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Method 1 – Windows 10 May 2019 Update How Long Does It Take To Install And How Does It Install Itself

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Method 2 – How Much Time Does It Takes To Install Windows 10 On Sata Ssd

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Method 3 – How To Install Windows 10 On Your New Pc! (And How To Activate It)

All right so youve just finished building your new gaming pc but it needs an operating system in this video. Im going to show you a step-by-step guide on how to install windows 10 on your new pc and also. How to activate it quick summary before we start just so you know what were doing were using a program. From microsoft to put windows onto a usb flash drive which well then plug into our new pc we can.

Then boot from that flash drive and install windows on our new machine from there you can either use windows. Completely free if you can live with the watermark or you can activate it for 13 from todays video sponsor. Bob keys but more on that later by the way if you want to skip to any parts of this. Video ive added chapters lets do this all right so youre going to need two things access to a laptop. Or pc this is so we can download windows 10 and create a bootable drive the second thing is a.

Usb flash drive that has a minimum capacity of 8 gigabytes also bear in mind we will essentially be wiping. This flash drive so make sure its not got anything important on it type download windows 10 into google and. Click the first result or just go straight to this web address or click the link in the description it. Will bring you to a page with a button that says download tool now click that to download the windows. Media creation tool this is a program that will allow us to create a bootable usb drive that has windows.

10 on it once thats downloaded run the program youll have to accept the terms of agreement and then youll. Come to this screen its going to ask you what you want to do click the second option create installation. Media for another pc the next screen will ask you which language edition and architecture you want to use you. Can just leave that all default unless you think you need to change something like the language next itll ask. Us which media we want to use were using a usb flash drive so we option one by the way.

Before you click next plug in the usb flash drive because well need it ready for the next step so. On this screen you just select the usb flash drive you want to install windows to hit next and then. Go make a coffee while you wait for windows 10 to download and install itself onto the usb flash drive. Congratulations you just made yourself a bootable usb drive with windows 10 on it now before we proceed a word. Of caution if you only have one storage drive in your new system say an m.2 ssd you dont need.

To worry about what im gonna say next however if you have two or more drives installed in your pc. Say for example an m.2 ssd and a three and a half inch hard drive i would highly recommend you. Disconnect all of the drives other than the one you want to install your operating system onto before proceeding to. Install windows there are two reasons for this one it will make sure we get a clean install on our. Primary drive and two you wont accidentally end up wiping your second drive assuming of course it had stuff on.

It maybe from another pc okay so now thats out of the way grab your bootable usb drive plug it. Into one of the usb ports on your new pc turn it on and it should boot from that flash. Drive after which you will see the windows setup screen if you got to this point youre on the home. Straight on this first screen just double check to make sure the language is correct and hit next click the. Install now button now this next menu is going to ask you for a product key if youve already got.

One you can enter it here otherwise just click i dont have a product key we can activate windows after. The installation from here you just need to choose which edition of windows you want to install id recommend going. With windows 10 pro and actually if youre using the exact method that ill show you later to activate windows. You need to choose windows 10 pro because well be using a windows 10 pro license key you cant for. Example install windows home and then upgrade to pro it just doesnt work like that were going to be asked.

What type of installation we want upgrade or custom were going to go with the second option custom because this. Is a fresh installation now on the next screen youll be asked to choose where you want to install windows. 2 of course we only have one drive connected so there is only one option if you do still have. Multiple drives connected obviously make sure you choose the right one and thats basically it windows 10 will install itself. The only thing youll have left to do is just run through the final part of the setup which includes.

Stuff like connecting to the internet and signing into your microsoft account and thats it you can use windows 10. Now completely free however thats assuming you can live with this watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen. Which by the way will display over everything including games if you want to get rid of that youll need. A license key now if you were to go straight to microsoft youd pay 200 if that doesnt sound appealing. Good news you can get one from bob keys todays video sponsor for 13 and i always get questions like.

