How Long Does Itunes Take To Restore Iphone – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Backup And Restore Iphones With Itunes Explained

Whats up guys im steven from tech steve hd comm making technology easier in todays video im gonna show you. How to move the files from an old iphone over to a new one using itunes so sit back and. Relax lets get started for this process youre gonna need a couple of things to get started first of all. Youre gonna need have a good wi-fi connection also youll need some type of computer your two iphones and make.

Sure theyre fully charged and youre gonna need the lightning cables that came with your phone now it is recommended. To use the original equipment that way you have less chances of having any kind of problems if they use. An apple computer itunes is pre-installed but if youre using the pc you need to head over to the website. And download the file just go over to itunes comm and then itll take you to this website then press. Download it should normally recognize your computer but if not unload windows right there most newer windows computers have 64-bit.

Installed but if not you can still download the 32-bit version right there once you have itunes open go to. The top and click on accounts then go ahead and sign in with the same login and password that you. Have on your itunes account on your iphone the next step is you need to authorize your computer so it. Can move your files over at the top go back to accounts and impress some authorization and authorize this computer. Then youll need to enter your itunes password one more time then press authorize the next thing you would do.

Is go ahead and plug in your original iphone so you can get the files off of it youll be. Prompted on your phone to trust this computer now you want to go to this icon that looks like a. Miniature phone now you want to press on this computer so it can backup the files right on your computer. Directly then press backup now now you do have an option to encrypt a file so no one has access. To it but thatll be up to you this backup process can take from 10 minutes up to an hour.

Depends on how fast your computer is doing this process you will lose some of your files because apple is. Only gonna lie you to backup restore things that are bought or purchased from apple if you have files on. Your iphone that wasnt purchased from apple you need to buy a program similar to this i made a video. About it and ill leave a link in the description below me whats up guys this is steven from tech. Steve hd comm making technology easier in todays video im going to show you how to move some files out.

Of your apple products over to your desktop so you can share them with other apple products or android products. Or just have them as a memory were talking about music that wasnt bought through itunes im going to show. You how to backup your call log how to print out text messages and a lot more so sit back. And relax and lets get started but this allow you to move all your music over to your computer so. You can resync it back up to your new device as well as call history memos but a lot of.

This stuff is already stored in your icloud once your phone is done backing up now you can go check. To make sure its in your computer you go to the top and press itunes then press preference and then. Under devices you can see your last backup right there now the backup is complete go ahead and plug in. The iphone that you want to transfer all your information to now keep in mind anything does in a device. Will not be there anymore its gonna clear it out and start over with your files that you had in.

Your previous iphone once you plug your phone in youre going to get a pop up again to says trust. This phone now itunes is shown a new device going pressed a little icon that looks like a phone again. Then go over here to the side and press restore back up before you restore it you need to go. Into the phone setting and turn off find my iphone so it can then start the process in order to. Turn off find my iphone go into settings press on your name then press icloud scroll to the bottom then.

Turn off find my iphone you also need to enter the password of that icloud thats on that phone then. Press turn off the next step is go ahead and plug your phone back and it should allow you to. Restore this time go back to the top and hit the phone icon again then press restore back up if. You have old backups youll have a drop-down with multiple backups on it but were gonna use the one that. I just backed up go ahead and press restore depending on how fast your computer is this can take from.

Five minutes up to a half an hour and sometimes longer once itunes is done you can disconnect your phone. And then start the process of putting everything back together now since this is one of the newer iphones youve. Got to swipe up to get started by the older iphone will have a different screen next enter the passcode. That you had on your previous phone next youll see this screen where is starting to rebuild the phones profile. Now the restore is complete go ahead and press continue you want to enter your wi-fi password again now enter.

The password from your icloud account from your previous phone from your email account or another apple device go ahead. And enter this passcode that pops up on your device now the phone is looking old icloud so it can. Start read downloading all your applications next youll be prompted to enter the password on a mac but it may. Vary from pcs to mac once you enter the password go ahead and press done you can reset up your. Apple pay or do it later if you had it set up before now since i used the apple watch.

Its asking me do i have one so it can help you set it up later then go ahead and. Press continue since the new iphone doesnt have the home button is showing you how to use the siri command. And then these are just some helpful tips to show you how to use the new device once you get. Through all those screens swipe up to get started now if you have that iphone with the home button itll. Be a different process now if you take a look at the phone its starting to put all my apps.

In the phone just like it was before you also start getting a bunch of pop up for all the. Email accounts that are in your previous phone youll need to know the password for all of those and as. Well as your apple watch will start beeping to let you know that its time to set that up as. Well now once everything starts loading up some of your applications you need it log back and for example lets. Click on facebook if you notice facebook didnt log in automatically but the good news is if you have the.

