How Many How To Train Your Dragons Are There – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – How To Tame Perplexing Mystery Dragons | How To Train Your Dragon

Great to see you again future dragon rider welcome back to dragon school where we teach you everything about dragons. Big and small im jessica your dragon teacher and number one dragon fan im here to teach you how each. Dragon works so one day you can tame a dragon in the wild too unless youre blown up by a. Flammable gas dont worry weve all been there am i right if you want to be a grade a dragon.

Rider youll have to learn more about the unknown and even i am stumped by todays dragons me the all-knowing. Jessica so lets investigate todays dragon mysteries todays class is a bit of a head scratcher the mystery class is. The most unique class of them all because we honestly dont know how they work i mean we know most. Of them are stealthy and sneaky but some are unlike any other dragon weve ever seen before take the hideous. Zipple back for example these peculiar two-headed demons have two very distinct personalities that share one body this makes the.

Zippleback one of the hardest dragons to train but if you can wrangle one you can wield the zipplebacks one. Of a kind attack the gas and spark its so cool this attack is an explosive game changer where the. Right head spits a flammable gas from its mouth that the left head can ignite with a spark causing a. Huge explosion that can shift the momentum of any battle theres also the incredibly nimble changewing these friendly cooperative dragons. Are most well known for blending in with its surroundings but they can also spit out a corrosive acid when.

Need be these peculiar creatures can be trained but theyre definitely a puzzle of a dragon perfect fit for this. Particular class another perfect fit to this class is the bewildering armor wing these soft-scale dragons attract metal objects to. Their metal bodies to form their own unique armor so if youve misplaced the sword or loose change better check. And see if theres a wild armor wing roaming nearby what you wont see roaming around often is the fickle. Death sword these isolated dragons will pretty much attack any dragon they come across even their own young sometimes they.

Lure in unsuspecting dragons and humans alike with their siren like singing so be careful if you hear music out. In the wilderness its probably not your favorite viking band another dragon you should avoid is the slippery sandbuster these. Shifty lizards burrow deep underground and protect the treasure they find they can be nasty if you get too close. Fortunately these dragons are deathly allergic to sunlight and prolonged exposure could prove harmful for them so as long as. You dont drop your wallet into a dark cavern youll be just fine speaking of the dark the flightmare is.

A glowing wonder of a dragon that can paralyze you with its beauty and literally paralyze you with its mist. Nightmares can spray glowing toxic mist at their foes and stuff them right in their tracks its possible to train. These dragons but i think most riders prefer to run away instead finally we have what many consider to be. The most perfect dragon the train the three million these dragons are strong social and incredibly intelligent their unique ability. To mimic fire and other dragons astounds even the wisest of dragon cleaners they are truly a mysterious dragon all.

Right students nothing tests your knowledge of the mystery class like a mysterious class question answer the following question correctly. Thats it whats it which dragon has a magnetic body a the change wing b the flight see the armor. Wing d the sandbuster times up lets see what the right answer is the correct answer is c the armor. Wing did you get it right awesome your brain must be magnetic magnetic for knowledge hello all right students youre. Almost at the end of dragon school that means youre almost as smart and as talented as little old me.

So come back for one final course and be officially ready to ride any dragon you encounter in the wild.

Method 2 – The Complete How To Train Your Dragon Timeline | Channel Frederator

This is berk or rather a video on the history of berk you see other timeline videos talk about gems. Or benders maybe toys this one were talking about dragons thats right today here on channel frederator well be taking. A look throughout the history of all things berk as well as the fire-breathing pests turned pets that inhabit it. Well be covering the three feature-length films the long-running tv series and even the shorts that went straight to dvd.

We wont however be including the school of dragons video game or any other video games that are upset in. The how to train your dragon universe or as its written in the script here the did youdid universe cuz. Its just written as all the letters thats a lot easier to type and yes that means in this timeline. Hiccup hasnt canonically met shrek while go-karting which i know is tragic but it can still be true in our. Hearts also given that the relationship between hiccup and toothless is the catalyst of the whole series well be using.

That as our benchmark so everything before their first encounter is bf before friendship and afterwards af after friendship now. With all of that in mind lets dive into this with the same enthusiasm that hiccup dive-bombs off of toothless. At the beginning of the second movie the founding of berk 300 bf a group of settlers arrived on the. Isle of berk a small cold island just 12 days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing. To death those are both real places by the way they are my current position in life and the bus.

