How Much Does It Cost To Replace Iphone Xr Screen – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Method 1 – Iphone Xr Screen Replacement – Step By Step

Hi welcome to the channel and i hope youre well today ill be showing you a step-by-step tutorial on how. To replace an iphone x our screen i will have the description below with the tools and the screen where. You can buy it from if any question just comment below so there are two screws that holds the phone. So you go ahead and unscrew them here you can get a pro to go ahead and stick it in.

Between the screen you want to kind of go around the screen to cut loose the adhesive because nowadays all. The iphones are water-resistant so you need to cut the adhesive tape all around the corner and you can easily. Remove the screen after okay once you have that all cut up so the screen goes this way okay you. Do not want to go all the way down because you do not want to break the the front camera. For the face recognition this is the the y screws the only two screws that host a bracket here you.

Have the two things remove and the next step is to remove this one all right once you have this. Remove the screen that i got the new screen it already have the backplate install some of them doesnt come. With a backplate so if it doesnt come with a backplate what you can do is you can reuse this. The old backplate so theyre gonna be oh this little y screw i think that eight of them so its. One two three four five six seven eight nine so theyre probably about nine of them you can just take.

It out and i remove the backplate but before you do so what we need to do is to transfer. The front camera to the new screen okay at this point you want to be very gentle make sure you. Do not break the ribbon cable and lets just say if it happens to you you can buy a third. Partys replacement for the front camera but the face recognition would be disabled you wouldnt be able to use it. So each device has its own unique camera for the face recognition and if you break the original you wont.

Be able to use it on a third party once okay so be very gentle there is a little tiny. Metal plate here okay you can remove and put it on the side okay so pretty much i get here. The entire piece out like this okay you can go ahead and transfer it to the new camera i remember. This tiny little metal piece you want to go ahead and put it back on so therefore screws that hold. On to the the camera go ahead and put them back on all right once you have all that install.

You can go ahead and get them all back together so the two screws host a bracket and theyre using. The y screws on it so this plate here you kind of need to slide it in between theres this. Little metal bracket so im gonna go in between that yeah ill go ahead and turn it on and see. If everything works if it is everything is good the only thing you need to do is just to put. These two screws back at the bottom here all right everything looks good or the corners camera front camera okay.

Thanks for watching hope these two turner is easy for you all the best thank you.

Method 2 – How Much It Costs To Replace Iphone 10R Screen

And last week we talked about apples new 10 our iphone right so this week its time for me to. Tell you how much is going to be costing you to repair it when or if it drops yeah turns. Out replacing the screen on the iphone 10 r will cost a whopping 199 dollars according to apples newly released. Pricing chart thats a lot of money but get this an iphone 10 s screen repair will run you two.

Hundred and seventy nine dollars and replacing the screen on an iphone 10 s max will run you a whopping. Three hundred and twenty nine dollars yall did you hear me now that compares to one hundred and forty nine. Dollars to get new screens on the 87 6 s and 6 plus phones from the moral of this story. Shoot im keeping my 7 thats ridiculous a ripoff ok.

Method 3 – Iphone Xr Lcd Screen Replacement

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Method 4 – Cracked My Iphone X – How Much Did I Pay To Fix It???

What is going on everyone my name is jason and this is the iphone yes this really happened okay wasnt. This dramatic in fact it was probably the smallest drop ive ever done with the phone i was filming the. Red iphone 10 video so i took off the case thats been on the phone since day one to do. An install of this slick wrap skin video was going great install was perfect and during a break i had.

The phone in my pocket and it slipped out and probably fell at most two feet onto a carpeted floor. But alas it hit the metal leg of my desk chair and that was enough to do this to my. Display now before i get into this really sad sad story if youre interested in checking out the latest consumer. Tech products before you buy them or if youre just a tech head like me and make a video like. This every single week so make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on that bell icon so you.

