in the right side of the truck and i. Just pull up to the mailbox im like were timed so thats why we drive crazy like that if the. Route is evaluated at nine hours and you finish it in seven as long as your ax ours are under. 40 you still get paid nine but just the opposite of that if you take 11 hours to deliver the.

Route and its evaluated at nine hours you could get paid nine hours if you dont meet your 40 hours. For the week but if youre over 40 regardless of if you went over or under youre evaluated evaluation for. The days you get paid your actual time i like getting paid hourly i can be a bit slow im. Really slow inside of the office i take my time putting up the mail to make sure that i put. Everyones mail in the correct slot in the mail case so that whenever i get out to the street i.

Dont have to like go through to make sure that every single letter is right because i already did that. And then whenever people have packages and youre at houses its so crazy because whenever they have packages you can. Put like a little marker there to let you know hey this person has a package make sure you look. For their package dont just drive up and that makes it so much easier than passing houses not realizing that. They have a package i like using little markers like maybe even get like a little notepad or something and.

Cut up the paper and reuse it every single day i like orange yellow and green because it stands out. From the mail and i know hey i have a package coming up because i already see it back there. So i need to get ready to pull that package now the packages that fit in the mailbox i put. Them in a tub and put them like the last one at the bottom and the first one at the. Top so that whenever i pull one spur is what we call it that goes in the mailbox i can.

Scan it and put it in the mailbox and then i can see which spur is up next what house. Number the route that im on now is all cluster boxes cluster boxes suck booty like who thought of putting. These business looking boxes or apartment looking mailboxes for neighborhood houses theres no covering on top if its raining im. Getting soaked if theres my and like puddles on the ground im all up in it baby im all up. In it i put on my sandals one day because my shoes were so wet and were not supposed to.

Do that but i did id rather my toes get wet than my tennis shoes and socks so i did. That the sun i burn and its so crazy because i love the sun i love laying out but when. Im standing at cluster boxes for four or five hours in the sign just putting mail in the boxes just. Standing there its awful so now im starting to think that maybe the post office is it for me either. I dont know maybe i just need to get somewhere and write some songs cuz thats all i ever want.

To do if i could do anything for free and like still have money to live i would just write. Songs and sing all day thats what i would do so maybe i need to get my butt in that. Business cuz we i just dont know what to do i dont know what to do i cried a lot. When i first started it was so hard whenever i got to the mailbox i would look and make sure. That every single letter belonged to the house that i was at and then i would move on thats why.

It took me so long i was trying to be a model employee and then i got to the point. Where i could just throw it in the mailbox without looking and i realized oh no im at the wrong. House so then i have to go back pick up all the mail go back redeliver the mill so and. Then i started marking my skips which is if someone has moved the house is vacant ill mark a skip. Like red hey dont deliver anything to this mount this next mailbox skip it or this persons on vacation hold.

Theyre in hawaii they dont have melted a because you left it at the office on hold so make sure. You skip that house i used to do that a lot and thats how people get the wrong mail it. Sucks but mark your skips whenever i have packages i like to our cases usually have like five or six. Lines youll have a case a kay bkc in case a you may have 20 houses on the first row. And then case b you may have 20 houses on the first row and then case c you may have.

20 houses on the first row and they all go and order on the route like that so you go. A 1 b 1 c 1 a 2 b 2 c 2 a 3 b 3 c 3 so whenever. I mark the packages if i say its a 2 i know that before i get over to this street. Im gonna deliver this package before i get to b – i have to deliver a – all of a. – other cases are abc cases opposed to that one which was carousel abc cases are all of a then.

All of b then all of c so these go a 1 a 2 a 3 a 4 a 5. B 1 b 2 b 3 b 4 b 5 those are easier to case the mail whenever we have. Dps the mail that comes in from the machine thats an order its easy to case that but hot case. If you dont know the case hot case is mail that is all screwed up its all out of order. You dont know where it goes if you walk up to a new mail case and youre looking for youre.

