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Method 1 – How To Train Your Dragon Full Audiobook By Cressida Cowell

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Method 2 – How To Train Your Dragon Minecraft Movie!

Ladies and gentlemen this is the isle of berk its a pretty normal town filled with tons of vikings there. Is one thing different about the isle of berk you see they dont have ordinary pets instead they have dragons. And in this series ill be taming them all as the chief of dragons so ladies and gentlemen it looks. Like my adventure starts here this is the isle of berk now ive tamed plenty of dragons during my days.

But i have never actually been to berk and supposedly here i am going to find that tons of the. Dragons from the how to train your dragon series and i actually see one directly ahead ladies and gentlemen if. You guys enjoy or if you like cookies be sure to go ahead and smash like with your nostril not. Your nose its gotta be your nostril see the things on my nose why hello there hiccup and toothless uh. This is burke its 12 days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death but theres.

Something that we have that makes it all worth it dragons im hiccup horrendous haddock the third leader of burkes. Dragon training academy before youre ready to take a care for dragons youll have to pass the exam aint that. Right bud please dont eat me head inside the dragon arena and ill introduce you to the first task honestly. Ladies and gentlemen personally if i had to say uh you know a little bit about myself um yeah i. Dont think i need dragon training like literally ive been training dragons for i want to say the past three.

Years and i actually wait i dont know if you guys can see right up there next to my head. It looks like we might have a deadly nadder now im not gonna claim to be an expert on the. How to train your world dragons uh but im gonna become one in this series so i guess hiccup is. The dragon training expert and who knows maybe ill learn something new please select what device youre playing on by. Interacting with the icon wait a second theres actually a lot of different things you could play on theres playstation.

Switch xbox uh touch screen or keyboard and mouse comment down below what you guys actually play on im a. Little bit curious im guessing most of you guys play on touchscreen but probably theres some xbox people out there. Switch people maybe even some playstation people im personally an xbox person but were going to be playing this on. Keyboard and mouse i did it hiccup first youll have to tame a dragon found in the wild this is. Pebbles a gronckle hey pebbles gronckles love to eat rocks grab some from the ground and feed them to pebbles.

When they approach you steady now pebbles daddy daddy its okay hiccup said that i need to sneak while approaching. Them so that i dont accidentally scare them okay lets go ahead and pick up some rocks i had no. Idea that grongos ate rocks i guess its like cookies to them okay we gotta make sure that were approaching. Super sneakily theres sneaky like just gonna be a double07 sneaky agent call me big bro sneaky ladies and gentlemen. Im not gonna disturb pebbles one bit uh whats up you handsome beautiful creature were gonna go ahead and were.

Gonna try to feed you a pebble do i need to throw them down maybe lets see oh are you. Sniffing it no oh oh wait did did it eat it im gonna shower you pebbles with the smaller pebbles. I think i may need to gain pebbles trust so were going to try to lure pebbles out of her. Cage thats a good girl come on look at this look stop stop turn back around look look i got. I got rocks its okay pebbles it just sounds really scary but i need to tame it oh wait is.

It working okay she seems to be gaining my trust oh pebbles is approaching come on pebbles i know you. Want a couple pieces of juicy rocks maybe you actually dont come on pebbles just eat the rocks okay were. Gonna be really gentle this time im gonna come in and youre gonna eat the really crunchy rocks thats a. Good little pebbles there you go good one come on yes when shes eating them yes pebbles yes pebbles yes. Munch on the rocks she literally ate them like they were cookies thats exactly how i eat cookies in one.

Singular bite looks like pebbles is really starting to like you try approaching the dragon and interacting to see if. Pebbles will let you ride them pebbles i have a lot more rocks where that came from plus ive been. Told by other dragons even though they cant speak english that im really really good at uh at fly lets. Try it later gentlemen in three two one that was insane so every single dragon mod or map that i. Played on is a little bit different and this one is definitely really different than the others so it seems.

Like to take off i need to press space i can attack with left click and it seems like in. Order to tame the dragon you actually need to ride on it and gain its trust you did it pebbles. Will now listen to your commands ill hand it over to our so-called experts ruffnut and duffnut well teach you. How to fly are you okay well ladies and gentlemen i am somewhat of an expert so this should be. A walk in the park okay so lets see were gonna hit space to take off there we go okay.