Stop outside my house in the middle of winter respectively the island is located on the meridian of misery in. The barbaric archipelago a series of islands between the greenland and norwegian seas during the settlers journeys across the seas. They create several myths and legends about dragons the creatures that plagued their everyday lives one of the most notable. Legends is that of the hidden world the forbidden land at the edge of the world where its said that. All the dragons once came from this legend gets passed down through the ages by the newly formed hairy hooligan.

Tribe the vikings that settle on berk hamish the first is the first chieftain of the hooligans naturally i mean. Its its in his name hes been described as the most successful leader in the history of berk and accumulates. A vast wealth of treasure throughout his life far off from burke lies a dragons nest hidden behind a perpetual. Wall of mist a particularly vicious red death dragon instills fear in all dragons who live there this beast forces. The weaker dragons to give up a bunch of their food if they dont want to get killed so the.

Dragons become desperate to meet their lords demands so they begin attacking any and all nearby islands for livestock including. Berk this kicks off the long-running war between the dragons and the hooligans of berk with all the dragons terrorizing. The archipelago dragon hunting becomes a necessary pastime a prominent tribe of dragon hunters simply known as the dragon hunters. Use a spyglass like device called the dragon eye its passed down through the tribe for centuries and it uses. A dragons flame to give information about locations or dragons eventually the dragon eye gets abandoning the massive dragon hunter.

Ship the reaper in the ship graveyard no one knows why the ship and i were abandoned but with all. Of the burn marks and bones inside and the fact that its in a place called the ship graveyard you. Dont need to be a detective to figure out what happened around this time a separate sect of dragon hunters. Set alondra million island one member a man named inger inger men trains dragons of the dro million family to. Replicate any type of dragon fire using this new method which he dubs the angermann method he revolutionizes dragon hunting.

And creates a long-standing following called the loyal order of inger men on the opposite side of the coin theres. A tribe on the island of caldera key known as the defenders of the wing instead of hunting dragons the. Tribe worships them and even lives and harmony with them a way of thinking thats way ahead of its time. The rule of hamish the second to 4 tbs after the death of hamish the first his son hamish the. Second becomes the new chief of berk since hes a lot smaller than his dad people call him a hiccup.

We wonder if thats gonna play into anything later when hamish the second inherits his fathers wealth he decides to. Leave most of the treasure behind for the next hiccup but he doesnt make it easy he creates a treasure. Map along with the key comprised of three parts and hides his fortune behind an elaborate treasure hunt its unknown. Exactly how hamish the second passes away but its said that he only left the isle of berk once in. His entire life and ends up crashing his ship in the ship graveyard again you dont need to be a.

Detective even though hamish ii devises this whole treasure hunt he gets some help from bork the bold the author. Of the very first dragon manual and the great-great-great grandfather of gobber the belch initially known as bork be very. Very unfortunate he tries out numerous professions throughout his life but the dragons sabotage him in some way he puts. His extensive experience with dragons to good use when writing the book of dragons he even develops the dragon class. System placing each species of dragon into one of seven classes stoker boulder tracker sharp title mystery and strike as.

If that wasnt enough bork also discovers the island of deep dark the ancestral home of the gronkles a species. Of boulder class dragons to celebrate his incredible contributions to viking society berk holds an annual week-long festival called bork. Week the rise of stoic the vast 45 bf after two centuries of dragons and vikings fighting to the death. Over berk a viking chief and chieftess give birth to a hot-headed and brash viking known as stoic during his. Childhood stoic becomes good friends with the descendant of bork the bold gobber the belch the two are always searching.

The island for the hidden treasure but ultimately fails since you know theyre not the hiccups that hamish the second. Left it for stoic would also hear stories from his grandfather about a tribe known as the berserkers they chain. Down strike class dragons called scrillz and used their lightning to attack their enemies stoic becomes very familiar with the. Berserkers later in life gobber has a particularly interesting childhood one summer while vacationing with his parents he stops in. An icy cave for a bathroom break when he looks at the walls he cant believe his eyes frozen vikings.

Everywhere he sees a treasure chest in one of their hands and takes it for himself then suddenly a massive. Armored dragon known as the boneknapper chases him out of the cave chillin gobber to his bones after surviving that. Fun a little vacation gobber lives amongst the people of chill blamed for a short spell breaking the heart of. The chiefs daughter and playing the panpipes in a band he dearly loves his petty act named peppe until his. Family cooks it up and eats it during their snuggle tog feast i myself have never lost a beloved yak.

