How Much Does It Cost To Do A Def Delete – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Worth The Money???Deleting Your Diesel Truck!

Good morning guys welcome back to the channel thanks for stopping in today we are finally going to get back. And talk about the der max this is my daily for those of you guys that dont know its 2015. Silverado 2500 with the duramax 6.6 and today were gonna talk about is it worth it to delete the duramax. Thats like the biggest thing now i work up at rpm motor sports and i got the delete from those.

Guys with a little help from the guys at ncb diesel and i get a lot of calls they get. A lot of emails where guys are like hey i dont know what to do should i delete my truck. Is it worth it i got a warranty on it i dont want to void the warranty what do i. Do now ill tell you guys from experience what its kind of like going through the process of deleting the. Vehicle its like before and after and yes i did lose my warranty im not a big guy on warranty.

Because if i break something i dont want to just replace it i want to upgrade it so what we. Got going on the truck right now its pretty pretty simple pretty straightforward its a really good package its kind. Of what we sell primarily i sell like one package that if you want to your truck delete it this. Is what i do so it starts off under the hood now dont hate on me its a little dirty. Today it leaves a little neglected its gonna rain all week so i decided not to wash it because after.

One day it will get dirty again but the package i offer starts off with an smb cold air intake. Very good system works really well that alone definitely has some performance gains if you do just the intake alone. Highly recommend it so smb cold air intake then we go over to an auto cal programmer with ppi tuning. Now i use the auto kyle programmer i dont do the ez link that has the screen and everything like. That i just do the auto cal programmer im gonna kind of go i dont want to see a lot.

Of gators or anything yeah so thats what i went with i can do the screen but this is you. Know i think this is the best one simple its clean so along with the with the tuning here you. Get the the dsp 5 switch i think thats what they call it so you have the 5 different levels. Of tuning you could change your tuna on-the-fly i ride around on tune for because with this package i did. Not opt out for the lift pump so tuned for is plenty fast if you want to go on tune.

5 i definitely recommend a lift pump you cant do tune 5 every once a while youll get a low. Fuel rail code and thats pretty much the cp for pump just cant supply enough fuel for that 200 horsepower. Tune thats a air intake auto a programmer with dsp 5 switch and then that brings us over to. The exhaust now obviously you cant see a lot of the exhaust you can see the tip but i opted. For a 5 inch flow pro its aluminized i didnt go with the stainless or anything i personally dont feel.

Like the stainless is worth it especially down here in this climate where you dont see salt too much but. It is the iluminage 5 inch no muffler and then we put a custom exhaust tip actually the worlds most. Expensive exhaust tip my link of video you guys can see this being made this is made by jeff high. Psi tv and david farlow its like unnaturally aspirated these two guys absolutely knocked this out of the park but. The package itself will come with a now if you opt up for this option which is the 5 inch.

Exhaust looking have a 5 to 6 inch mbrp exhaust tip super nice very clean install a package like that. I get done in about half a day really if you have it to me in the morning ill get. It back to you by like two or three one thing i do with this when i get done with. It we drive it so the transmission relearn and everything like that so you hop in and it feels good. Now this package right here right around $2,700 with installation so thats kind of you know you bring it to.

Us we knock it out we give it back to you youre ready to rock the big thing a lot. Of people get scared of is the warranty they say man i love having the warranty on there now the. Reason why i deleted this truck was because i was having issues with it with the def system and it. Was under warranty yes they were replacing it but still paying the ass it seems like every time i tried. To go somewhere that was out of town id have an issue with the def tank now i removed the.

Def tank you could see ive got a harness im a little lazy i have to clean up down there. I got to sand it i got to put some undercoat on there i havent gotten around to it yet. Dont judge me i need to cut get rid of that harness but just just let it go i was. Having issues with it seems like every time i tried to go somewhere id have a sensor go bad and. It would put me in limp mode deleting it is great fuel economy went through the roof performance went through.

The roof which is i mean i think that on its own is worth its weight in gold and definitely. Worth the cost not to mention you dont have to worry about filling up with def or all of the. Downsides that come along with it plus the deafs looks pretty nasty i didnt like putting in the truck i. Mean its just it just wasnt nice so what im gonna do is im a hop in the truck well. Drive around well talk about it a little bit more ill give you guys some sound clips if you guys.

