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Method 1 – Mac Air Battery Replacement With Apple: Cost & Time 2019

Hi everyone i just want to make a quick video i just had my mac air battery replaced by apple. And i just wanted to share my experience with you i knew that my battery needed to be replaced i. Have a five year old mac mac air and i would it said service battery and my cycles were high. So i knew immediately i needed a new battery so first thing i did was i got a hold of.

Apple i actually did that online i used google and looked up my nearest apple store and i talked with. Somebody at apple directly and made an appointment i luckily found out that i couldnt just walk in and have. My battery serviced on my mac err i needed to make an appointment to do this specifically they were booked. Out 10 days so i took the first available appointment which was on a sunday at 11:45 and my pregnant. Went by very quickly probably maybe i was there 15 minutes at the most and once i got there i.

Checked in with an apple agent and then went ahead and was seated at a table where i waited for. A representative to come over and help me with my problem i went ahead and made sure that my mac. Had all the latest versions of everything on it and you know was backed up and all those things before. I showed up at the apple store i should add that so once the representative came over and he ran. Some diagnostics on my machine to make sure that i didnt have any other issues besides my battery lucky for.

Me everything checked out so he said okay were gonna go ahead and replace your battery thats when he informed. Me that they would actually be shipping it out which i was like oh my god i have to be. Without my mac right but luckily he said they go they overnight it to houston texas and they replaced the. Battery there and then they overnight it back and they can if you pay if you give him your credit. Card they will overnight it back to your home so you dont have to go pick it up at the.

Store which is awesome so i went ahead and gave me my card it was a sunday mind you so. I didnt think theyd be able to send it out on a sunday and monday was a holiday a federal. Holiday so i kind of thought they wouldnt send it out until tuesday right and the apple wouldnt get it. Until wednesday thats what you would think but its wednesday and i just got it back today i am so. Happy so despite the fact that monday was a federal holiday and i went in on a sunday todays wednesday.

And i have my mac already back with a new battery fedex just came dropped it off and im totally. Stoked and by the way sign up for fedex as notifications and that totally helps you to know when your. Mac will become cost of this was one hundred and twenty nine dollars plus tax the macbook pros im trying. To remember i think worse a hundred and seventy nine im so worth it right okay so i just got. Mine today just right before i started this video actually and this is how it came its back im gonna.

Assume its going to be working good and here i am and hallelujah im excited to have a brand new. Battery i will update if i have any issues but i will just say for a hundred and thirty dollars. This was like an incredible deal with mac and so im super stoked and uh anyway i recommend it because. That.

Method 2 – 4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Macbook Battery!

It doesnt matter how well you treat your laptops battery because eventually its gonna die every battery has a limited. Lifespan so if you have a macbook a macbook pro or a macbook air chances are your battery life is. Probably gonna take a hit around a thousand charge cycles which is about three years if you plug your machine. In every day theres not one hard and fast rule telling you when you need to make the swap but.

Here are four signs that its time to replace your macbooks battery the first sign low battery runtime remember when. You could go a full day without a charge well if youre living your life tethered to an outlet then. Its probably time for a new battery a good rule of thumb is to replace your macbooks battery when its. Run time is down to 25 of its original capacity a battery that wont accept a charge could be an. Indication of another hardware problem but replacing the battery is still the easiest and the cheapest first thing to do.

To figure out what the problem is the second sign is you get a service alert heres one place we. Agree with apple the mac os is actually really good at letting you know when its time to replace your. Macbooks battery the battery icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen will notify you of battery issues. If it says replace soon replace now or service battery its time to look into a replacement your macbook was. Nice enough to ask so just be a good friend and give it some fresh juice the third warning sign.

Is unexpected shutdowns its not just iphones that shut down before you reach zero any battery can lose track of. Its capacity and unexpectedly shut down when theyre stretched past their shelf life if your macbook turns off when you. Dont want it to it could be because the battery is out of juice if it happens often and right. After you charge it thats a clear sign that its time for a replacement the fourth and final sign is. When your macbook is overheating if you cant handle the heat get a new battery in your macbook okay fine.

