How Much Is It To Get Windows Tinted – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

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Below you can find out 5 different methods much is it to get windows tinted,

Method 1 – What You Should Know Before You Get Your Windows Tinted

Hey everybody i got some very exciting news to share with you chicago auto pros is now a authorized lamar. Formula one dealer it means that we are one of the best installers in the country very proud of this. Boom our former the one you just cant buy it anywhere a normal window tint shop just cant buy this. Film you have to be selected by lamar and were very proud were very excited to be a part of.

This elite group of dealers of formula one it means that we are one of the best installers in the. Country to celebrate our success of becoming formula one dealers and the new year the 2017 year we want to. Give away a free window tint were going to be using our formula one pinnacle ceramic tint this is the. Top film but before that i made a little video for those of you thinking about getting the window tint. On your car theres a few things you should know before you actually go get it installed the first thing.

Youre going to want to know about window tint is that not all window tints are created equal theres hundreds. Of manufacturers out there and theres tons of different films theres good films and theres bad films there are window. Tint installers it out there that will use bad films because it is cheaper to use if youve ever been. Driving down the road and seen a car with purple window tint or bubbles in the window tint thats bad. Window film the problem with bad window foam is you wont know you have bad window film on your car.

Till about a year down the road when it starts to fade turn purple and bubble so lesson number one. Know what film is being put on your car i promise you if somebody is quoting you $100 its bad. Film alright number two there are different types of film on the market theres three main types of film you. Have dyed film metallized film and ceramic film your dyed film is your entry-level basic film i recommend this for. Customers who just want to block some of the sunlight and get that more aesthetic look appeal to it metallized.

Film is its just that it has a metallized layer in it its a nice film its great at blocking. Heat and a lot of people like this film because of that it does have some disadvantages it does have. Like a metallized mirror look to it so it doesnt match up to the factory tint that you see on. Suvs and trucks and it also can be signal interfering it can interfere with radio signals and cell phone signals. For that reason we choose not to use this film we actually use a ceramic film now ceramic films are.

Great because they have the same infrared heat reduction that comes with a metallized film but it doesnt have the. Signal here interference and it matches really well up to suvs and trucks in the in the factory tint that. Youll see in the back and typically ceramic films that have cost you about $100 more than the standard dyed. Film so its a great value to have that added performance to it im in our lobbies we actually have. A heat lamp that demonstrates the infrared heat reduction it has an infrared light that you can actually feel the.

Heat coming from it you can hold your hand up to it and you can feel the difference of tune. What it feels like with no tint the dyed tint and then your ramakant number three is going to be. Window tint laws youre going to want to know a percentage of film that you can put on your car. To stay legal theres these laws are going to vary from state to state so knowing what percentage that you. Can put on your car is going to eliminate the risk of you getting pulled over and getting a ticket.

In the description below ill post a link so you can see whats legal in your state the fourth thing. Youre going to want to know is the warranty what kind of warranty comes with your film this is one. Of the biggest reasons why we like formula one they have a lifetime warranty against any peeling fading or bubbling. Not only does formula one come with a lifetime warranty it comes with a one-time no-fault warranty that means for. Any reason that if your window tint gets damaged llumar will replace it for free so if you scratch it.

The window breaks anything that happens it gets damaged you can bring it to any llumar formula one dealer and. They will pay to have it replaced do your research look at the company thats going to be installing your. Window film look at the reviews find out what film theyre using just dont go on to price theres a. Lot of different factors that go into when youre doing window tint you dont want the cheapest foam on the. Market i promise you youre not going to like it in a year after you get it installed thank you.

For watching and if you now want to enter the contest in to win a free full car window tint. Youre going to have to do two things one youre going to have to subscribe on youtube and youre going. To have to share this video on facebook if you do those two things you will be automatically entered in. To win the free full car window tint we will be announcing the winner on january 16th so look out. For your name there and good luck.

Method 2 – How To Price A Tint Job

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Method 3 – How To Install Window Tint At Home With Inspire Diy Kent Thomas

Gday if youve clicked on this video its probably because youre wanting to install window tinting at home diy diy. Window tinting its one of the toughest ones ive done its doable though next time i just wouldnt do it. On mine id have a second set of hands id get help not that kind of help i dont need. That kind of help but id get someone to help out but it can be done in this video i.

Show you six steps that i took to get window film with window tint installed on these bedroom windows lets. Get straight into it step one ive recently removed the tinted film from these windows so just make sure theyre. Free of any glue residues or any grip spray some baby shampoo on the glass and use your scraper with. A new blade to make sure theyre really clean especially around the edges you can feel and hear any bits. The scraper is getting off too you probably dont need to do this on your windows squeegee the contaminated water.

