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Method 1 – How To Send A Bubble Mailer 🙂

I so this is going to be a video for girls q on how to send a bubble mailer so. So you wanted to know how to send one for our trades so im going to show her so okay. So first of all the basic parts of a bubble mailer so right here youll see theres this box thats. Lighter than the rest of the bubble mailer and then theres this one in the corner so this one this.

Is where your recipients address code goes to the person youre sending it to and this would be your address. So they can return it to you if theres something wrong or they just need to send the package back. To its original owner so your address goes here and here is the address of the person youre sending it. To and so obviously you can open your bellamy like this and stick your trailer is inside so so say. I just wanted to send this pin you could just shove it in there and then on some bubble mailers.

They have these little tabs that you can peel off and that will create a sticky seal so that you. Can just close it and not have to tape it so after you finish sealing it up and writing your. Addresses ill just write the address on here like a fake address bob one two three happy street happy town. California and then you would put the zip code so one two three four five okay so theres your fake. Addresses in your i just would go here so first your name and then you just put your address there.

Im not actually gonna show my address obviously so once youre done here you want to take this to the. Post office and go inside the post office just dont just drop it like in your mail or in the. Post office mailbox because you havent paid postage yet so just go into the post office tell them you want. To send this and they will then put a postage label on it to say that youve paid and then. Theyll charge you the correct amounts usually like three to five dollars depending on what youre sending so yeah and.

Then theyll just send it for you so if you have any more questions just pm me or comment down. Below so thanks for watching bye.

Method 2 – Mailing Sports Cards Via Bubble Mailer

All right this video is for the purposes to show how i mail a a card in a bubble mailer. I have another video about playing white envelopes this is for when youre shipping a card that has a little. More value then then something you would ship in a plain white envelope im gonna im gonna package up an. Autographed card here this is a donte moncrief tops field access autograph the first thing were gonna do is obviously.

Load it up in a in a sleeve and a top loader for that protection and that is going to. Go in to a team back again i use team bags to avoid any any issues with with having to. Use tape the team bag will will seal up for you and and not not cause you to have to. Break the cardinal rule of using scotch tape and a on a top layer dont use scotch tape on the. Top layer weve got here that the tops field access loaded up in a sleeve a top letter and a.

Team bag you can if youd like to slide in a dummy card these are found in lots of packs. These days you can slide in a dummy card for a little extra flex protection so well have the card. Loaded like this i use two different types of bolton wheelers when im shipping cards a smaller one for just. One card because this will fit perfectly in there im shipping a stack of cards ill use a little bit. Thicker but for now were gonna just use a small regular in boy bubble mailer this is a i believe.

A four by seven you just load the card in there i always seal it extra a little piece of. Shipping tape on the back and what youve got there is a card and a top loader a team bag. With an extra dummy card as protection loaded into a bubble mailer this should get to your recipient in fine. Shape you can either obviously fill out the bow mail or you can use paypal mailing and label it with. Your scotch tape this donte moncrief will be a giveaway item in relation to the blog that im posting in.

In conjunction with these videos follow me at dub mentality to get a little more information about this and how. You can win this car again cardinal sin please dont tape your top-loaders with scotch tape use a team bag. Or at least use a painters tape so they can be reused thanks guys.

Method 3 – How I Ship My Orders 💕 *Using Shopify*

Note – This section will be updated soon.

Method 4 – How To Mail Usps First Class Envelopes & Packages With Stamps

Hi guys today were going to cover first class mail and how many stamps you may need when mailing or. Shipping something if you like shipping how-tos be sure to subscribe because we have more on the way so whats. Considered first-class mail well its mostly letters and with this service your mail will get to its destination in one. To three business days itll have insurance for loss or damage up to five thousand dollars but in merchandise only.

And itll be eligible for delivery confirmation services like certified mail if youre going to use stamps instead of buying. Postage at the post office you wont get tracking so if youre sending a first class package id recommend it. Going to the post office and buying postage because then obviously youll get free tracking the maximum weight for standard. Envelopes is 3.5 ounces and for large envelopes and packages its 13 ounces but when it comes to what can. Actually be considered first class mail theres also shape requirements that need to be met to be eligible for mailing.