Dude the chronicle is actually really slow okay so i can press space again to dive okay okay this is. Going to take a little bit of getting used to so i can look up to fly up i can. Look down to fly down but spacebar dives and then i can hit space again to stop the diving process. I just realized too bro theyre dragons out here its barf and belch i feel like i need to show. Off quite a bit so that they know i really dont need dragon training school lets try to complete this.

As fast as possible there we go we have another ring here okay this is actually this is pretty darn. Easy there we go ladies and gentlemen now okay i need to go left a little bit got that one. Easy enough looks like they want me to fly all around the the entire city the dragon animations are super. Cool too it reminds me of the other dragon map that i played a little bit ago okay yeah were. Definitely flying through the city okay all right i need to make sure not to accidentally land did we make.

It we did welcome to the dragon fables as if it wasnt even close to my record breaking time if. You want to learn more about a dragon check out the book of dragons study up before approaching a dragon. In the wild you done fish pants i suppose once youre ready for the combat trial go talk to snotlout. Okay snotlouts right up there that was a lot of information ladies and gentlemen so lets make sure that i. Got all of that so weve met fishlegs weve met hiccup we have toughnut and roughnut and were meeting all.

Of their dragons this is amazing ladies and gentlemen i dont know about you guys but im a big fan. Of the how to train your dragon movies i havent watched the tv show yet but if you guys want. Me to leave a comment down below and ill definitely start watching it so my first dragon is going to. Be pebbles lets make sure that were able to do all the different commands so if i shift right click. It looks like pebbles will sit we also have meatlug meatlug is resting on the ground she rolls onto her.

Side and fishleg scratches her belly well it looks like meat luck and pebbles are i guess twins oh we. Have a naming station over here so if we do get another dragon we can name it i was going. To say we could get a new name for pebbles but i really do like pebbles well i think were. Ready to figure out how to start attacking with our brand new dragons so lets check out snotlout named snotwow. Master of awesome and official weapons tester punch to direct your dragons fire prove to me youre reflecting this by.

Destroying these targets all right easy enough so all we have to do is left-click in order to attack what. Bro nobody told me pebbles had a massive fireball lets go ahead were going to attack oh wait we have. A moving target we have a couple moving targets easy enough that just exploded in my face aim a little. Bit up okay all right all right we might actually need to go up here for these oh there we. Go i nailed the one inside of this and then for the next one i probably need to just uh.

Maybe flap my wings up here does that hit it its exploding in my face lets try to get really. Close there we go oh i nailed it theres a target up there stop exploding target up there okay got. That one too so wherever i look it seems thats exactly where pebbles will attack and just like that we. Nailed all of them up okay youre finally finished thats not how i would have done it but i suppose. Youre new to this pickup is waiting for you outside of the great hall thats the big building at the.

Back of work wait what happens if i attack another dragon okay good good im not able to attack friendly. Dragons like hookfang so far weve seen a lot of different types of dragons ladies and gentlemen and im guessing. If everybody else is able to tame them ill be able to get them too ill be like ash ketchum. And im definitely gonna capture them all im guessing some are probably more rare than others supposedly i was supposed. To get like some sort of dragon book so let me see if i can find that oh wait a.

Second okay so theres a bunch of different information in here this actually has the dragon book okay so it. Gives me the location of the dragons the diet and also their different attacks so the gronckles lack speed agility. Stamina and energy obviously they make four in defense and overall cuteness i mean pebbles is pretty darn cute i. Cant even lie but in this book we have every single dragon that i believe we can get and theres. Some sort of unknown dragon i want you guys to comment down below which dragon you would like to see.

Me get in the next episode but lets go ahead and take off back to the main city of burke. And then we can find the great hall where hiccup is waiting im not sure if this is it but. If i were to have a great hall it would probably be here hello and by home is anybody here. Baking cookies oh well we have a map so here we have the isle of berk not entirely sure if. The other areas just arent mapped yet or if theres nothing else out here oh theres hiccup whats up toothless.

Toothless and i have been all over the place trying to get a proper map of the islands around burke. Weve been to a lot of places but it would be great to get another set of eyes on the. Isles hold on tight to your map and visit every island in the archaea pegalo for those of you guys. Out there that didnt know archeopegalo is a grouping of islands hiccup also wants me to help his friends in. Order to get special tokens but also if i want to earn a hiccup token i gotta do something but.

