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Method 1 – How Much Does It Cost To Replace Windows And What Kind Do You Need?

Hey its mark ferguson with investor moore and i am in an echoey house this is a house flip that. We bought a couple months ago and it has taken a very long time for us to start on it. And one of those big reasons is because of the giant windows behind me and the rest of the windows. In the house which are on back order from home depot and its really hard to get windows right now.

But what were going to do in this video is talk about how much windows cost and how we can. Possibly save money on windows when doing remodel jobs so of course check out much more information on our. Flips rentals being an agent all that great stuff and we have nine books on amazon if you want to. See those as well plus a lot of other really cool videos so make sure you check those out and. Subscribe but lets get right to it so this house is built in the 60s it has the old aluminum.

Windows these are like the worst looking and they painted those at some point and not very good these have. Storm on the outside some windows on the outside too and aluminum on the inside but here i should open. This up a little bit so you can see the full picture and the issue with this besides me panning. The wrong direction he has really ugly awning which we can get rid of but how big this window is. So we definitely want to replace this window but to get a window that gigantic might cost us literally thousands.

Of dollars to replace it so um what were probably going to do on this and ill probably ask nikki. My project manager whos already ordered the windows and sometimes i dont want to pay attention to that stuff like. I should i think were breaking it up into two or three windows and just gonna frame in some more. Of the how like in between them so that its not just one big giant window and then we can. Actually open the windows too because this you cant open oh no you can look never mind i lied there.

Is you can open one right there i guess but thats it just that top window oh you can yep. The one over there you can open too but the handle is broken so by breaking it up into a. Couple different windows we can save quite a bit of money doing it now you have more labor but the. Window costs will probably be worth it and were going to take a look at the rest of the house. As well its got an addition back here this you should used to be the back of the house right.

There but they added on and at the time they added on they still used these crappy aluminum windows and. I cant tell is that actually daylight im looking at right there i think it is so obviously theyre not. Very energy efficient either um so we want to replace pretty much all these windows just because itll make the. House worth more itll be worth it and itll make it sell much faster too thats a big scare to. Buyers is uh windows that are super old and not energy efficient so we have these windows to replace the.

Front window we have basic basement windows too which we may or may not do but well show you those. Old windows in the bedrooms as well and theyre big windows too so big windows are nice unless you want. To replace them and then theyre expensive and theyre also the old aluminum stuff as well as you can see. With awning so you cant even see out the windows anyway really good combination but well fix all that there. You can get a better view of that one too big wide window so what will it take to replace.

These windows how much will actually cost thats a good question one i really dont know so i dont know. Why i did this video no its a dad joke sorry um it really varies so i will show you. Exactly how much we are paying for windows because ill go back to the office and have nikki pull it. Up for me and well overlay it but generally these windows cost from a hundred to two hundred dollars to. Replace this size if theyre more normal size they might be slightly cheaper because these are kind of awkward usually.

Have more square windows but thats not just the only cost youve also got the cost to install them and. That can range as well and normally what we like to pay is about 150 to 200 dollars per window. To install them thats a normal window not this gigantic monstrosity of a window this would probably paying you know. 500 or more to install that yeah its fun car friday theres a supra also if you recognize this house. I did my how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom video in here as well so just search.

For investor more how much does it cost remodel a bathroom if you want to see that video and we. Have a remodeling a kitchen video remodeling entire house video so check those out too but yeah labor comes into. Play here and its not only just the window but you know when you take this out and try and. Put new stuff in are you going to be messing up all this tile is that going to get beat. Up are you going to be messing up the drywall and sheetrock there or trim or whatever whatever they decided.

To use if you do install the window you know are you going to leave it like this you know. Exactly how it looks right there and this is a more normal size window by the way or are you. Gonna put trim around it or what are you gonna do um theres lots of different questions that can add. To the cost and how much we pay or you might pay for a window but typically when im budgeting. For windows i assume its going to cost me about 300 a window for a normal size window like that.

If you get into bigger windows like this probably a little more that window will be a little more expensive. But really if its somewhat normal size not that much more expensive labor will be really about the same pretty. Close because its not a bigger window is it more difficult to install unless youre talking about that big giant. Thing in the living room where youre framing it in and doing different stuff so about 300 a window for. Normal windows big windows like that were looking at 500 to a thousand a window depending on how involved you.

Get how much you want to do trim all of that cost so it can really add up if youve. Got one two three a window in the bathroom a couple in each bedroom you know 12 13 windows in. A house youre paying you know four or five thousand dollars to replace the windows for basic stuff these are. Home depot windows vinyl like geldwin style windows now you can get more expensive stuff if you want you can. Go to anderson theyll come in here and theyll charge you five grand for a window to put in right.