Have any questions like if this video doesnt answer them fully or if you have additional questions you could do. Two things you can comment down below and ill be more than happy to go through this comment section religiously. And answer all your questions from experience and from being an installer of it now i personally didnt install this. Jeff up at rpm motorsports he installed it ill share a link to the video of the install he did. All the you know hooking up the downloading everything like that that we did the exhaust install and then we.

Put the tip on if you have any questions you can comment below ill be sure to answer those or. You could send me an email ill link my email here and in description its john at rpm motorsports nc. Com if youre looking to get one of these delete packages i could do some as a package or if. You want to get it installed i mean honestly its great that performance is unmatched especially if you tow a. Lot you cannot beat it so let me hop in the truck well cruise down the road well give you.

Some sound clips this is like i said before this is the five inch with no muffler and i hope. You guys enjoy this video neighbors what do you say bob whats up with you guys were just not here. Looking to cause some trouble what do you got for us i got a slow weekend this weekend oh you. Know what i hear you you played some golf i did play some golf yeah was it kind of ugly. No you know when you got it you got it and i have it you have so it was you.

Could say it was nashville for sure you know sometimes to stay away from it for a while now im. Hooked i got the bug again i just want to play rough looking nice and clean last night what happened. Last night oh god in the mud im not allowed to do that after the backyard experience here all right. In the truck here just waiting for wes hes going to hop out and get some exterior shots of the. Truck driving by so you guys can get an idea of the sound what it sounds like but i just.

Want to tell you guys now from my driving experience what i noticed gain wise obviously the horsepower and the. Torque is great towing with this package on there is exceptional honestly going from stock to this its like night. And day if youll accommodate i see if im driving on highway without a trailer ill get anywhere from 22. To 24 miles to the gallon previously that would get locked in at about like 15 i wouldnt get any. Higher than that city driving ill see 19 20 so anywhere in that range before thatd be about 12 now.

The big thing that i notice is with the trailer so i out tow its open trailer 18 foot deck. 3 foot duck tail nothing really that big the car weighs 4,000 pounds is kind of like a brick but. Its behind the truck so its nothing terrible previously on the stock setup towing i would see like eight or. Nine miles to the gallon thats it no matter if i drove wide open or if i drove very cautiously. Now with the delete on theyre towing ill see about 17 18 miles to the gallon and thats normally highway.

Driving because im telling that im going somewhere said he driving with a trailer behind me ill get about 16. 17 but the gains right there theyre huge i travel a lot i got 80,000 miles on the truck and. A year i put like how many miles i put on that when i put a tony we were going. We were racing up in maryland were racing on pennsylvania racing down to florida corn when picked up car in. New jersey yeah pretty much new york that sucked so i mean we go everywhere with this if you do.

Drive a lot if you tow a lot i 100% will say at this the cost of doing the delete. Will pay itself off within a year or so and fuel economy savings i could drive from here to pennsylvania. My house like five hundred and some 580 miles i do it on one tank of fuel hello at the. End but i mean thats just that one tank of fuel so were going to hit the road wes is. Gonna get some exterior shots of the truck rolling biomes to could go put on the back so you guys.

Can get an idea of the sound so enjoy our guys so that is it for todays video hope you. Guys found this video somewhat helpful if youre on the edge of making the decision of should i delete my. Truck or not my final verdict is 100% do it i waited too long i wish i did it sooner. But now thats done im extremely happy with it other than that i do want to thank you guys for. Watching if you have any comments or questions please drop them below or shoot me an email other than that.

I do want to thank you guys for watching kalimera merchandise is the first two links in the description below. Other than that we will see you guys next time.

Method 2 – How Much Does It Cost To Tune And Delete An L5p Duramax?!

Whats going on guys welcome back to another video today i wanna go over what it cost to tune and. Delete a 20/20 duramax right here or a l5p dermat in general ive been getting a lot of questions about. On how you do it and stuff like that what it costs these elf ips are a lot different than. All the old generation duramax azure commons or powerstroke and stuff like that it costs a lot more money to.

Do an elf ip just simply because you guys swap out the ecm so let me pop the hood and. Well get right into it all right guys on this l5p you got to swap out the ecm i got. It right over here my stock when ill show you guys gm encrypted its so hard right here that no. One would be able to crack into it you literally have to swap out your whole computer to allow tuning. So this is my stock one right here its basically a two thousand dollar brick now because i have no.

