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Method 1 – How Can I Stop All The Credit Card Offers In The Mail? – Credit Card Insider

Hi im john canovas from credit card and todays question is why do i get so many credit card. Offers in the mail and the follow-up question how can i stop them so the reason you get so many. Credit card offers in the mail is that the credit card companies want you to sign up and they have. Mathematical models that show them that if they send out all these credit card offers and sometimes the same offer.

To the same person multiple times that some percentage of people will actually apply and theyll end up making money. In the long run now they dont generally just waste postage sending the same offer out to everybody instead what. They do is send specific targeted offers out to specific groups of people who already matched certain criteria in their. Credit history so if you get something in the mail that says pre-approved pre-qualified pre-screened or pre-selected for a credit. Card chances are the credit card issuer has already screened your credit history and decided that you are a good.

Fit for that car now how does a company that youve never done business with know about your credit history. Well credit card issuers can actually buy that information from the credit reporting bureaus and we already did another video. That talks about that process in more detail called what does it mean to be pre-qualified for a credit card. So im just going to link to that video if you want to learn more about how the credit card. Issuers buy your information from the credit bureaus but basically if you do get an offer in the mail you.

Can find out if the offer already considers your credit by looking in the fine print so you might get. An offer that looks something like this with all of the terms and then some where it will say pre-screen. And opt out notice if the xiuer has already considered your credit history before sending you this offer now since. Theyve already looked at your credit history to some extent the credit card issuer may give you better terms on. This offer then you would be able to get if you just went to the issuers website so that could.

Be a better signup bonus or a better interest rate or something like that but basically since the credit card. Issuer has already pre-screened you with certain criteria through the credit bureaus then they might offer you something better than. What you would get just applying through the issuers website so you can actually check to see if there are. Existing pre-qualified offers for you from certain issuers by going to specific issuer websites and for example the editor of. Credit card insider was able to get over $100 more in a signup bonus by going to an issuer website.

And seeing if he was pre-qualified for any cards then he would have got if he just went and applied. For the card through the issuer site normally it also comes in handy to have these pre-qualified offers when youre. Shopping around for a new credit card because whenever you apply for a credit card outright and send in the. Application youre going to get whats called a hard inquiry and too many of those can bring cert to bring. Down your credit scores but if you go on to an issuer website and see that they have a pre-qualified.

Offer available for you then youre more likely to get approved for that when you do apply youre still going. To get that hard inquiry but you know that the credit card issuer already thinks that this offer is a. Good fit for you based on your credit history now on to the question how can i stop all these. Credit card offers that are filling up my mailbox most of well pretty much anything that has this you know. Pre screen opt-out notice is going to have some information about how you can opt out this with that issuer.

But theres actually something thats similar to the do not call list for telemarketers in the us and thats a. Website its called opt-out pre-screen and you can go to that at wwf pre-screen comm and the website to be. Honest looks pretty shady thats the real website and they let you opt out online for up to five years. And you can also get a form on that website that you can mail in to opt out permanently also. Its worth noting that the form on opt-out pre-screen actually asks for your social security number in the faq on.

Their website they say that thats so that they can better identify people for example people that have the same. Name but you can actually submit it without your social security number if youre nervous about that but that is. The legit website to opt out of this stuff its wwf pre-screen calm and ill link to that in the. Description of this video too now by default as i said you can opt out for five years or you. Can opt out permanently by mail but you can actually opt back in on the same website now when you.

Do opt out the request gets processed with the credit bureaus within five days but it might take a little. Bit longer for the actual credit card offers to stop id say give it at least a couple of weeks. Now as i said before you might be able to get better deals through these pre-qualified offers than you would. Be able to get just applying and so the strategy that i suggest is that if you want to cut. Down on the amount of mail that youre getting from these credit card issuers simply go to that website and.