Oh i dont know if its going to work is it a scam so what i thought id do is. Take the opportunity to go undercover and buy one myself so were going to add windows 10 pro to our. Basket im going to make a brand new account on the ob keys im going to go to checkout add. My code tt25 for 25 off and im going to pay via paypal now after youve completed payment you can. Head over to the user center click on my purchased orders and there you will see your purchase along with.

A button that says view key if you cant see that button yet dont worry you just need to wait. For it to say order completed in the status column its usually pretty quick but yeah just a heads up. Anyway click the view key button copy the 25 character code this is our license key head to windows activation. Settings if you dont know where that is you can just type activate into your windows search bar to bring. It up click change product key paste in your license key and hit enter and there we go windows is.

Now successfully activated no more watermark now the first key i actually purchased from bob keys was back in october. And its still working completely fine on my pc no issues whatsoever if you do want to pick one up. Click the link in the description and dont forget to use code tt25 for 25 off your order yeah there. We have it guys its honestly pretty easy i know people can get worried about the windows installation part because. It might seem difficult but its really not if youve got any questions by the way feel free to drop.

Them in the comments or just say hi if this video was helpful a like rating would be much appreciated. It helps the channel out and subscribe for more content ive got an awesome pc upgrade coming soon so stay. Tuned you can catch me on social media at techtesseract with that being said hope you guys have an awesome. Week ill catch you all in the next one everyone.

Method 4 – How Long For Windows 10 Updates To Install Answers And Questions July 22Nd 2020

Welcome to this windows and computer channel and i wanted to talk about time yes time and more specifically the. Time it takes for any updates to install so youve got typically two types of updates that get to your. Computer when you go and you check the update and security and were not talking about the ones that are. For the entire virus here theres cumulative updates like patch tuesday is a competitive update for you know security fixes.

Theres like yesterday for some versions right now theres bug fixes updates that are also communitive updates so both of. Them show up as cumulative updates the only thing that makes you understand one is security is because its released. On the second tuesday of the month and apart from some exceptional reason for a major update for security most. Other updates that will show up are canonical dates that are bug fixes and then youve got feature updates like. The may 20 2008 and one of the biggest problems i see and cause of problems for some im pretty.

Sure come from the install time and people are quick to judge that its too long its not working im. Gonna stop the update right now first of all never unless its really out of bounds really you know 24. Hours later you still havent updated now okay theres a problem but for the most part do not interrupt updates. In the middle of the update process a lot of you that have problems did that you decided that it. Was too long and you just cancelled the update and shut down the pc this can create a variety of.

Different problems from corrupt files in complete updates that make your computer work bad do not stop the updates once. They are started wait for it to happen and one of the biggest promise a lot of people have is. They dont want to leave their pc on doing the updates which he should just leave it on thats it. It doesnt matter you do something else the computer is gonna be fine by itself doing the updates and when. Youll come back well youll be either ready to restart or its already gonna be all done and theres a.

Feature updates that are very very long for some so whats a typical time that you can expect a patch. Tuesday cumulative update or a bug fixing cumulative update it can take anywhere from just a couple of minutes to. Half an hour one hour for some its the typical bracket it technically even on an old pc it shouldnt. Really take more than an hour in general for an update to happen for cumulative updates and for bug fixes. So thats and in i would say the most most people are in the bracket of you know within half.

An hour your computers restarted and everything is fine feature updates is the different thing what is a feature update. A feature update is the may 22 2008 for example version 2004 or any other updates that bring you to. A new version of windows 10 these updates are much longer to do but they are divided into different things. They are divided into the first part is the install that is going in the background that you can actually. Use your pc and do other things while its doing that and then theres the update itself a feature update.

From the moment it starts downloading to the end of when its actually installed can take anywhere depending on your. Computer from half an hour an hour to several hours i see so many people say well i started installing. Version 2004 and after four its after 40 minutes its still only at you know 24 percent well nothing is. Wrong here liat let it do what it has to do thats all it can take several hours in some. Cases this its very important to understand that very important to stop and i think that is the biggest problem.

