How Many Attempts To Unlock Ipad – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – [Ipad Only] Forgot Your Ipad Passcode? Here’S How You Can Regain Access!

Hows it going everybody im daniel youre watching then about tech it should be decided to make a video on. How to remove a forgotten passcode specifically for ipads this video is i bet exclusive ok if have an iphone. Im gonna have a link in the description so you guys can check it out the interesting thing is in. This video im gonna show you guys how to remove your passcode of every single ipad model running any ios.

Version if you have an ipad and if you have a problem with the passcode this video is gonna cover. It and the cool thing is that its just one method for every single ipad so dont worry about that. Its very easy and im just gonna show you guys so lets go ahead and get started so lets say. You forgot your passcode your ipad is disabled theres no way you can access it you just cant remember the. Passcode im just gonna show you guys how to remove this annoying thing and gain access to your ipad again.

So as i mentioned this method works with any ipad available this is an ipad 2 this is an ipad. Air this is an ipad 1 it even works with ipad pros ipad minis anything okay the only ipad it. Doesnt work is the newest just released ipad pro with no home button okay ill have a video on that. As soon as i get my hands on it but if your ipad has a home button which is pretty. Much all ipads available right now so has a home button right here i has a home button right here.

Doesnt matter if its a normal home button or a touch id home button the one you put your fingerprint. To unlock it doesnt matter has a home button this method works and its as i mentioned for pretty much. All ipads available right now so your ipad is disabled now its just back im just gonna make it disabled. Again okay put in a random passcode and now it is able for five minutes okay thats good so what. Were gonna do is were gonna need a computer okay and a cable thats pretty much what we are going.

To need keep in mind that this process is only if this is your ipad please dont use it for. Stolen ipads theres not a purpose of this video okay one last very important thing before we continue this process. Will erase all your information on your ipad okay so you will lose all data on your ipad after this. Process is completed but you can recover it from itunes you can recover from icloud you can recover from a. Backup so dont worry about that okay you can recover from any backup either itunes or icloud backup dont worry.

But thats the only way to regain access to your device is by erasing it okay so you can only. Remove the passcode by erasing it okay so keep in mind that so we have our computer here as i. Mentioned youre gonna need to open itunes if you dont have itunes please go ahead and download it its free. Okay so just download itunes and open it up alright and as i mention you need your cable so just. Put your normal usb cable that comes with your ipad okay plug it to your computer and then plug it.

To your ipad im using this old ipad jus just for convenience reasons because as i mentioned im gonna need. To erase it okay so now that the ipad is plugged in okay and the ipad is disabled but dont. Worry if your ipad isnt disabled you just forgot your passcode dont worry just follow this process it is exactly. The same thing so youre gonna need to hold the power button right here and hold the home button at. The same time okay so home and power at the same time keep holding both of them keep in mind.

That this process will work with any ipad with running any ios version so if you have an ipad with. The home button do this process please it will work so im still holding as you guys can see the. Apple logo just showed up and im still holding the power button with my left hand at the top and. The power button with my right hand at the bottom im just gonna keep holding in as you guys can. See my ipad now is in restore mode okay thats the restored mode screen and im just gonna leave it.

To the side and my computer everything is gonna happen with the computer now and as you guys can see. There is a problem with ipad ipad that requires it to be updated or restored what we need to do. Is restore okay dont hit update hit restore so this process will update you to the latest version and restore. So restore an update okay which means that it will erase everything on this ipad okay and then when we. Come back itll be as if its brand new in our itunes is automatically downloading ios nine point three point.

Five which is the latest version for my old ipad tube so you can just click here and youll see. Ipad software update its gonna take three minutes to finish depending on your internet speed it may take a little. Bit longer or a lot longer okay but please be patient because we will need to download this in order. To finish up our process of removing the passcode okay so the ipad software update downloaded was finished and now. We are extracting the software keep in mind that you dont have to touch the ipad or anything like that.

