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Method 1 – How Many Passcode Attempts Before “Iphone Is Disabled”.#Shorts

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Method 2 – How To Unlock Disabled Iphone

Hello friends how are you welcome to ios pro hacker so have you forgot your iphone basket or your iphone. Is disabled so in this video i have created a full step two step guide to unlock your iphone so. Lets get started to the tutorial so before the tutorial let me tell you that if your iphone is stuck. On disabled screen so why it happens actually it happens because of entering wrong taskers to our iphone whenever you.

Try to unlock your iphone and enter wrong pass codes to it five times so your iphone will gonna stuck. On this able screen for a limited time so after that you cannot enter more pass codes to your iphone. So anyways if you have forgot your iphone pass codes or you have an iphone which is right now stuck. On this disabled screen so this video is for you in this whole video i am gonna show you how. You can fix your iphone and one last thing i want to clear to you is that if you forgot.

Your iphone passcode or your iphone is stuck on disabled screen so in this case you cannot get your iphones. Data back to your idevice yes guys it is not possible to get your iphones data back to your idevice. But there are only two alternative ways to get your data back to your idevice first is using icloud backup. And second is if you have created an itunes backup in your computer so you can restore data later from. The itunes so now lets get started to the tutorial and fix our iphone so you must have a computer.

To fix your iphone because when an iphone is disabled it is not possible to fix it with our computer. So the first step is to download install itunes on your computer just visit to download itunes in your. Computer so install it in your computer i have already installed it on my pc and the you will also. Get the download link in the description of this video now the next step is to open itunes and connect. Our iphone to the computer to fix it make sure to use original lightning kable and let me tell you.

That when our iphone is unde is a baleen so the computer not detects the iphone so now what we. Going to do next is to put our iphone ipad ipod whatever into the dfe mode in order to detect. Our wife run to the computer so it is very simple to put our iphone into the dfe mode and. Every iphone has a different method method to put it into the dfe mode so for that just open youtube. And search for it then how to put iphone x into the dfu mode like i have iphone 7 so.

I am gonna search how to put iphone 7 into the dfe mode so you will find a lot of. Videos here so just follow any of the video to get your phone into the dfe mode its not difficult. Its just a trick of volume home and power buttons to put the phone into the dfe mode so right. Now i have an iphone 7 so to put it into the dfe mode i have to press and hold. The volume down and power button together and when the screen goes black release the power button and keep pressing.

The volume down button to put the iphone 7 into the dfu mode lets just try again because it turns. On again and i fail to get into the dfe mode your iphone screen will remains blank if you successfully. Put your iphone into the dfu mode and the computer will detect your mobile phone and just wait for it. So itunes will detect it and as you can see so in itunes you will see the restore button but. If you press the restore button into the ideas so items will gonna download a huge flavor file and ideas.

Is very slow to download it so we are going to download the freeware file of an iphone manually because. For whatever reason i use is very slow to download the file lets download it manually just open your browser. And visit ip as w dot mean you will find the link also in the description of this video and. Now come into the identify my ios device so now select your device which device you have so right now. I have an iphone so im gonna select and here we have to put our model number so you will.

Find the model number on the back of your iphone you can see this little number so you have to. Put it so after that after putting the model number let me just correct it so after putting the model. Number this website will gonna detect our iphone so just simply press the download button at the bottom and it. Will start download the file and it is about 3 4 gb file so it takes time and depends on. Your internet speed so im gonna cancel the download because i have already downloaded the file into my computer and.

After that download you will find the file into the downloads folder so just simply copy the file from there. Onto the desktop so like i did here is the file you can see i have already copied it into. The desktop ok right so next what we are going to do is to press the restore button into the. Itunes well keep pressing the shift key on our keyboard if you have a mac so you need to press. And hold option key and just press the restore button and it now selected the file we have downloaded you.

Will find it in to your downloads folder if you havent copied it to the desktop i already copied it. To the desktop so im gonna open this up from here and now just simply press the restore button but. Before that let me just tell you one more thing that if you dont want to use itunes so you. Can also use 3d tools to restore your iphone how you can use it it is very simple i just. Come into the flash and jb and you will gonna import you will see the import button here now just.