But this might explain why gobber is so eccentric later in life love loss and birth 20 bf aside from. Gobber stoics also very good friends with a man named alvin one night during a particularly nasty dragon raid stoic. And alvin encounter a monstrous nightmare the deadliest species of stoker-class dragon the two get into a heated argument over. How they should handle fighting the beasts and evacuating citizens alvin defy stokes direct orders and acts on his own. Resulting in several casualties for the towns folk presumably this is when gob loses his left hand and right leg.

From that point on things are never the same between stoic and alvin once hes chief stoic vanishes alvin from. Berk forcing him to live out the rest of his days on outcast island this action almost caused stoic to. Be named stoic the vindictive but thanks to his girth he earns the moniker stoic the vast with his missing. Limbs gobber cant participate in the war against dragons anymore so he becomes the village smithy and provides the other. Vikings with weapons to help in their endless battles one day out of nowhere oswald the antagonistic and the berserker.

Tribe invaded berk to take it for their own during the battle stoic fights alongside a woman named valka after. Winning the battle the two share a dance and sing for the dancing and the dreaming a song that would. Represent their new love for years to come eventually the hooligans and the berserkers would come to an understanding and. Even become allies in the coming years oswald the antagonistic has a change of heart and becomes known as always. Wolde the agreeable stoic even gives oswalds newborn daughter a horn stoic and valka eventually have a son but hes.

Born prematurely so they named him hiccup during a dragon attack a storm cutter dragon breaks into their house stoic. Rushes to protect his son but hes unable to save valka and believes that she gets eaten by the dragon. Unbeknownst to him the dragon actually whisks her away to a mountain den bonding with her and showing her the. Wonders of the dragon world stoic raises hiccup alone becoming very overprotective of him and causing a strain on their. Relationship due to his high expectations stoic goes out to search for valka against the wishes of the berk council.

But hes never successful still he never truly moves on from her later on stoic attends a meeting with the. Other viking chieftains of the barbaric archipelago to discuss how to proceed in their war on the dragons suddenly a. Man wearing dragon armor enters the room offering a solution to end the war his name is drago bludvist and. If all the chieftains bow down and pledged their loyalty to him he promises to usher in peace and end. The war theyll take it as a joke and laughing out of the room moments later drago returns with two.

Armored dragons crashes through the roof and burns the entire hall to the ground killing all of the chieftains except. For stoic in his last moments of consciousness stoic sees drago and another man croghan escape on the back of. One of the dragons the fallen night fury 1bf despite the continued dragon raids things are relatively calm on berk. Stoic has become the perfect leader with a son hiccup is seen as more of a well sort of a. Mistake you know since hes smaller and incompetent despite wanting to help out in the war effort hiccup is tasked.

With being gobbers apprentice instead one night during a particularly heated dragon raid hiccup manages to shoot an elusive night. Fury dragon out of the sky too bad that that also allows the dragons to make off with most of. The villages livestock this causes further strain on hiccups a relationship with his father leaving stoic to clean up the. Wreckage of the village that day hiccup goes to find the night fury he shot out of the sky and. Finds him still very much alive but tangled in the ropes of the bola type projectile that hiccup fired at.

Him to prove that hes a worthy viking hiccup goes in for the kill but he sees the fear in. The dragons eyes he hesitates and sets the beast free instead the dragon pins him down and roars but decides. To let him go hiccup did free him after all you know the thing with the thorn and the lions. Paw and all that when hiccup gets home stoic after much waffling tells him that hes gonna start dragon training. With the other teenager so he can sharpen up his dragon killing skills to become a true viking its like.

Your dad signing up for little league also just the perfect thing to hear immediately after not killing a dragon. Because it stared at you with big stupid puppy-dog eyes and now youre wondering if this war is even worth. It anyway stoic leaves his son to fail in training as he goes off with a crew of vikings to. Search for the dragons nest but of course hiccup just isnt a killer especially after his encounter with the wounded. Night fury the other teens astrid fishlegs snotlout and the twins ruffnut and tuffnut make fun of him but thats.

Okay hiccup doesnt need human friends how to train your dragon one af pick up finds the fallen knife here. Are you living in a remote cave and notices the reason that he hasnt left is because hes been grounded. His tail got damaged during the fall and he cant fly anymore he manages to get close to the dragon. By enticing him with some fish and even befriends him when the dragon awkwardly attempts to mimic a human smile. Hiccup decides to name him toothless even though he totally has teeth like theyre huge they just retract anyway the.