Can be the first to know when the new jsl review is out and you dont miss anything that being. Said lets get into how i fixed my iphone 10 okay so first lets examine the extent of the crack. It honestly doesnt look too bad right just looks like a minor chip at the top of the display but. If you look closer you can see that the crack is way worse when you look at it at an. Angle you can see hairline cracks tickle all the way down across the once beautiful display and the more i.

Press down on it the worse it got you definitely do notice distortion too especially when youre trying to read. Something on the phone and no matter how much i tried to tell myself that i could live with it. I really couldnt also take a look at where the major part of the crack is located its right where. The front-facing camera and the ambient light sensor is the camera basically was unusable as the crack refracted the light. Making everything look like a rainbow if that wasnt bad enough the crack kept covering the ambient light sensor while.

I was using the phone to do something and it would just black out thinking that i was making a. Call or i had the phone in my pocket so yeah pretty much the worst place to get a crack. On the iphone 10 and i decided that i needed to get this fixed but dude this phone already cost. Me over a thousand dollars and i did not have apple care or any other insurance on this phone so. I went on a mission to see what was the cheapest and best way to get this thing fixed so.

First thing i did i researched some local neighborhood shops that specialize in smart phone repair there are ton of. Stores like this now so i thought theyd be cheaper than going to the apple store to try and get. This fixed only was none of these stores offered repair for the iphone 10 iphone 6 display yes iphone 7. Display yes iphone 8 display yes iphone 10 display it was so bizarre but then that stirred up idea number. Two being the crafty tech head that i am i did some research into fixing the display myself yes it.

Would require some high-level smartphone surgery but hey if i could say some significant coin i was fairly confident i. Could pull it off buying parts and not the service had to be the cheapest option right so i jumped. Onto ebay to see how much an om display for the iphone ted would cost me and ran into this. It was at this moment that i remembered that this wasnt an ordinary apple lcd display this was the first. Iphone to have an oled made by samsung out of all companies so yeah this wasnt gonna be cheap at.

All and it suddenly made sense why none of the smartphone repair shops offered to fix the iphone 10 so. Feeling defeated and out of options i went on apples website and considering this crack would it be covered by. My warranty and that i didnt have apple care it would cost me $279 santas it sounds compared to everything. Else this was my best solution so ive made an appointment took a trip over to my favorite local apple. Store and dropped off my cracked iphone 10 a few moments later and yeah they brought up my phone and.

This is what it looks like now i have to say it was an extremely nice feeling having a fully. Intact display on the phone it reminded me so much of the first day i picked up the iphone 10. And apple did a great job nothing seemed out of place no visual signs of damage anywhere and it really. Feels like i got a brand new phone now all of this happiness was pretty short-lived as i did a. Quick and simple calculation of how much money this phone has cost me it cost me this much when i.

First bought it and this much to replace the display coming to a grand total of this hands-down the most. Ive ever spent on a smartphone so whats the lesson in all this guys protect your investment i didnt mess. Around as soon as i got home i geared up to make sure this never happens again i grabbed a. New tempered glass screen protector put that bad boy on and i also slept on a case even though i. Hate cases so thats the story of how i got my cracked iphone 10 fixed leave me a thumbs up.

If you guys enjoyed it it really helps me out would love to hear from any of you who had. To go out there anything similar let me know in the comments if there was another better way to go. About this that i totally didnt even consider and guys this is really the last call here im giving away. Two brand new dreible blademaster mechanical keyboards my way of saying thanks for helping the channel get past 10,000 subscribers. This keyboard is not even out to the public yet and mark my words this thing is gonna be a.

Game-changer its not too late to register the giveaway officially ends on may 31st open to all regardless of location. Link to the giveaway is in the description below thanks for watching and ill see you guys in the next. One you.

Method 5 – Iphone Xr Easy Glass Replacement Without Disassembling

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Conclusion – How Much Does It Cost To Replace Iphone Xr Screen

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