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Method 1 – How To Get Away With Murder Series Finale Ending Explained How Did It End

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Method 2 – How To Get Away With Murder Recap & Review!!! (Seasons 1-3)

How to get away with murder as a captivating hit drama series on abc created by peter nowak each season. Centers around one or two murders usually involving the entirety of the main cast with numerous questions as to what. Could have happened with each respective night and what the events were that led up to them in the first. Half of each season numerous flash forwards are shown to keep the viewers intrigued and on their toes with viola.

Davis as the leading star and shonda rhimes behind the scenes how to get away with murder has received critical. Acclaim and will continue on for a fourth season airing in the fall my name is ricky and im going. To be recapping and reviewing how to get away with murder seasons 1 through 3 ill start by reviewing the. First season spoiler free and then ill dive into specifics and ill let you know when spoilers are about to. Come how to get away with murder as an emotionally charged drama slash murder mystery that puts the tough force.

Annalise keating and her criminal law students in difficult and deadly situations that test each others limits and reveal the. Darker traits of their personalities an esteemed rule-breaking defense attorney annalise keating teaches a criminal law class where five of. Her students rightfully named the keating five are chosen to work alongside her on defense cases that she takes on. Throughout the year in season one each episode focuses around a different case involving high-profile crimes such as murder abuse. And sexual assault annalise and her two mysterious colleagues with troubled pasts bonnie and frank work alongside the keating five.

Wes laurel michaela connor and asher to act as the defense for criminal offenders no matter if theyre innocent or. Not with each of these cases comes further storylines for all of the characters such as connor starting to fall. In love michaelas engagement falling apart an anna lisas husband sam keating being shown to end up dead in the. First episode with four of the keating five being caught in the middle of it the flash-forwards each episode give. Us a taste of whats to come in the mid-season finale which doesnt disappoint take all of this and add.

In a case about a girl missing and then found murdered on their campus this season is an explosive collection. Of emotional dramatic hilarious and heart-pounding moments that well be sure to get you hooked all the way up until. The jaw-dropping finale the writing and pacing of the show really helped to keep it fresh and interesting and the. Character development particularly that of and sam keating and wess mysterious neighbor whos charged with a girl on campuses murder. Rebecca almost everything about the show the characters acting writing score mysteries and pacing all make for a fantastic first.

Season of a show that was quick to become a huge hit for abc and shondaland im going to be. Getting into spoilers now so if you dont want to see the spoilers click away and watch how to get. Away with murder on netflix as i mentioned earlier the entire season focuses on two murders lila stangard and sam. Keating the first murder we get to see pan out with sam who we see the body of being burned. In the woods by annalisa students the details of what happened that night are unclear at the start but are.

Slowly revealed with each flash-forward that comes in every episode the four of annalisa students are seen dealing with a. Freshly murdered body of her husband and end up being caught in a whirlwind of close calls and tough decisions. In the end we find out that rebecca was the main cause of all annalises students being at the house. As she and nate the cop who analyst was having an affair with were working to try and prove that. Sam was in fact the killer of lila stangard as sam was drunk and almost killed anneliese just moments before.

He caught rebecca trying to get information on where sam was the night that lila died it all culminated into. Attack on rebecca who was being strangled by sam with his girlfriend being attacked what felt necessary to hit sam. Over the head with a trophy which led to sam steps after those events transpire we see all of the. Flash-forwards play out with full contacts all ending with what happened before the introductory scene where wes went back to. Get the trophy as he went back in we see annalise sitting across the room who then instructed wes on.

What to do with a body resulting in the events of destroying the evidence for the rest of the night. As the second half of the season pans out it starts to focus more on the aftermath of sams death. And the effect it has on annalise as well as deals with the mystery of who murdered lila as the. Episodes go on investigators get closer and closer to finding out who really killed sam however never get to the. Bottom of it and instead of worrying about the investigators the keating five in anna lisas biggest worry becomes rebecca.