Its not that simple there are plenty of hardware or software issues that can cause your macbook to overheat however. If your macbook overheats quickly while performing small everyday tasks and especially if it experiences any of the other symptoms. We already talked about the culprit could be a faulty battery so if youre experiencing any of these symptoms i. Have some good news and some not so good news good news first if you own a 2012 macbook or. Earlier replacing your battery will only take you about 15 minutes and it pretty much only involves removing a few.

Screws and the bad news is if you own a newer macbook like a retina the process is a lot. More complicated and a lot stickier i recently tackled my very first macbook pro retina battery replacement and the battery. Was glued down to the underside of the upper case making removal a longer process but never fear even if. Youre a beginner weve got you covered with all the tools parts and step-by-step guides to get you through the. Process quickly and safely so if youre finally ready to stop living with a dying macbook head on over to. and get yourself a replacement battery kit then let me know how the repair goes in the comments happy. Fixing.

Method 3 – Ultimate Macbook Battery Guide! (Should You Keep It Plugged In?)

If you already own or intend to own a macbook at any point in the future do yourself a favor. And watch this entire video from start to finish im going to tell you exactly how to care for the. Battery in your macbook how often you should charge it what are some best practices and should you unplug it. When youre not using it this video is based entirely off official apple documentation respected sources and my own personal.

Experience over 10 years of using macbooks ill try to reference sources throughout the video where possible quick shout out. To cleanmymac for being a supporter of the channel cleanmymac replaces dozens of optimization tools for your mac it can. Be anything you want it to be a mac os cleaner a performance monitor or a malware remover to name. A few check the link in the description and use code created10 for 10 off i wanted to start off. By mentioning that theres a lot of information out there on this topic and a lot of it is quite.

Outdated battery technology and its supporting software for example mac os has changed a lot over the last decade lets. Start with discussing the battery on your macbook and the technology behind it traditionally macbooks use lithium ion shortened to. Li-ion batteries yes some of the newer macbooks use a lithium polymer or lee poly battery but for the purpose. Of this video the difference between them is minimal a lithium ion battery consists of one the anode and the. Cathode two a separator between the two electrodes and three an electrolyte that fills the remaining space of the battery.

The anode and cathode are capable of storing lithium ions energy is stored and released as lithium ions travel between. These electrodes through the electrolyte the way these batteries discharge is by lithium ions moving from the anode to the. Cathode through the electrolyte or vice versa to charge in an ideal world a li-ion battery likes to stay at. 50 charge this results in an even distribution of lithium ions between the anode and cathode keeping a battery at. 100 charge all the time puts stress on the cathode think of it like a seesaw you want it to.

Stay relatively balanced and not tip either side too much now every time these lithium ions move back and forth. The battery loses a very tiny percentage of its total capacity theres something called a charge cycle which helps explain. This process you complete one charge cycle when youve used or discharged an amount that equals 100 percent of your. Batterys capacity a charge cycle can take several days to complete for example you might use 50 of your batterys. Capacity one day then recharge it fully overnight if you do the same thing the next day you will have.

Discharged a total of 100 or one full charge cycle if you have one of the new m1 macbooks you. Would know that the battery life on them is incredible for me personally with about six to eight hours of. Use per day i can get over two days of run time from a single charge or one full charge. Cycle every two to three days its common knowledge that lithium-ion batteries are consumable products that is they will be. Consumed slowly with day-to-day use and degrade over the years macbook lithium-ion batteries are rated at 1 000 charge cycles.

According to apple at some point soon after 1 000 cycles the battery will only charge to 80 of capacity. This doesnt mean it will magically fail or burst into flames just that instead of 16 hours on average for. The m1 macbooks youll get somewhere around 13 hours instead if i continue to use my m1 macbook air like. I do now or one full charge cycle every two days id be looking at potentially 2 000 days until. I reached that 1000 charge cycle rating 2000 days is five and a half years of using my macbook for.

Six to eight hours every day now there are other things that contribute to battery longevity such as temperature and. Aging but charge cycles are typically the main factor by the way you can check how many charge cycles your. Macbook has by clicking on the apple logo in the top left corner clicking about this mac system report and. Selecting the power option now that we know some of the science behind lithium-ion batteries and that they are consumable. Products what are some ways you can keep your battery healthy one of the biggest contributors to poor battery health.