Two become fast friends and begin a double life of forbidden friendship hiccup builds toothless a prosthetic fin for his. Tail allowing him to fly well told me when hiccup is there to ride him though through this friendship hiccup. Also learns about various ways to train and tame dragons making all of the other teens and dragon training super. Jealous and confused one day astrid follows hiccup to see just exactly what hes been – at first shes horrified. By his friendship with such a fearsome beast but after hiccup takes her on a ride and rips off a.

Whole new world she realizes that shes been completely wrong about dragons they also come across the dragons nest and. Learn of the red death you know the dragon forcing all the other dragons to steal livestock for it when. Stoic returns after failing to find the dragons nest hes utterly shocked to hear about how his son has become. The talk of the town with his dragon skills he brings the whole village to see hiccups final exam where. He must fight and kill a monstrous nightmare however he showcases his dragon training skills angering stoic cuz you know.

Being friends with dragons is not the same thing as killing dragons in his anger stoic spooks the monstrous nightmare. Prompting an attack toothless hears hiccups distress from some really far away location and rushes to the scene but the. Vikings capture him on sight stoic furious with hiccup learns of the existence of the nest and uses toothless to. Find it and exterminate the dragons once and for all luckily hiccup astrid and all of his new friends team. Up with the remaining dragons to follow stoic save toothless and defeat the red death the red death emerges and.

Attacks the vikings and the ship that toothless is chained to gets hit and begins to sink thankfully hiccup dives. In and rescues his friend stoic apologizes to his son and then the duo go kick some red death they. Defeat the beast setting the dragons free but in the midst of the fight hiccup loses his left leg its. An occupational hazard of being a viking today gobber just makes him a prosthetic leg its kind of in his. Wheelhouse and now he and his best friend match with that berk enters a new era of peace where vikings.

And dragons can live together in harmony also take up an asteroid star dating thats thats a pretty important detail. Okay so the hooligans learn how to train their dragons but i dont have a dragon so i guess im. Out of luck thankfully our sponsor for this video skill share has a whole bunch of courses available to choose. From so i dont have to worry about luck skillshare has no shortage of photography classes all about taking instagram-worthy. Photos what equipment to use how to shoot in different lighting best practices when editing and touching up its all.

Covered and then all i have to do is remember that i have an instagram account lets be real though. I probably shouldnt have a dragon anyway i can barely take care of my plants and theyre plastic but if. I ever wanted to make a jump to a real plant or dragons skillshare also has courses focused on gardening. Or caring for your potted plants so if you want to start trading your camera skills or your gardening skills. Or your dragon skills or whatever skill share is giving away a free two month unlimited access trial to any.

Channel frederator subscribers who click the link in the description box after that you only have to pay about ten. Bucks a month and thats pretty good for the vast wealth of classes that they offer anyway lets get back. To burg though were still in an era of peace and happiness for people dragons and houseplants legs so what. Can possibly go wrong defenders of berk 1.5 aas during the new era of peace the teens help gobber settle. An old score with the boneknapper and even befriend it hiccup continues to update the book of dragons with new.

Information on taming and befriending them and berk celebrates its first snuggle tog with their new dragon friends however things. Arent all sunshine and rainbows keeping all the dragons under control isnt easy in some towns folks such as the. Angry old viking mildew still have a deep hatred for the dragons during this period alvin now known as the. Treacherous makes his return by seeking out the dragon conqueror which is hiccup after a fierce battle alvin vows that. He will gain hiccups knowledge and one day ride dragons as well he eventually kidnaps the parents of a young.

Girl named heather forcing her to bring him hiccups knowledge on dragon training in exchange for their lives heather hides. In a shipwreck and allows herself to be discovered by the dragon riders pretending to be the survivor of a. Pirate attack here comes a nice guy so he believes her and allows her to stay with his family astrid. Is suspicious of heather and soon uncovers her plans to betray them but before she can warn hiccup heather steals. The book of dragons and asteroids dragon stormfly the dragon riders managed to capture heather but not before the book.