Use short because im tuned so so basically gm encrypted that so hard that like on the old-style cummins and. Derp max its like on a six seven or something like that you can plug right into the obd2 port. And just load your tunes in straight to their flash it and because theyre going youre tuned on this ill. Show you where it is its over here on the 2020s in a driver side wheel well its right up. In there but you got to swap that out just to allow the tuning so you have to get the.

Modified ecm from hp tuners even on their website look it up but the modified ecm is $1,800 and when. They first came out their 2500 but now they lowered it down to 1,800 and now its $1,800 just for. The ecm im gonna get my phone out here just cuz theres so much that you got to do this. That i forget half the stuff so i have it all on my phone here so the ecm core charge. I wanted to keep my factory ecm right here just in case something went wrong i had the stock one.

Just for my peace of mind and that was $625 now thats 625 you would get back if you send. Your factory you want in i wanted to keep mine so i was another $625 i will keep moving down. The list here guys credits now say you just want to flash the ecm its just another money-making thing that. Hp tuners does you have to take ten credits just a flash a tcm to your truck and your event. So only those toons that you buy will work with your truck in your event so you need 10 credits.

Per ecm there are 50 dollars a piece and you need 10 of them so thats $500 just in credits. The flash to ecm to your truck all right continue to move down the list here the next thing you. Need is the npv i two-port i can show you guys that i have it right here in the truck. This is a mp vi 2 port right here you got to take this port plug it in your obd2. Port then this end into your laptop this is how you get the tunes and all the information check engine.

Coats all at from that ecm from hp tuners to your computer so basically as you guys can see hp. Tuners basically has this on lockdown because their ecm their mp vi to report its their platform they were the. Only ones offering crack ecms for elf ips to be able to a lot of tuning so they basically have. This on lockdown its all their stuff so whatever they want to try theyre gonna get because if you want. To get it done theyre the only company out there that has it now talking about tuning that we have.

The ecm and all that stuff to allow the tuning tuning is actually $1300 let me just double check that. Yes tuning is 1,300 dollars plus tax so tax on 1300 its like $78 so 13 78 for the tunes. Alright guys now that were done talking about the tuning well get into the actual hard parts what parts you. Actually need to get this deleted so as you guys can see i got a three and a half inch. Down pipe you guys right in there right there three and a half inch down plate plus a delete head.

So on the libraries you got the block off plate then you got down there the exhaust manifold block off. Plate that all comes is one package together so that is $800 for the delete kit plus the down pipe. Alright the next part you need to complete this task would be an exhaust system i have an exhaust system. But im just running straight out of down pipe if you guys can see right in there im running trail. The downpipe im polishing my exhaust currently guys ill get on that as soon as poss looked at that finish.

Up ive been super busy with my business so when i get some time ill get that polish up and. Put on the truck but for a 5-inch exhaust with a six-inch tip thats no muffler thats $750 right there. And the final part to this puzzle is knox plugs now you dont need these knox plugs are optional as. You guys can see ill bring it over right in here straight back right here i have a knox plug. It goes to a little computer board you guys can see it right is there right there you have to.

Keep those in place so the truck will run it gets like a false reading i actually have the plugs. Right here on the ground for you guys these are their knox plugs right here when you open the bag. Up you would plug this in right day to get rid of the plugs just so you dont have bingo. Around i have them right here i didnt do it yet so like it sometime ill put those on there. But those are $125 for the knox plugs so let me show you guys on my phone right here this.

Is everything you need to delete a truck for an elf ip so oh youre right here for you guys. Take a look at it real quick i dont do the quick math and see what that adds up to. Be so we did the math and it came out to be six thousand two hundred seventy dollars you can. Just run it up and say sixty three hundred but if you – the 625 say you want to send. It back your ecm you dont have to keep that so say you want to send yours back itd be.

Around fifty seven hundred so it cost around six thousand i would say either way and i doesnt even include. Labor and im not even factoring yet trans tuning they dont have trans tuning now yet for these twenty twenty. L5 peas because its a new 10-speed transmission they use that the six feeds in there so i know on. The six speeds the tcm i believe is around $200 and at ranting is three hundred so say you want. Trans tuning you can just factor another five hundred dollars for that so itd be around sixty eight hundred i.