He didnt really say uh so i guess im just gonna have to start going around and uh finding the. Different aisles oh i guess thats his quest for me he wants me to map out the entire barbarian archaepagolo. So this is the world map and weve barely explored and every single one of his friends supposedly has their. Very own quest for me so we have a lot of work to do apparently there is a trapper ship. That is coming to steal our dragons eric said i was just scouting out the perimeter and im afraid to.

Report that we spotted a trapper ship could you go take care of it consult the big map to transcribe. The location on your little map all right you didnt have to make fun of my little tiny map bro. We gotta act fast ladies and gentlemen okay so we have a trapper ship lets go ahead and were gonna. Locate the trapper ship i only have one dragon so not entirely sure if were gonna be able to take. It out but were gonna have to try nobody else is gonna do it and supposedly im the only person.

That can take out the trapper ship okay so it looks like thats the location and its popping up on. My map so were gonna take out pebbles who is literally my only dragon right now and were gonna go. Risk our lives to try and save every person on burke but dont worry ladies and gentlemen as i do. These missions and also do more quests supposedly i will unlock brand new things to help me in the world. Of dragons all right pebbles yip yip lets go ahead were going to consult our map here so it looks.

Like the trapper ship is over yonder also in todays episode i really want to explore supposedly there are other. Islands that i can find a lot of different dragons what is that i need to explore that that looks. Sick in the last episode i asked you guys for some name suggestions uh kind of sort of maybe but. A lot of you guys just wanted to keep my gronckles name as pebbles and i mean i agree pebbles. Is an absolutely fantastic name for this beautiful little cute dragon alright so we have our our trapper ship coming.

In hot and heavy ladies and gentlemen we need to make sure we take them out quickly the first episode. I learned basically everything there is to know about the dragons in the world of how to train your dragons. So this should be a walk in the park whats up butt nuggets okay trapper ship it looks like its. Like a boss battle okay i accidentally just landed no not what i wanted to do at all theres a. Lot of trappers here okay were just gonna start attacking i dont see any dragons so oh they have cannonballs.

I gotta be careful they dont it looks like the gronckle cant really shoot its fireballs too far the closer. I get the more vulnerable i am we need to make sure we go back and forth here this is. Unreal though oh my gosh dude i almost just got nailed no no no no okay okay looks like the. The groggles health shows up on my screen pebbles hasnt gotten hit yet but it looks like theyre shooting nets. So i need to make sure that i dont get hit by one of the nets or else my entire.

Dragon is going to get captured me along with it all right it looks like we are just unleashing fireballs. Wait a second wait a second okay we got hit a little bit i think were getting okay were getting. Were getting trapped we need to dive that was a close call ladies gentlemen im pretty sure that i can. Heal pebbles by using these rocks so whatever the dragon eats you can actually feed it to them in order. To heal them back up to full health all right pirates ive had enough of you unleash fireballs pebbles this.

Will teach you lets go okay ive almost taken down all of their net cannons looks like theres one more. Right there that should be the last of them did i do it im not sure lady gentlemen im gonna. Go down for a landing wait a second i think i might see a dragon over there i mean this. Is a trappers ship so if i had to guess they probably already trapped a couple dragons okay i think. Wait is this is this literally theres another cannon right here im so sorry bro everybody else is dead youre.

Also dead too did i do it the trapper ship has been defeated land and free the trapped dragon from. Their clutches i think this might be a monstrous terror wait a second it said to tame a wild dragon. Need to hold their favorite food sneak and wait for them to approach well i dont know exactly what type. Of food this dude likes so were gonna go check the chest maybe theres food inside of the chest so. Dont worry big guy stay right there we have gronckle iron i dont know if you like gronckle im gonna.

Try to feed it to you but yeah probably not all right were gonna go ahead and were gonna return. Back to burke whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whats going on here okay im alive fishlegs i do not have. Time for you right now i gotta go ahead and save a dragon all right so in here we have. A lead so we could leave the dragon around but i need to figure out what type of dragon it. Was and also what it eats so im pretty sure it was a monstrous nightmare their diet is just meat.

So i can find any sort of meat bro fish legs okay pebbles has been returned to the stable nice. Okay pebbles you have to probably stay there for just a second at least until im able to find some. Meat i havent seen any normal minecraft mobs spawning around so im not entirely sure where im supposed to be. Finding meat i did not i just got a new mission fish likes bro i did not want a new. Mission about about doing dragon research aim seven different species of dragons okay well i guess im gonna do that.