Select the downloaded file and press the flash button to start the restoring process but im gonna use itunes im. Not gonna use 3d tools because itunes works fine for me so lets get back to the itunes and select. The file again to start restoring process just like that and you can also use three tools if you dont. Want to use itunes or itunes is giving any kind of errors so you can always use through your tools. It works fine its totally free so now we are done and itunes has started to restore our iphone it.

Will take about seven to ten minutes to complete the restore process and i am skipping the video and fast-forwarding. The video to make the video short if ideas is giving any kind of error so please make sure to. Update your iphone to the sorry itunes to the latest version and make sure to use original data lightning cable. To get it work dont use cheap chinese cables otherwise it means take on white apple logo so after that. You will have to start all over again and restore your iphone again so guys if you see this pop.

Up message and items it means that your iphone has successfully restarted now you can also disconnect your iphone from. The computer but i do not recommend you to disconnect your iphone because sometimes our iphone battery is low so. That iphone will gonna shut down and will stuck on the apple logo anyways now we have to wait until. It completes and again let me clear to you that it is not possible to get your iphones data back. To your idevice if it is stuck on disable screen and the way you can get the data is only.

By restoring iphone from icloud backup or if we have created itunes backup on your computer unfortunately so im going. To skip the video now because i dont want to make a long video so after it completes you see. The hello screen so now you have to set up your iphone select language country wi-fi and all that and. If if the find my iphone was enabled on this iphone on your iphone so it may ask you for. Your apple id and password to unlock your eyes and make sure dont be too fast because in the next.

Step our iphone will ask us about apps and data so now here you can choose an option from where. You want to restore your iphones data so you can restore from icloud or itunes backup and i have created. An icloud backup so im going to choose the first option so after that it will ask us for our. Apple id and my iphone well gonna download all the files from the icloud backup such as photos videos contacts. Call logs messages and all the data of the applications like whatsapp and all the other applications so it may.

Take few minutes to complete because it is downloading all the files from the icloud backup so it depends on. Your internet speed so then the iphone has downloaded all the files from the backup of icloud and now it. Will gonna restart and restore all the files into my iphone it may take time and you can see my. Data is back its my all the wallpaper and you can see all the applications are downloading automatically and in. The photos yes it will gonna update it may take time because it is downloading photos from icloud backup right.

Now so you stay connected on internet and all the applications contacts call logs everything will be on your phone. So thank you so much for watching the video make sure to subscribe the youtube channel and press the like. Button peace out.

Method 3 – How To Unlock Any Iphone Without Passcode And Computer ! How To Bypass Iphone Screen Passcode

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Method 4 – The Only Way To Unlock Any Iphone From Any Carrier ●

Hey there i hope youre doing good today in this video im gonna be showing you the only way to. Unlock any iphone from any carrier at the moment okay and before we begin this video my name is sergio. With search tech in this channel we do tech reviews and tutorials and other videos as well so if you. Havent subscribed already go ahead and do so hit that bell to receive notifications on upcoming videos and without further.

Ado lets get right to the video now alright so in this video im gonna be showing you how to. Unlock any iphone from any carrier period this is the only working method right now to unlock your iphone obviously. If your phone is paid off you may want to try and contact your carrier first and ask them to. Unlock your device for you because maybe you need to travel and they should unlock it for you however some. Carriers wont want to unlock it for you even if your phone is paid off and thats why you know.

Theres methods like this that will help you and unlocking your phone in case your carrier doesnt want to help. You do it so this is the working method right now its currently working and you can do it with. Any iphone im gonna be showing you how to do it with iphone 10 are and above so iphone a-10s. Tennis max or 10 are this right here is a tennis max and if you have a iphone 10 and. Below theres also another unlock chip that we use to unlock it and im gonna be showing you both in.

This video lets go so a couple of the things that i want to mention is that make sure that. Your iphone is updated to the latest ios also everything will work perfectly fine with your carrier with whatever carrier. You decide to use um you know all calls text messages data everythings gonna work just normally as it should. Couple other things this is not gonna bypass an icloud lock on an on the iphone also if your iphone. Is blacklisted its not gonna work here in the us however it will work in other countries and were gonna.