Just let itunes do its thing now we are waiting for ipad and my ipad automatically rebooted okay so now. We are waiting for ipad and we have this progress bar right here okay i dont know if you guys. Can see that because its very dim in his earth right here but theres a progress bar right there in. Were just gonna wait for it to load okay so now weve got the restore ipad software message and in. Your ipad right here weve got the apple logo and the status bar finally starting to move okay so keep.

In mind that this process sometimes takes one or two or three times times to work okay maybe youve got. An error message here or on your ipad but dont worry about it just follow the process again do the. Same top button and bottom button keep holding them until you see their store screen with the itunes the cable. At the bottom okay so if it takes one two three or four tight tries dont worry it is normal. Now were almost were seeing with very fine knife edge software very fine i can restore and then youre almost.

Done okay now itunes has automatically come back to my normal music screen which means that the process with itunes. Has finished and now well have another process right here with our ipad and other status bar right there and. Then you just have to be patient and wait okay so this status bar is almost done here please make. Sure to try not to touch your devices throughout the process okay your computer your ipad no less is extremely. Necessary because maybe your table is a little bit old or something like that and maybe because of this you.

Will have problems okay so as you guys can see my ipad is alive im just gonna go ahead and. Set it up real quick so you guys can see that everything is back to normal so right here im. Choosing my backup as it as you can see so i dont lose anything i just chose a backup for. My ten days ago so its pretty updated is all i need and now is restoring from icloud and thats. The screen we all want to see so welcome to ipad get started and were good to go so my.

Ipad is right here everything is back to normal with all my apps yep so if this video saved your. Life please make sure to hit the like button down here also click on my face right here to automatically. Subscribe to my channel and click on this video right here im pretty sure youre gonna love so thats pretty. Much it i see you guys next week bye bye.

Method 2 – How To Unlock Ipad Without Apple Id

Hello welcome to the tenor share channel in this video im going to show you how to unlock ipad without. Password and apple id if find my has been enabled for this device and you dont have the account credentials. Activation lock will be blocking the way even if you removed the screen lock here ill show you how to. Get rid of both of them with two software lets jump in step one remove the screen lock to do.

This start for yuki then connect your ipad to the computer and put it into recovery mode press and hold. Both the power and home button till you see the connect to computer screen now go to unlock lock screen. Passcode field then hit start go ahead to download the firmware once done click start unlock to proceed make sure. You are on a good network connection and keep the ipad attached well done now the screen lock has been. Removed lets go ahead and set it up now you should see the activation lock if this is your own.

Apple id but you forgot the passcode or you are given it by someone else or purchased it second hand. Youll have to find a way around it here ill show you how to bypass this with four mickey iphone. Activation unlocker so we launch 4mi key keep the ipad connected then hit start read the agreement then hit next. Its asking you to jailbreak the device if you havent done it yet when you click next youll see a. Pop-up saying the device is not jailbroken so lets click on the jailbreak tutorial then we are redirected to this.

Page it shows us a step-by-step jailbreak instructions go ahead and download the checkrain iso file and the rufus file. When you are done run rufus then plug a blank usb thumb drive into the computer once recognized hit select. And select the check rain iso file now hit start to burn the bootable drive check the write in dd. Image mode option and click ok to continue once done close rufus then restart the computer when the computer restarts. Press f12 to enter bios setup once in select usb storage device then hit start the device will be put.

Into recovery mode first hit start then follow the instructions to put it into dfu mode before each countdown is. Over press and hold both the top and home button for 4 seconds then release the top button but continue. Holding the home button for another 10 seconds the screen should remain black now its jailbreaking the device well done. Now unplug the usb drive and restart the computer now we can remove the activation lock this time youll see. The start remove button go ahead and click on it the removal will be done in seconds okay now lets.

Check out on the device when you see this data and privacy screen you know the activation lock has been. Removed from the ipad lets go ahead and finish the setup so not only did it get you to the. Home screen it logged out the apple id as well now you can sign in your own apple id in. Itunes and app store tap sign in and enter your account information with this done you should be able to. Download and install app from app store thats it thanks for watching both for yuki and for maki are paid.

Software if you purchased for yuki then you can get 50 off for for me key to download check out. The link in the description below for more videos like this subscribe to the tenor share channel to keep watching. Now see you in the next video cheers you.