There now thats a complete estimate but it wouldnt be surprised it wouldnt surprise me if it was that much. Or more to do that window it would cost probably a thousand dollars a window for those windows as well. And what are you getting youre getting triple e um low e glass that some people dont even like it. Can actually reduce the amount of light that comes in and if you look at studies the us government will. Produce studies and data on the cost savings between single pane which is what these are double pane vinyl which.

Is what you get at home depot and like the triple pane or low e which is what you get. From anderson and there is a massive savings between these and double pane right huge savings a few hundred dollars. A year in savings usually in electrical costs the difference between the home depot double pane and the anderson triple. Pane and low e its like 15 to 20 a year for the whole house so there is not a. Huge massive difference in energy savings all right thanks for watching really appreciate your support i hope you check out.

Our other videos and subscribe likes if you have want more information we have with hundreds of articles on. My blog that are for free we have some coaching programs there too if you want more personalized help and. I also have nine books on amazon if you want to check those out too love it when you guys. Hit the like button please do that if you like the video love seeing your comments love it if you. Guys share these videos as well and if you dont have your little notification button clicked by your subscribe button.

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Method 2 – How Much Does A Window Replacement Cost?

The window average replacement cost a customer can expect is between six and eight hundred dollars for a average quality. Window a customer can expect to pay an average of eight to fifteen thousand dollars on a common single family. Home entire window replacement which would typically include labor all of the permitting and disposing of all of the existing. Windows residential windows can last between twenty to thirty years depending on the quality of the window a lot of.

These windows have warranties that can protect the client for twenty or thirty years there are some companies that have. Glass protection so basically if the windows break for whatever reason they will come out and replace it typically our. Process we come out and give a free estimate if clients are just looking for an estimate we can come. Out through a window measurement the second step from that is obviously they they choose window agreed to the contract. Amount and then it takes about two to three weeks to get the the windows in and b to be.

Able to start the project on average we can replace about two to four windows per day so depending on. The amount of windows if you only had a small house with eight or ten windows then we can do. That with two or three days a customer can expect between two to six crew members and it just depends. On obviously the size of the project and the scheduled activities for the day typically its recommended to do a. Whole house replacement theres a lot of companies that will only work on that basis youre gonna get better pricing.

If you do it that way plus the house will perform better if you replace all of them and not. Just you know a few here and there when youre replacing windows it typically is going to save you energy. In your heating and cooling bill sometimes buying a window thats not necessarily a top brand just looking at some. Reviews online usually you can find some some good companies out there that you can save some money on the. Product im jaime delgado with sustainable living builders and you can find us on thumbtack.

Method 3 – How Much Do Windows Cost?

Hi im jeff ludy the owner of houston window experts and you know the question we get the most of. I mean bottom line eventually this is what everybody wants to know right jeff how much does a window cost. Because if you have somebody out to your house the ultimate goal is to learn a couple of things right. Like what kind of window they do they have whats it made out of what about their installation but the.

Bottom line before you can make a decision one of the key components you have to have is what does. It cost well first of all its not a secret right like sometimes it might feel like a secret if. You call a window company and you say hey how much does it cost for a window some window companies. Now they wont tell you that no thats a tactic right like they want to come out to your house. They want to spend two hours three hours four hours at your home they want to twist your arm but.

Thats different than what im talking about those kind of companies what they usually say is well will all the. Decision makers be present thats different than what im talking about it is hard sometimes to give people a window. Price because there are a lot of different windows and there are a lot of different qualities of window i. Hear people say all the time jeff how about a ballpark price well ballpark well youre talking about like the. Nosebleed section are you talking about right behind home plate even within ballpark pricing there are variables right so im.

Going to answer that question today to the very best of my ability but i want to help you understand. Why sometimes its really hard for us to give you a firm price on windows for example this white window. Here okay is gonna cost less than this window thats black all things being equal even if it were the. Same brand it had the same glass in the same installer a window thats black and made out of vinyl. Is going to cost more than a white window made out of vinyl because this costs more money for the.

Manufacturer to make a window that has grids on it like this beautiful pillow window here these are actual true. Grids that are on the surface theyre beautiful and theyre very genuine and theyre very rich looking theyre going to. Cost more than a grid like this one thats hidden between the glass it doesnt look as realistic as the. Grids do on that window there are other variables as well like do you want a brick mold on the. Trim do you want to have a new frame expand around the bottom do you have new window sills that.

Are needed theres a lot of variables but to give you just a kind of a general idea about pricing. For a window a window a good ultra premium vinyl window you can expect to spend 800 on it you. Really cant and the same thing out of a nice product like this pillow which is made out of a. Aluminum exterior with a wood interior because the materials cost more instead of 800 youre going to probably double the. Cost of that when youre buying a wood product like this brand names can also increase or lower the price.