Opt out then when youre in the market for a credit card again go back to the website opt back. In and then give it a month or two and then you can start to shop around maybe on the. Issuer websites and see if they have any pre-screened offers for you or see if you start getting any one. Last thing to note is that there are some myths out there that using this opt-out pre-screen website to either. Opt out or opt in of these offers can hurt or improve your credit all that youre affecting here really.

Is other than your mail is soft inquiries on your credit which dont negatively impact your credit scores they do. Show up on there but they wont hurt your credit scores and so if you do this or choose not. To do this youre not going to damage or give up a possible improvement to your credit so i hope. That this video has helped you learn more about how you can stop those authors if you want to or. Use them more strategically really as a great way to get better benefits and then stop a bunch of junk.

Mail when youre not looking for a new credit card im john ganados from credit card make sure you. Subscribe to this youtube channel so that you can get all of our future question and answer videos where we. Answer visitor questions from viewers like you also make sure you go over to credit card thats where we. Have lots of great information about credit cards and you can also ask your questions over there by clicking the. Ask button in the top right corner of any page thanks for watching and have a great day.

Method 2 – 💳 How To Get Approved For Any Credit Card

Normally when you apply for a credit card two things happen you either get approved or you get denied when. You get approved theres not much else you can really do unless youre not happy with like the credit limit. You got or maybe the annual fees too much for you down the road then you guys can do other. Things which i have made videos on right here but in terms of what you guys can do if you.

Get denied for credit cards im gonna be sharing with you guys what you guys can do then now if. Youre someone who has like a 500 score like a 450 score please dont think this is going to work. For you i think if you actually get denied for a credit card sometimes its a good thing because theyre. Kind of looking out for your best interest as well too if you have like 20 000 worth of debt. You have a 500 credit score and youre looking to apply for more credit cards is it smart to just.

Keep burying that hole i really dont think so and although we know that the credit card systems are profiting. A lot off of the users as well i believe if youre getting denied because you have a lot of. Debt overall like in the broader scheme of things that might actually be beneficial for you so if youre someone. That has a really low score the first thing you guys need to do is just focus on paying off. That debt or being able to move that balance over somewhere else where it wont affect your personal score ive.

Mentioned this quite a bit of times on my channel there are other ways you guys can actually go about. These things but generally you cant get rid of debt i mean there are repercussions if you try to go. Bankrupt and stuff like you cant apply for credit cards at all the one thing you guys need to do. Is just focus on paying that off ive made a ton of videos on what you guys can do if. You have credit card debt so thats the first thing ill focus on but say youre someone that has a.

Good credit score say you have like a 720 credit score but they still denied you this is the video. Thats gonna help you guys out quite a bit okay so if you guys are looking to get approved for. Any credit cards first thing you need to do is actually prepare what youre gonna do is call a reconsideration. Line and fbz elite made a great post just having all the phone numbers and contact information for different credit. Card issuers you want to call the reconsideration line and the reason why is because this is a place where.

A call representative actually has the power to really reverse the decision that was made on a denial so they. Can right there immediately approve you for any credit card so im going to be going in depth on what. You guys can do to better your chances to actually get that decision reapproved first things first before you call. Them guys please be polite please be honest but in my opinion you should always be honest regardless of what. Youre doing i think thats just a strong virtue thats going to go a long way build a relationship with.

The customer rep youre going to talk to because customer reps deal with a lot of bs and if youre. Able to differentiate yourself just a little bit if youre able to just show them like hey youre not one. Of them a-holes out there then i think this is gonna go a long way in terms of you guys. Having a better chance of getting that credit card approval now on top of that another thing you guys should. Do is prepare documents prepare information and know what your score is a lot of people go into these calls.

That have no idea when they open their last credit card what their credit score is and just the information. That they should have in terms of what their credit history is like if i ever had a derogatory mark. Like two years ago then i want to be able to explain to them like hey this happened just because. You know i was a student and you know i got robbed or something and it was just like a. Tough time in my life so youll see like a derogatory mark on this day and thats why it happened.

