How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Ipad Battery – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how much does it cost to replace an ipad battery, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods much does it cost to replace an ipad battery,

Method 1 – Ipad Air Battery Replacement

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Method 2 – How To Check Any Ipad’s Battery Health!

How is it going everybody youre watching then about tech and today im going to show you how to check. Your ipads battery health as you probably know if we go to settings and then we scroll down to battery. There is no way we can check the battery health unlike on your iphone when you can go to the. Same settings scroll down to battery as well and then you have here battery health so its just a matter.

Of tapping here and then you can easily check like under maximum capacity you can see here the percentage so. You can easily see your battery health on the ipad you just cant or can you well im gonna show. You right now well guys we will need a computer for this as you can see but dont worry because. You can use a mac like im using or you can use a windows pc so no matter what computer. You have i got you covered this will work for everyone all right and we will need a computer because.

Were gonna need to install a software to do this to check our battery health and the software is called. I mazing im gonna have this link in the description down below so you just click and youre gonna go. Straight to this page and another awesome thing is that imazing is free so as you guys can see here. Free download so its free to download and free to use as you can see uh there is a paid. Version so buy now but for this feature for checking the battery health you can do it for free so.

You can do this without having to pay if you need if you want to unlock extra features you can. Buy if you want to but again for this feature this is free right so free download and then its. Going to automatically download and its downloading right here and let me just go back to that very first page. Just to show you again mac and pc right and it also works with ios 14 so everything is updated. And it works for everyone all right now im just going to install it as i would install any software.

If you have a mac follow your process if you have a windows follower process just normally install the application. And lets be back okay guys so i have just finished installing imazing and thats the first screen youre gonna. Have this pop-up window saying welcome to imazing and all you gotta do is just tap here on continue trial. So tap here is very hidden right here so click on continue trial and then youre good so its saying. Please connect an apple device so all you gotta do is grab your ipad okay so grab your ipad connect.

One end of the usb cable lightning to usb cable to the computer okay so connect it to the computer. And the other end the lightning end youre gonna connect to your ipad or of course depending on your ipad. Model if its an ipad pro its gonna be usbc on the other end right okay so here we have. It of course uh if the ipad is locked it wont work so were gonna need to unlock the ipad. So just unlock it and as you guys can see its gonna ask to trust the computer youre gonna also.

Need to trust so again uh put in your passcode and hit ok and then were done so we can. Leave the ipad right here behind it so you can see im not doing anything with it and as you. Can see automatically imazing is recognizing connecting and doing its thing and the first thing is going to ask is. To back up we dont need that we dont want to back up so we can say later right here. Later so tap on later and thats our dashboard like our first screen and thats where the magic happens because.

Right here on the little battery icon as you guys can see we can tap on it and just like. That we can check the battery health so here is my current charge so eight percent the battery is almost. Die but thats just the charge the actual battery health is right here at 97 and as you can see. Amazingly saying your battery health is good so thats pretty much it guys of course you can check a ton. Of stuff here related to your battery like your cycles and many many many other things but the whole point.

Of this video is just showing you the battery health and thats how you can see it the easiest way. And obviously its free so how cool is that yeah so thats pretty much it hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please make sure to hit the like button down below also this subscribe button and little bell. Icon to get notified whenever i post a new video and please dont forget to comment its always very very. Important to me when you comment when you leave your feedback i really always do appreciate it alright so thats.

Pretty much it and ill see you guys in the next video.

Method 3 – How To: Replace Ipad Battery presents the apple ipad battery replacement directions warning this content is intended to be used for informational and entertainment. Purposes only youre using these video directions and its content at your own risk ax mac solution inc makes no. Representation warranties or condition of any kind express or implied following these directions on this video will void your warranty. Youre performing this repair at your own risk be sure to business on the web at for all your.

Parts and accessory needs at checkout use coupon code youtube for 5% off your first order using a case opener. Tool available from slide the case opener tool between the screen of the ipad and the aluminum metal frame. Using a case opener tool and a flathead screwdriver pry up the screen on each side this will release the. Tabs that hold the screen in place if some of the tabs break you will need to replace them you. As you open the case you will need to release one of the ribbon cables that is connected to the.