Right like a brand like pella or anderson or marvin those big brand names sometimes they cost more than brand. Names you havent heard of sometimes they dont but there are variables that happen there now thats just for the. Window itself there are also other costs that are involved with putting in a window for example theres labor right. And the labor can vary based on what kind of work needs to be done i mean if youre talking. About a three-story house versus a one-story house if youre talking about maybe that we have to replace some boards.

Some trim around the outside or we dont if theres pain involved with the sheetrock work involved those skins can. Make that project vary quite a bit and thats the reason a company like ours offers free estimates our goal. Is not to offer free estimates so we can come to your house and try to twist your arm to. Buy our window whats it going to take to get you in this window tonight mr homeowner we dont do. That the reason we need to come to your house is because we want to give you fair accurate pricing.

Information if you watch this youtube channel much youll learn that im all about transparency and honesty and treating people. With honesty dignity and respect the way id want to be treated by my clients so you say jeff well. What about that window i saw this advertised its only three hundred dollars all over the news its 300 300. 300 well i wanted the same thing and so i started collecting some of these quotes from these companies that. Say we have a 300 window guess what by the time they add their little stuff to it its closer.

To 500 to 600 is it cheaper than an 800 900 000 window and an average size for a vinyl. Window yes it is and in some cases thats exactly what you need at houston window experts all we deal. With is ultra premium vinyl windows aluminum windows wood windows the fibrex and fiberglass and other products that typically cost. A little bit more so our prices are probably higher than what you would call an entry level builder grade. Or a cheap window just as an average something i read a few years ago and it actually figures out.

To be pretty true is if you take the value of your home and this is just an average now. If you take the value of your home for a good high quality vinyl window you can expect to spend. Between five and eight percent of what the value of your home is so just to use an easy number. Let me give you a number here if you have a million dollar house and you buy a really good. Vinyl window you can expect to spend between fifty and eighty thousand dollars for windows on a million dollar house.

Thats five to eight percent of the value your house if you did a window like this pella or anderson. Or windsor where you have a wood interior an aluminum exterior though its going to be somewhere between 10 to. 14 percent of the value of your house so a million dollar house with a window like this could be. A hundred thousand dollars could be 120 30 40 000 so dont dont fall for the bait and switch where. Someone says we have windows 10 windows for just x number of dollars because thats usually a way to get.

Into the house convince you you dont want that window and then start from scratch were one of the very. Few companies that we dont have a secret about windows well tell you exactly what they cost but we need. To see what youve got in order to give you a price a fair and accurate price well i hope. Youve enjoyed watching this video if we can help in any way please feel free to give us a call. Thanks for watching and have a great day you.

Method 4 – How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

Welcome in this episode im going to give you a good idea of what youll pay for your replacement window. And patio door project im frank g and this is the two minute window so at jantec we want to. Serve as the fair and direct source of answers to all of your replacement window and patio door questions we. Manufacture vinyl replacement windows and lets face it although vinyl replacement windows are the absolute popular replacement windows and doors.

By far vinyl is not for everyone like any other product you purchase there are pros and cons to each. When considering a consumers ultimate objective so i want to give you a guide to the cost comparison of all. Types of replacement windows and patio doors there are two things to consider when youre researching the cost of any. Type of replacement windows and patio doors first the scope of work of your project and second the purchase price. So lets start by taking a look at the cost of wood clad vinyl aluminum composite framed windows and patio.

Doors well get an idea of how much to budget for each type keep in mind that these prices will. Vary based on the scope of your replacement project and also from region to region you need to know that. You can purchase stock sizes of replacement windows and patio doors right off the shelf from a a big box. Store or a lumber yard or you can purchase custom manufactured replacement vinyl windows and other types of materials making. Up the windows and patio doors from a manufacturers authorized dealer at jantec we kind of have a unique situation.

Where we actually manufacture and install all of our own windows so the difference between a stock window and custom. Window is that the stock price size products will be chosen based on a best fit into your rough opening. That and that opening may need to be modified to properly install the replacement window or patio door a custom. Size window or patio door will be custom manufactured to the exact size of your window opening each one in. Your house is going to be different the customization will require less labor in the installation of the replacement window.

Window or patio door okay so whether you purchase stock or custom replacement windows and patio doors there are two. Distinct types of replacement and window and patio door packages or scopes of work well call it that are available. First theres the product and self-installation or self-arranged installation type of a scope of work second theres the turnkey product. With installation lets take a closer look at both of these self-installation package they would establish product specifications style size. Options etc as determined by you or your contractor thatll be doing the installation and they will be ordering the.

Windows and patio doors from the manufacturer for you they would then receive into their warehouse and inspect the accuracy. Of the order and then delivering the windows and patio doors to the job site now this could be optional. So the obvious advantage of installing your own replacement windows is that youd save window and patio door installation cost. So lets take a look at that price component first on average most people will spend between fifty dollars and. Three hundred seventy five dollars per window and about seven hundred to one thousand three hundred dollars per patio door.