Keychain set up where it remembers your password you can simply press down here below and then dont log right. Back in also in my basic email account i need it reenter the password so you need note all these. Different passwords for every email account that you have on your device the last thing i want to show you. Is what my phone looks like once it moved over as you see all the applications are exactly the same. The only thing that didnt move would be my music and the photos are going to be on the icloud.

So theyll systematically download back into the device so i hope this video helped you guys out and if you. Have any questions be sure to leave a comment below this video and like all my videos before give me. A thumbs up subscribe to my channel and ill see you guys on the next video peace.

Method 2 – How To Backup & Restore Iphone Using Itunes! [Step-By-Step]

Whats up everybody welcome back to another video so if you have an old iphone and if you want to. Know how you can just back up and restore all of it data from your old iphone to your new. Iphone using itunes then this is the video for you because in this video were going to go ahead and. Show you how easily you can do the process now to do the process all you need to get obviously.

You need to use a computer with itunes if youre using windows you usually can install your itunes either from. Google or microsoft store and now the first things were going to be telling you to do is simple you. Need to back up all of the file from your old iphone to your computer make sure to use that. Authentic cable to connect your old iphone to your computer as you guys can see right here we have that. Apples authentic cable that were gonna use to this old iphone so what ill do ill basically plug it in.

And afterward ill plug it to the computer as well as soon as you do it youll get a pop-up. On your old iphone now go ahead and hit trust now go ahead and enter your device passcode now im. Going to leave this device right here ill start working on the computer now on your computer youll also get. A pop-up on the pop-up go ahead and click continue to access your device to your computer as soon as. You do it it will allow your iphone to your computer now all you got to do just go ahead.

And click your itunes and after you just open up your itunes on top of your screen on your computer. You will see this little tiny mobile icon go ahead and click on there and then you will see your. Device right there now to backup your files from your old iphone the things you got to select you have. To come to this backup options and click this computer you also can do that backup on our icloud accounts. But the problem is icloud only has five gigabyte to offer it can make the problem if you have more.

Than five gigabyte to store now you can do just go ahead and click your computer and you simply can. Click backup now but before you go ahead and do that make sure to encrypt your backup which is recommendable. For you but you also can do it without encrypting your backup since it is important we will just encrypt. Our data with the password so set the password if you want to encrypt your data so ill just set. The password for that now after you enter the password make sure to take a note of the password because.

That password will be needed later on now after that go ahead and click set password all right guys now. Your backup process has started taking place on your computer now lets go ahead and wait unless your process is. Done all right guys so that process can take a little longer depending on how many files that you are. Backing up on your computer now be patient and keep waiting unless your process is done all right guys now. As soon as you back to view all of the data and content from an old iphone on your computer.

Then you will be able to transfer them directly to your new iphone now after that all you can do. You need to take and you got to make sure that whether you have backed up your files on your. Computer or not now to make sure now all you want to do just go ahead and click your itunes. And then you will get this option called preference go ahead and click on your preference and then youll find. These options called device now go ahead and click on your device and check your last backup so our to.

This backup is right there so that means our backup has successfully completed now lets go ahead and do the. Further process in terms of just transferring them from the old iphone to the new iphone now im just going. To go ahead and just take it out and ill start doing the process with that new iphone so let. Me just take it out from here now lets go ahead and get started with that new iphone now to. Start doing the process with your new iphone the first things you gotta do is simple just go ahead and.

Swipe it up and select your language and select your country now once youre here go ahead and tap set. Up manually and go ahead and choose your network tap continue to the data and privacy now set up your. Face site if you want but it will set it up later create a passcode for your iphone now re-enter. The same passcode now once youre here all you want to do you just want to tap restore from mac. Or pc and then just go ahead and tap restart from mac or pc now once youre here all you.

Got to do just go ahead and connect your iphone to your mac or computer with itunes so what ill. Do ill just connect it by using this original usb c2 lighting cable and ill place it in now as. Soon as you do it ill just leave it on this computer and then ill start doing the process with. The computer on this computer youll get automatically this popup and all you got to do just go ahead select. Your restore from backup you actually can set up as a new iphone since were making this video for restoring.

This backup so well choose these options and also on this drop down menu you can just choose that backup. File since we had the last backup with this apples iphone we will select the last backup to do the. Process and once youve done that then ill just go ahead and click continue now go ahead and enter your. Encrypted password that you have set it while you are doing the process with your old iphone afterward go ahead. And tap okay as soon as you do it your restore will get started from your computer to your new.

Iphone now wait unless your process is get done well as soon as you see these options and now your. Iphone will take auto restart and your process will be done so now let me just go ahead and grab. The new iphone right here as you guys can see now it is restarting now with unless your your iphone. Get back on the main screen alright guys now lets go ahead and continuously do the process on our iphone. Total you will swipe it up and ill enter the device passcode now after that process now go ahead and.