Who laurel and west believe may have been the one to kill lila as more details arise from that night. The mistrust between western rebecca boils over and lands rebecca in a difficult situation being basically forced to admit that. She was murdered she then turns around and says shell spill the beans that they killed sam which leads to. The four students finding no other option than to tie her up and call annalise to try and fix their. Stupidity which she inevitably isnt able to do and later finds rebecca dead in the final scene which leaves us.

Wondering who killed rebecca and why another question were left with is how connor will deal with his new boyfriend. Olivers positive hiv status and how michaela will react to finding out laurel hid michaelas engagement ring from her the. Night of sams murder with all the trouble that the keating four went to it turns out it was all. For nothing as frank was actually the killer of lila and had murdered her because sam asked her to after. She got pregnant with sams baby overall the premiere season of how to get away with murder was spectacular and.

Captivating and it only got better with season 2 season 2 starts off a few months after season 1 left. Off and the flash wars are still in each episode however the formula has changed to just two flash-forwards in. Each episode one at the beginning and one at the very end this formula still helps keep the great pacing. But gets rid of too many repeating scenes which helped to keep the episodes a bit more fresh than the. First episode one starts off with us seeing a first look at how rebecca died from then on we see.

Annalise back in her normal classroom setting and introduces a case shes working on that ends up being one of. The focuses of the season the hapstall case step brother and sister caleb and catherine hapstall are accused of murdering. Their parents in order to inherit their wealth while their races aunt claims that she witnessed it later on in. The premiere episode we see the on had been murdered as well and we also see that bonnie is the. One to have killed rebecca now normally in another serious drama this would probably be criticized to be a little.

Too far-fetched but with this show its anything goes and anybody could die at any moment the main focus of. The first half of the season centers around flash forwards at the hapstall mansion where we see a gun shot. With wes running away from the house shortly after at the very end of the premiere episode we see that. It was none other than annalise that was shot and left bleeding out on the floor we later see that. Almost the entire main cast was at the house that night and that the meddling a da emily sinclair is.

Also dead at the bottom of the stairs as the season goes on we see more into ashers backstory whom. Was more of a recurring character than the other students and we learned that his father who is a judge. With a not so on a row past has killed himself during this time west links up with rebeccas foster. Brother to try and find out where she is or if shes really dead or not which annalise promised him. Multiple times that she isnt the tension for the entire first half of the season builds perfectly with excellent writing.

And plot twists that led up to the shocking and widely considered best episode of the series so far in. The mid-season finale we learned that it was asher who murdered emily sinclair after she made rude remarks about his. Deceased father and annalise tried to help cover it up she ends up dragging the other keating 4 into it. With them they staged her death as if she had fallen off the top of the hapstall mansion and annalise. Finds herself in deeper trouble than usual she decides to blame catherine hapstall one of her clients shes defending in.

A murder charge and tries to coerce one of the keating four to shoot her after spilling the beans that. Rebecca is actually dead in an effort to make wes want to shoot her in the leg he goes too. Far and shoots her in the stomach and almost kills her what stops him is annalise faintly whispering his real. Name christophe and at the end we are greeted with a flashback of 10 years ago instead of a flash-forward. Where wes then named christophe as being questioned about the death of his mother rose we then see that annalise.

And her estranged colleague eve are looking on the other side and hint that they potentially have something to do. With it it is then that the relationship between wes and annalise becomes a lot more in depth than the. Viewer once thought which provoked excellent character development with both of them throughout the season the same could be said. With frank asher eve and sam who reprises his role in the second half of the season which focuses on. Closing the hapstall case and learning more of how frank annalise sam and wes got to be where they are.

After they all met it was hinted that wes killed his mother however we learned that she killed herself for. Fear of wests real father wallace mahoney coming after her and her son it is also implied that wallace mahoney. Was the one who carried out a car crash that resulted in annalise losing her unborn child this in turn. Makes frank believe that he is the one responsible for riding out annalise thus b the reason for the incident. Which finally reveals why he was so indebted to annalise and sam and also why he killed lila one thing.

That started to drag the season down just a bit was how long the hapstall case went on for there. Were storylines that could have been cut out from that case and nothing would be different for the main cast. However the show was never a drag to watch it is revealed in the end that caleb hapstall was the. One to murder his parents and after a deserve ield he is shown to have killed himself at the very. End of the final episode we see wests track down his real father and started to tell him who he.

