How Long Does Mail Take To Arrive – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Is First-Class Usps Delivery Slower? We Tested It To Find Out.

I am about to go to the first post office to mail off five letters that will go around the. Country to test whether or not mail delivery is slowed and where it slowed and how slow it is so. Were sending 125 letters at least thats the hope to five different places around the country to see if mail. Gets delayed because mid-summer or so it was announced that the postal service was making cutbacks and those cutbacks have.

Become very political because now people are worried it will hurt the chances of a good a fair election even. Before the election questions people are reporting that their medications are getting stalled their social security checks are getting stalled. So the post office is really important people depend on it and so we are going to test it out. And see how it does and were starting here in manhattan beach hello how are you today im well im. Back i have five um certified mail return receipt things okay and i just need to know when they get.

There how are you yes how about how long do you think its taking for priority mail these days oh. Im sorry this is regular mail this is uh first class so three to five days so these should get. Oh so that itll show me a promise well a a suggestion itll give me a suggestion of when its. Supposed to be our estimation so were going to uh 25 different post offices from the north in la county. Lancaster palmdale area to the south long beach where were headed right now were going to the east pomona were.

Going to the west malibu were going to lots of places in between compton and inglewood and beverly hills and. Downtown l.a and boyle heights we just came back from bart were just leaving gardena one of the things that. Happened this summer was that the u.s postal service started cutting back it cut back on mail sorting machines it. Cut back on overtime hours mail started to delay the post office has been run poorly for many many decades. Great people in the post office incredible people but theyve had very bad leadership for many years so well get.

It straightened out i want to assure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable. And committed to delivering the nations election mail securely and on time we decided to go to 25 post offices. Mail letters to five different places across the country and see whether there are the delays that people are talking. About people have been talking about medications lost in the postal system for weeks and thats a real problem so. Were driving down the 405 now toward long beach on the plus side to do all of these miles um.

The coronavirus has cut down on traffic um on the minus side were going to be driving a long long. Way and now i need air conditioning because its really hot its 89 degrees we are in the middle of. A heat wave on top of a pandemic on top of a general election thats very contested on top of. Northern california being on fire on top of calls for the end of systemic racism all this and its sweltering. Wed hoped to send mail from 25 post offices but los angeles county had other ideas its 4 753 square.

Miles and over three days we only made it to 20. But that was enough to see a pattern and. It wasnt pretty overall just 75 of the letters sent by the times that should have arrived within two business. Days actually got to their destinations on time this rate is substantially lower than the most recent postal service performance. Report which shows a 92.4 on time delivery rate in april may and june and seven of the 20 letters.

Mailed from los angeles county to the san francisco bay area took seven days to arrive you can drive that. Far in less than seven hours we emailed the u.s postal service for comment a spokeswoman did not address our. Findings directly but she said that service has improved although the agency continues to quote identify and address some ongoing. Service issues end quote the moral of this story if youre planning to vote by mail in november and you. Want to make sure that your vote is counted mail your ballot back early you.

Method 2 – Postage Rates Increasing, Some Mail May Take Longer To Arrive Under New Plan

Today marks the new york post the new post office plan so your mail could take longer to reach you. The postmaster general is slowing down some deliveries and raising some prices to balance the postal service budget cbs 2s. Ella barnett has more from washington ive been coming up here every week asking wheres my mail marissa taylor relies. On the post office to deliver her paychecks that she uses to take care of her two siblings with special.

Needs they keep giving me the same answer which is oh you have a new driver itll be out today. You dont get mail that day taylor went without mail for days over the summer and new changes from the. U.s postal service mean more delays could be in her future in march postmaster general lewis to joy announced a. New 10-year plan that promises to cut debt and modernize the agency we havent been funded in 10 years you. Cant see any legislation cant pass any legislation that helps i can just finish this point but it comes at.

A cost almost forty percent of first-class mail could take up to five days to arrive instead of up to. Three days and sending holiday cheer will be pricier as well with postage rates increasing up to five dollars more. Per package until december 26th 21 state attorneys general asked the postal regulatory commission to reject the new plan saying. It could disproportionately impact elderly and rural residents as well as individuals with disabilities these cuts plain and simple are. Illegal now we should also highlight that many americans rely on this service for the delivery of their medicines cbs.