Would say around seven thousand just for the tunes in the trans tuning and all my types of stuff there. So now lets get into some of the stuff you have to do and what labor would be on something. Like this this actually took me around id say 35 to 40 hours to do it by myself it really. Sucked to do this because as you guys can see under i can show you guys all the parts they. Have here this is the scr over here this is actually on the back of the turbo so this goes.

From the turbo to the down pipe so as you guys can see in there and i grab my phone. Out for you guys its basically like a big cushion in there you guys can see that just prevents all. The sound coming out of this turbo really silencing it you guys can seen it like that big foam pad. Thats why you dont hear the turbo on these stock trucks because all silence right in there so to get. That part off leave or not you actually have to pull the whole turbo out right in there you have.

To let the whole turbo off the pedestal pull it out on both it and put it back in and. Get the new downpipe on um so they get to the turbo you have to pull the whole wide bridge. Off here the whole wide bridge the turbo intercooler pipe the airbox got disconnected batteries you gotta drain the coolant. Like theres so much it goes into this its so much different than any other diesel out there i swear. And all the bolts are such deep down in there it sucks to get to them every single bolt sucks.

The only good thing though for me was that this truck was brand new and nothing was rusted since nothing. Was rusted all the bolts came off really easy which im really thankful for i didnt snap any bolts i. Didnt have any problems with the bolts so that was a one saving grace here so i contact these shops. Out of curiosity around me locally just to see what they wanted to do this so they all run around. $2,000 so say you want the transcending plus you dont want to do this yourself you gotta pay someone id.

Be around 9,000 just the delete this thing which is absolutely insane theyre making these new diesels now like so. Encrypted like the new cummins and the power strokes you dont have to replace ecm so it doesnt cost as. Much just these new derm axes are getting to be a little ridiculous on what it cost to do all. The work to them and all that money just spend you dont have the whirly piping if you want that. Or hsp if you want any that piping thats more money put on under nice 2020s here ill give you.

Guys a little overview of the engine everythings in a different location on the 20s versus a 17 through 19. Off i piece like for instance the coolant box is on the right hand side it used to be right. Over in here and even with it the leak hit parts like some stuff was different like this cool and. Return line heres in a different location and like back here with the heater core hoses with the kit they. Gave you they had quick connect fittings on this truck you dont have quick necks so i had to go.

To store and buy all these different connections the merged tubes together as you guys can see right here i. Had to buy that fitting to get this hose to the thermostat so a lot of stuff is different about. This truck even getting back to the tunes the whole operating software is different and i would say theres only. One way to really save money along this process is if when you go to do to delete here i. Did i would say the correct way i would say theres a correct way and a cheaper non correct way.

You could leave the scr in the back of the turbo leave the coolers in here and just unplug the. Coolers and put an exhaust on you could do that but it doesnt look as clean and you still have. The scr on there and its not breathing freely so i would say thats the correct way to do it. Say you didnt want to do all that stuff and pull the coolers out pull the wires out thats a. Lot of labor because thats where all the work comes in pulling all this stuff out you could save all.

That waiver by just doing an exhaust and leave that stuff on there if you guys are just looking to. Save some money that way and ive been getting a lot of questions too now i have this done a. Lot of people are asking me if its worth it i think its totally worth it because a lot of. People like oh youve ordered your warranty the thing with that is youre running all that crap back to your. Engine for a hundred thousand miles doing all that internal damage by running hot air through all ive slipped back.

Through and damaging your engine basically i would say so i would rather take the risk of pulling everything off. And doing that because i think id be doing my engine to justice by letting it breathe more freely not. Clogging it up and maybe save money down the road im hoping this pays off in the long run so. Ill keep you guys updated stay tuned to the channel and if you guys need any parts shoot media on. Instagram i actually stocked up on a whole bunch of stuff so i have elf ip exhaust you guys want.

A six-inch tip i got those two i got the downpipe i got everything you guys need to do this. Year on truck so if you guys need any parts shoot me a dm on instagram ill be happy to. Hook you guys up all right thats about it for this video guys i basically went over everything you guys. Do to get this truck the way i have it now what parts you need what parts cost if you. Got to do your features describe drop a like down below if you guys have any questions anything i went.