At the price for postcards they must have these minimum and maximum dimensions and thickness if they dont meet the. Minimum requirements its considered non-mailable and if they exceed the maximum theyll be priced as a letter to be eligible. For mailing at the price for letters envelopes must have these minimum and maximum dimensions and thickness to be eligible. For mailing at the price for large letters envelopes must meet these minimum and maximum dimensions and thickness so you. Have to be careful when it comes to bubble mailers and padded envelopes most will exceed this thickness and will.

Ultimately be considered packages if the envelope succeeded any one of those maximum measurements then its classified in price to. The next category for example if the envelope exceeded its maximum measurements for letters then its considered a large envelope. And if a large envelope exceeded its maximum measurements its then considered a first class package first class packages and. Their sizing requirements involve a little bit of math the maximum size cant exceed more than 108 inches in length. And girth combined girth equals the height times two plus the width multiplied by two then youd have to add.

The length to that and see if its under 108 inches for cylindrical packages the girth would be the circumference. Of the cylinder and of course the maximum weight for all of them is under 13 ounces however because of. The aviation male security rule if the package exceeds 10 ounces and is more than half an inch thick you. Have to go to the post office to drop it off and or pay postage there the safety program prevents. Packages with stamps as postage and with the previously mentioned criteria from anonymously being entered into the mail stream through.

Usps collection boxes and post office mail slots so if youre sending a first class package i definitely recommend that. You go to the post office and buy your post is there its the safest bet and you get tracking. Usps sells a whole bunch of stamps worth different postage amounts so which ones do we need for first class. Mail and how many luckily enough usps has a postage price calculator thatll help us figure that out but before. We go to that lets take a look at the basic and starting prices for each of these categories currently.

These are the raids for postcards letters large envelopes and the starting price for first class packages for those of. You sending postcards letters and large envelopes that meet the criteria for each category you can simply use these kinds. Of stamps postcard stamps are exactly 36 cents so all you need is one for each postcard you send with. Letters under an ounce you can use one forever stamp those are currently 55 cents and equates to one ounce. Forever stamps are actually an investment in the long run because their value always matches the current postage rate so.

Even if the value changes next year the ones i bought last year will still work every ounce after that. Is an additional 20 cents so youll have to add an additional ounce stamp or partial stamps that have lower. Postages like one to five cents you can also use the two or three ounce stamps that are valued at. 75 cents and 95 cents respectively the first ounce for large envelopes is a dollar you can either use two. Forever stamps a dollar stamp or a combination of stamps for example you can do one forever stamp with partial.

Stamps or you can do a semi-postal stamp thats valued at 65 cents with partial stamps a semi-postal stamp is. A stamp that benefits charity the two current ones are raising money to help treat those ptsd and for breast. Cancer research the latter was actually the first ever semi-postal stamp that the usps issued for envelopes that are square. Or arent flat all around so lets say you have a button or something in it youll have to use. A non-machinable surcharge stamp that has a postage of 75 cents at the post office they have sorting machines for.

Mail and these sorting machines have certain size openings so this is why its very important that your letter meets. The thickness requirement so that it can go through this machine now the usps has a guide for letter sizes. And within that guide they have one that shows the thickness of what your letter can be to fit through. The slot in the machine so you can test it to see if it meets it and ill put this. Link in the description below so if you have a square envelope or something that cant be sorted through the.

Machine youll have to use a non-machinable surcharge stamp usps also offers stamps that have dollar rates like the one. Dollar stamp i mentioned before the other options are two dollars five dollars and ten dollars if youre sending letters. Overseas international first class letters under one ounce are one dollar and twenty cents one international or global forever stamp. Will suffice for anything more than one ounce and is oversized or shaped oddly youll have to find the destination. Countrys price group and see how much the postage would be for it under whatever ounce it ends up being.

