How Long To Keep Iphone In Rice – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Iphone In Rice

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Method 2 – How To Save Your Water Damaged Cell Phone With Rice

Hey everyone i wanted to show you a quick method on saving your phone if you suspect it has water. Damage and will not power on or you get an error message uh showing that you have water damage i. Was hot tubbing with some friends the other day and left my phone out overnight and i got soaked with. Rain and everything for about eight hours so when i go to plug it in i get a warning saying.

Waters been detected in the phone and do not power it on so this method is cheap effective and will. Most likely resolve the issues so here we go so you just want to pick up some rice im using. Some indian rice but white or brown rice will work and then take a pyrex bowl and fill it all. The way up mostly all the way up with rice if your phone has a case youre going to want. To remove the case to allow the moisture to escape and then just sandwich it inside the rice making sure.

Its fully submerged like so take your lid make sure it is 100 sealed and youre just gonna want to. Let this sit in the rice overnight id actually allow at least 24 hours i know going 24 hours without. A phone sounds like a nightmare a little bit but you really dont want to power on the phone if. Theres moisture inside the phone as this can really damage your phone permanently so i would give it a full. 24 hours in the container before you try to power it on so the next uh the next scene will.

Be in the morning or actually excuse me 24 hours from the time i just put it in here and. Well see if my phone powers on all right everyone well its been 24 hours my phones been sitting in. The rice i just wanted to mention in the previous scenes i said that you have to use a pyrex. Container but its pretty much any glass container that you have a sealed lid for you can use but i. Have used this rice method a couple times before one time my iphone went through a washing machine with my.

Clothes a full hour and i thought my phone was done for but i placed it in the rice and. It worked because the rice does a great job of wicking away the moisture from your phone so im gonna. Plug it in here and see if we get the results we had yesterday i plugged it in as you. Remember it showed a little water damage indication and my phone just would not charge and turn on so fingers. Crossed that it works let me give it a sec hoping for the best because i need my lifeline here.

Its been 24 hours without my baby okay the phone had a completely dead battery so i had to leave. It on here for about 15-20 minutes were gonna give it a shot here to power it on fingers crossed. So far so good when i had the uh water damage before sometimes it would boot but not past this. Screen i think it just didnt have enough power but its looking like its working so yeah if you guys. Have experienced any water damage on your cell phone again i would try to use like a toothpick see if.

Theres any lint in there anything that could be messing with your charge port and if that doesnt help stick. It in some rice again this has remedied my phone several times when ive made mistakes and uh had some. Uh unexpected water damage so i hope you found this video informative and helpful if it did if you did. Please give it a like and comment below id love to know if this hack worked for you as well. Take care thanks bye.

Method 3 – How To Save A Water Damaged Cell Phone With Rice

Hey everybody im here today to show you how to save a water damaged cell phone with rice so this. Cell phone has not been damaged by water but i have used this exact same method to save my previous. Cell phone when it had been thrown into a pool and it literally worked perfectly so im gonna show you. The process with this cell phone but just for the record this cell phone has not been damaged by water.

So the first thing that you are going to do is take off the case from the cell phone if. You have a case on the cell phone so right here i have a case on the cell phone i. Would take it off just like this completely remove it this case actually has two parts that has an outside. Part an outside hard shell and then sort of an inner soft shell so im gonna remove the case just. Like that the next thing that you would do is remove the phones backing and the battery now in this.

Case i cannot remove the backing i cant remove it easily of course there are screws but i mean if. You can slide off the backing and remove the battery easily then thats what you would do but obviously in. This case i cant so if you can remove that stuff remove them the next thing that you are going. To do is dry off all of the pieces so like i said this phone actually isnt wet but if. It was i would completely dry it off just use a dry towel completely completely dry it and also dry.

The battery and the backing and any other parts that you have removed once you have finished that step you. Are going to get a container and fill it with rights just like this now the phone and the pieces. The other pieces with the phone should be submerged into the rice so make sure that you have a container. Thats big enough to fit the phone the battery the backing and so forth and also fill it with enough. Rice so that the rice goes over all of the parts so we are going to take the phone and.