Or my credit score right now is like 690. It used to be 720 but it dropped for x amount. Of reasons you guys should know exactly all your personal information before you even get into this call dont be. Stumbling around dont be not knowing exactly what you should be telling them just have it all prepared its going. To make the call go a lot smoother and at the end of the day its just going to be.

More beneficial for you now another thing you guys should do is whatever cards youre applying for and that you. Got denied for if you get denied is that you should know the cards benefits one of the things you. Need to avoid is dont talk about the signup bonus i recommend avoiding talking about that signup bonus i think. You guys should focus more on the benefits and how this credit card is going to benefit you and there. Are gonna be situations where you know theyre gonna see that you have like eight cards open with them in.

Total and i would just be honest it doesnt hurt to be honest because they have heard so many stories. You guys i would tell them look i have eight credit cards with you guys right now because i understand. The benefits of credit cards they actually helped me a lot in terms of the rewards and the category cashbacks. And i want to maximize this to the full potential im bringing you guys a lot of business every time. I use these credit cards i personally like you over like ex competitors so if im talking to like city.

Or capital one im probably gonna be like yeah i like you way better than capital one they always increase. My interest rate and i just prefer using your cards over there i feel like just things like that actually. Help with the conversation as well especially when you bring in another credit card issuer so usually just from that. Call a lot of people i know were able to reverse the decision made but one of the things is. Some things you guys cannot change at all like if youre over 524 and then you apply for a card.

And you know that youre over it then obviously youre gonna get denied so before you even go through that. Process there are ways you guys can get around rules 524 rules have things called like the backdoor offers so. If you guys go to like the just for you offers tab on your chase ultimate reward portal that actually. Bypasses rules like that and there are other things like getting business cards that bypass that rule so there are. Ways that you guys can do it i just would not set yourself up for failure and then just like.

Going crazy on the phone like why did i get denied when obviously you should have gotten denied in the. First place just be prepared now say you got a good rep say you do all those things and you. Tell them your reason and they still deny you what you guys can do next is just hang up and. Call again i know this is just like common sense but a lot of people dont realize this you can. Hang up and call again and talk to a different representative before you leave that call ill just tell them.

Look i have to run for an emergency right now or theres something i need to do or maybe ill. Just call back on another day and just hang up and literally call back again doing that is actually gonna. Help your chances to reverse that decision if you get a good rep maybe shes in a really good mood. Like i said all it takes is one click of a button just to get you guys approved now if. You hang up and call again you do that four or five times and youre still denied every time at.

That point i probably wouldnt keep pushing it at that point i would reconsider what went wrong is it my. Score is it how many cards i have and then make a pivot and decide what im gonna do after. I know that information if my credit score is just too low im gonna focus on paying off that debt. For a month or two if my income is too low im gonna figure out how i can pick up. Another side hustle to bring my income up or ill go into a different credit card issuer and get another.

Card there are so many credit cards out there you guys theres so many different options so i wouldnt just. Get focused on one card if you cant get accepted for that one card for whatever reason it is just. Move on get another card and then apply again in the future when your stats are a little bit better. When youre out of 524 and then you can get all the cards youre looking for but honestly i want. To freak out over denial everyone gets denied i get denied by the ladies like 10 times a day okay.

This is just something thats very common so if you get denied what you do is you move on you. Pick up the bag you understand where you went wrong and you just move on i hope and im not. Kidding i get denied by girls so often you guys oh its so sad whoa get denied i dont know. What it is i think um i think im just too weird honestly i think im just i just come. Off too weird sometimes all right but yeah guys um sorry that was a little bit of tangible but yeah.

Guys that was basically a video on what you guys can do if you get denied for a credit card. How you guys can improve your chances on getting accepted now if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you. Guys drop a thumbs up this really helps out the channel and my question to you guys is what has. Worked the best for you have you used reconsideration before or have you ever not used reconsideration before i want. To see what the pull is or the statistics on what that is but in the meantime if you guys.