Board using a case opener tool you must flip up both locks that hold the ribbon in place before youre. Able to slide the ribbon out this connector youll just be able to pull up and off the motherboard its. Like a plug and it will pop right off while lifting the screen up from the back case there is. Still another connector that is attached that will need to be removed you this final connector has a that you. Must pull up and then it stays with the ribbon when you pull it out remove the 3 t4 screws.

That are holding the plate that runs between the batteries and is screwed to the motherboard you there are two. More screws that are at the bottom of the unit that attached the charge port to the case youll need. To remove those also take the center bracket between the two batteries and flip it over there are still cables. Attached be careful on the other side of the bracket will reveal two cables attached to it there is a. Clear cover that needs to be removed before you can remove the two cables you can now carefully disconnect the.

Two cables that are antenna cables be careful not to break them theyre just plugged in disconnect the cable at. The top of the motherboard there are two more cables that need to be disconnected using a t4 screwdriver remove. The two screws that hold the motherboard in you you can now remove the motherboard four screws holding the speaker. Assembly in place unscrew those there might be some tape holding down the ribbon cables theyll need to be lifted. Up before you can remove the speaker assembly with the tape removed youll now be able to remove the speaker.

Assembly by lifting it up the batteries are the two large black bricks in the center unit they are covered. In a thin tape theyll need to be removed before you can remove the batteries with the thin black tape. Removed you will now be able to remove the battery assembly be sure to visit us on the web at. for all your parts and accessory needs at checkout use coupon code youtube for 5% off your first order.

Method 4 – Ipad Air 2 Battery Replacement

Truth be told when you first purchase an ipad the battery life is almost unbelievably good but as time wanes. So does the life of the battery and at some point you may be in the position to pull the. Trigger and replace that battery using a heat gun apply heat only around the perimeter the very border because thats. Where the thermal adhesive exists and if you go too far in you may damage the digitizer or the screen.

Using a blunted wedge tool separate the screen from the casing slowly and gently work your way around the entire. Ipad bearing in mind that slower is better because you dont want to tear it off for risk of damaging. The screen if you need a little extra heat dont be afraid to use it remember if you find this. Helpful click the like button let me know youd like me to continue creating videos by hitting the subscribe button. And as always i welcome comments be most careful around the corners and the bottom right hand corner in particular.

Thats where theres a ribbon cable that attaches the lcd to the main computer as tempting as it is dont. Yank that clamshell open because of that restrictive ribbon position it into a comfortable spot where youre able to release. It from the primary computer unscrew the shielding and remove the pin connectors undo the screw from the battery housing. What this does is it screws down into a attachment pillar in a similar respect that the ipads screen is. Connected to its casing the battery is connected to the back casing by a thermal adhesive pry the battery apart.

From the casing now admittedly in this video ive already replaced the battery once so mines gonna come off a. Lot easier then youll find that it comes off the very first time you remove it if need be add. A little heat from the back side where the battery cells are and that will help release that thermal adhesive. At this point the battery is only loosely attached by that pillar im gonna level with you this is the. Second hardest part but ive found the easiest if you slip a screwdriver underneath the battery and wedge it up.

And over the top of that pillar not all projects go perfectly and as you can see i snap off. A tip on the black retaining plastic but thats okay because well just screw it in at the end now. For the hard part slipping the hole in the pcb over the pillar with much trial and error ive found. The easiest way is to put it in the correct position and then using a screwdriver a wedge tool fry. The motherboard slightly up so that youre able to raise the pcb over the mount of that pillar alright now.

Lets put it all back together one thing i want to mention just in closing at least with my experience. When you purchase batteries generic batteries off of ebay theyre usually only ten or twenty bucks but i have never. Seen the lifespan of one of those generic batteries compare to the outstanding lifespan of a genuine apple battery when. You first open it up so dont be disappointed if your battery doesnt last six days its gonna be better. But its not going to be like brand new thank you for watching and i hope that your fix-it job.

Goes as well as this one did as shes charging up.

Method 5 – Ipad Air Battery Replacement

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Conclusion – How Much Does It Cost To Replace An Ipad Battery

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