Have links down below in the description of this video where you can get the unlock chip that you need. To unlock your iphone all right so lets jump right into it so like i said here i have iphone. Tennis max this one is a iphone 6s theyre from different carriers but they are locked to their car the. Successes locked to at&t and the tennis max is locked to sprint however this method will unlock any iphone from. Any carrier so what were going to be using is these black unlock chips and like you can see here.

They are different this one is used for the iphone 10s tennis max antenna it has the little flip thingy. Because the sim card tray is different on the newer model iphones and this is the basic one toward the. Iphone 10 and be low so let me go ahead and show you first you know what happens when you. Insert a sim card that is from another carrier so lets go ahead and place the sim card in each. Phone and as you can see the iphone 10s max already went to the activation screen lets go ahead and.

Place the sim card in the 6s as well and as you can see they both went to the activation. Screen go ahead and make sure that you are connected to wi-fi go ahead and follow the prompts here theyre. Gonna try and read the sim card and activate but since they are locked to the carrier its gonna give. You this message right here sim not supported on your lock i phone so what were gonna need to do. Is simple were gonna remove that same sim card okay were gonna place it in with the unlocked chip and.

Im gonna show you here how were gonna do it with the tennis maxx first so were gonna be using. This one that flips over youre gonna place your sim card right over the dotted lines like you can see. Here you can kind of see the form there of a sim card so were gonna place the metal pins. Of the sim card right above it like that and then flip this part right over it make sure its. Positioned properly like that on the sim card super easy just like that and then were gonna get the sim.

Card tray and were gonna flip it over and were gonna place it like this on the sim card tray. So its gonna fit in there perfectly because its a super thin unlock it so youre gonna place it in. There like that and then were gonna place in an iphone place it in slowly and gently so that he. Goes in correctly and as you can see its already reading it lets go ahead and do these 6s though. While we wait on that and as you can see the unlock menu already appeared there so were gonna place.

The sim card out on the success as well so its very simple with the success you just got to. Make sure this little flap is over here on the bottom side of the sim card tray and then you. Place your sim card it right above and then push it in gently as well so that it can read. It properly and there you go the menu will appear on this phone as well looks like i waited too. Long on the tennis max and the menu disappeared all right you do have to be kind of quick so.

Lets go ahead and open this and push it back in and then once youre in this screen right here. Were gonna select edit iccid which is the top option up here and then here were gonna input the correct. Icc id which you will always be provided with which will be down below in the description as well alright. So edit iccid on both of them its gonna give us this menu right here and the correct iccid right. Now is a tensor one four one zero four two seven zero two two five nine nine three two zero.

Two so were gonna hit send its gonna say setup okay restart your iphone just hit accept and then go. Ahead and power your iphone off immediately lets input it into the 6s as well all right so its eight. Nine zero one four one zero four two seven zero two two five nine nine three – oh – and. Then once thats done hit send its gonna give us the same message a new carrier applies the same so. Hit accept and then just power the device off once again alright now once the device is completely off then.

You can just go ahead and power back on i waited a little bit on the tennis mac since we. Were doing the success but its gonna work normally as well alright so just power them on all right and. Then just follow the prompts here once again make sure you connect it to wi-fi and as you can see. The tennis max is already unlocked and ready to go its reading the sim card t-mobile even though its a. Sprint locked iphone now lets just finish up with the sick set and as you can see the 6s was.

Unlocked as well as you can see us as t-mobile up here now and the iphone tennis max also reading. The t-mobile sim card so at&t phone right here sprint phone right here both of them unlock with the unlock. Chips theres gonna be links down below in the description where you can get this unlock chip to unlock any. Iphone from any carrier alright so go ahead and like this video if it helped you out and thats it. For now ill see you in the next one and as always peace.

Method 5 – Videoleap Pro Download – How To Unlock Everything In Videoleap (Ios + Android Mod Apk)

Oh my gosh guys as you can see i got video elite pro plus plus on both my iphone and. My android and in this video im going to show you guys how to download it onto your device completely. For free so this will give you the video elite pro for free so im going to go ahead and. Open it up my iphone just so i can show you guys it is working and then im going to.