Stop staring at your screen when its installing go do something else come back an hour later and check on. It to see where it is and thats it thats what i do i start the updates you know i. See it every week oh yeah i am an insider so i see inside of previews that our big feature. Updates all every week i do not sit down and look at my screen waiting for it to come -. To achieve its you know goal of updating my builds or anything same for the windows feature updates when i.

Installed the main 20/20 a date on this computer here what i did i started and i went to do. Something else and i came back maybe two hours later to see where it was two hours later was like. You know 90 80% 90% it was almost ready for the reinforced art and the real official install of it. So just be patient now youll say okay but what would be a not normal time frame well if it. Takes more than seven or eight hours for your pc to complete and install somethings just not right even an.

Old pc typically you know when i when i look at my insider preview machine its a 2015 computer maybe. Even 2014 computer well that computer being older takes more time to install or feature update but still it usually. Completes it in about three to four hours from download to the complete finished install and im on a new. Version of windows it could be up to four hours it has an old at magnetic hard drive its you. Know its not the performance of today so i would say that unless your pc is really really old if.

Its more than six or seven hours now you can start to worry but then again ive seen some people. Say it took seven hours on their pc and and installed fine so you know if if it has an. Installed afters you know more than six hours start worrying and maybe something is not right but for the most. Part be patient patience is very important on the pc especially what updates if you enjoy my videos please subscribe. Give us thumbs up thank you for watching.

Method 5 – How To Download And Install Windows 10 From Usb Flash Drive Step-By-Step

You want to know what the best part about a brand new build is a fresh fetching copy of windows. What is going on everybody welcome to this weeks tech tip today were gonna be showing you how to install. Windows 10 via a usb drive this video is perfect for those that need a step-by-step guide on how to. Install windows either on a brand new build or if youve already got a rig and you just want to.

Do a clean slate and start from scratch this video will be perfect for you as well in any case. Lets begin now before we get started there are a few things that youre going to need before proceeding first. And foremost is youre going to want to have a form to verify and activate your new windows 10 installation. So for those that are just buying a brand new copy of windows 10 or at least a digital key. There is a chance that they may have sent you an actual usb device that has the installation media already.

On it if that is the case feel free to skip the part where we create that installation media using. Our you own usb device now if you already have a digital license or you already have an activated copy. Of windows youre either going to need to be a have that digital license handy or b youre going to. Want to sign into that microsoft account on the new rig after we do the installation and it should move. Your license or your activation over to the new instance of windows if youve done neither one of those and.

You are starting from on a fresh hard drive or a fresh solid-state drive youre going to want to have. Some form of digital carter your actual key in order to activate the windows once were done now the second. Thing that youre going to need is a method to get that installation media assuming that they didnt actually send. You a usb device so for those that are starting from scratch on a current build youll probably want to. Build you this installation or this bootable usb drive before you wipe windows in order to get that media now.

If you dont have an installation on a current rig and this is a brand new rig and youre starting. Fresh for the first time youre probably going to want to find another computer something that you can download the. Windows creation tool and actually create this bootable usb drive the third thing that were going to want today is. A 16 gigabyte usb flash drive assuming you dont already have the window ten installation media that they may have. Sent you this is for those that dont have that and are going to need to be creating one from.

Scratch so i usually choose a 16 gigabytes microsoft does recommend an 8 gigabyte so if an 8 gigabyte is. All youve got that should work perfectly fine but i like to use 16 just to give me that extra. Leeway as far as space is concerned and finally the last thing that youre going to need is of course. An internet connection because after you do the installation its gonna need to be able to download some drivers for. Any types of the devices that you have windows 10 by now is actually pretty good about finding and updating.