Off the glass and what any excess from around the sides with the paper towel step two do a cleaner. For the windows like you would normally do using a lint-free cloth i found old t-shirts are good for this. Just dont use a window cleaning product with ammonia as this will interact with the adhesive of the window film. Step 3 these are the windows remembering to add an inch or two to the window size and this will. Be trimmed off later roll out your film on a clean surface taping the end to the dining table works.

Well measure out and mark the measurements with pieces of tape as a guide for cutting putting sellotape or sticky. Tape on each side of the film helps separate it from the back end just dont peel the backing off. Yet step 4 spray the water and baby shampoo mix liberally onto the window this lubrication helps when it comes. Time to reposition the film without this it will just stick straight away check you have it up the right. Way this is the part that i struggle with this is where another set of hands really makes it easier.

If youre on your own just expose a corner for the film and stick it to the window first the. Theory is that this part holds the film while you can peel the rest of the backing off if you. Have a friend get them to peel off the backing and spray the film with the baby shampoo mix use. Baby shampoo because it helps with repositioning and it dries clear you can use other liquid soaps just not anything. With grease cutting properties because this interacts with the adhesive you can hear the tent wanting to stick to the.

Window already i needed to get some more lubrication on the window so that i could reposition it hang the. Film in place that blue tape was just to indicate the machine cut or factory end of the film this. Should be straight and line up well with the top of the glass check that it square to the window. And overlapping the bottom insights to step number 5 spray some more if your baby shampoo mix on the new. Tent so that the squeegee will glide over the surface easily start squeegeeing the film gently i started by working.

Across the top and then i go down the middle making kind of a t-shape and squeegeeing from the middle. Outwards this is a firmer squeegee than the normal window cleaner one and it can be bought for about $7. Where you get the window tint from a mistake that i made was squeegeeing right up to the edges of. The glass instead you should leave the last 20 millimeters or inch alone by pushing the tip right to the. Edge it gives the film an opportunity to pick up any grit or dust from the window seal use a.

Blade to cut the corner at 45 degrees and this will help the film sit into the corner nicely so. That you can trim off the excess you can see how we use the factory edge along the top of. The window now we just have to trim the sides and the bottom make sure the knife has a new. Sharp blade im using a credit card to guide the blade along as it cuts the rounded edges of the. Credit card help it not to tear the film cut from the edges towards the center because the film tends.

To tear going the other way the manufacturer of this product recommends a 1 to 2 millimeter gap around the. Film this will allow you to squeegee out any excess solution from behind the film now im just going over. The film checking the edges trimming where needed my cuts werent that straight this was the second part of the. Job i struggled with give it a thumbs up if you found it helpful 6 steps to install window tinting. Well see you on the next one.

Method 4 – What You Need To Open A Tint Shop [ Plus How Much It Costs ]

Hey guys austin cook here with the institute in this video i want to go over what it exactly takes. To open up a tint shop and how much it might cost you now obviously its going to range depending. On the type of shop youre opening so im going to go over some of the basics and then some. Of the more uh elaborate things that you might do when opening up a shop so lets go ahead and.

Go on inside now what youll find before we come inside is that i paint it outside youre not going. To be able to do that with every building obviously if youre in a complex as our last shop was. Youre not going to have the ability to paint the outside thats something that youre going to be able to. Do once youre a standalone building and it adds a lot to the branding but dont worry if youre not. Able to do that as long as you stand out from the businesses in your complex youre going to be.

Good to go so starting with outside you want some nice clean signage it doesnt have to be super fancy. The main thing is just clean meaning new not faded not cracking things of that nature so make sure that. You have good signage outside a nice open sign and your hours listed matter of fact as far as the. Hours go thats one of the requirements to become a formula one dealer is you have to have your hours. Listed you dont want customers coming in on a saturday and not know if you just didnt show up that.

Day or if youre just not open on saturday so its a simple thing but you need your hours listed. On the outside now moving on to the inside the number one thing that i see people lacking on and. Its a simple thing is painting you have to have the inside of your shop painted showroom and actual workspace. Now i know a lot of shops just like my own you dont have a showroom its just a shop. That doesnt allow you to not have attainment you absolutely want to have paint on your walls its the biggest.

Bang for your buck okay so in this case i painted the exterior the interior and the ceiling myself it. Would have been over thirty thousand dollars to paint pay a painting company to do that i did it and. I believe all the paint for this building which is about a four thousand square foot building the paint alone. Costs about 1500. Obviously this is a much larger building but then on the other hand theres buildings that are.