Enter your passcode one more time now it says restore completed now go ahead and tap continue well now it. Is asking for the uploaded password so ill skip this stage and ill tap skip and now it is updating. Icloud settings now go ahead and tap agree to the terms and conditions tap agree now go ahead and continuously. Set up your process now ill just go ahead and enable the location if you want but ill tap disable. Location ill tap ok now set up your apple watch if you have any so ill just set ill tab.

Setup later now go ahead and tap share with app developer if you want but ill tap dont share now. Go ahead and just select your display zoom tool tap continue now this says welcome to iphone so ill swipe. It up alright guys so as you guys can see now our process is done and all of your applications. Is now available on your new iphone im just gonna go ahead and do a little comparison like how many. Apps we have on here from our old iphone and whether we have received all of these important files or.

Not all right guys so our backup is completed and now as you guys can see we have every single. Same application on our new iphone which was coming from the old iphone and the best part is even they. Are in the same specific order and same happens on your photos let me just open up the photos from. Here right here as you guys can see we have the same photos on this both iphone it seems to. Be working for every single things has been attached for successfully but the last things you have you got to.

Do unity installed the application which was installed and which were third-party application for your old iphone all right guys. So this is how you can transfer all of your data from your old iphone to your new iphone using. Your itunes on your computers alright guys hope this video is useful if so be sure to the like button. And subscribe to this channel to get more useful video content for yourself thanks for watching and see you next. Time.

Method 3 – How To Reset Iphone 7 Plus & Restore From Itunes | New Ios | Dfu Mode

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Reset & Restore Your Apple Iphone X – Factory Reset

Hello everyone so in this video im gonna be showing you how to factory reset your apple iphone 10 or. X all right so im gonna be showing you how to reset it so that in case you have a. Password and you cant get into it or if the phone is not booting up correctly or if the phone. Is disabled ill be showing you how to reset it so you can start using your phone normally again alright.

So first thing were gonna want to do is power the phone off so were gonna power off the iphone. 10 here hey once the phone is powered off what youre going to do is youre going to hold youre. Going to need to have itunes on your computer pc or mac and connect the lightning cable to the computer. Okay were gonna hold volume down and the power button both of them at the same time and plug in. The cable alright so lets do that now and plug in the cable and continue to hold volume down and.

The power button all right so this is gonna show up on the screen of the phone the connect itunes. The screen here so once you see this youre good to go were gonna leave the phone connected and put. The phone to the side okay all right so next up now were gonna go on the computer here so. Itunes is gonna read the phone there we go its gonna ask you if you want to restore or update. It so were gonna select restore and here were gonna select restore and update all right so if you dont.

Have the software downloaded on the computer its gonna download it first and once the download is complete the process. Will begin since i already have it downloaded the process already began and its on its way so it may. Take a few seconds or a few minutes for it to complete oh yeah and one more thing guys remember. To be signed in to your itunes so you dont get any error messages so its a good idea to. Have your itunes updated to the latest one and also to be signed in to your apple id account all.

Right so as you can see guys the phone has been completely factory reset to its factory condition here we. Have to go through all the options here to get the phone set up and activate it so you have. To connect to wi-fi here or if your sim card is activated you can continue here through these settings all. Right im gonna walk you through these setup options very quickly right so were gonna have to place a sim. Card to get it activated and there we go the iphone is completely set up and factory restored back to.

Its factory condition all right so i hope this video was helpful to you guys in resetting your apple iphone. 10 alright everyone so i hope you enjoyed this video if you didnt please give it a like also remember. Click on the subscribe button down below for more videos like this also click on the bell to receive notifications. On future videos remember were gonna be doing a free giveaway of a brand new smartphone of your choice to. My subscriber number 100,000 so when that time comes ill let you choose whatever smartphone you want at the time.

And well ship it right out to you alright guys thanks for watching til next time peace ciao.

Method 5 – How To Backup & Restore Iphone Using Itunes [Updated!] 2020

Firstly lets learn how to properly backup iphone to itunes so launch itunes on your computer now connect your iphone. To your computer using lightning connector now go back to the itunes and tap on this little iphone icon in. The top left hand corner now under summary section you should see the backup options if you cant see this. Section just check your iphone there could be a pop-up asking you to trust the computer you want to hit.

Trust and then enter iphone lock screen passcode now you should definitely see this screen now here since we want. To use itunes for backing up and restoring iphone you need to make sure that the backup option is set. To this computer now you can go ahead and hit backup now button to start backing up your iphone but. This backup would be unencrypted and unsecured which is not recommended you should encrypt your iphone backup because encrypted backup. Includes your saved passwords health data website history and wi-fi settings and you dont even need to manually log into.

