How Long To Roll Windows Down After Tint – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how long to roll windows down after tint, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods long to roll windows down after tint,

Method 1 – Rolling Down Windows 1Day After Tint

Those tinted the sun is coming right at me its been a day i dont know if this is stupid. Or smart um its definitely not smart but im sure theres other people that have this same question as me. Can you roll your window down you know everybody that the day is three to five days which to me. Is kind of pushing it right three to five days until you can roll your windows down um im sure.

Theres a reason for it but what about after one day because you do it with one day and and. Um tomorrow im definitely gonna do it right because im gonna go eat and i think two days is fine. Me personally but what after after one day 24 hours could i do it i dont know man the hype. Is real its like i dont know if i should do it you know its kind of like ballsy but. I did get this tint for really cheap 100 bucks right for for all my windows 100 bucks its its.

A beautiful day outside you know i thought no its its december its come oh im so im nervous man. But im like everybodys got this question too maybe somebodys gonna look this up you know do i have to. Be that one guinea pig god damn it dude i dont wanna i dont wanna do it i wanna play. It safe i wanna play it safe but i think its possible you know i think you can do it. I think you can roll your windows down after one day i think its safe but but im im not.

Rolling it down god damn it man dear god i pray that nothing happens okay nothing happened cool so uh. Thank you jesus and uh thank you god and you know praise the lord.

Method 2 – Please Wait 3 To 5 Days Before You Roll Your Tinted Windows Down. Thanks

It has gone everybody jamming here just wanted to show you so this doesnt happen too often but this is. Something that calls ison the noise and if theyre gonna stop by i see right here this is the tint. It peeled up now it just caught up on the lift right on the lip of the car in here. But you know usually if you wait three to five basically roll the window down that doesnt happen because it.

Has time to cure dry and everything and like guess is that this customer most likely roll the window down. Before that time and it got caught on the edge and it just got worse and worse over time so. The other door actually got that as well but it wasnt quite as bad and i was able to save. It this one probably not its a little bit above that uh outer outer edge right here so well probably. Gonna have to redo this but i just wanted to show you guys so this is the importance of keeping.

Your windows rolled up for at least three to five days and then again if it does happen after that. Then no worries say you know what well take care of it bye just want to give you a heads. Up alright any questions right now.

Method 3 – Don’t Do This After Window Tinting! 10K+ Subscriber Giveaway Details

Before we get into this video real quick i just want to thank everyone who came out to me rama. To say hi to us the new subscribers the original subscribers we greatly appreciate it we had a great time. Interacting with you and were looking forward to doing it next year so if you didnt make it out to. Mehta rama this year well be there next year again with dirty diesels in the same crew probably a bigger.

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I cant verify 3 you need a follow rein bees projects on instagram you need to follow lux lighting systems. On instagram for comment below that you followed us and put your instagram username in the comment below of this. Video and then were gonna pick a random subscriber once we verify that theyve done all that to win this. $600 kit again thank you guys so much enjoy good morning welcome back to the channel today its on off. The door we are walking yeah hey this was to piss there i guess you had to go really bad.

Really bad here go poop up here im so over the this crappy snow i mean its high this is. A nuisance snow like two to four inches yesterday come home clear off the driveway and yeah its a good. Time guys trust me clear off the driveway and then tonight we get another actually this looks like its probably. About an inch maybe two maybe two more inches i threw down and thats ton of salt you can see. Where an assault you know sort of helped a little bit but so what car should i take should i.

Take the big beast or the mini beast the beast many beast mini because i have plans for the mini. Beast today what whats that beasts are you gonna what are you doing you ready to go in no ill. See you guys after work dont work get ready to head over to cole berts auto care in thorndale pa. Glenn has been tending mike stuff for the last well probably like its been a while over 20 years hes. Been tending my vehicles and taking care of me in that aspect takes care of all my friends does outstanding.

