How Much Does It Cost To Do A Muffler Delete – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods much does it cost to do a muffler delete,

Method 1 – Muffler Delete Cost! Total Cost For Any Bmw

In todays video were going to talk about how much it cost to a muffler delete on your car so. Our families down multiple muffler delete on different kind of bmws so we might be able to translate that crossover. Into your car the car that weve done our muppet movie on is my m5 im driving right now it. Stopped – and then my cousins 5:30 is expelled for and then my my older brothers 2007 and so pick.

Up and be 10 you can get a feel for each type of sound its kind of selling there so. You have a straight six-cylinder then you have a v8 which to them five and then you every ten like. I said its and sake you can hear what it sounds like on different kinds of motor hopefully you can. Get a better judgment of what each motor sounds like so lets go right into the cost so the first. Thing you need before you can even get the job done for it to look good were going to need.

Some tips so it depends on my car i had the quad outlet so it has four exhaust tips and. Then im my cousins 530 it has to so i mean usually if its a high-performance cars going to have. Poor or maybe one size in two but the 530 has two on one side so technically is the exact. Same as mine one side i got two sets of glow sticks on the first the first set that i. Got were for some full master tips that i wanted to have on because it was a temporary job the.

Guy the shop didnt have those specific tips i wanted in stock so i go ahead put put these tips. On and ill just get a new set of tips in the future so the first pair of tips i. Got was were these flowmaster tips that costed around 20 dollars each so i got four so i was running. 80 bucks right there just for the tips and then the new tips i got were these three and a. Half inch stainless steel and theyre theyre round a foot long tips so those were about so the person is.

Often very number one how many kids do you have to the size of the holiday quality so some people. Are titanium which is probably the highest clause you can kid or exhaust for just the tips and then stainless. Would be one step under that so at this point you should have your tips ready to go nice and. Cleaned out brand new you should be eager to put them on so at this point youre going to want. To make an appointment shop can remove mufflers now this can be any muffler shop i live in ann arbor.

Michigan and is a is a muffler shop around here called ann arbor buffer so my brother took his m6. There and they they did it formed no problem they did a great job everything sounds nice it fits right. And it just did a good job i got my first muffled early job out at daves muffler shop out. And i think it was wayne michigan and then i went to mrc performance to get the the more high. Quality tips i was looking for and they did a good job – its just the first time i got.

Them they were touching each other and they were rattling like every time i did it guys so i had. To take it back to them and they fixed it with no problem they fix it in like ten minutes. So another tips are the right they sound good no rattling the real nice quality they shine perfect when theyre. Clean the cost of the job that needs muffler shop was two hundred and seventy dollars the closet mrt performance. Was just under $300 so theyre theyre around the same im going to have to ask how much my brother.

With his m6 paid for his mother billie and then my cousin so ill put ill put both of their. Prices up on the screen right now so youll get a good feel of how much it cost for our. Bmws it should be the same for most car since its really just live it literally cutting off a pipe. And welding on the mufflers in place of that pipe so its not a hard job its actually really easy. If i know how to weld i do it in a heartbeat but i dont have the materials for all.

That and so you just quite to be quite fair i just going out of weld for so it all. Comes down to how much you want to pay youre going to want to pay from $50.00 bare minimum up. To a couple hundred dollars just for the tips and then for the job alone its going to be around. Three hundred two to three hundred dollars now if you know somebody who can weld and you can cut pipes. And fabricate piping then youre going to want to hit them up for this kind of job because youre going.

To be able to save a lot of loot so there you have it you get the full cost for. A muffle duty job pretty much on in car but more specifically on bmws its not that bad cheap this. Exhaust modification you can do for sure especially for high-end cars being with um cars or mercedes amg or anything. Like that its going to be the best kind of modification you can do your car it just to give. It that extra punch so if youre low on funds i mean you want something quick and easy that will.

Make a good engine sound even better do them all for duty cant go wrong with it especially on five. Ive noticed that it just makes it makes it sound really good like really good i wasnt expecting that theres. No drone or anything in the cabin is perfectly fine so the overall cost i would say is about four. Hundred four hundred dollars would be a good thats for some good tips and a good fabricated job from somebody. Who works at a muffler shop okay so i mean really four hundred dollars for installation and parts for an.

Exhaust system some exhaust system but an exhaust modification there you go is really amazing so i hope you enjoyed. The video go ahead and check out our instagram were trying to hit 10,000 followers we just hit 5,000 just. Recently so thank you for that benefits that subscribe button were trying to push for a thousand subscribers on youtube. If you guys are interested in any of our beamer family t-shirts or anything like that feel free to message. Us or comment on the video thanks again for watching the video free to check out the channel check out.