On installation now this is not including the price of your own labor so your ultimate cost is depending on. The scope of the project and who does the majority of the work the more labor you do the price. Gets to the lower end of that spectrum the more work you have done by others the price goes to. The higher end on installation so again the price of the project is dependent on who does the majority of. The work and also provides the installation materials they cost money so if youre considering a self-installation or a self-directed.

Installation ask if the quoted price for the windows and patio doors includes delivery again thats something that has to. Be done if pickup at the warehouse is not an option then get a delivery quote in writing delivery fees. Could be anywhere from 50 bucks to two hundred dollars within a fifty to seventy five five mile radius of. The point of sale now that we know the installation portion of the project price range lets talk about the. Price of the replacement window and patio door products here the type of material that that is you know vinyl.

Wood aluminum composite from which the replacement windows and patio doors are manufactured along with the style the features the. Options and the size will make a big difference in the price theres a very detailed breakdown of the price. Range for replacement windows and patio doors by material and style in the blog article on our website go to. W w to see that blog article a lot of detail there now i will give you a summary of. That price remember these prices are for the product only ad and installation price we already covered uh that earlier.

To these if you want to arrive at the total project price per window or patio door or what we. Call the turnkey price for standard style windows like lets say a double hung slider casement or picture windows the. Price ranges per window are typically for vinyl between 250 and 875 dollars the wood version would be 525 up. To 2150 aluminum will be between three hundred and twenty five dollars and one thousand one hundred and fifty dollars. Composite material windows will be between four hundred and twenty five and one thousand fifty dollars now remember that is.

For the product only add the installation numbers that we talked about earlier to that for turnkey for architectural shape. Windows vinyl will be between four hundred and one thousand seven hundred dollars wood will be between nine hundred dollars. And three thousand two hundred and fifty dollars aluminum will be between 550 and 2800 dollars composite will be between. 575 and 3 000 now patio doors of course are more expensive than windows in any material so patio doors. Will typically be priced at nine hundred to two thousand eight hundred dollars for vinyl wood patio doors will be.

Between one thousand nine hundred and fifty and seven thousand one hundred dollars aluminum patio doors will be between one. Thousand three hundred and three thousand eight hundred dollars composite will be between 1 600 and 4 000 for a. Patio door some replacement window and patio door companies do not sell product without installation services its their prerogative at. Jantec do it yourselfers and contractors can purchase just the replacement windows and patio doors without our installation service we. Make the resources such as installation instructions available to those who wish to install their own replacement vinyl windows but.

I can tell you that at jantec we find that the vast majority of our customers prefer to leave the. Installation of the windows and patio doors to us with a turnkey project that includes both the product and the. Installation the overwhelming advantage of a turnkey project is convenience quality and time savings a turnkey replacement window and patio. Door project includes all of the things we talked about the ordering from the manufacturer and the checking the order. Things like that delivery but it also includes additional details that you the customer would otherwise have to do for.

Instance providing permits if required hiring the installation subcontractors or at jantec we use our own employee labor not subcontractors. Scheduling and overseeing the work providing all the installation materials such as caulk coil shims wood trim etc remediation of. Any deterioration of the rough opening such as wood rot remove and replace shutters if necessary finish the window trim. To the siding seal and cap the exterior of the window finish seal and trim the interior disposal of old. Windows and debris thats a big one the scope of work for a turnkey package can vary greatly from company.

To company so ask specifically what your estimate includes its surprising how often a companys turnkey package doesnt include or. Charges extra for lead testing which is mandatory on houses before built before 1978 uh or finishing and capping the. Exterior or disposal of the old windows and debris so its important to consider other details like warranties or will. The installation be done by the companys employees or will they use subcontractors which can sometimes lead to middleman issues. Also you should remember there are major advantages and disadvantages between vinyl wood aluminum composite windows and patio doors so.

Be sure to know these before selecting the products to be installed in your home or in your building you. Can learn more about uh these differences between the different types of materials and windows in episodes three and eight. Of the two minute windows series just go to or go to jantechs youtube channel and subscribe to the. Channel wed appreciate it while youre there many customers find it worth the investment to let someone else handle everything. Not to mention the added peace of mind knowing that there is only one company responsible for the project i.

Need to tell you to be aware that projects requiring extensive extensive special designing opening remediation or special installation methods. Or equipment can cost much more than i talked about here so you have somewhat of an idea regarding the. Cost dimension of your replacement window and patio door project this is just one piece of the total picture though. We address many more of the pieces in our blog articles comparing the different types of replacement windows and patio. Doors in regards to lets say energy performance warranty lead times what to expect during installation replacement windows design etc.

Just go to the learning area of our website or again to our youtube channel for a lot more. Information in the meantime if youd like to discuss more of your questions with our replacement window experts or would. Like .

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