International first class mail can be anything under 15.994 ounces now if youre unsure how much your envelope or package. Actually weighs and therefore cant figure out how much postage you owe youll have to use uspss postage price calculator. On uspss website go to the quick tools tab at the top of the page click on calculate a price. Itll take you to the retail postage price calculator page here youll have to enter your zip code and the. Zip code of where youre sending your mail or package to dont worry about the date or time you plan.

To mail the item at the bottom were going to pick the last square that has calculate price based on. Shape and size because first class mail will fall under that on the next page youll have to enter your. Envelope or packages weight to get the most accurate weight use a postal scale then select what kind of envelope. Or package you have bubble mailers and padded envelopes fall under large envelopes once you select one itll take you. To the mail services page if you scroll all the way down to the bottom youll see first class mail.

Under retail itll tell you how much postage youll need to put on your envelope now for those of you. That selected large envelope youll be taken to an extra page for more information here youll have to specify what. Kind of large envelope you have to give some examples a manila envelope that doesnt have a clasp on the. Back would fall under none of the following is rigid would be one of those cardboard-like envelopes its not rectangular. Or square thats pretty self-exclamatory and contains items that cause more than one fourth an inch variation in thickness is.

A bubble mailer or padded envelope and when looking up the price for tube shaped first class packages youd have. To select large package in the beginning then click non-rectangular and then youll have to enter the length height width. And girth once youve gotten your first class males retail price you can use whatever combination of stamps ive mentioned. Before to get you to that amount if you end up needing something like 3.4 stamps and youre not using. Any partial stamps youll have to round up to four stamps and that means paying a little extra postage well.

Hopefully you learned a thing or two about first class mail and youre ready to send your own letters if. You have any questions or ideas for how tos leave it in the comments below and if you found this. Video helpful give us a like and subscribe because we have more shipping how tos on the way thanks for. Watching you.

Method 5 – Packaging And Shipping Your Sports Cards – Watch And Save Money!!!!

Hey everybody its mikey b here with another video to help you with your collection todays video is one thats. Been requested by a lot of people about packaging up cards and more importantly how to save some money for. Shipping if youre part of this this industry if youre part of this hobby you know that shipping cards getting. Cards back and forth from people can be tedious tiresome expensive but there are some ways to do it right.

Most importantly theres some really great easy tips to follow to make sure that the cards that youre sending get. To the person in the proper condition and in a timely manner so these are those tips now there are. Hundreds of videos already out there from people way smarter than i am around the appropriate way to package your. Cards so im merely gonna show you guys how i do it that doesnt mean that its the best way. That doesnt mean its the way that a work best for you im just gonna show you what i do.

Ive dont had issues at all with cards on arriving damaged i havent had issues with the post office and. So forth so i found that thus far this works extremely well so take this video for as it is. At least the beginning part when it comes to packaging cards if you want to fast forward to the later. Part where i actually walk through how to save some money via postage at least with the methodology that i. Use youre welcome to do that too so ive got two cards here that im going to use as examples.

For postage okay so once just a card in a top loader and once a card in a onetouch because. These are obviously the two most frequent way to send cards i dont and i would never encourage anyone to. Send a card without this kind of protection cards should have a penny sleeve as well as a top loader. At a minimum if youre sending them to people if you have a hard the case like where you can. Put like 50 cards in it or whatever thats a little bit different but never should you send a card.

Just in a penny sleeve or without any protection at all that is just a nightmare as far as keeping. That card protected and more than likely its gonna arrive damaged so everything that you see behind me are all. Materials that i might use when im sending a card so weve got blue painters tape normal scotch tape a. Team bag a filler card a business card and then a couple of different envelopes right so lets go ahead. And start with how i would prep the card well use the top loaded card first so one thing you.

Have to be mindful of even when these are in teen bags sometimes as cards move around especially if the. Top loader is larger than what is normally used for the card so french distance is a contenders optic card. Its a seventy five point if this was in a hundred point or 130 point top-load for whatever reason it. Could very easily slip out the top thats why im a big advocate of painters tape the nice thing is. Is that you dont really need that much to properly secure to card you just kind of put it over.

