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Method 1 – Cobra Health Insurance Explained: I Lost My Job! Is Cobra An Option Now That I’m Unemployed?

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Method 2 – Everything You Need To Know About Cobra

In this video well introduce you to a benefits program called cobra and explain how it works cobra is an. Acronym for the consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act but luckily it is almost always referred to as cobra cobra gives. You the opportunity to continue in your employer-sponsored health plan if you lose your job so how does it work. You were eligible for cobra if your companys health plan covers at least 20 employees and you have had an.

Acceptable qualifying event a qualifying event is something that causes you to lose your health coverage for an employee a. Qualifying event conclude quitting your job having your hours cut back or losing your job for most any reason other. Than gross misconduct like stealing as long as your spouse or other dependents were covered on your medical plan before. The qualifying event they too can be covered on cobra examples of qualifying events where your spouse or other dependents. Might enroll in cobra coverage our divorce or legal separation you become eligible for medicare and your spouse is on.

Your health plan your dependent no longer qualifies as a dependent under your health plan or if you pass away. If you have one of these qualifying events your employer is responsible for notifying you of your option to enroll. In cobra coverage within 14 days and you will have at least 60 days to decide if you want to. Enjoy if you choose cobra coverage the length of time you can keep it depends on your qualifying event for. Employee events like termination and reduction of hours you can keep cobra coverage for up to 18 months starting from.

The date of the qualifying event for all other events your spouse and other dependents can have coverage for up. To 36 months so how much does it cost to get cobra coverage before starting cobra you split the cost. Of your health plan in some way with your employer so that you paid some of the cost and your. Employer paid some of the cost now that your employer is no longer paying a portion of the cost you. Will pay for 100% of the plan cost in addition there is a fee to cover the cost of administering.

The cobra program its usually around 2% so your total monthly cost will likely be 102 percent of the cost. Of the plan despite the expense this still might be the most cost effective way to get a quality health. Plan compared to alternatives available to you at the time be sure to do adequate research on both the cost. And the level of coverage for a plan before you decide whether to choose cobra or another option to sum. It up cobra provides the ability for you and the dependents covered on your health plan to keep coverage after.

You lose your job or lose coverage for other reasons the cost is generally 102 percent of the full cost. Of the plan and you can keep her for 18 or 36 months depending upon the qualifying event.

Method 3 – How To Figure Cobra Costs – W

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Method 4 – Cobra Subsidy: Who’S Eligible, How It’S Funded, And How To Deliver Notices To Employees

Cobra compliance can be difficult especially if youre handling it yourself and now its even more complicated thanks to recent. Stimulus bill changes that implemented a 100 free cobra subsidy for eligible employees and employers in this episode of hr. Party one well talk through the ins and outs of this important component of a health care law thats designed. To help out employees during the pandemic and i highly recommend watching until the end because well talk through what.

You need to know about how your current or former employees can get cobra for free and how you can. Help well discuss what is the cobra subsidy that just became law how eligibility works for the new cobra subsidy. Cobra subsidy employee notice requirements and who can help employers with cobra subsidies lets get started the new biden administration. Hopes to make it easier for people to access healthcare during the pandemic with the march 2021 passage of arpa. The administration stepped in to subsidize the full cost of cobra coverage through the end of september 2021 but before.

We dig in to how the subsidy works lets discuss why they decided to pass it in the first place. When a persons employed a portion of their health insurance premium is often paid for by the employer if someones. Laid off or has their hours cut as many millions of americans experienced during the pandemic they can decide to. Opt to continue coverage thanks to the consolidated omnibus budget reconciliation act also known as cobra and while the coverage. Remains the same the person who elects cobra is typically responsible for the full cost of the health insurance premium.

Each month normally the amount charged for cobra coverage cant exceed 102 of the cost of the plan but temporary. Health insurance is often more difficult to buy without a steady income and costs can reach nearly 500 per person. Per month the new cobra subsidy is designed to provide key assistance for struggling workers to access health coverage for. Free so how does it work employees who involuntarily lost their health insurance benefits any time after november 1 2019. May be eligible for up to six months of free cobra from april 1st of this year through september 30th.

These individuals are called assistance eligible individuals or aeis employers must notify qualifying employees about the cobra subsidy while employees. Can elect cobra coverage within 63 days of becoming eligible once they elect the coverage theyre covered from the employees. Perspective everything else happens on the back end behind the curtains if employers comply with this and in certain notice. Requirements which well cover in a few minutes theyll qualify to receive a credit to pay for the cobra subsidies. The government then reimburses the employer using a payroll tax credit when they file form 941 for their quarterly taxes.