Method 3 – (2020) Forgot Your Ipad Passcode? Here’S How You Can Regain Access!

Hows it going everybody youre watching than a ball attack and today im gonna teach you how to remove a. Forgotten pass code of any ipad this is the new 2020 updated process and again it works for every single. Ipad model you may have this is truly amazing if youre looking for an iphone process to remove a forgotten. Passcode of your iphone isnt different video is a separate video im gonna have a card right here so just.

Click on that card and youre gonna go straight to the iphone process again this is ipad only just to. Be clear im talking about the lock screen passcode this one right here that you put you wanna log here. Defines so your ipad may be in this state right here so it is fully working it is functional but. You just forgot the passcode so then of course you cant access your ipad because you forgot it or even. Worse maybe you have tried it so many times that your ipad is like this ipad is disabled as you.

Guys can see and it made me disabled for a minute 15 minutes in our hours and hours and hours. It doesnt matter so it doesnt matter what situation your ipad is so either working or disabled if you dont. Remember your passcode of your lock string passcode im gonna help you out with this video im gonna show you. How to remove it and gain access to your ipad again is gonna be fully working again this is awesome. Lets go lets begin so as it can already tell we will need a computer for this process to remove.

A forgotten passcode off our ipad but dont worry because it doesnt need to be a mac a macbook or. Anything like that if you have a windows pc it works as well so it works for every single computer. That you may have dont worry about that the only difference is if you have a windows pc you will. Need to download itunes ok so if you dont already have it im gonna have a link in the description. Down below so you go there and download i too of course 100% free is made by apple so dont.

Worry so download itunes and then were all good to go my ipad is back to its normal state but. Im gonna put it as inactive again just to prove my point okay so its disabled inactive again alright so. After we are done with this first part of getting itunes if youre on windows if youre on mac you. Dont need to do anything now were gonna have to go to this website right here called ipsw dot me. Most of you guys are familiar with this the ones who arent were gonna download the former the ios or.

Ipad os version for our ipad manually trust me this is the best way to do it right now its. Faster its much better than downloading straight from itunes or finder trust me this is better okay this is updated. For the 20/20 process and this is the way to go okay so as soon as you go to ipsw. Dot me again link in the description youre going to need to choose your product so so in this case. Ipad and then were gonna need to choose your device so as you know there are dozens of ipad models.

From the ipad one all the way to the ipad seven which is this one right here which is the. Newest apple has made available right right now one very important thing if we dont know exactly what ipad version. You have this may be your case there are so many models you can go to this link which is. Apples own support website on how to identify your ipad model again link down below if youre not sure of. What ipad version you have this is very easy this is very cool youre gonna find it super fast okay.

So lets continue one important thing is if you have an ipad pro the one without a home button so. The brand new ipad pro without a home button i have a different video for you so again im gonna. Put a card right here at the top so go to that link because the video is a little bit. Different if your own specifically an ipad pro without a home button for all the other dozens of models thats. Exactly the same okay sorry i misclicked right here so im gonna go to ipad 7 wi-fi thats my model.

Ipad seventh generation wi-fi only so im gonna tap here and then im gonna go and download the ipad os. 13 point three point one which is the latest version please only download signed ip swf files okay dont download. Unsigned otherwise it will not work dont download the red ones only the green ones okay this is very important. So then tap here and then its gonna start downloading automatically actually im gonna i need to scroll down and. Hit download sorry about that and then after you do that its gonna start downloading right now and as you.

Can see it could be a little bit large depending on it could be a little bit slow depending on. Your internet connection it could take hours or minutes it depends im gonna have to wait a bit here and. Then ill be back when thats done okay okay so now that the download has finished as you guys can. See here i would recommend that you pick it up from the download folder and put it in your desktop. This is gonna make your life much easier trust me so now that we have the file the software itself.

And we also have itunes if youre running windows or if youre running mac you dont need anything else were. Good to go okay so we can finally get started and were gonna need to get our ipad and put. It in recovery mode okay were gonna put it in recovery mode manually to do that of course we will. Need the computer we will need a cable and thats it and its just one process for every single ipad. Model there is okay so plug the cable to the computer keep in mind that maybe your computer is gonna.