Put it inside the rice just like this just pretty much submerge it completely submerge it in rice and the. Phone is completely submerged in the container which is filled with rice and if i had a battery and the. Backing of the phone and so forth if i had removed those pieces i would also put them inside and. The last and final step is to get the lid of the container and put it on top come to. Completely seal the container so just make sure that the lid is completely on top of the container and the.

Container is completely sealed and now the rice will basically absorb the moisture from the phone and the other parts. That are submerged in the rice and that will most likely save your phone from being water damaged now once. You have put the phone in the rice i recommend leaving it in there for 24 hours but it all. Depends on how much water was inside of the phone if for myself when i did this when i use. This method with my last cell phone i left it inside for 48 hours and it completely worked but for.

The most part 24 hours 24 hours should be more than enough to save your phone from being water damaged. So thats basically it that is the method that i used to save my old phone from being water damaged. And i would highly recommend using this method for your phone if it fell in water and thats all i. Have for you today thanks for watching.

Method 4 – Dry Your Wet Phone ● I Tested Five Methods ( Rice Is Worst ! )

Youve dropped your phone your camera or youve just crashed your drone in the water well try rice silica cat. Litter a fan and a vacuum cleaner and well see which is the best and fastest method to dry it. Out so how much water can a cell phone hold it holds this amount after one minute five minutes 10. Minutes 20 minutes and 1 hour so well use the worst case scenario of one hour and thatll cover all.

The bases it doesnt matter which device you have first you want to remove as much water as you possibly. Can and heres the best way to do that first find yourself a vacuum cleaner youre going to be sucking. Up a very small amount of water so it doesnt matter what type of vacuum it is it doesnt need. To be a shop vac and if you dont have one ill have it linked in the description below so. Take the vacuum hose and put your hand over the end this way the hose wont hurt your device plus.

It allows you to adjust your hands so you can get maximum suction on the phone or the camera or. The drone so first power down your phone or remove the battery and remove your sim card now turn on. The vacuum and go to each opening on your phone and leave it there for a good 15 seconds at. Each and then go around and keep doing it for a good three minutes straight this will get the majority. Of the water out by doing this we end up going from our worst case scenario amount down to this.

Amount so lets see what works best at removing that last little bit first up is regular cat litter to. Prevent all these little particles from getting into all the ports in the phone were gonna use a sock next. Up silica crystals rice and a fan as a control well do absolutely nothing and well just let the natural. Air circulate around it to see how well that dries it and after a ton of weighing and drying and. Weighing and drying the results are finally in coming in last was a silica crystals it took 11 days to.

Totally dry the phone next was the rice it took 10 days surprisingly doing nothing was better than the rice. And the silica crystals it took eight and a half days the regular cat litter was better at seven days. And even better than that was the fan at two days so i thought theres got to be a better. Way so i came up with one more method and it only took three hours so first take the hose. Off the suction site and put it on the exhaust side now get a sock and slip your phone inside.

Now put the vacuum hose in the sock and use some tape to tape it securely now turn on the. Vacuum and your phone will now receive a nice blast of air and after its been running for a few. Minutes the air coming out of the vacuum will be nice and warm and with this warm blast of air. The phone will dry very quickly and in my example it only took three hours until it was completely dry. And this is what will give your device the best chance for survival if its a drone do the same.

Thing and use the vacuum to suck out as much water as you possibly can and the same for a. Camera then just use a t-shirt and tape the arms in the next shot ive never had my drone go. In the water but if i did id probably want to let it go for a good 10 to 12. Hours or more to be sure or you can use a pillowcase well i hope you enjoyed this video if. You did like subscribe and hit the dinger to get notifications and well see you next time you.

Method 5 – Rice Magic! Repair Water Damaged Iphone

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Conclusion – How Long To Keep Iphone In Rice

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