Individual apps after you restore your iphone if you have this encrypted backup so to ensure you backup everything you. Should encrypt your backup so now go ahead and select this checkbox encrypt local backup now you want to create. A new password to encrypt your iphone backup and i want you to write it down and keep it somewhere. Safe because there is no way to restore your data from this backup if you dont have this password so. Literally write it down and keep it safe now go ahead and hit set password as soon as you hit.

That option itunes should start backing up your iphone wait until it completes and there you go your iphone is. Backed up to your computer successfully now if you want to see your backup you can go to edit preferences. And under devices section you should see your iphone backup along with the date and time you can also go. To this folder path on your computer to see your iphone backup file now there could be two cases where. You want to restore data on your iphone either you have an old iphone and you want to restore your.

Data from the backup to this old iphone or you bought a new iphone and you want to transfer your. Iphone data from old iphone to new iphone we gonna see both the cases now lets take the first case. Where you already have an old iphone and you want to restore data on it so firstly you must turn. Off find my iphone option on your iphone so go to settings on your iphone tap on your name scroll. Down look for find my select find my iphone and turn this toggle off enter apple id password and hit.

Turn off done now go back to itunes again and hit this restore backup button here you can choose the. Latest backup from the list you can have multiple backups but you should choose the latest one then hit this. Restore button this will ask you for encryption passcode enter the passcode and hit ok thats all and thats how. Easily you can restore data on your iphone from the backup now lets look at the second case where you. Bought a new iphone and you want to transfer data from old iphone to this new iphone so what you.

Need to do is press the home button or swipe up to start setting up the iphone now select your. Preferred language im gonna select english now you want to select your country or region from the list ill select. India now wait for few seconds and then it will show you the screen basically it tells you that you. Can copy your old iphone data to this new iphone just by bringing your old iphone near this new iphone. But for the purpose of this tutorial im gonna set up iphone manually so lets select this setup manually now.

Here again it is asking you to choose your preferred language and keyboard language i am gonna simply hit this. Continue option now choose the wi-fi network of your house enter the wi-fi passcode and then hit join button on. The top right hand corner now its activating your iphone so you want to wait for few more seconds and. Then on this screen you want to hit this continue button now it is asking you to set up your. Touch id or face id depending on your iphone model if you want you can select continue and set it.

Up right away but im gonna save time and set it up later ill select dont use now it is. Asking you to create a lock screen passcode for your new iphone so you want to create a strong passcode. Im just putting some dummy passcode for the purpose of this tutorial now this is the screen which is very. Important you can choose any option from the list depending on how you want to set up your iphone im. Gonna select restore from mac or pc now it is asking you to connect your iphone to your pc and.

Use itunes so lets connect iphone to computer using lightning connector now go back to your computer and launch itunes. Now after few seconds your itunes should show this window here you can setup your iphone as new which will. Not restore any data but since we want to restore backup data you want to select this option restore from. This backup now go ahead and tap on this backup list and select the most recent backup and then hit. Continue now enter your encryption passcode and hit ok now this should start transferring data from your old iphone to.

Your new iphone you want to wait until it is completed meanwhile you should see a message on your iphone. Saying restore in progress just keep your iphone connected to itunes and wi-fi let the process be completed and there. You go after few minutes you should see your iphone rebooting so allow it to reboot and when you see. This message simply press the home button and enter your iphone lock screen passcode now iphone is completing the process. Meanwhile you should see some errors on your computer on itunes you can ignore all the errors and allow your.

Iphone to restore the data now finally after few minutes you want to enter iphone lock screen passcode and its. Gonna say restore completed but wait still there are few things you want to do so go ahead and hit. This continue button now enter your apple id password and hit next now if you have two factor authentication enabled. Its gonna ask you to enter the code now its gonna proceed and update your icloud settings wait for it. To complete now it is asking you to disable or enable location services im gonna enable it now it is.

Asking if you want to share app analytics with app developers im gonna select dont share and there you go. Iphone setup is done type on get started and you should see your old iphone data is copied to your. New iphone but wait it is still downloading apps from the app store so it needs wi-fi connection and i. Would suggest dont even touch this iphone until the process is completed because you might lose your data if you. Touch any of the app which is being downloaded so be careful now after few minutes you should see that.

All the apps are downloaded and all your data from your old iphone is transferred to your new iphone and. Thats how you can backup and restore iphone using itunes if you have any specific questions put them down in. The comment section below and id be happy to help consider subscribing to the channel if you havent already and. Hit that like button as a token of appreciation thank you for watching see you in the next one.

Conclusion – How Long Does Itunes Take To Restore Iphone

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