Be usb type-c maybe your computer is gonna be usb type a so just pay attention to that to use. The correct cable for your computer and your ipad okay so to put it in recovery mode all youre going. To need to do is first turn off your ipad to do that youre gonna need to press the power. But okay and keep holding doesnt matter if it is in the disabled screen or whatever as you guys can. See just press and hold and then its like our off thats it for every single ipad model there is.

From the ipad one to the new ipad seventh generation all you have to do is this so turn it. Off and then now that its off all you have to do is press and hold the home button okay. The home button right here so youre gonna press and hold that button and then plug in the cable okay. So press and hold the button im pressing and holding with my right thumb and then plugging it in as. You guys can see just wait a few seconds youre gonna see the apple logo the boot up screen youre.

Seeing it right here im still pressing and holding and then were gonna see the recovery mode screen now i. Can release the button and then put my ipad right here i dont need to touch that ipad anymore until. The end of the video okay as soon as you plug it in youre gonna see a message so theres. A problem with the ipad ipad that requires it to be updated or restored that message can be from either. Itunes or can be from finder depending on what os version youre running doesnt matter as soon as you plug.

Your your ipad to your computer and it starts with the recovery mode screen as it just did youre gonna. See a pop up on your computer if theres no pop-up from those software it means that theres something wrong. With the software so just redownload itunes for example okay so theres a problem with the ipad that needs to. Be restored okay were going to need to restore it but were going to need to cancel that first message. Okay because were gonna need to restore the device right here as you guys can see restore were gonna need.

To restore it pressing a button because of course were gonna need to select that firmware that file that we. Have manually downloaded okay so if were using a windows computer youre gonna need to click on it so click. On this button while pressing the shift key the shift key on your keyboard if youre doing this on a. Mac youre gonna need to again click on the restore button but were gonna press on the option key on. Your keyboard okay so hold the the key option on mac shift on pc and then click on the button.

As you guys can see youre gonna get a pop-up just select your file and thats what were gonna do. Thats why i said i told you to put it in a desktop so then desktop ipad and open so. Now youre manually selecting it so as you guys can see your mac will erase and restore your ipad 2. Ipad os 30 point 3.1 and we verified the restore with apple very important this process will erase everything from. This ipad it will clean it wipe it completely erase every and all data that it is right here on.

This device but if you have a backup any kind of backup you can recover it later after the restore. Process is done you can recover everything from your backup so you dont need to lose anything if you dont. Have a backup im sorry youre gonna lose everything but thats the only way i assure you thats the only. Way to do it all right so now all you have to do is hit restore and then we gotta. Wait so as you guys can see your mac is preparing to restore the software on this ipad this dream.

May be a little bit different if were using itunes or if youre using an older version of a mac. Doesnt matter youre gonna see those exact same messages maybe a little bit different on the screen maybe at the. Top here it doesnt matter it is the exact same thing okay im just gonna close this warning right here. Because we dont care about that and then we just wait now as you guys can see the ipad automatically. Rebooted so it it just got out of that recovery mode screen now it is showing the apple logo with.

A progress bar right here hope you can see it i recommend that you dont touch any of the devices. Dont touch the cables because this is a very very delicate process so if you touch the cable right here. Or right they remove the devices around you may run into issue so dont touch the devices okay just wait. Youre gonna get this progress bar twice maybe three times and then were good to go again you dont need. To touch anything ill be back only when we have to interact with it okay as you guys can see.

And now the software will prompt you with a message saying that ipad has been restored to factory settings and. Is restarting – please leave it connected so that first loading bar has finished now youre in the were on. The second the second one is much faster and then we can just hit ok here leave everything connected and. Wait okay let it do its thing ill be back in a second and so as you guys can see. My ipad is back it is right here in the welcome screen in this setup screen and of course we.

Have finally removed our forgotten past code thats it for now one again of course remove the cable we dont. Need that anymore i can put the computer to the side right here and then as you guys can see. You can just normally go ahead and start setting up your ipad normally as if it is brand new out. Of the box so put your language touch id and then youre gonna keep moving forward and forward and of. Course in a few steps from here youre gonna be asked if you want to restore from a backup that.