The other videos thats a good day.

Method 2 – How Much Did I Pay For A Mid Muffler Delete On My 2019 Dodge Charger R

Where the guy we dusted so many houses now we drop diamonds and cross catching the hour she crosses up. Smoking theyre guessing about put me like three in the wood i feel awesome know whats going on youtube it. Should blow i know you hit anyhow im back with another video letting yall know what i got going on. Today imma go over to uh jimmys muffler down to salisbury north carolina because they gave me the best price.

Own of mid monthly delete now i was calling around everybody was talking about 140 150 and i just wasnt. About to do that right now not not today but i called jimmys muffler salisbury north carolina high leader just. In the description because jimmys mufflers brad they called me i called in i said yo how much i got. Charged me for a mere muffler delete that was like oh what you guys said uh nineteen charger he was. Ok so i got to mufflers 80 bucks im gonna be right back let yall know exactly what they charged.

Me out here for this first start with the beer muffler delete yes beep now yes sir thats not good. But it appreciates you how are you quite well so they charged me with the little i do it i. Will be bringing all the boxes up here so whenever i do get an exhaust all of course oh whatever. Ill bring it in here let me put it on because im gonna got cheap labor back in the car. Yes oh yeah thats it right there buddy thats it let me go and track so yeah man johnnys muffler.

Minute salisbury north carolina right now twenty nine eight okay miss hey you in the seminole food im gonna through. This section i came down here just for the price just for the price like i was potato 200 225. Anybody else was talking outrageous call everybody i called everybody in the 50 mile radius and then the cheapest price. Of $80 you cannot beat that with a bad eighty bucks i said thank you can to give me 20. You go honey thats how you do things most people treat you right you gotta take the right man to.

And make sure you took the exhaust man just the part in southwest on us 29th uh-huh yall hear the. Difference of effort when i drove here – now youre not doing it for this one i drove it i. Dont know but that sound good like just a mere muffler delete is all you me in this for five. Seven yes.

Method 3 – Comparing Catback To Muffler Delete

What is going on youtube welcome back to another video oh god its so awkward when people know youre filming. By yourself anyways if you dont know who i am my name is jordan harris we are heading to my. Friend wills house right now it was a clean pristine detailer and were gonna clean the mustang i also have. Something that i need to take off the front end of my car because when i got my car fix.

From the accident that i had the one headlight has the tent on it and one headlight does not have. The tent on it so i have to take the one with the tent off and make it even so. I dont know if im gonna add it back on but were heading to wheels right now its gonna be. A good day its bright and beautiful and sunny out i hope you guys are all doing great were rolling. Out i also did not mention to you guys that there is another mustang here today we have another 504.

Foremans back holy alright grabbing the heat gun were taking off this pep light tent on the car i need. An extension cord when youre stealing it okay so as i mentioned before ive headlight tent on one of the. Lights because the second one got replaced after the accident and i just havent taken this one off so thats. The goal today is to take off this headlight tent and then wash the car but im not sure how. Easy this is gonna be but we have a heat gun so we should be able to heat it up.

And the adhesive will hopefully get not as sticky oh my god this is leaving a mess alright this headlight. Tent is leaving the nastiest residue so im hoping well its gonna have some kind of goo gone but oh. Yeah oh my god this is a lot harder than the guys saying oh no its ripping all right this. Is this is turning out that this is turned out really bad look at look at that versus this so. Much different oh but all right i think we just have to rip it all right well be back why.

Are we dialing in i dont like that im gonna switch it back on menu so at this point the. Headlights pretty messed up with all this good adhesive so were taking this tower move right here and a rag. And were gonna see if it can take it off i dont know how strong this stuff is but hopefully. Itll remove whatever is on the headlight because its pretty bad right now excuse the noise will is buffing over. There with the buffer after about five minutes huh im mike carson ben eggs anyways for about five minutes ive.

Been scrubbing this headlight trying to get all this adhesive off and filing its to a point where i think. Im pretty happy with it im gonna have to do some buffing with it because theres like a few swirls. In like blemishes but for the most part its pretty solid it looks like the other one now also i. Need to clean it because whatever the sidhe civ stuff was is really its really powerful and some of it. Got on the paint so i need to wash it all off but were back to stock in the headlights.

Would not recommend this product if youre doing it for like the longevity if youre doing it for a little. Bit but this has been on for like two years and i definitely would not recommend it because the adhesive. Really like beats up this headlight but i think were good now driving with the hood up as i should. Kind of sketchy not know i cars are cleaning up nicely i havent seen my car this clean in a. While by wheels out here detailing the other s550 black is impossible to keep clean but once its clean its.