The top make sure that squeeze nicely and there you go that card is never going to come out of. That top load with that on there now something thats really really important to note never ever ever ever ever. Ever ever use scotch tape on a top loader one it looks terrible to to remove the card you have. To basically cut the tape which means you could potentially damage the top of the car card three it leaves. A sticky residue so the top loader is worthless you cant reuse it or recycle it or anything like that.

Just its in bad form okay so dont do that blue painters tape is not that expensive you can actually. Get a very good size roll at any local hardware store or online i highly recommend thats what you do. So with your card properly taped what i would normally do is take my team bag insert my card now. Heres where people kind of differ in their opinion some folks will use cardboard or these filler cards as well. As other things within the team bag just so that its a little bit more rigid i typically dont and.

I dont simply because one i dont have a ton of these filler cards to i found it to be. Really unnecessary it adds weight which means it adds postage you know its nice for the packaging but sometimes then. Youve got an extra tape its ive never found that its that valuable and that much of a value add. A good top loader with a team bag and a nice bubble wrap envelope is going to secure your card. Just fine never ever forget to put a business card if you dont have a business card as part of.

Your collection i love using these filler cards or something else and id love to write just like a little. Personal note thanks for the trade appreciate your business if its an ebay transaction whatever it is i always think. That a little note is a really really kind of nice to add i like to add my business card. Because obviously i want people to know that hey i do braixen yada yada as well so normally you then. Peel it seal it and then voila youre done now very very similar technique when it comes to a onetouch.

Onetouch obviously highly highly secured i still like to tape the top of these because once again first off if. The card is big enough that its going to be going in a onetouch you know take the extra time. To take the you know this much tape and just basically make sure that you get from the magnet over. The top and out the back there you go that puppy is secured its not going anywhere add it into. Your team bag put your card or your note whatever remove that tuck it down card is ready to rock.

All right now when it comes to actual envelopes theres a couple of recommendations that i would have first up. Theres different size envelopes for things that you need right if youre gonna be sending a lot of cards through. The mail what i would do is hop on amazon find some of these five by seven or seven by. Nine bubble mailers you can buy them in bulk on amazon you can buy among ebay you can buy them. On etsy there are tons of places where you can actually buy these envelopes theyre very expensive if you go.

To a store you go to walmart if you go to office depot or staples or anything like that youre. Always going to spend way more per envelope than if you buy them at those online retailers so what i. Like to advocate is depending on the amount of cards that you have is which envelope i like to use. So with a onetouch card i can use this five by seven it will totally fit in there just fine. But usually onetouch cards i like to send in a seven by nine it really just depends it doesnt matter.

These envelopes are slightly heavier so well add to weight and youll understand why thats important later in the video. But we could just put our card right here at our one touch right its properly secured in our team. Bag we would pull our adhesive off we tuck it down and then i like to do one extra step. Not everybody does this its okay but i found its kind of nice just for some additional security i like. To take some scotch tape packaging tape is its more commonly referred to as i like to secure this area.

Tuck this over and voila i have an envelope ready to go now do i need to do that no. Probably not the adhesive on the envelope should be good enough to secure the card just peace of mind for. Me its an extra step its not that expensive you can buy this tape in bulk same thing online i. Buy mine through amazon so its just a little added security that i like to do i especially like to. Do it on the bigger envelopes is there can sometimes be a little bit more flimsy so i have my.

Package ready to go i can either write on there the address or i can put my label these five. By sevens are actually perfect size if you have a like a thermal printer and you print a label that. Way whatever you choose to do so you could also put like i said if you had a bigger package. You could put it in here and so forth what you dont need to do is and i see this. All the times i see people like put something in here and then put it in here and then put.

Bubble wrap on it i mean thats way overkill and i appreciate that you are taking extra precautions when it. Comes to sending a card but the fact of the matter is youre probably spending way too much on supply. Is when everything i just showed you will be more than sufficient to take a card and send it to. Whomever for those that have bigger amounts like sometimes they send boxes or signed items there are these larger envelopes. That are bubble wrapped or i will sometimes use these bags once again these are all things that you can.