To the recommended drivers or the newest drivers for your particular hardware which is why youll need an internet connection. The other reason is if you dont again have that usb drive already sent to you youre going to need. To download the windows media creation tool and were going to download and prepare a flash drive or a bootable. Usb drive but were gonna actually need to download those setup files first and beforehand so you are going to. Need an internet connection and of course depending on the speed of your internet connection is going to determine how.

Long that download and that preparation is going to take the first step that were going to be starting with. Today is going online and downloading the windows media creation tool were going to do this because its going to. Give us a couple different methods that you guys can use to actually download and create a bootable usb drive. So what youre gonna want to do is go ahead and go to this url and youre gonna want to. Click on download tool now again as i was saying if you have already purchased windows and they sent you.

A usb flash drive that is going to have your installation media already on it and you can actually proceed. To the steps where we go ahead and start the installation process this part is just going through and preparing. A usb drive to be able to get that bootable usb once the creation tool has been downloaded youre going. To want to go over here on the left hand side if youre using chrome or go into your downloads. Folder and run the media creation tool exe and then its gonna come up with the wizard that says getting.

A few things ready once it has finished getting everything ready you will want to go down and accept the. User terms in license terms go ahead and click on accept right here and its going to go back to. Getting a few things ready for the next step once its finished things ready for the second time its gonna. Ask what do you want to do were going to want to select the create installation media usb drive dvd. Iso for another pc so youre going to want to click on the bottom radio dial because we are not.

Performing an upgrade we are starting from scratch or for the first time so youre gonna want to select the. Bottom bottom one here and then youre gonna go ahead and click on next one more time this next part. Is going to ask you to select your language your architecture and your edition youre typically going to want to. Leave these by default but for those go ahead and leave the use the recommended options for this pc checked. And then go ahead and click on next now its going to ask us to choose which media to use.

If you want install windows 10 on another partition you need to create and then run the media to install. It so because we are going to be installing this on a usb flash drive you will again need at. Least eight gigs preferably 16 just to give you some extra leeway so youre gonna want to select the top. Option now there are options where you can choose to download or create an iso file and then you can. Use a software called rufus to install it so for this demonstration we are going to be using flash drive.

So weve got the top radio dial selected and again were gonna left click on next now it says select. A usb flash drive its going to bring you to a tree and show you which removable dub drives are. Installed on your computer now is a good time to go ahead and plug in the usb flash drive that. Youre going to be using now keep in mind you will want to backup any data that is on this. Drive if its important to you as performing this option right here is going to completely format and wipe out.

The data thats already on the flash drive and overwrite it with the installation files once youve plugged in the. Flash drive and youre ready to install those media files on it you may need to come up here and. Click on refresh drive list and you can see the kingston usb drive that im going to be using today. Is now showing up in the list and i have it selected here and then im going to go ahead. And click on next once again it is going to get a few things ready now this particular usb drive.

Is a usb 2.0 drive so im expecting the performance of it to be slightly slower and its got a. Progression percentage and this is going to be dependent on your internet connection and how fast you can download the. Windows 10 files now this part may be a little bit tricky especially if you are new to computers what. Were going to need to do is when you first turn on a computer most motherboards now have what they. Call a boot menu that you can select a storage drive that it detects and actually boot from that drive.

Were gonna want to do that in order to boot from the usb drive so to do that we do. Have an az rock board in this build and typically your most common boot menu easily are going to be. F11 or f12 to get that boot menu to pop up if you are using an older board and youre. Not sure if it has a boot menu you can go into the bios typically by hitting either f2 or. The delete key after you first turn it on and youre gonna boot it into bios and then youre gonna.

Want to navigate to a section that either says boot or hard drives or priorities and find where youre going. To need to move the usb drive up in priority so you can read and boot from it first this. Is a good idea to have your manual on hand as in that manual it may actually tell you which. Is your boot menu or how to get into bios or how to move things around now the next tricky. Thing that you might run into is the option to either choose legacy or uefi when it comes to choosing.