Actually the best color ever look at that look how shiny that is oh my god thats paint we just. Finished cleaning cars but my car is dead so im having my friend over here help me jumpstart the car. This is uh this is true mustang life here my car is having such bad electrical issues i dont know. Whats going on all right so from the side of this video you guys know that we were initially trying. To do a sound comparison between the catback exhaust system and a muffler delete everyone knows a month really is.

A lot more inexpensive than a full catback system so it is a cheap way to get really good sound. And its really hard to make an s550 sound bad so were gonna do a sound comparison between the muffled. Elite and the magnaflow catback competition exhaust so i think were gonna start with my car and then were gonna. Move on to his car and i want you guys to comment down below tell me which one you guys. Like more i can already tell you right now that the that the muffler delete is gonna be a lot.

Louder but yeah were gonna get were gonna get opinions especially from stephen too you know all right im gonna. See yall all right you can hold it right here and im gonna okay see which one sounded better i. Mean that one team this ones deeper huh heres a little bit really tingle your ears a little bit oh. My own smooth but like that ones more like deep you know deep yeah from the inside its on like. This one was louder alright we were rolling out you guys saw the exhaust clip like i said let me.

Know in the comments down below whose car you think is louder whose car do you think sounds better etc. Etc im backing up here because our friend jefe over here is named jeff is gonna swing it and im. Not sure how i feel about it but were gonna go for it im gonna give him a thumbs up. Hopefully he doesnt hit us right it sounded really good alright guys so we are coming to the end of. This video you guys saw it all im just kidding i dont know what you guys saw by the way.

I hope you guys enjoyed watching ill catch you guys on the next vlog stay tuned peace out.

Method 4 – 3 Reasons Why I Hate My Muffler Delete

Hey whats up guys so today im going to talk to you about three reasons why i hate my movie. Lets get started alright guys so the first reason why i hate my brother lee is because its so close. To the bumper that i cant extend an exhaust tip its super annoying so when i forgot the monthly when. The guy was putting it on for me he asked me how i wanted it to be so i told.

Him that i wanted a tip to be like really close to exhaust but not like touching and because it. Was like really really close to the exhaust i cant add a nice exhaust tip so for that reason now. My exhaust looks kind of ugly so thats the only reason why i dont like it now guys when youre. Getting your earmuff really make sure that when theyre adjusting the height of the tip make sure its not too. Low or too high to the point where you can and exhaust it now the second reason why i hate.

My muff really is similar to the first reason the exhaust tip is so close to the bumper and i. Actually melted the bottom of the bumper and guys like super pissed about that i didnt expect that to happen. But again its because the exhaust is so close to the bumper and i did not realize that that would. Happen so i didnt realize that what happened its not anybodys fault with my own so i probably should have. Done more research on it and im just making this video guys to make sure you guys dont make the.

Same mistake do not make your monthly too close to your bumper a third reason why i hate my muff. Elite is because my girlfriend hates it shes always complaining about it because its too loud for her and every. Time we go on long car eyes she doesnt like it she gets annoyed of it she has the music. We really love to just cancel out the noise so yeah thats thats the third reason so thats not really. A reason why i hate my monthly thats really a reason why i hate having a lot of exhaust and.

I dont know its not really something i hate its something that i can i can do with it obviously. Guys know like any time you have like a feel like a modification to your exhaust just try to make. It louder you have to really keep in mind that if somebody else is in the car with you and. They dont like the nut the noise then its gonna be a problem for them alright guys those are the. Three reasons why i hate on luckily you guys have monthly let me know where your three reasons are that.

You hate it in the comment section down below guys im doing a 500 subscriber giveaway so the giveaway is. A spoiler the duck goes spoiler for the mitsubishi lancer and all you guys have to do is click the. Link in the description and click the and just subscribe to the channel thats it its pretty simple or hey. I do is subscribe and click the link the description so i know who is subscribed so yeah thats it. Guys ill see you guys in next video.

Method 5 – Is Muffler Delete Worth It? Muffler Delete Pros And Cons

Back with another video you saw a thumbnail you saw the title in todays video were going to talk about. Man is it worth it to get a muffler delete so if youre not aware i would say about a. Week ago i went ahead and did a muscle delete on melee man the king of all frses you guys. Can see the exhaust tips now way bigger kind of look like a toyota supra and so im basically going.

To talk about you know um what made what led me to make your decision to go ahead and get. A muffler delete as well as you know um the pros and cons that ive noticed so far about having. It for about a week but before we get into this video make sure to smash the subscribe button and. Join the no limit mafia because at a hundred thousand subscribers im challenging your favorite automotive youtuber to a fallout. Drag race um its gonna look a little bit like this but on top of that at 1 000 subscribers.