Is heat you want your battery to be in a relatively cool environment wherever possible this means you should avoid. Using your macbook in hot environments like outside in direct sunlight for extended periods of time please dont be like. Me this includes keeping your macbook in a hot car or letting your macbook pro render while sitting on your. Bed and not getting proper ventilation for example remember that liquid electrolyte inside the battery high temperatures will cause those. Electrolytes to break down causing accelerated degradation regardless of how many charge cycles the battery is at if you live.

In a naturally hot environment like australia or india theres not much you can do but unless inside ambient temperatures. Are insanely hot like 35 to 40 degrees celsius youll probably be fine you can use a stand if you. Like to introduce a bit of airflow around the base of the macbook ive linked my favorite one down in. The description also dont be afraid to do rendering or similar activities that cause the cpu or gpu to heat. Up as ive demonstrated previously most of the heat dissipates into the top center half of the chassis and doesnt.

Heat up the battery too much what about leaving your macbook plugged into the charger before i get into this. Lets talk about the charger itself i always recommend to use the official apple charger wherever possible the main reason. For this recommendation is there are a lot of dodgy charges out there that should be avoided often they are. The same cheaply mass-produced charger simply rebranded by random chinese companies that being said theres no harm in using charges. Or pass-through usb-c charging from things like docks or monitors provided they are from a good and trustworthy brand some.

Examples include dell logitech cal digit or anchor if youre really cautious about this you can look for brands and. Accessories on the official apple store as a good starting point i will leave the small usbc dongle charging hubs. Up for negotiation for short periods of time and when using a dongle from a high quality brand i think. Its okay if youve got a permanent desk set up however i would go with a proper docking station or. Monitor or just use the official apple charger next apple has become very good at keeping macbook batteries healthy via.

The use of software mac os has had several huge updates recently a major one being the way it interacts. With the battery this is why i always recommend keeping your macbook updated the feature is called battery health management. And in a nutshell macos tries to charge the battery to 80 quickly and the remaining 20 charges much slower. Also known as a trickle charge once the battery reaches 100 the charging stops and your macbook will run mainly. From the power adapter bypassing the battery furthermore mac os will let the battery drain slightly even when its plugged.

Into the charger this is to ensure the mac is not at 100 capacity constantly which is not good for. Battery longevity every now and then it will top up the battery and if you tend to use your macbook. At certain times and lengths during the day mac os will recognize this and keep the battery charged accordingly for. Example if you tend to work at your desk from 9am to 5pm with your charger plugged in and then. Switch to your battery for a few hours at night mac os will keep your charge at around 80 during.

The day while plugged into the charger and will top up the battery a short while before you leave your. Desk it will anticipate based on your usage pattern when you are most likely to use the battery you can. Actually see this particular setting in the system preferences menu under battery just make sure the checkbox is ticked it. Is by default so what about the common advice of calibrating your battery by letting it drain to zero percent. And then charging it fully well thats no longer accurate for modern macbooks in fact letting the battery drain to.

Zero percent is not something you should ever do just like keeping the battery charged at 100 at all times. Even then although mac os might display the battery as being 100 charged the reality is that its likely only. 90 or 95 charged there is a buffer built in to prevent overcharging also if youre going to be storing. Your macbook for several weeks or months without using it charge the battery to 50 lets move on to the. Question you are probably here for and that is should you leave your macbook plugged into its charger my personal.

Opinion is it depends if you use your macbook for long continuous periods of time such as for work or. School its totally fine to keep it plugged into your charger the entire time youre using it like i said. Previously mac os does a really good job now of intelligently charging so as to minimize stress on the battery. Even while plugged in also leaving it plugged in while you work for long periods of time will also result. In fewer battery cycles potentially prolonging the life of the battery that being said id still recommend against leaving your.

Macbook plugged into its charger 24 7 and never actually draining the battery at the end of the day its. A laptop use it like a laptop let the battery drain down to 15 or 10 every now and then. Even if you only use the macbook at a desk if youre putting your macbook to sleep or shutting it. Down at the end of the day simply unplug the charging cable each night dont be afraid to drain the. Battery and feel like you need to be attached to the power point the entire time yes its generally accepted.