Was as soon as he does wallace is shot dead right in front of west as it pans out and. Into the logo for the series in my personal opinion i believe that this is the best season of the. Three that theyve aired so far the backstory between anna lisas and wests relationship the question of who shot annalise. And who killed a da sinclair and more scenes with tom merica as sam and the story of how him. And annalise lost their son was perfectly executed with a well-written script and terrific performances throughout the season from viola.

Davis charlie webber carlos souza and alfred enoch along with the rest of the main and supporting cast season three. Picks up worst season two left off with west being questioned about the shooting of wallace mahoney where he lies. And says he stopped to ask for directions as the episode goes on and elises teaching her class as usual. When the realization that shes being branded as a killer becomes apparent with flyers of her photo and the words. Killer rain and red appear all over campus the university decides that annalise is not fit to teach her class.

Anymore as the keating five test scores have all suffered due to the events of the first two seasons its. Decided that she will work a pro bono clinic and takes cases from there instead oliver connors boyfriend ends up. Joining anna lisas team after deleting connors stanford acceptance letter and when connor finds out they get into an argument. And oliver breaks up with him frank is on the run as he is suspected of killing wallace mahoney and. Annalise has hired a hitman to get rid of him for good once they had men tracks him down frank.

Overpowers him and kills him instead throughout the episode we see flashbacks of what the keating five have been doing. Over the summer and annalises interactions with them with the end of the premiere episode however we get a flash-forward. Of a body bag being wheeled into an ambulance with a distraught annalise wanting to know who it is once. The sheet is lifted she sees who it is and has an emotional breakdown she then turns around and the. Camera pans over to see her house set on fire this sets up the main mystery of the season which.

Should have been what happened that night but instead hashtag who is under the sheet became the main focus the. First half of season 3 storylines varied from asher and michaela starting to get intimate and things blossoming into somewhat. Of a dysfunctional relationship annalise in the keating five trying to figure out who is posting the killer flyers of. Annalise franks journey of being in hiding from annalise and murdering bonnies pedophile father for her family struggling with alcoholism. Connor and oliver being annoying and nates love triangle relationship with annalise and renee atwood whos headed out for annalise.

From the beginning the premise of the flash-forwards this season which are almost the only storyline that matters for the. Plot in the second half of the season is every episode a new character is revealed to be the one. Thats not under the sheet until the numbers dwindle down and the dead body is finally revealed this is a. Very interesting concept that was executed well although it could have lasted a bit less than it did overall there. Were big shocks on what happened that night such as the end of episode 4 where it is revealed that.

Laura was also in the house that night the reveal of who wasnt dead goes as follows annalise bonnie oliver. Laurel michaela asher west and then connor in the promo for the season after the first episode aired it is. Said that we see each episode who is not under the sheet with those who actually know who is dead. You can see why this is wrong maybe it was just an oversight or them just trying to trick the. Audience however it just seems like bad marketing and most people guessed that wes and connors flash-forwards were before the.

Fire anyways and not after anyways laurel goes to her father to try and get him to spy on frank. To see where hes located the father eventually agrees as long as laurel signs some type of document about a. Business of his that was totally unclear what it was what she did in the mid-season finale nate realized that. Atwood was a conniving who was only after annalise and he ended their relationship the night of the fire annalise. Calls the keating five over to her house and then asks oliver to do a favor for her laurel ends.

Up being the only one shown to go into the house where an explosion happens laurel inside as bonnie takes. A call from what is revealed to be frank asher michaela oliver and connor all run to our learning about. The fire and the dead body we then see someone who is walking over to the medical examiner and its. Then shown that nate is alive as well and when the sheet is lifted it reveals wess burnt corpse after. It has revealed that wes was the victim all along the group of kids are in shock at the end.

Of the mid-season finale nate approaches annalise who was in jail and says that wes was already dead before the. Fire this mid-season finale worked beautifully in terms of overall cinematography writing and direction the way that they revealed that. It was wes that was dead was done perfectly and on top of asking how it was him we also. Get the question of who killed him and why was he dead before the fire that leads us into the. Second half of season 3 where the promoted hashtag who killed wes seems to be a bit of a cop-out.