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To lose anything at all two more messages join our facebook group if you guys havent already were at 5000. Plus members our goal is to hit 10 000 members and then take over the world and if you guys. Are interested in actually doing a real life meet up were going to do something in austin texas this is. Collaborated with fbz elite they were actually kind enough to give me a 50 off coupon if you guys use. Coupon code bjlovescredit at checkout on make sure you guys rsvp there tickets will sell out so dont miss.

Out on this opportunity i will be speaking there and i think its just a great time for me to. Meet all of you guys all the viewers here so if you guys are interested in anything like that make. Sure you guys check that out i will have everything listed down below in the description but if you guys. Did enjoy this video i hope you guys stick around for the next one because ill see you then peace.

Method 3 – How To Get Easy Credit Card Approvals In The Mail | Get Approved With Bad Credit And Low Scores

Thats were keenan im back with another video so in this video i want to show you guys how you. Can get approved for those credit cards and how can you get those pre-approvals in the mail so if you. Guys are wondering like rakita im trying to get credit cards my credit is not that good lets trick these. Companies and to give you credit cards by actually asking them hey im trying to get credit tell you going.

To tell these credit bureaus hey tell these credit card companies send me some offers im trying to get credit. So lets go ahead and go right into the video and let me show you what i need you to. Do so i always tell you guys about the shopping cart trick credit cards and what that means is shopping. Cart trick credit cards thats when you can be able to do it online you dont have to wait on. The mailing offer you can do it online theyre going to get a pre-approval telling you hey youve been pre-approved.

For a credit card but this time we want to try to get mailing offers and we still want to. Be able to do it online so what i want you to do is i want you to go to. i always tell you guys about this and click opt-in make sure it says opt-in click submit here fill. Out all your information so theyre going to need your first year last name social security number your date of. Birth your address your city statement zip code and your email address go ahead and click confirm and then excuse.

Me in about five business days theyre gonna send out notices to all these who excuse me oh my gosh. All these different companies letting them know that youre trying to get credit so sometimes too thats theyll be able. To send out the notice to them so that they can start mailing you things but right away you should. Be able to do that shopping cart trick so definitely go ahead and check my videos you should be saying. Things for the shopping cart trick so lets go to the up the outfit out pre-screen too now here you.

Should be able to opt in too so that you can be able to get offers so go ahead and. Go to the opt-out free screen go to that website and click opt-in or opt-out so all you have to. Do is you want to make sure that youre opting in and click continue you want to fill out all. Your information so again theyre going to want your first and last name they want your social security number your. Date of birth your address again with your city state and zip code and your telephone number they want you.

To do the security code so fflvw7 e7 go ahead and put all that information here and click confirm now. After you do this youre going to start getting a lot of mail-in offers so lets go over those credit. Cards thats going to give them those melon offers so the first credit card that i want to tell you. Guys about is going to be and i always say how to get capital one bank and thats the. Reason why i tell you how to get them because they are easy credit card to get it but if.

You go ahead and do that factor trust and you go ahead and do that opt-in the opt-out free screen. Go ahead and opt in then youre gonna get that letter in the mail that you know congratulations we pre-approve. You for up to 1500 credit card go ahead and put your information in because when you do when you. Put your information in you have a better chance of getting approved for that credit card so go ahead put. Your information in youre going to get a lot of these in the mail so capital one bank is one.

Of those credit cards now another credit card thats easy for you guys to get is that indigo credit card. And thats where they can pre pre-qualify you now for credit cards so this is the indigo credit card here. Now go ahead and you should get this offer in the mail with indigo too i said i only learned. About indigo from these offers you know uncle was getting all these offers in the mail because i opted him. In so i can do a shopping cart trick for him and i realized he got all of these i.