That the best way of prolonging battery health is to keep the charge between 20 and 80 percent and only. Charging in bursts but in practice this is very difficult to do if your existing routine doesnt allow for it. If youre traveling to school and need a full charge or youre working at a desk all day just dont. Worry about it it wont make a huge difference like i said before if youre using your macbook all day. At a desk just keep it plugged in mac os will do all the optimizing for you if you use.

Your macbook all day at school on battery power and cant charge it in bursts thats fine too if you. Mainly use your laptop on battery power for a few hours here and there charge it for 15 to 20. Minutes every now and then if you have easy access to a charger for example when you cook dinner or. Have a shower if you know youll be away from a charger the next day charge it to 100 the. Night before this is how a lot of people including myself use their laptops and naturally the charge will stay.

Mostly between 20 and 80 with no extra effort on the users part that being said youd be surprised at. How little the difference in battery health is between users who simply keep their macbooks plugged in the entire time. Versus those who perfectly time every charge and percentage drain is all that extra work over a few years worth. A few more percentage points of battery health i dont think so i know there are apps out there such. As al dente that claim to limit the charge to 80 and whatnot but i personally would prefer to let.

Mac os have control over my battery and not some random third-party app all it takes is one wrong setting. Or a botched update from the developer and you might be worse off at the end of the day a. Laptop is a tool use it as a tool you dont want to spend all day stressing over when you. Should unplug the charger or panicking if you see the battery at 100 for too long the vast majority of. People upgrade their laptops every three to five years and i can confidently say that in 99 of cases your.

Battery will last that entire time without issue if you plan on keeping your macbook longer than that sure you. Can be slightly more cautious but worst case scenario apple offers battery replacements for about 150 bucks but like i. Demonstrated in this video your battery will more than likely last five to ten years before it degrades enough that. A replacement is necessary and by that point its probably time for a new macbook technology and software is at. A point now where we can mostly sit back and not worry about the things we used to worry about.

Five or ten years ago and your macbooks battery is one of them if youre interested in a video on. How to maximize battery life to squeeze a few more hours out of each charge let me know in the. Comment section below apart from that thanks for watching and ill catch you in the next one.

Method 4 – 3 Ways To Ruin Your Tesla Battery And How Much A New One Cost

Hey whats going on everyone its shawn with another tests of video and in this one i want to talk. About teslas batteries and how theyre designed to last a really really long time unless you do these three things. That i have unfortunately done over the 142 thousand miles that i have on my car now which has caused. My battery to fail and need a replacement from tesla so listen up to uncle shawn were gonna have a.

Heart-to-heart on some things that you should not do with your battery based on my personal experience so you can. Avoid needing to replace your battery and therefore allowing that battery to last a really long time so let me. Give you a little bit of background on my usage of my car got a 60 kilowatt hour battery pack. In my model s and over the course of the last couple of years ive driven about a hundred and. Thirty thousand miles so i picked up the car used at sixteen thousand miles three years old i really put.

The car to work my day job is residential real estate and it has to be going all over denver. And of course we take some trips to the mountains for leisure and pleasure as a family but mostly its. Real estate miles now because this is a smaller battery it has caused me to need to charge often and. So what i started doing pretty soon after i got the car was charge two hundred percent and in a. Typical day when things are busy and ive got several appointments ill usually find myself driving between a hundred and.

Fifty miles to maybe 200 miles which requires me to take a stop and charge if i know im going. To have a busy day which is a lot of days ill charge my car to a hundred percent and. If im driving a lot ill usually have to stop at a supercharger to get some quick juice now this. Has had a negative impact on my battery personally which i believe has caused the battery to the grade faster. So i want to talk about three things that uncle shawn has done that you should definitely not do and.

If youre in the market for an electric v cool these are gonna be three things that will help your. Battery last long and be a healthy battery so lets get into the first one which is charging to a. Hundred percent state of charge on a regular basis now if youve ever charged to 100% and gotten into the. Car tesla provides a message that says that charging to 100% state of charge should only be reserved for long. Trips or long distances ideally for road trips the car is not designed to charge to a hundred percent on.