And ill explain why as the season picks up again laurel is seen to suffer from ptsd and is admitted. To the hospital after recovering from the fire we see flashbacks of all the keating fours at different experiences with. Wes in the past annalise is framed with a murder of west and eventually frank confesses to the murder to. Try and help get annalise out of jail and win back her trust that plan unfortunately goes awry when frankies. Charges annalises co-conspirator despite bonnies best efforts to get her out nate and laurel team up to try and find.

Out what really happened to us as the prosecution being atwood and denver have released that west died due to. Smoke inhalation when they discover that the body where west should have been stored wasnt him they grow suspicious and. It comes out that they quote misplaced the body after the mists placement happens laurel learns that the body had. Been cremated we also learned near the end of the season that connor was also in the house and found. Wes when he was already dead he tried doing cpr but in doing so cracked one of his ribs which.

Made connor believe that he accidentally killed wes the group runs out from oliver that edward was called by an. Unknown number once the night that west died and another time that his body was relocated the laurel takes the. Stand to testify that she saw frank that night even though she only just saw someone who ended up being. Connor and her testimony is discredited when denver reveals that she committed perjury when she was younger and fabricated a. Story that she was kidnapped which laurel then says she only did to protect her father no further explanation of.

The event was recounted however i do think in season four we are going to get the full story about. What happened at sea a bit more of laurels backstory as well before i get into details of the latter. Half of the season and the final episode i want to talk about a couple things that troubled me about. This season starting with unfinished storylines every season ends with questions about what happened or who killed who or what. Will come next however with those questions comes some type of resolution to the previous storylines that were occurring during.

The respective season in the third season the final episode is riddled with no resolution and overabundance of questions some. Of which no one was asking to begin with the first and one of the most troubling unfinished storylines to. Me was the drake storyline with him being the one behind making the posters of analyse that branded her a. Killer once it was found out that he was the one that did it that was it it was never. Talked about it again and there was absolutely no explanation as to why he did it or why he thought.

That she was a killer after he was outed we only saw him sporadically with little to no lines each. Episode the only time that he had a full scene was in an episode where the keating four went to. Wests memorial drake once again was dead said that it was annalise who killed wes yet there is still no. Explanation as to why he was so hell-bent on branding annalisa killer did he know rebecca sam lila anybody that. Was caught up in the endless murders of the show we never find out because they totally dropped his storyline.

With no explanation as to why it was all happening another story arc similar to being unfinished with no explanation. As the mahoney family the mahoney family was introduced in season two and specifically wallace mahoney played a very big. Part in the tragic events that occurred in the second half of the season however once he was allegedly shot. Dead by frank the family was barely ever spoken again that would have been a fine ending to the storyline. But after west died they were brought into suspicion of being the perpetrators behind the act none had any screen.

Time until the very end of the season where charles and sylvia came back into the mix im jumping the. Gun but annalise has a sit-down with sylvia and starts a heated discussion about all of the tragedies that have. Been happening involving the mahoneys wes and anna leigh we are then greeted with a question that no one was. Asking which is was wallace really the father of wes or was it charles into that i say who cares. But for this video sake ill entertain it say charles was the father it was how could that possibly be.

If his age is close to 30 was wes his mom macking it with a ten-year-old and somehow got pregnant. By him not likely at all however for some reason thats the way it is on top of that annalise. Talks about how wallace instructed someone to drive into anna lisas car resulting in the loss of her unborn child. Where sylvia vehemently denies the accusation and says that she is wrong about so much okay so what is annalise. Wrong about care to explain no youre just going to walk out thats it okay awesome the scene was just.

So frustrating to watch as it had no real logic or resolution to anything involving the plot or characters there. Was a drastic change in characteristics this season of laurel and connor specifically both acted very irrationally and completely unlike. Their characters at all you might say it was because the death of wes and laura was in love with. Him while connor thought he killed him but if thats very hard to link that with connor constantly bashing wes. And laurel while not saying a word about seeing him dead in the house right before it exploded and laurel.