Job guarantees is work you have any issues hell fix it no cost to you if theres a problem so. Were heading over there now to surprise the wife with her tent when she gets back from disney were pulling. Up now i got a set love this display love it im jealous that looks like this guys got so. You sure you hit these guys off if your local yo buddy the glen tell you i was coming are. You serious yeah im supposed to tent the truck today tuesday at 3 oclock talked to him last for last.

Week and thats it okay well they see he did put it in a book yeah theres no time for. Anything total three oclock yeah it would have been really nice to know can you do it yeah we can. Open everything back up and do it im sorry its cold its all ready were gonna surprise the way the. Wifes away in florida this is her truck we gotta get her tinted this thing whats this thing got in. It randy nice oh man looks at 90,000 original miles chrysler certificate factory ac website are you serious dude that.

Things neat with the patina on that and its got that tried and proven its like sure so you think. Of this thing hey little ram rebel 1520 1950 n i like the wheels and check out the the wifes. Gonna swap those wheels out but check out that center console in that display oh yeah this is yeah ive. Seen one of these things badass yeah its like a tablet its huge its awesome this trucks got a better. Interior to my truck yeah so we got the truck all nice and heated up thanks to the propane heater.

Down there it sounds like a jet taking off yeah were gonna go with 20% on the ground 20% on. The side windows should match the rear windows very nicely randys gonna hook it up help us now hes the. Pro we usually go right to the bottom thats literally half of your windshield well its gonna write it down. Its gonna arc down to about here at least its a curvy wintery so its good its gonna come down. Pretty far maybe roll up there you can look at it we can move it up yeah maybe maybe break.

To the middle of that little circle thing like here yeah i think thats better for the wife that would. Be safer thats the one thing she missed with the 4runner she shes like i need im so spoiled with. My tinted windows i need them i need them really bad yeah you need it like my eyes are extremely. Sensitive so what type of tin to use right this is johnson window humps mr. Manufacture it is a lifetime.

Warranty film my phone has been ringing nonstop since i got here but this ones potential spam so im gonna. Disregard that phone call so this this tick comes with a lifetime warranty and tell about your warranties here at. Culver so if someone would wants to get their windows tinted here they have like an issue down the road. Like a paul bowl or something like that what what do you guys do in that case lifetime warranty get. Scratching peeling fading bubbling and discoloration that is a manufacturers warranty on the film that is good throughout the entire.

World as long as you find an authorized johnson window film dealer they will replace any problems at no cost. To the customer ive had issues in the past something stupid whatever actually was probably for my fault its probably. My own doing but they took care of me got me fixed right up then it cost me a dime. Thats what you get here at cole burts high quality high speed stuff guys i really wish i knew how. To do this hey im sure everyone saw your friend grannys got the side doors done matches pretty consistently with.

The back pretty consistent like it little different method for the wintertime right youre telling me absolutely much different much. Slower of a process does not dry out typically in the summertime youre doing one window at a time in. The winter time youre doing half a window than the other half the window there the other half of window. And then come back and finish them all up so it is a little different but a little chilly in. Here a little chilly a lot of people a lot of times youre skeptical of getting their windows tinted in.

The winter it does make the installers job a little bit harder but a quality installer the only issue that. Youre gonna see it as the customer is a little bit longer in the dry outside instead of three days. Youre gonna be looking at five days longer you can live with the extra two days if not using your. Windows get them tended now nicely youre not ruined your windows down now anyway prefer the winner just for that. Reason there you go there you have it guys take your windows in the wintertime because youre not gonna roll.

Down your windows wanna make that mistake of rolling down your windows yeah cuz youre not even gonna try so. I think that might be let me go nance sure i mean not much yeah maybe like uh yeah little. Bit lower not much though good save that side over there randy makes me nervous thats kind of luck really. Manners definitely these 2019 rams have more cover turn or front windshield sure yeah sure it is because you can. See a big different my truck doesnt go down that well but mine is actually below this right there yeah.