News spoke with one man whos already experienced delays in receiving his heart and behavioral medications and hes now concerned. That will happen more often if youre also worried the general advice is to send things a few days early. Or consider another service errol barnett cbs news washington.

Method 3 – See Everything That Happens When A Package Is Shipped | Wired

Have you ever wondered what happens to a package once you take it to be shipped we did so we. Rigged a camera inside a lucite box and shipped it across the country to follow its journey all the way. To delivery if youre sending a gift or buying one online this holiday season its likely that a company like. Ups will be handling your presence at one point or another and this season theyll be delivering over 700 million.

Packages yeah places like the us postal service will be delivering roughly 16 billion cards letters and packages and it. All starts here once your package is ready to be shipped a driver picks it up loads it onto a. Truck and heads off to a shipping home once it arrives at the hub the package is put on a. Complex network of conveyor belts where the journey begins but when shipping volume basically doubles how do they keep track. Of it all the short answer is a lot of automation and technology but dont worry the robots arent taking.

Our jobs as your package zips through one of their facilities it goes through a laser scanning tunnel that reads. The smart label on the box and redirects it so its properly loaded on a truck or plane that is. Headed to its destination in this case its going up a plane so it has to be loaded onto an. Aircam thats fancy talk for a container built specifically for air travel once the can is packed to the gills. Its loaded on a plane it takes off and heads towards its final destination ups operates around 940 flight segments.

A day within the u.s. To ensure that your last-minute impulse buy arrives on time when the plane arrives the. Air can is unloaded and the complex dance of sorting and scanning begins again now once the package is loaded. On the right truck the driver heads for the final destination and we have a pretty good idea of what. Happens from here pure package opening bliss.

Method 4 – How Customs At Jfk Searches 1 Million Mail Packages A Day

About 1 million packages arrived at john f kennedy international airport every day and just like travelers have to go. Through customs so do international packages the us customs and border protection or cbp is tasked with screening all of. Them theyre looking for anything that isnt legally allowed in the us certain foods animals drugs and counterfeit goods jfk. Is one of nine international mail facilities in the u.s.

Its essentially the countrys biggest mail room dealing with roughly. 60% of all international packages entering the country first the packages are taken off arriving passenger or cargo planes and. Transported to the us postal services mail room on-site theyre sorted and then taken to the cbp mail facility next. Door for inspection cbp uses a three-tiered strategy to efficiently search each of these packages intelligence-gathering non-intrusive inspection and hand. Inspection we followed two units searching for drugs and counterfeit items before a package ever lands in the u.s.

Cbp. Gathers intelligence on the sender the container and the aircraft theyll check with law enforcement partners like homeland security the. Dea and the fbi to see if theres anything of interest this is how cbp narrows down a million packages. To the ones that will get flagged for further inspection once a suspicious package is pulled it goes to the. Cbp inspection area this is where human cbp officers get a little help here a four-legged officer like alex will.

Search hundreds of packages in 20 minute runs these dogs are trained to sniff out seven different drugs the drug. That they are trained for our hash marijuana cocaine heroin methamphetamine ecstasy as well as fentanyl if alex finds something. Hell notify his handler by sitting or lying down if hes right he gets his chew toy this is the. Game that they work for all right its good play boy and if alex are one of his furry friends. Comes in contact with the drug officers have the antidote narcan on hand nearby cbp officers are using another non-intrusive.

Search tool x-rays when i first started this i would literally open up everything because i couldnt tell what the. Image was but eventually after you do thousands of parcels opening them up and comparing him to image now you. Start getting good you can identify oh thats this oh thats this we can let that go because of this. If they see something on an x-ray monitor that looks suspicious officers will isolate the package then we pull that. One actually isolated packages go through an intrusive search officers will cut them open to hand search for drugs or.