Backup i mentioned so then you dont lose your information even though the ipad is blank right now you can. Recover from a backup so thats pretty much it your ipad is good to go passcode removed passcode free and. Then you can set a new passcode this time please select one that you will remember so we dont have. To go through this hassle all over again so thats pretty much it please make sure to hit the like. Button comment button subscribe button and also check the suggested videos youre seeing on the screen right now thats very.

Important to me so thats pretty much it and ill see you guys in a few days guys bye bye.

Method 4 – Forgot Ipad Password? 3 Ways To Unlock! (No Data Loss)

If you have an ipad youd understand how much we benefit from it these days thats why wed panic when. We forgot the passcode in a situation like this trying out the passcodes would be the way to go but. If the odds are stacked against you what else can you do to regain access to your data thats what. We are going to show you in this tutorial by following the tips here you can unlock it without losing.

Anything so lets dive in you have three options here skip to the one that suit you the best well. Start with 10 or share 4u key links could be found in the description down below so once launched it. Plug your ipad into the computer then go to the unlock lock screen passcode section click on the start button. Follow the on-screen instructions to put your ipad into recovery mode for ipad 7 is press and hold the top. And home button until you see the connect to laptop icon in recovery mode 4u key will get you the.

Latest ios firmware once downloaded you can start unlocking well done it says passcode removed successfully lets start setting up. And restoring everything back if you get the activation lock but forgot the apple id watch our another video here. To learn how to bypass it so once you get to this apps and data page make sure to select. Restore from backup if you need the data back we are going to restore from icloud enter your apple id. And password then all your icloud backups will be listed here choose the one that contains the data you want.

Finish a few setups then here we go well done now lets check it out see everything is back on. Your ipad now including apps photos settings etc if you dont have a computer around but have an iphone and. Remember the apple id here is how to unlock using the find my app so once open it tap devices. In the bottom select your ipad then go ahead and erase it you can skip entering your phone number and. Message just enter your apple id password then the arrays will begin when the hello screen shows up you know.

What to do next in the last part here youll learn how to remove the lock screen using itunes just. Like for uk youll need to put the device in recovery mode then go back to itunes and select to. Restore agree to the terms and conditions download the firmware then itunes will start restoring minutes later youll see the. Hello screen just like this thats it hope you enjoy todays tutorial this is 10 or share channel ill see. You in the next one you.

Method 5 – All Ipads Fixed: “Ipad Is Disabled Connect To Itunes”

Hey what is going on guys so you have a ipad doesnt matter what model ipad what year you have. What ios you have on there if it says this right here ipad is disabled to connect to itunes im. Gonna help you guys get out of this right now alright so the first thing is what were gonna have. To do is hook the ipad up to itunes on a computer doesnt matter if using a macbook or a.

Windows computer the thing is you have a windows computer you need to download itunes if youre using a mac. Then obviously you already have itunes pre-loaded on there well you can also do two if you have a windows. Computer and you dont want to download the itunes and go through the setup and all that just use somebody. Elses computer anybody elses computer that has itunes just go ahead and get the computer and hook your ipad up. To it now this is a very very simple process i do hope that we incur some errors just in.

Case and i can tell you how to fix those issues as well but basically what were going to do. Is a factory reset so guys remember everything that you have on your ipad is going to be long gone. As if you just bought a brand new your photos your videos your documents all your email passwords that are. Saved wi-fi passwords its all going to be gone so hopefully you have a backup on icloud or itunes anyways. This ipad here is my dad said he just sent it to me from florida and of course he has.

No backup he just wants to get it back up and running so that he can use it and his. Says disabled right here and the reason why you know you usually get this is because you know you put. The wrong password in under 15 minutes and after thirty minutes and after an hour like multiple times and then. Finally youll go ahead and get this message here now my dad says that he put the right password in. Every single time it just wouldnt read it but whatever were going to get its ipad up and running right.

Now so first thing is were gonna go ahead and.

Conclusion – How Many Attempts To Unlock Ipad

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