To recap ive broken this down into a graphic that explains how cobra normally works and how it works now. Heres how cobra normally works an employee becomes eligible for cobra usually as a result of termination or reduction in. Hours the employer notifies all qualifying employees about cobra coverage and this must be done within 60 days of the. Employees qualifying event then the employee elects cobra benefits and this needs to happen within 63 days of becoming eligible. The employee pays the premium and again this is up to 102 of the actual cost and is paid each.

Month to the cobra administrator and then the cobra administrator remits payment to the employer and the employer in turn. Pays the carrier and heres how cobra is going to work through september of 2021 an employee becomes eligible for. Cobra again usually as a result of termination or reduction in hours then the employer notifies all qualifying employees about. Cobra coverage and the cobra subsidy this must be done within 60 days of the employees qualifying event and subsidy. Information must be communicated beginning april 1st the employee then elects cobra benefits and this needs to happen within 63.

Days of becoming eligible just like before and then the employer pays the carrier this covers the cost of the. Health care premium and the government reimburses the employer this repayment arrives via payroll tax credit but only when the. Organization files form 941 on its quarterly taxes youve probably figured out by now that this is going to be. A pretty compliance heavy episode thats part of the job sometimes but the good news is that the 2021 cobra. Subsidy is likely to impact your team and your organization in some very tangible ways heres how for employees this.

Provision can help qualifying individuals maintain health plan coverage in some cases you may even have people still on staff. Who qualify for the coverage for example if their hours are cut being able to stay on a health plan. Is especially important during a pandemic but it also alleviates a lot of the stress that comes with figuring out. How to pay for medical bills this option gives workers an essential lifeline that can help keep employees on your. Staff who would otherwise be forced to look for another job it also helps keep people productive and engaged with.

Their work for employers laid off employees would still have access to the organizations health plan at no cost to. The employer or the worker however as we just covered you might initially have some administrative difficulties when administering or. Handling the subsidy all right so weve hammered out the details now lets dig into the nuts and bolts a. Little bit more first lets talk about eligibility any employee who was terminated or had their hours cut involuntarily qualifies. And this means they didnt quit also they werent fired for gross misconduct within this group of employees there are.

Three categories of people who are eligible anyone currently on cobra employees who become eligible for cobra between april 1st. 2021 and september 30 2021 and anyone who became eligible for cobra after november 1st 2019 but waived coverage immediately. Or before their cobra eligibility period which is usually 18 months ended employees who are initially eligible for the subsidy. Will lose their eligibility under the following circumstances they become eligible for health insurance under a new plan they reach. The date in which their cobra coverage normally expires for example their 18 months ends in july because this is.

Complicated stuff lets just talk through an example just to make sure were on the same page heres susan an. Assistance eligible individual and she elects cobra coverage due to her involuntary termination from employment she elects coverage for herself. And all of her family members who were covered under the plan on the day before the qualifying event and. That includes her two dependent children and her domestic partner susan and her family members are not eligible for other. Group health coverage or medicare under the terms of the plan cobra coverage for an employee plus two or more.

Dependents costs 800 per month as a result susan would be entitled to the arpa cobra premium subsidy for the. Full 800 per month and her former employer may claim the payroll tax credit for the full 800 okay now. Lets go over notice requirements beginning april 1st employers must satisfy certain employee notice requirements concerning the subsidy to receive. The employer credit including that they must be delivered to anyone who qualifies for the subsidy by may 31st heres. What every notice should include the forms necessary for establishing eligibility for premium assistance the name address and telephone number.

Necessary to contact the plan administrator and any other person with relevant information regarding the premium subsidy a description of. The special 60-day election period a description of the qualified beneficiarys obligation to inform the plan administrator if the qualified. Beneficiary becomes eligible for disqualifying coverage a description displayed in a prominent manner of a qualified beneficiarys right to a. Subsidized premium and any conditions on entitlement to the subsidized premium a description of the qualified beneficiaries option to enroll. In different coverage if permitted by the employer employers should review the sample notification letters provided by the department of.

Labor to use when communicating these options to their current future and past employees who qualify for the subsidy the. Dol has promised to issue model notices by april 30th so if theyre not already available they will be soon. If youre working in a small or mid-sized organization youre likely responsible for keeping track of all the updates weve. Seen in the past several weeks youre not alone heres who can help you out if youre an employer that. Administers cobra on your own without a third party administrator youll want to closely follow any new guidelines released by.

The department of labor you may also be able to rely on guidance from a licensed benefits broker attorney or. Your cpa if you are working with the cobra tpa theyll help you stay compliant and theyve likely already contacted. You about this subsidy if they havent youre going to want to reach out to them as soon as possible. Theyll most likely need your help when evaluating and establishing an employees cause for termination but if youre using a. Human resource information system in hris this should be really easy to pull alpine is the exclusive cobra tpa for.