Over in this video drop them down below ill do the best i cant answer alright see you guys in. The next one take.

Method 3 – Truth And Lies About Deleting Your Diesel Truck!

Whats up guys welcome back to the channel today im going to be doing a video uh ive wanted to. Do it for a while its going to be basically on deleting your diesel truck its going to be pros. And cons its going to be common misconceptions im going to answer a few questions ive gotten about deleting your. Truck some people dont even know what it is so this video is going to kind of go over everything.

Im going to do my best to cover everything im pretty experienced in this line of work but with that. Said take everything i say with a grain of salt do your own research i dont claim to be 100. Accurate but i will do my best to inform you try to share some of the knowledge i got up. Here with you guys just a couple things before we get into this video as always please like and subscribe. That helps the channel out more than you guys even know if you got any questions after this video feel.

Free to shoot me a message on instagram at dark iron diesel or just comment down below i try to. Reply to every comment and im pretty good at it uh also for those of you who were wanting merchandise. I did make a website this week it is dark or dot ca both will get you there all. Prices are in canadian dollars so for you americans thats going to be great when you go to check out. Its going to be less money than it says im just shipping to canada and the usa right now um.

Dont have hoodies in stock right now but they should be in stock by the end of october here and. Yeah theres t-shirts hats decals sunglasses cheap sunglasses stuff like that so like and subscribe buy some merch thatd be. So good to help the channel show your support but lets get out or lets start talking about deletes so. Before we talk about deletes were going to talk about what an emission system is basically its a system designed. To reduce harmful pollutants into the atmosphere theres two components to it first one is going to be your dpf.

Filter your exhaust factory exhaust its going to collect all the soot and knocks stuff like that gases and its. Going to pile it up in a filter and just not let it leave the exhaust pipe the second is. Your egr system on your engine thats called exhaust gas recirculation what that does is it puts some of your. Exhaust gas back into your intake system which goes into your cylinders which reduce the temperature in your cylinders it. Doesnt burn as much which reduces hydrocarbons and knocks gases not 100 percent how it all works but you can.

Look it up here we have an lml duramax factory exhaust system so exhaust goes in here then from there. It goes through your dpf thats your cat thats your dpf and then it goes out to your tailpipe so. Just kind of showing you visually what it does heres my finger put it in here its black now if. We go to the tailpipe well use my other finger rub it in there its clean so thats kind of. What this does is it collects all that crap and it doesnt let it go into the atmosphere now you.

Also have diesel exhaust fluid what diesel exhaust fluid is is it actually is a fluid that injects into your. Factory exhaust when its doing a burn it heats up and it burns with that def fluid and the burning. Cleans out all the stuff that it that your dpf filter has collected it burns it all out just to. Kind of keep it clean so that your fuel mileage doesnt completely the bed so then if thats your emission. System then what is a delete well a delete is basically just getting rid of all that stuff and running.

Without it just like if you had a truck from 2005 didnt have any of that stuff on it thats. What doing a delete is so theres three steps to a delete first step is you have to have a. Tune you have to program the truck to run without the emissions system if you dont have a tune and. You just think youre going to rip that stuff off of your truck well youre going to go into limp. Mode and uh your trucks just not going to run its just going to say go to the dealership something.

Is wrong with me so first things too and second thing as soon as you tune in youve got to. Get rid of your factory exhaust system because without the computer telling your truck to go into regen or to. Do the dpf burns its going to plug up and youre going to have a huge restriction in your exhaust. And youre going to cause some serious engine damage to your truck the third thing is your egr system so. Your egr system actually gets deactivated with the tune so a lot of guys just leave it on the truck.

Because especially on duramaxs it is not fun to take off can be expensive and its just pain in the. Ass so you can leave your egr system on the truck and just unplug it and with it being deactivated. As long as your egr valve which is what limits how much exhaust goes back into your engine as long. As your egr valve is functioning properly it will remain closed once you tune it theoretically and not laying any. Exhaust gas back into your engine this is actually an egr valve off of a 67 cummins this is how.

It sits on the engine so the exhaust gas goes it sits on the intake so the intake is underneath. It the exhaust comes in right here and then underneath this is actually you can kind of see in there. I dont know its going to be hard but theres a valve that kind of slides back and forth o.

Conclusion – How Much Does It Cost To Do A Def Delete

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