Being a stone-cold for example her telling connor to go kill himself why would they write her to say that. After connor said that he tried to save him it didnt make any sense but the biggest offender of a. Completely broken script and lazy storytelling is the entire west a buckle well start off with his death the entire. First half of the season was dedicated to you trying to figure out who died the writers wrote a month. Of the show without coming up with the script for the second half which i believe was a big mistake.

On their part you cant kill off a main character in a show for shock value with no thought process. On how it played out why it happened or who did it beforehand the second half of the season was. Dedicated to who killed wes and once we find that out there is absolutely no explanation as to why it. Happened just a horde of horrible reveals and cliffhangers that are thrown into your face at the very end so. The penultimate episode ends with connor finding out that denvers phone was the anonymous number that called atwood those two.

Times connor is stuck in the office when denver catches him and the next time asher and bonnie tried to. Look for him theyre both gone the next time we see connor hes chained up in some basement somewhere by. Denver how did that happen who knows they didnt bother to tell you just accepted denver forces connor to sign. An immunity deal under duress but it eventually expires connor is eventually set free and him and oliver who have. Been annoying all season are maybe possibly about to get married now what i dont know its a cliffhanger so.

It must be good right the flesh wards have connor ended with him running away from the explosion in the. House with some random dudes saying things got a little messy on the phone who is that dude oh dont. Worry well give him a very vague tie-in to one of the main characters and leave it at that because. Cliffhangers so now we get to the story or lack thereof of wes and the night that he died hashtag. Who killed wes was speculated by all viewers alike many guesses came up theories possibilities and almost everyones name was.

Thrown out there the main names being nate and connor but only because the show very obviously pointed to them. As black sheep and it was obvious from the start that neither of them did it laurel walked into the. House right before exploded so it wasnt her michaela and asher sending explosion in the house not likely annalise was. Over bonnies house so that left a few people frank who has already killed lila bonnies father and wallace mahoney. So hes out all over which we know denver who had a semi high possibility only because he does have.

Some type of tie with annalise and it would kind of make sense and the mahoneys who probably werent the. Killers since they werent even in the season oh wait maybe i spoke too soon remember that random dude who. We barely saw at the end of episode 14 yeah he did it he drugged wes and then suffocated him. To death and in anna lisas house and then set it on fire why did he do it doesnt matter. You never find out because cliffhangers so this hashtag who killed wes was also bad marketin

Method 3 – How To Get Away With Murder – Trailer

I was find your seat you dont wanna be a sitting duck and the shooter gets here i dont know. What terrible things youve done in your life up to this point but clearly your comments out of balance to. Get assigned to my class im professor annalise keating and this is criminal law 100 or as i prefer to. Call it how to get away with murder here we go i will not be teaching you how to study.

The law or theorize about it but rather how to practice it in a court room like a real lawyer. Every year i choose four students to come work for me this assignment is used to help me decide who. That is now go find the defense it will free our client step 1 discredit the witnesses you should really. Pay attention you might learn something are you colored one yes the rest of you step up your game step. 2 introduce a new suspect howd you get this wasnt exactly legal and we just have to get creative step.

3 we bury the evidence you got him to lie on the stand i did my job everything after this. Moment will not only determine your career of life you can spend it in a corporate office drafting contracts and. Hitting on chubby paralegals before finally putting a gun in your mouth or you can join my firm and become. Someone you actually like i want to be her professor oh my god thank you for keeping this between us. Youre a misogynistic ass stop screwing the students howd you get that email i dont kiss and tell the body.

Stays buried the body is what gets us hot israel agree or we stop right now just do it the. Only way to destroy the dna thats how you get away with murder you.

Method 4 – Annalise’s Final Fate Revealed – How To Get Away With Murder

If they come here im here im here 0:02 shot humming oh no bunny buddy what do you know stay. With me buddy hey why do you know what words can make meaning out of an entire life do justice. To a lifetime with struggles and triumphs to try and do this for annalise so ill start with this i. Never loved anyone the way i loved anna lisa i loved her even when she didnt choose me because when.

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