So yeah just about twelve and a quarter so we just bump it up to twelve because its in the. Glass yeah thats what randy just discovered its the dot major stock up their game on their glass truck man. I really did with the double pane insulated glass on the side windows like thats like i said yeah i. Dont really see that in mercedes and like other luxury vehicles you dont see that brands yeah american and some. People some people would call this a fiat some people man ninja skills this ones actually two pieces its kind.

Of hard to go around yeah youre not through you have to notice like whenever i do two piece was. I always make sure that like my corners arent like super tight that way i know that its in the. Same spot that it was on the outside cuz its really easy to get them off just a little bit. You know what i mean oh yeah sure i know exactly what youre talking see this is the most appealing. Yeah there you go this is the satisfying bubble speaking of ramas projects on youtube make this video go viral.

And everyone come to culverts auto care to get your cars tinted and you can enjoy this yourself are you. Looking that bumper is that good it she she likes iran she likes her rams look at her she likes. Her rams yeah thats probably one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make a quality improvement in your everyday. Life yep keep your sanity hmm tip your brow thats what we call this on the east coast guys this. Is a brown what do they call it other places they do they call it different things yeah youre right.

Ive heard people refer to it as the drop the drop of a drop thats a first for me i. Havent heard the drop im trying to get a name that i heard where i think someone on the west. Coast called it something yeah wasnt brow um most of the installers like customers called a brow the installers call. It an as1 okay if youre in the industry you call it an ass what we do it for security. And safety reasons besides health reasons for my sink i you know i really with the sun it it will.

Give me a headache especially if theres snow on the ground and the suns out i give blonde sun blindness. Yeah is that such a thing yes yes a thing yeah there you go there you have it guys sometimes. No steve that honestly thats one of the reasons ive been doing this so long is because i enjoy doing. It and it really does help people and there has been like a really bad stigma with window tint not. So much anymore but ten years ago dude if you have no windows tinted youre a drug dealer everyone -.

But bottom line everyone does it its a nice clean inexpensive mod its not that much the tint you know. Less than a thousand dollars thats hitting your car less than five hundred dollars to tune your car i mean. But you cant go crazy yes i know guys that uh you know they tint all their windows even the. Windows that are already factory tinted to make it even darker id that i had 5% on one of my. Trucks at one point and it was so dark had to come in have you remove it and put 20%.

Yeah im started see i have issues changing back like thats like my eyesights not bad but it takes more. Time for my eyes to change from dark to light you know thats a pain in the ass at night. With five percenter serena how much for a regular customer to get this done just what we did one 1995. For the front two windows and 25 for the eyebrows coming up 145 there you go guys 145 to do. A simple clean nice mod to your truck car whatever you want to do most new vehicles have the rear.

Windows tinted already so you can match it with 20% in a relative short time – there is something you. Can wait for it yeah you can wait typically 45 minutes maybe yeah definitely one of the first mods i. Always do to all my new giggles i definitely this is how i students and i always come back to. Culverts but clansmen tip my car since high school hes been tipped my mustang in high school yeah i still. Hold it against me i had mustangs ive had three of them i had three mustangs in my lifetime yes.

1992 chevy camaro rs 25th anniversary edition with t-tops red red red okay it was nice it was nice very. Slow had a 305 in it was a dull it was a dull it was loaded for the time and. It was the 25th before yes with t-top so you could drop the t-tops i have a good old time. Definitely a thumbs up guys 20% front matches the back went with the brown yep we call it a prowl. On the east coast 12 inches from the top here so it looks good its really good so its a.

Pleasure hanging out randy randy you and i have some great dialogue we should do this more often yeah lets. Do this more often i cant be buying another truck anytime soon but hey well figure something out to get. Randy back on the channel well do this again maybe wilt in a subscribers car song i dont know well. Do something we definitely a drain you back on the channel this is fun oh at a good time thanks. Buddy appreciate it we do it because we love it and we love our cars alright guys so i have.