Your boot or your drive priority so what youre gonna want to do in todays demonstration we are going to. Be choosing uefi as it is the new or most advanced version to boot from the drive if you want. To know the main differences in depth between the two you can go ahead and check out this video ll. Post either down here or up in the top right hand card and thatll go through a in-depth tutorial on. What the difference is in between the two for just the sake of this video go ahead and choose uefi.

Once you have selected the drive or youve rebooted the machine its going to ask you to press any key. To enter the actual setup of the installation media that you just created now so now that weve got the. Window set up right here in front of us youre gonna of course want to modify these to match the. Settings that you want for this video were gonna go ahead and leave them on english english and then united. States and were gonna go ahead and left click on next from here its then just gonna give us this.

Window you can left-click on install now and its gonna give us a message saying that the setup is starting. Now the next part is its going to ask us to activate the windows if you have your digital key. Feel free to go ahead and type that in right here if you would like otherwise for this video we. Can go ahead and skip this and will activate the windows later so for now were just gonna go ahead. And click i dont have a product key and its then gonna proceed to the next step from here its.

Gonna ask you to choose the type of install that you want to do and you will to verify with. Your digital code to make sure that youre selecting the proper windows 10 version that matches with your key so. If you had windows 10 installed previously if it was windows home or windows education or windows 10 pro youre. Gonna want to select the same thing typically as keys will only work for a certain version so in this. Case i do have keys for a windows 10 pro so im gonna go ahead and left click on windows.

10 pro and then im gonna go ahead and left click on next from here its gonna bring us to. The applicable notices and license terms of course you are gonna want to click i accept the license terms and. Left click once again on next and because we are doing a fresh install and not an upgrade in this. Video were gonna be choosing the custom install windows only as we are not performing an upgrade so we are. Going to choose custom now from here as you can see there are multiple partitions if you have a brand.

New drive you may only have one that says an allocated space thats perfect if you do have multiple drives. Youre gonna want to determine which one youre going to be installing the operating system on so heres a good. Rule of thumb that ive used from experience ive unplugged any type of external drives anything that i dont need. Plugged in at this time just to make this list a little bit cleaner because there was one time where. I actually over wrote a bunch of family photos because i didnt choose the correct drive so i typically unplug.

Anything aside from the usb that im using to install the windows and the drive that im going to be. Installing windows to now there are instances in this case where you can see right here where we have had. Windows already installed and its broken up the drive into different partitions and you can usually designate which partitions belong. To what drive indicated by the drive number you can see that all of these partitions are assigned to drive. 0 you might have some on drive 0 you may have someone drive one or two just depending on how.

Many drives you have on your machine so what im going to do is because i dont want anything on. This drive this is the only drive that i want plugged in and that i want currently working with im. Gonna actually click on one and then choose delete and then click ok theres nothing else that i need to. Save on this thing so doing this is perfectly fine of course if you have data on a different drive. Be very careful doing this because it is fun coverable make sure that either you have your drives unplugged so.

You dont risk this or you know what youre doing when it comes to deleting partitions so im gonna delete. Partition one and im gonna delete drive zero partition one or in this case it was two so were gonna. Hit okay and thats gonna leave us with seventy-five gigs of drive zero unallocated space again thats if youve already. Had installs on this particular drive if you have a brand new drive youre probably already going to see drive. Zero unallocated space and then x4 whatever type of free space you have from here were just going to go.

Ahead and click on next as its going to create the new partitions as it needs to so left click. On next once you have clicked on next the wizard is now going to go through the process of installing. The windows media file as well as updates features etc if youre using a usb 3.0 flash drive and installing. This on a solid-state drive this process will probably take you around 10-15 minutes at most however it will ultimately. Depend on the system specs or the hardware specs of your current rig once the computer has finished installing the.

Files it is then going to reboot quick protip if you are stuck in a boot loop where it wants. To shut down .

Conclusion – How Long Does Windows 10 Take To Install

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