Counterfeit goods i always got taught basically expect the package to be something thats going to your mom so that. If it is good its coming back to your mom in the same way that its supposed to be this. Common its its like from back home it pills certain kind of vitamins and they get them from their little. Pharmacy im pretty sure this right here is actually a steroid no the worst part is you dont know whats. In these capsules if the officer finds drugs the package is sent to muriel thats four thousand plus pills new.

But if he finds a counterfeit good its sent to steve well start with muriel this lanzas areas that we. Find drugs concealed radio speakers or even car bumpers whats the reason they love to place cocaine in car bumpers. Its crazy where we even find drugs in plato also evokes children books in between the lining of the pages. Youll find drugs there muriel tested drugs with the spectrometer called the gemini using lasers the machine can pierce through. Packaging and tell what the drug is inside right now im gonna test this particular package its telling me that.

Is ketamine its used for horse tranquilizer and also painkillers muriel will label the drugs based on where they fall. Among the de as drug schedules schedule 5 being a drug with the lowest potential for abuse or dependence like. Robitussin and schedule one being a drug with the highest potential for abuse like ecstasy we have the gpl coming. From the netherlands and someone in new york is receiving it steroid schedule 3 coming from hong kong then we. Have the karasu fodor coming from india and then we have the tramadol coming from singapore any scheduled drugs will.

Be seized there is no day that we come to work that we dont find anything every day is a. Sense of importance because of the fact that we taken out these particular drugs from the street the narcotics unit. Had over 7,600 seizures in 2018 including 246 pounds of cocaine then over 360 pounds of ecstasy now back to. Steve hes the one that gets all the counterfeit goods thats anything that infringes on a companys intellectual property rights. Or ipr think fake air jordans gucci purses or rolex watches companies like louie vuitton and gucci train steve on.

The tell-tale signs for spotting a fake while most of the tips are kept top secret to protect the brand. There are a few things that steve could share with us the first when it comes in is the country. Of origin the these high-end manufacturers here louis vuitton gucci theyre coming from france italy spain the watch is coming. From switzerland when its coming from china being thats your number one red flag then you look at the dilapidated. Boxes so thats two red flags there a third thing is commingling the high-end manufacturers never commingled their products like.

In other words a gucci inside of effendi or a louis vuitton these people will stuff watches a wallet inside. A handbag and so theyll never commingle their products they are so precise some things i could say like some. Of the manufacture date on put any of this in it the filler inside it they would never do that. Well look at the smell sometimes it smells like petroleum its not real leather we look at the stitching we. Look at the symmetry of the logos by the manufacturer the zippers this one here is the coach bag with.

A michael kors zipper this coat has spur belly on the buttons instead of burberry so these are the comical. Things that we find when you look at it up close and you could pick it right out counterfeit goods. Make up an estimated trillion dollar industry thats even been linked to terrorist groups around the world in 2018 cbp. Had over 1,800 ipr seizures and if all those counterfeit goods had gone on to sell at their suggested retail. Price theyd total an estimated 54 million dollars so where do all these seized goods end up anyway well most.

Of the narcotics and counterfeit goods will be sent to a top-secret incinerator to be destroyed some of the drugs. Will go under further testing while some of the counterfeit goods may be donated if the offended company allows it. But in some cases if the illegal goods are part of a greater investigation cbp officers will actually put that. Package back in the mail then theyll track it all the way to the person it was sent to this. Is known as a controlled shipment im the one who opened that package and now im involved in this controlled.

Delivery now i get to finish the story all right now we go out weve knocked on your door you. Open hello we notice that youve ordered you know this particular package its mdma whats the story behind it so. Then we listen but what are theyre up against fake guccis or dangerous amounts of fentanyl cbp stands guard at. The countrys busiest mail facility this is where it comes you dont see it all the time coming across the. Border and trucks in big bundles like the tv well have you this is where its all coming from and.

It hits the street and it destroys lives so in our way if we can stop it here thats one. Less tragic storage probably that were gonna have to hear about.

Method 5 – How Usps Sorts Mail

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Conclusion – How Long Does Mail Take To Arrive

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