Send through the mail and then what ill do is when i put the cards in here i will also. Put bubble wrap around them because this one is not lined or i will add like packing peanuts or whatever. So i just add a little bit extra protection because this is just a thin layer and i just want. To make sure that everything thats inside there is properly taken care of okay so thats the mikey b method. To sending cards anyone whos received a card from me youre probably saying yep thats exactly how he does it.

Right so lets talk a little bit about postage because postage is the number one thing where you can have. Additional expense that isnt necessary when it comes to sending your cards and so forth so what i would do. Almost every single time when i started was as i got my package ready i actually have a little no. Just kind of like a little forgetting the word like weight machine yeah alright whatever so a scale there you. Go thats the word i would use the scale and then that would help me figure out how heavy the.

Package is thats important because obviously when you know how many ounces your package are when youre buying postage online. As im about to show you youll discover that it could be cheaper if you have the appropriate amount of. Ounces so dont pay for a six ounce package if it only weighs three like i said you might be. Saving 25 cents to 75 cents which doesnt sound like a lot but that can add up over time so. Let me see if this works im gonna pull up an internet page here so this is how i do.

Postage okay so if you have a paypal account and the vast majority of you probably do because you use. That for breaks use that to pay for stuff or you have it for anything else paypal has a service. Thats super super easy and its available right here im gonna go ahead and ill click the address here your. Notes on it its just this is as slash ship now so if you go to that address this. Screen will pop up this service i found is by far the cheapest way to buy postage so you have.

This screen you sign in to your paypal account lets say your sentence of the mikey b will make up. An address michigan one nice thing is that youll notice that theres a slot here for email now you dont. Necessarily have to put an email in there i know now everyone knows that when theyre trading with people or. Sending them stuff but the nice thing about doing it is that it will send notifications to the person getting. The package letting them know where it is so no more hey send me the tracking number or i cant.

Find the package did it get lost all those updates will automatically go to the person so were gonna click. Ship this address and now were in here so weve got all of our information right so this is where. Its from this is where its going to youve got various carriers here ups usps and priority mail and then. Youve got services library so there are tons of things in here let me help identify for you the least. Expensive method when it comes to just sending the couple of cards first off you want to keep it at.

Priority mail and you want to go down here to parcel service first-class mail parcel service two to five days. We are sending just a thick envelope and now remember heres one of those ounces come in right so ive. Send a ton of cards before so ive kind of gotten to know how much a typical card will weigh. If its a in a top-load versus in a one touch and so forth if youre sending a single card. In a top loader in a standard like five by seven package like i showed you three ounces is to.

Be more than enough for what you mean you can calculate the shipping oh i gotta log in oh lets. See if it pulled up all my info again no i should check to make sure that was done sorry. Guys alright so prior to me a first class package thick envelope three ounces calculate the shipping oh its gonna. Get really picky on me all right theres my notice if anyone this is amazing area theres your shipping cost. For a three ounce package coming up here two dollars and sixty six cents thats not really expensive right if.

You have a onetouch it is most likely going to make your package about four ounces so you can calculate. There shouldnt add too much to the overall package price its still 266 heres the problem sometimes people dont check. That weight appropriately or they guess wrong so look what happens when we just go up to seven ounces three. Dollars and 18 cents so you know almost what 50 cents more like i said that is gonna add up. In time so if you decide that yes this is right everything is appropriate you can confirm and pay your.

Label will come up and you can print it right there now what i used to do when i would. Print something was i had just a normal standard printer right you know the jet right here at my desk. And so forth i print that label out i would cut the label and then i would tape it on. To the front of the package what a huge pain in the i actually found that it was much better. To either purchase those stickers that you could use em on the printer or what i use now is a.

Thermal printer which actually makes things incredibly easy as well so there are ways that you can save some time. On ink and money and so forth by printing but all the same you can print your postage right here. Tape it or adhere it to your package youre ready to go easy as that so you dont have to. Worry about taking it to a post .

Conclusion – How Much Does It Cost To Mail A Bubble Mailer

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