Anyway so i might as well accept it we have me somebody tell me where the flipping meat is bro. Im gonna beat somebody up if they dont give me some meat this is bad ladies and gentlemen this is. Really really really really really bad im not entirely sure where that monstrous terror is going to go monstrous nightmare. Uh is really good like said gronckles my favorite i mean that in the most unbiased way possible unbiased favorite. To zoba i honestly i dont know which is my favorite comment down below your guys like i want to.

Say the night fury but also theres a mystery dragon in this world that i havent seen yet all right. Pebbles we have to go out into the world and we need to find some meat it looks like the. Ship is still on my map so we could always go back and we just need to hope that the. Monstrous nightmare is still there oh piggies oh okay we got another dragon oh wait a second look look look. We can get some meat i dont know exactly what that eats but i do know that were gonna just.

Attack this goat or the sheep thank you oh we got a little tiny baby dragon wait what this is. Amazing wait is this is this a little little tiny terrible terror im not sure ladies and gentlemen were gonna. Have to consult with our book but it seems like most of the dragons here are pretty peaceful nothing has. Attacked me yet some of the dragons might be more aggressive than others but we do have four pieces of. Meat so that should hopefully be enough in order to detain the monstrous nightmare lets go pebbles flap those little.

Tiny baby wings we gotta move theres the ship ladies and gentlemen hopefully the dragon is still there and hopefully. Four meat is enough again slightly worried ladies no no no were good were good were good pebbles you wait. Here just in case this gets a little bit aggressive this thing is slightly bigger than pebbles i wouldnt want. Anything bad to happen all right were gonna slowly approach with the meats thats right buddy i know you want. To eat the meat there you go there you go oh i liked me can i ride it oh baby.

Were doing it it threw me off were getting back on okay okay we need to gain his trust this. Is literally like riding a bull that can fly but we did it we did it ladies and gentlemen we. Got the monstrous nightmare this is easily one of my favorite dragons lets test out the attack oh my gosh. It has a flamethrower this is a beautiful day ladies and gentlemen this is a monumental day for me im. Not sure if ive ever tamed a monstrous nightmare before like ive played with other how to train your dragon.

Mods in the past but i dont remember getting one of these it looks like we also picked up a. Dragon scale im guessing i can either use this or maybe i can trade it there has to be some. Other things in here yeah the entire ship is filled up with gronckle iron im thinking maybe i can use. This in order to make armor for my different dragons i remember from watching the movies that eventually they started. Making dragon armor so im really hoping that i could do that too lets go ahead and check below deck.

To see if we can find anything else useful its really empty down here ladies and gentlemen uh if you. Do play this map just dont come below deck its not worth it dont worry you giant cute terrible terror. Of a dragon were gonna get ourselves out of here actually youre going to get me out of here because. I dont think i can do it myself pebbles help me pebbles pebbles come on pebbles lift me out of. Here oh my gosh pebbles is so useless huh take that pebbles all right we should be able to use.

Pebbles to fly out of here pebbles is slightly smaller than our giant monstrous nightmare oh i also completely forgot. To mention we need name suggestions for our monstrous nightmare go ahead and comment down below and also while youre. Down there if you havent already hit that big red subscribe button im pretty sure over 70 of people watching. This video right now are not subscribed even though you might think youre subscribed just be sure to double check. And while im doing shameless plugs we just got a brand new shipment of backpro jack cookie plushies available only.

At monstrous nightmare has been returned to the stable very nice lets go head back to my guy eric. And see if maybe i got some rewards for taking out the ship he said youre really moving your weight. Around here kid i dont have much but take this token and dont spend it all in one place hey. What is this is this like a like a chuck e cheese token can i can i only use this. With you is this it did i just get scammed it wants me to place the token on display wait.

A second okay so it looks like i can always fight more trapper ships that could honestly be a good. Way to get brand new dragons okay so it looks like theres different shrines for each person that i could. Do a mission for so this ones erics lets see what i got do i get anything okay no i. Think something cool will happen probably when i fill them all up also what is this its name is skull. Crusher and im not surprised in the slightest this thing is amazing skull crusher grunts im not surprised what the.