To say and i rolled down the window already shouldnt have done that dont roll down your windows for three. Days and i roll it down im not even out of the parking lot that makes good youtube video i. Think were good but definitely happy with the brow its perfect its a perfect height and as always man these. Guys kill it outstanding job its not too dark at all in here did you see what i did looks. Good you cant make this stuff up guys but just outstanding job as always colburns auto care in thor dale.

Pa per information be in the video description of this video definitely check them out if your local good guys. Right hes great hes been doing this for 18 years glands probably been doing it for like thirty definitely really. Good at their craft these guys here culverts boys a fun time hanging out brandy is a trip man he. Is a trip i dont think thats gonna be the last youre gonna see them in our videos he were. Gonna were gonna try to play in some future videos in the future i dont know if it will be.

With my vehicle or someone elses vehicle but we definitely need to get him on the channel some more still. Im always like alright guys its days later i picked the wife up from the airport late last night and. She hasnt seen her third ram rebel mod for the mini beast im calling it mini beast i dont know. Well probably change the name but she hasnt seen it yet in a daylight so lets grab her real quick. Shes gonna load some stuff up we got a loading go its actually warmer than it was the other day.

Its freezing you have to get all your buttons done youre gonna get all your buttons done ah so you. Think i like it so 20% to match the rears actually its a little bit lighter its 20% there then. We went 12 inches down on the brow and its 20% i never realized how i was thought you were. Silly and it was a waste of money and then once you got it and not having it yeah hey. Guys thank you and you know your truck we couldnt go down past that right there your mirror cuz it.

Would have been it would have been way down here oh yeah so he actually did it in two pants. Screaming i used to fight cursing me out now just thats nothing randys hittin cars forever he did a outstanding. Job you know i greatly appreciate it i need it yeah its a definitely i have to if i dont. Have it i i get really really bad headaches i prescription for it oh on whats on your face i. Took care of that for ya thank you you got a shave too yeah yeah nope alright guys i hope.

You enjoyed this video if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up if youre stopping by for. The first time make sure you tap smash do something that subscribe button take that notification button that youre notified. Of all of our new uploads we love you guys lets the other next up live.

Method 4 – Can I Roll My Windows Down After Tinting | Ace Tinting | Shropshire Window Tinting

Immediately after the window tint has been fitted on rolled down or wind down windows whats the adhesive is steel. Curing there is a risk but rolling down the window and rolling back up and may cause the top edge. To peel back when coming into the contact with a rubber or felt gasket seal around the window edge after. A few days when the adhesive is fully dried out and is bonded to the glass there is no problem.

With winding up and down the windows the amount of time you need to wait will depend on the outside. And inside temperatures so the warmer it is the less time youll have to wait but its a good idea. To wait at least three to five days depending on the time of year.

Method 5 – If I Can’t Roll Down My Windows For Two Days After Tinting, Then What Do Window Tinters Do When They

Hello my name is shah intent me im window tinting here we have a chevrolet corvette that has frameless doors. Or a lot of frameless doors when you open the door the window drops about a half an inch ill. Demonstrate this piece of tape here so a lot of people ask us what we do about that if we. Can even tin them obviously we can but let me show you what we do when we open that see.

How that tape destruct so how do we get it to where theres not a gap at the bottom if. You notice we actually get our edges very tight we file everything if the computer doesnt cut it good enough. For us anyways its very simple all we usually have to do is come to this latch take a screwdriver. And double-click it and ive just heard it pop back up and now the window is up and then what. Well do is well do the doors first and then we will just take a heat gun and then we.

Will just heat it up real real good and then well let those doors sit while we do the rest. Of the vehicle for more information about our window tinting services or any other little tip so you can go. On our youtube channel or you can just go to tint man fl com.

Conclusion – How Long To Roll Windows Down After Tint

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