Looking for like avery street and there are i dont know 70 streets on this case youre like where the. Heck is avery i dont see avery avery avery avery avery avery avery avery avery and then you have to. Do that for every piece of mail so whenever i was at a new case i like to get like. Sticky notes and put on a1 i have these five streets on a – i have these two streets on. A3 i have these six streets and i would put the sticky notes there so now instead of like going.

Like this down all the cases im going like this down each each side just to see like okay wheres. The street but once i know the case honey id be going in id be like wow that goes there. Well that goes there wow that goes that that goes there it becomes it becomes so much easier but yeah. I like delivering them the part that i like the least is actually not even the weather its not the. Heat its not the rain its not the cold although its freezing my butt off when i first started the.

Part that i liked the least would be immature co-workers and supervisors i have met the most amazing people working. At the post office but i have also met the most poopy diaper filled adults i have ever met in. My life manipulators cry babies not cry babies like someone hurt my feelings cry babies like how could you do. This to me you are not coming to work today youre youre just making it so hard for everyone like. Im sick get over it im not doing this for ya thats a whole nother video girl okay so anyway.

If anyone out there is considering working at the post office it is an amazing job i mean that from. The bottom of my heart i love it i love it if i could customize the personalities that i worked. With it would be even more enjoyable but the job itself is fun the job itself is exciting and the. Benefits and the pay is outstanding i love it thats my postal experience.

Method 5 – Systems At Work

When someone sends a letter it enters a system already at work that most people never get to see the. United states postal service processes hundreds of millions of mail pieces every day the postal service delivers almost half the. Worlds mail to over a hundred and fifty million addresses through a network of thousands of post offices these offices. Are supplied by a network of hundreds of processing and distribution centers around the nation the postal service separates mail.

Into three categories letters flats and packages small pieces of mail like letters bills and postcards are all processed by. The same set of machines processing legends begins with color or filtering out male that cannot be handled by machines. Down the lines due to size shape or weight letters then enter the advanced baser canceler system this machine uses. Specialized cameras to take pictures of envelopes as they speed by these pictures are used by the computer to find. The stand locate the address breathe the head writer and compare the address against a database of known it faces.

The letter in the right direction sprays it with the unique id tag and cancels the stamp with a postmark. The letters are then transferred to the delivery barcode sorter postal workers feed the letters into this machine by hand. This machine sorts letters into delivery point sequence or the order that postal carriers will deliver them along their routes. After letters are sorted they are moved to the loading dock customers often bring large bundles of magazines to distribution. Centers for processing the postal service refers to magazines catalogs and similar items as flats large bundles of flat must.

Be weighed and verified before they are processed they are then taken to a preparation area there they are separated. And ready for processing after they are prepared bins of flats go into the flats sequencing system a machine the. Length of a football field lets travel along the conveyor system to a feeder where they are removed from the. Bins and sent one by one to the scanning system a high-speed camera captures images of flats to identify their. Delivery addresses a computer interprets the scan addresses and sends sequencing information to the machines robotics system though flats are.

Then sorted into delivery order for postal carriers sorted flats are then transferred to trades and automatically loaded onto cards. They are then moved to the loading dock packages can be particularly difficult to process by machine because they come. In a wide variety of sizes and shapes the automated package processing system is uniquely equipped to deal with this. Kind of mail packages are spread out as they move along a series of belts and lowers and the packages. Enter the scanning and imaging tongue the machine reads their addresses it determines the package dimensions and weight checks for.

Proper postage and scans the barcode updating the packages tracking information the package was then travel along a conveyor before. Being kicked off into bins by destination packages are then moved to the loading dock where they are loaded onto. Trucks along with letters and flex going to the same post offices as morning approaches drivers deliver the sordid mail. To the appropriate post offices after the mail arrives postal workers separate eight-foot pickup carriers gathered assorted letters flats and. Packages to take out on their routes you mail delivery connects people and businesses all across the country every day.

Technology keeps mail flowing with is constantly moving network all systems at work.

Conclusion – How Long Does It Take Usps To Deliver Mail

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