Bernie portal and the alpine team has been on top of these updates since the stimulus bill first passed in. March this is the kind of service thats needed during times like these alpines worked with all of its employer. And broker clients to make sure any current future or past cobra member eligible for the subsidy knows how to. Take advantage of it a partner like this can be viewed as an extension of your own hr efforts by. Helping your team remain compliant with the latest stimulus legislation you can worry less about the nuts and bolts and.

Focus your efforts on strategic projects that keep your company culture strong and elevate your role and thats what hr. Party one is all about we just covered a lot if youre a visual learner alpine put together a slideshow. That recaps the big cobra subsidy details which ive included in the episode description so your homework this time around. Is to start by populating a list of employees who were terminated involuntarily during the eligibility time frame remember it. Includes current past and future employees then reach out to your cobra tpa if you have one contact your broker.

Your organizations attorney or your cpa get in touch reach out these contacts will be invaluable resources as you begin. To wade through the compliance complexities found in this subsidy also hey be sure to keep an eye out for. Future updates and possible extensions congress has extended past coronavirus programs like the ppp so its not completely out of. The realm of possibility that it could do the same for the cobra subsidy if it does well cover the. Changes here or on the bernie portal blog which is also in the episode description for easy access as always.

Remember your job is as strategic as you make it thats all ive got this time if you like what. You saw consider subscribing to our hr party one channel and ringing the bell to receive notifications for the latest. Updates and new episodes if you havent already you.

Method 5 – Cobra Rad 480I Radar Detector Unboxing And Installation

Up guys welcome back to the channel todays video is going to be on the camry were going to be. Installing this radar detector so stay tuned all right guys the radio detector is a cobra rad 480i and uh. It looks great uh actually has an app and everything so you connect and it shares and downloads content within. The app theres some boxes to see how this little pamphlet how to more or less mount it so were.

Actually going to mount it on the rear view mirror we have a review mirror mount from prior radar detector. We did and then were going to be hardwiring it to the car so it turns on only when the. Car turns on thats nice im guessing this is where the leds are going to be wheres the volume on. The side uh im not sure what this is but that lets reconnect it looks very nice all right it. Goes right there looks really nice see what else it brings oh this is the cigarette lighter actually brings a.

Little suction we wont need this because were going to be mounted onto the uh review mirror so lets mount. This up and see how that looks okay so i have a previous mount from the other radar we actually. Use the same mount so lets see how this will go scratching let me put the camera down okay so. It mounts up perfect to the mount and it sits flush so ill have it right about there so now. I have the dash the dash cam and radar mount combo so up here we have the camry theres a.

Little plate up here that you take off so thats where were going to run the wire were gonna run. It all this up here im gonna drop the pillar drop the seal and drop it down here and the. Fuse box is right there and then im also showing you guys how to wire it up hardwire it all. Right so you take apart the pillar the seal this part that part there and then the trims and youre. Looking to the fuse box so this is whats in the fuse box i dont know you could tell so.

My interior lights i dont know the camera is focusing is on my pe outlet number one 15 amp were. Gonna put this uh radar on a 20 amp washer were going to do a uh a fuse tap so. One of these youre gonna connect it to the hard wiring cable provided by well not provided you have to. Actually buy that from cobra connect it to this put fuses on there and tap it in there safer and. Way neater i actually have a bunch of other stuff um a few stepped into the thing my amp my.

Interior lights a little bit of everything everything ive done i always use a fuse tab wow whats wrong with. This camera is now focusing on today and um youre gonna need one of these little pins to ground the. The hard wiring kit and yeah ill show you how to do it step by step okay so basically you. Connect it then you bring it up into there run it along the front of the headliner drop it into. The pillar pass it over onto this side right here make it drop all the way down here then insert.

It through there and you have access right there into the fuse box okay so you put the fuse tap. On that washer uh fuse and then youre gonna mount it i mount my interior lights and the dash the. Dash cam about and um and the radar right here in this boat has a ground and before you cover. Anything up before you organize everything just turn it on to let me see before anything its on perfect dash. Can turn on until your lights turned on so then now you organize everything zip tie and make everything flush.

And clean with that so it wont get in the way all right so were gonna start it testing system. Ready perfect and its on all right guys thats it for todays video please like comment and subscribe to this. Video down below and help us grow share all this video to all your friends and hopefully it could help. Somebody out please go follow our instagram and facebook for more projects just like this one once again guys thank. You for all the support and on to the next one.

Conclusion – How Long To Sign Up For Cobra

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