Show you guys how to download it so let me open it up right here and as you can see. It is the video leap and this is the pro version guys so you will have all the features unlocked. And you do not have to pay for it so its super cool i cant even believe it actually works. Guys but it does so as you can see we got all the intros and stuff but it is super. Cool guys and im just amazed that you can actually get it for free using this plus plus version so.

Im going to show you guys exactly to download it its super cool and you guys can see right here. Im just skipping through these little intro sequences that they showed you at the beginning of the app but you. Guys can see that it is fully working and i mean this is just super super cool guys and as. You can see i can start um using it so its super crazy so im gonna show you guys exactly. To want to try this right download if you want the pro stuff for free so as you can see.

Guys if i go over to the settings and lets just go over here you guys can see it is. The fully working video leap and ive kind of can start a new project here so let me just show. You guys you can see right here this is super crazy so im going to show you guys exactly to. Get it so if youre using an iphone you want to go ahead and swipe down on the little control. Center and make sure the portrait lock is off so once youve done that guys all you have to do.

Is go ahead and open up settings theres a few different options were going to go ahead and change let. Me open the app ill show you what im talking about so once were in settings the first thing you. Want to do is go to where it says general and find this option called background app refresh make sure. This is turned on so you can do it in a few different ways wi-fi or wi-fi and cellular data. Just make sure its on one of those and youre going to be good to go so once youve done.

That guys all you have to do is go ahead and go to where it says battery so let me. Just go ahead and scroll down here and you want to make sure guys that you have the low power. Mode off you know what song is your percentage will be yellow so make sure low power mode is turned. Off once youve done this go to where it says app store make sure the automatic downloads is on should. Be on by default now all you have to do is go ahead and go this amazing site so let.

Me just go to my browser and im going to show you guys where i need to go so the. Website you want to go to is called it has a ton of monitor apps and games so let. Me just go ahead and type it in right here so get apps dot vip this is a super cool. Site so once youre here guys youre going to notice they have a ton of monster apps and games so. What i recommend doing guys is just going to the search bar and typing in video leap you can also.

Go like scroll around and stuff but that takes longer so im going to type it in right here video. Elite pro and as you can see guys it pops right up so let me just put in the full. Name of the app so in order to download this onto your device you want to go ahead and press. On it so let me just go ahead and do that right here and then you want to go ahead. And press start injection and it will download now im not downloading it since i already have it but now.

Im going to show you guys the dial just if youre using an android its a little bit different for. Android users if youre in settings you have to go ahead and change so if youre using an android phone. You want to go ahead and swipe down on the notifications and make sure that when you do this you. Have the auto rotate turned on so this is very important guys if auto rotate is turned off this wont. Work so make sure its on once youve done that guys all you have to do is go ahead and.

Open up settings a few different options will change so once youre in settings go ahead and go down go. To where it says battery and make sure that you have the power saving mode off so youll know its. On because well send you alerts so make sure power saver mode is turned off once youve done this as. All you have to do is go the same size on iphone so let me just go to my browser. And im going to show you guys where you need to go so remember guys the website we want to.

Go to is get app stop vip so let me just go ahead and type that in right here so. Get apps dot vip so let me just type it in all right so once youre on the website. Guys youre going to notice it works the same on android as it does in ios you still have the. Search bar and everything so im just going to go ahead and type in video lead pro right here so. Let me just go ahead and do that so im just going to put in the full name of the.

App so video leap pro plus plus and it should pop right up and there it is guys so let. Me just type it in so video leap pro plus plus so in order to download this onto your device. Guys you just want to go ahead and press on it and then you want to go ahead and press. Where it says start injection and it will download im not downloading it since i already have it so if. You guys enjoyed the video definitely try it out for yourself get the word out with this crazy method im.

Blown away it actually works guys but it does super super cool its an amazing trick awesome stuff definitely want. To try this out for yourself while its working its so amazing guys if this works out for you be. Sure to leave a like and see you guys later and peace out.

Conclusion – How Many Times Can You Try To Unlock An Iphone

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