Mean when yall start doing this its gonna be even credit cards im not telling yall about every day yall. Can get some type of offer for a car for a loan for a credit card but thats good especially. If youre in the market to get this information so go ahead and fill out your information and youre going. To start getting these offers in the mail which is good you want that now another credit card that you. Guys going to get is this 14 credit card now when you guys get this 14 credit card thats going.

To be thats thats exactly what you guys want to get like a fortiva credit card thats the easy credit. Card you can get like my uncle actually got this credit card too they gave him a 1500 limit and. His credit was bad at the time so he messed up and i didnt think that he was going to. Be able to get it but they gave him they gave him that credit card and i was surprised so. When you get when you oh look at my videos popping up everywhere yall so matter of fact let me.

Let that pop up on the other screen so just ignore that you guys i dont know why my old. Video popping up but when he got that credit card is fifteen hundred dollars and he had bad credit but. Click right here respond to the mailing offer and another credit card too is this mission lane now you guys. May see this credit card on credit karma credit card i have all the credit cards on there that they. Think that you may be able to get approved for because every time you apply for a credit card through.

Credit karma theyre going to get some type of money for that but if you go ahead and do the. Pre-approval you may get a pre-approval from the mission lane now remember its gonna be so many different credit cards. So youll have your pick on credit cards especially if your credit score is bad and theyre gonna be a. Lot of shark loans in there too when i say shark loans theyre going to be willing to give you. Two thousand dollars but these are kind of the loans its gonna be 300 percent you do not want to.

Mess with them loans its unlike the credit cards theyre going to hunt you down but if youre the type. Of person thats in a buying i seen somebody saying that theyre getting kicked out if youre getting kicked out. Right now i dont think that we should be caring about them messing up your credit honestly you know somebody. Said that they were getting kicked out in a few days and they only had like 30 in their account. Or something this is what they should do they should do this factor trust and opt in the fact of.

Trust they should do this opt-in pre-screen theyre gonna get so many offers in the mail apply for all those. Different credit cards especially if you need them if you really need those credit cards well think about you paying. Them back later or trying to set up some type of payment arrangement with them later most likely wont be. Just removing them from your credit reports but go ahead and apply for these different credit cards because theyre throwing. Them out to people and like i said to my full credit was really bad he was late on credit.

Cards and they still gained these cards and he got a 1500 limit with this card with this card i. Think they only gave him like a thousand dollars they didnt give him too much to get him a thousand. Dollars with this one and he just got like a lot of multiple credit cards he had the capital one. Matter of fact let me show yall capital one because capital one does they do the same thing thats how. I kind of learned my capital one they sent a lot of offers in the mail but let lets go.

Ahead and click on credit cards where is that it used to be a pop-up on here or theyll tell. You how to directly that they want you to go to to do your mailing offer like say if you. Used to get a mailing offer they have the direct link that you guys will go to okay wait let. Me look it up just in case you guys can know respond to a mailing offer here you go right. Here yall so look yalls capital one got the same thing where yall can do the mailing offer so definitely.

Go ahead and check this out you guys make sure you guys subscribe to my youtube channel make sure you. Guys text the score to 21 000 so that you guys can be a part of my texting club and. You guys are going to be entered into my 100 drawing every first month that i have with cash out. Yall put yall cash out of information secure there i dont want yall to just throw it anywhere and on. To my youtube channel because weve seen how that went so dont do that anymore call or text me at.

833 if you guys have any questions but hopefully this video was useful for you if you have any suggestions. For the next video or if you were able to get approved for any of these credit cards make sure. You guys are dropping it down in the comments and ill talk to you guys later bye you do is. If you want to try my trick i want you to opt into factor trust so to open the factory. Trust you have to go ahead and click here so this is the website ill have it down in the.

Description i want you to opt into factor trust so when you opt into factor trust all youre doing is. Telling them hey i want to get credit card offers and you have to apply you you have to actually. Give them your name your address your social security number your date of birth theyre kind theyre a credit bureau. So theyre similar to.

Conclusion – How Long To Get Credit Card In Mail

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