Were gonna need another 400 subscribers to get there im going to be doing a huge vinyl decal giveaway you. Guys can see i have this d counter back in my car says neck breaker i have like 10 or. 15 of these that im going to be giving away to my subscribers when we hit a thousand yeah so. Most of the time when im getting a little bit of gas right now most of the time were gonna. Do something to the exhaust they want more of something some people want it to be louder other people wanted.

More pops and more bangs some people just want a bigger muffler bigger muffler tips or whatever me personally i. Just wanted to look a little bit better from the back and i also wanted to be a little bit. Louder and so just weighing um basically the cost versus the the reward the muffler delete was basically the best. Option for me personally so my car got a lot louder on startups its a lot its a lot louder. When im driving um versus stock stock pretty much its really quiet even on the startup and its quiet uh.

When youre driving and thats one a little bit more sound to add to the whole overall aesthetic of the. Car thats pretty much where i got it i wanted the the car looked so sporty it just didnt have. The sound to match and so thats why i did the muffler delete on the car yes im up here. Right now at the car wash so um the first con i would say about getting a muffler delete is. The fact that its always on you know theres some uh full exhaust systems that have the valves that you.

Can open and close with a push of a button and those can sometimes come in handy um you know. You may not want it to be loud uh when youre rolling through your net your neighborhood but you may. Want it to be loud while youre on the freeway or while youre at the car meet and so having. An option to turn it on and off is kind of uh useful at times um and so thats one. Thing that i dislike about having the muffler elite is that you know theres no option its just either on.

Or soft you know um but the good thing is on my car specifically its not super loud to where. Its just like okay everybodys gonna notice it but its loud enough to to increase a driving experience i would. Say so we just finished the car wash now were about to go dry the car off um but i. Would say con number two is that it costs money um the muffler delete is not free you have to. Pay um to get it done unless you can do it yourself um and so most of the time you.

Can get a solid muffler delete for around 90 bucks depending on where you live and what shop you go. To um and then you know theyre always going to have upsells so if you want to add different exhaust. Tips and things like that you can do that as well me personally i ended up paying around 300 bucks. To get the muffler deleted and to add in some other exhaust tips um and so im happy with the. Price i paid this its pretty solid work um for that amount of money um and so thats what i.

Ended up doing getting them off the lead but it does cost money um thats one con and the other. Con is that well you cant turn it on you cant turn it off its just always on um and. So those are really the main two cons that i could think of for why i would not get them. Off the lead if thats something that youre that you care about um but again even though the muffler really. Does cost money i mean its probably the cheapest way to make your car louder um without going ahead and.

Doing something completely like either headers or um a full exhaust system is going to cost a lot more money. Than just getting them up or delete so um you know you gotta weigh your pros and cons okay so. Now lets touch on the pros of the muffler delete what i like about it so number one it adds. A good sound to the car i love the fact that its nice and loud now it has a nice. Grout to a nice rumble to it because the outside of my car the wrap is already loud and so.

It needs an exhaust to match and so it did that perfectly uh second thing that i really like about. The muffler elite is the fact that it looks way better in the back end now it looks more like. The the new 20 20 supers with the bigger tips now so i like that um it adds a good. Look to the back of the car um before it before i didnt really have that much of an aggressive. Look in the back now it does because of the muffler delete um and then i would say what else.

The other pro is just its just more fun you know the car is a lot more fun when its. Making a good sound you know and im still learning how to work the work the exhaust like where is. The loudest at and how to hit it under channels and things like that so it just it just adds. More of a driving dynamic to the car now thats pretty much it for this video man i know it. Was a short one but i just want to get this out to you guys i will be ordering some.

Tire stickers today actually for the car so you guys can stay tuned and be ready for that video to. Be dropping within the next uh week or so so if youve been enjoying the video up to this point. Man a great way to show support to the channel is to leave a like on this video and if. You want to be a super supportive man a great way to do that is to go ahead and grab. Some merch and the cool thing about my merch is that its not really mines its really yours um so.

What im talking about is if you go to basically you send us a picture of your car we. Go ahead and turn that card and pitch it to a cartoon let me go ahead and put that cartoon. On a shirt or a long sleeve shirt or a tank top you guys have seen me wear those in. A lot of my past videos um and youre going to watch me build this into like a multi-million dollar. Company to a full empire so go ahead and be one of the first people to grab one by hitting.

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Conclusion – How Much Does It Cost To Do A Muffler Delete

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