What what what what am i are these fish oh my gosh wait im getting fish this is great okay. I maybe stole all the fish but um dont tell anybody im sure i could probably use this to tame. A different dragon wait wait is this thing just like a like a fake dragon oh hello hi gobber well. Funny enough gobber i actually have both of those so um were going to go ahead and oh yeah look. She said that looks like enough supplies and dragon scales into the furnace all right gobbler lets do this whoa.

What is this thing thats a pretty cool looking dragon all right so we have this can i place it. Down somewhere oh there we go oh wait a second i can craft armor myself we can craft monstrous nightmare. Armor deadly nadder armor and i can get gronckle armor so it looks like it does take quite a bit. Of dragon scales which i really dont know how to get yet so you guys have to let me know. In the comments down below how i actually got it lets go ahead and trade and we can get our.

First piece of armor we got the gronckle chest plate whoa so youre welcome to use my forge and craft. Armor whenever you want and take this gobbler token as evidence that you are master of the forge well that. Was pretty easy im now a master of the forge apparently what is this little dude this little dudes really. Funny looking oh before i forget it we should probably go put the copper token up in its place in. The great hall uh gabber now thats vodka gobber lets plop that down and there we go well ladies and.

Gentlemen i think today was a pretty successful day in the world of how to train your dragons we got. Ourselves some monstrous nightmare which were gonna name in the next episode using your guys suggestions let me give you. Guys a quick description that might help you with your name no dragon is more ferocious or feared than the. Monstrous nightmare in sanitarian temperament and short on patience these dragons will incinerate first and think second see thats why. I was a little bit confused when i rescued it why it wasnt attacking me because im pretty sure you.

Know if i remember correctly from the movies these things yeah theyre pretty deadly luckily though i think it was. Pretty excited that i actually defeated all the trappers and it let me tame it that is just one of. Many dragons that well be getting in this series ladies and gentlemen and it looks like fishlegs actually kept track. Of that so we have one of the seven dragon species tamed in the next episode ill bleed oh hey. Pebbles how you doing what am i doing okay ladies and gentlemen in the last episode i asked for your.

Guys name suggestions since we got ourselves a brand new monstrous nightmare he should be around here somewhere there he. Is there he is look at this big beast ive also started to realize too that the dragons will eventually. Just start dropping scales i think that like reptiles they sort of just like shed the scales so thats how. Im able to get a ton of them and the cool thing is if you guys remember from the previous. Episode were actually able to use them in order to get dragon armor but uh he said oh man that.

Thing is scary monstrous nightmares are scarily cute oh sweet now i have two out of the seven dragons tamed. So it looks like fishlegs wants me to go ahead and get the rest of the five dragon species that. Is part of my plan today ladies gentlemen but first things first we need to get the name suggestion it. Came from joseph t and he wanted our monstrous nightmare to be named fire nut joseph you just get me. Okay there we go we actually have our own dedicated naming station i thought wed go over here and name.

It fire nut welcome to the squad fire nut so now we have pebbles and fir

Method 3 – How To Train Your Dragon | Peaceful Theme Music & Ambience

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Method 4 – Music From How To Train Your Dragon By John Powell

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Method 5 – New Dragons Series Has A Dark Secret | Dragons: The Nine Realms

This video is intended for an audience of age 13 plus it includes content that some viewers may find disturbing. Or inappropriate view a discretion strongly advised dreamworks animation has announced a new dragon series titled the nine realms despite. The fact that the hidden world was supposed to be the conclusion to the franchise director dean de blue which. Co-directed the first movie and was sole director of the second as well as third did hint at the possibility.

That dreamworks would create spin-offs we have seen this already with the series rescue riders and now with the upcoming. Nine rounds so far very little has been revealed about this series except a main human character and a few. Dragons among these dragons is a fury dragon thats a clear descendant of the night lights the offspring of toothless. And the light fury the nine realms are supposed to take place 1 300 years after the events of the. Hidden world this means that all the characters that weve been introduced to so far are dead however a fury.

Dragon lives and thats the proof of one thing only inbreeding also known as incest collar genetics can be quite. Complicated depending on which animal we are dealing with and how many dominant and resistive genes they have if we. Look at cats they have a whole pool of collar genes that gets assigned to each kitten at random some. Genes are stronger than others and female colored genes tend to be more dominant since the female chromosomes are xx. While the males are xy this means that the two xx chromosomes can carry the same color code while x.

Conclusion – How Many How To Train Your Dragon

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