Falls into the hands of alvins outcasts however when the good guys launch an attack on alvins forces she escapes. From prison to join the hooligans they all defeat alvin and set heathers parents free during that years bork week. Hiccup discovers where the night furies came from and goes with toothless to investigate however it turns out that they. Were fake rumor started by mildew who now aligns himself with alvin once again alvin tries to force hiccups dragon. Training knowledge out of him but hiccup and toothless escape still they know alvin is hunting them so theyre constantly.

On edge and as if that wasnt enough oswalds unhinged son dagger the deranged now leads the berserker tribe dagger. Sees hiccups possession of a dragon as a violation of the peace treaty between the two tribes so he reignites. The war with the hooligans soon alvin and the berserkers enter an agreement to attack berk together but dagger double. Crosses alvin to take control of his forces enslaving a frozen skrill and using it to assassinate him surprisingly alvin. Survives and teams up with hiccup to take down the berserkers and usher in a new new era of peace.

Well fur a bit race to the edge for af 3 years after the defeat of the berserkers dagger escapes. From his prison cell on outcast island hiccup finds out from a traitor named johan since dagger stole his ship. He believes the dagger is heading to the ship graveyard in search of the dragon eye but hiccup and toothless. Arrived first and claim it for themselves over the course of the next few months they try to decipher the. Dragon ion track down dagger turns out that heather is daggers sister and stoic gave her the horn when she.

Was a newborn remember that from earlier on top of all of this a new threat emerges in the form. Of the dragon hunters led by riker and vigo grimm born naturally dagger teams up with them because of course. He does heather does as well shocking everyone by joining forces with her brother however shes secretly working as a. Double agent spying on the hunters and reporting back to the riders after dagger finds out shes a spy he. Locks her up but she manages to convince him to let her go since their siblings riker and vigo maroon.

Dagger for helping heather escape he spent some time in isolation and eventually has a change of heart and allies. Himself with the hooligans after a battle with the hunters the riders help dagger and heather restore berserker island to. Its former glory and search for their father oswald around this time the hunters betray vigo and elect riker as. Their new leader vigo briefly allies himself with the riders defending berserker island in a battle that ends and rikers. Death shortly after however he takes astrid hostage so that he can take the dragons eye for himself somehow he.

Survives falling into a volcano with the ai and from there he partners with croghan the leader of the dragon. Fliers and the man who escaped with drago years prior given the track record of villains in this series it. Was only a matter of time before a krogan betrayed vigo after vigo helps croghan by retrieving the dragons eye. From the volcano croghan rewards him by collapsing a cave on top of him somehow surviving that vigo teams up. With hiccup one final time to retrieve the dragons eye from krogan in the end vigo redeems himself but at.

The cost of his own life nonetheless croghan and his forces use the dragons islands to find the king of. Dragons a massive bewilder beast dragon living neath berserker island thankfully hiccup and toothless stopped krogan before he can capture. The dragon or its egg croghan returns to drago and begs for a second chance but drago is not messing. Around so he executes scrouge on the return of drago 5af by now hiccup has made berk a society that. Can coexist peacefully with dragons they raise dragons around the island have a dragon wash fire prevention services and all-you-can-eat.

Feeding stations its a regular utopia with berk safe hiccup and toothless venture out to chart unknown islands and expand. Their world while on a distant island a man named erik attacks them hes a dragon trapper who sells dragons. To drago he warns them of dragos impending return and his men attempt to trap toothless but astrid shows up. And helps hiccup and toothless escape back on berk hiccup tells his father of drago causing him to fortify the. Island and prepare for war hiccup asks aaron if he can meet with drago to come to an agreement and.

Avoid the war but stoic arrives and stops him before he can go to drago while flying amongst the clouds. Thinking of what to do hiccup encounters a rogue dragon rider who turns out to be his mother of alka. She shows him the dragon sanctuary shes been living in all these years when stoic and gobber catch up -. Hiccup stoic is shocked and relieved to see his wife is still alive however the celebration is cut short when. Drago attacks the sanctuary so he can capture the king of dragons the bewilder beast that resides inside drago himself.

Has his own bill wilderbeest which he controls through a barbaric torture method he forces the two dragons to fight. To determine who is the true alpha of all dragons and his dragon emerges victorious hiccup flies in to stop. Him but drago uses his torture method to control toothless and orders him to kill his own best friend as. Toothless goes in for the kill stoic jumps in the way to save his son devastated hiccup screams a toothless. To leave as he mourns his fathers death stoic died by the way that thats it didnt it didnt go.

Well for him they hold a funer.

Conclusion – How Many How To Train Your Dragons Are There

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