A regular basis the second thing that you should definitely not do is run the battery down below lets say. Twenty or thirty percent state of charge this two has an impact on how many cycles you actually get out. Of that battery so the sweet spot really i think is to keep the battery between 30% and 80% the. Third thing that reduces the longevity of the health of the battery is exposing the battery pack to high temperatures. A high voltage and whenever you supercharge theres high voltage going into that car which increases the battery temperature and.

Thats probably why you hear those fans running while youre super charging its its trying to cool the battery down. And circulate the coolant thats inside of the battery pack if you dont need fast charging on a regular basis. Your battery will naturally last longer but tesla does not do a really good job at showing owners how that. Battery is degrading over time the makeshift way to do that at the moment is for owners to measure a. Hundred percent charge brand-new and then periodically charge it up to a hundred percent and see what the difference is.

Between brand new and at the periodic incremental charges the other way ive seen people recommend to measure the degradation. And the battery is to charge it to 100% and then drive it all the way down to zero and. Measure how many kilowatt hours were used in that time period comparing that also to when it was brand new. The best way i found for owners to really diagnose the health of the battery is to utilize an app. Called tm spy the app gives you some real-time insight into the data of the battery as well as other.

Data points of the car tesla providing this sort of insight about their car could help people better take care. Of their car now someone might say that oh if tesla provides an 8 year limited mile warranty then it. Really doesnt matter does it i think that thats just a poor way of looking at things i think we. All as owners of electric vehicles should be good stewards and make sure that youre not frequently doing the three. Things that i mentioned as well as making sure that you take the car in once a year for an.

Annual checkup this will allow you less inconvenience because your battery wont do what it did for me a couple. Of weeks ago when i was driving at home if you havent watched that video ill make sure to link. It down below the basic summary is that i was driving home i have 34 miles of range was about. 10 miles away from my house the screen said the car was powering down to find a safe place to. Pull over now unfortunately this is an all too familiar sight for me because this was the fourth time then.

That this has happened but never with this much range left when i spoke with tessa the following monday they. Ran a remote diagnostic on the battery to determine that it does need to be replaced the reality of my. Personal situation is that the 60 kilowatt hour battery pack is probably not the best pack for me i need. Something more and ideally something above 300 miles so what i have to decide now once this battery does get. Replaced is do i keep the car with most likely a 75 kilowatt hour battery pack that theyll upgrade me.

To or should i trade it in and get something with a little bit more range like the model 3. Or the model s or x of course if i do the s or x im spending a lot more. And im always cost conscious of that being a self-employed business owner this brings up one last topic that i. Wanted to mention that many of you have asked about which is what is the cost of a battery out. Of pocket or out of warranty i did a little bit of research and the cost as of august 2018.

Is between fifteen and twenty thousand dollars now that cost has significantly fallen over time and i think it will. Continue to do the same so in another five years from now the cost of a battery will probably be. Significantly less an hour if i were just put a wild guess on what that might be im gonna say. Sub $5,000 in five years for a battery pack the size of teslas that wraps up this video the moral. Of the story is do what uncle shawn says not what uncle shawn does my practices should not be a.

Justification for you to treat your battery pack this way and thus resulting in the need to replace the battery. Its terribly inconvenient and could potentially be costly if youre past set eight year warranty i hope you found this. Informative for those that are researching whether to buy an electric vehicle or not i highly recommend it there are. So many positive reasons why its better to buy an electric vehicle over an internal combustion engine car and for. Those that have been following my journey i hope its provided some additional insight to you on where things stand.

Thanks so much for watching and see you on the next video.

Method 5 – Macbook Pro Battery Replacement – Cheap Price – How Did It Go?

Heres how i went about replacing my old defective macbook pro battery using one i bought on ebay and how. It worked out including restoring the ability to use the trackpad a while ago i noticed i couldnt use the. Trackpad on my early 2011 macbook pro and then i noticed my battery was bulgin.

Conclusion – How Much Does It Cost To Replace Mac Battery

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