Even bigger than this but for 1500 it completely changed the look of this place just the paint if you. Can update the floors lumber liquidators is where we went to get the flooring you can spend anywhere from two. To three and a half dollars a square foot put in a nice simple flooring if youre at all handy. A lot of these things are things you can do yourself okay it doesnt need to be finished as well. As a high-end home so that you can get away with you know some mild imperfections rather than being in.

A home because at the end of the day it is still shop the number one most important thing is. The first impression so if you can do update the flooring the walls and the ceiling youre gonna be off. To a great start i always say less is more so youre going for simplicity were not youre not flooding. It with decorations and posters and and all these things paint and floors are going to take you a long. Way in this industry because theres still a lot of people out there that dont have those simple things okay.

Now not everything that you see you need to start with but eventually youre going to want your prices listed. This makes you an authority in the industry it shows that youre not giving people prices based off of the. Car theyre driving or the clothes theyre wearing or the watch they have on their wrist it says my prices. Are my prices and theyre not negotiable now if you choose to negotiate them you can but this sends a. Message to the client that the prices arent negotiable its not a swap meet so this is very powerful for.

Building credibility this in itself allows you to charge more okay so moving on oh we have a customer kiosk. Here uh with the cobin situation its 2021 right now its nice to have a hands-free check-in form this is. Where they can scan with their camera and do the check-in form without on their phone without touching any of. Our equipment hopefully this will pass but right now thats really nice to have we also absolutely dont go into. Business this is kind of going off topic here for a second but one thing that i recommend not opening.

A shop with you do not want to go one day in business without a heat display this is what. Sells windowfilm this particular one is homemade or you can contact your film manufacturer and they typically have them for. Sale regardless of what film manufacturer you use they all have them for sale because they know how powerful this. Is in selling windows this is what demonstrates how much heat the different films block okay so this one cost. About 360 in materials to build at home if you paid someone to do it its probably going to cost.

About 550 but this has made tens of thousands of dollars so its worth it you dont go into business. In the window film industry without having a uh heat display so moving on to the shop youre gonna need. Heat guns the heat guns we use are the inexpensive wagner heat guns from home depot theyre about twenty dollars. A piece we typically write them eight on them when we um when we first get them and what we. Have found is they last about six months so this ones getting ready to be replaced about six months is.

What we get out of them and theyre 20 each if youre a new shop youre only going to need. Two for us we have about 10 of them hung from the ceiling at any given time youre going to. Need the reels i like them theyre very professional its an inexpensive thing that immediately makes a gentleman that comes. In shopping go oh this is how id like my garage set up with all my extension cords off the. Floor thats your goal in setting up your shop you want people to come in and say i wish my.

Garage should look like that if youre getting people to say that youre going to be able to charge top. Dollar in your market so again its not about having a lot of things a matter of fact clean and. Simple is more right now our shop isnt the cleanest its ever been because were in the middle of the. Day here and its a working shop now what youll notice is the floors we went the floors are from. Tractor supply they were 35 dollars a mat the mats are four by six feet and theyre horse stall mats.

From tractor supply so to do this 3 500 square foot building cost roughly 3 500 now the mats change. Depending upon you know the shipping so the prices fluctuate at tractor supply but at the time of doing this. Video it costs about 3 500 to do 3 500 square feet give or take but this is great for. Kneeling down it gives it a gym feel which is more of a custom feel when youre pulling a car. Onto these mats its a lot different than the typical epoxy floor you want to try to do anything to.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors you want to stand out from your competitors so consider the horse stall mats another. Good thing about the horsepower mats is theyre not attached to the ground so if you do end up moving. Buildings you can take them with you we packed them in by hand and then we did attach just the. Row of mats next to the door so keep that in mind to get into the window film industry youre. Definitely going to need a fuel board now our fuel boards are all homemade just out of simple two by.

Fours the two by fours cost about three dollars each and then weve got a piece of glass thats framed. In with this one by one piece of wood and this glass we go to a local glass company and. They get they give us glass for free that theyve taken out of a house that theyve just put new. Windows in so if you get in contact with your local residential commercial glass company a lot of times you. Can get single pane windows for free and then youre just out of some two by fours excuse me and.

Screws really basic same thing with this glass here we put 2×4 on the block wall and then weve attached. It with just these mirror clips i mean this whole thing was ten dollars for the two by fours another. Five dollars for the gutter 15 for this peel board granted we got given the glass by our local glass. Company okay these racks very handy they just hold the film so we can pull the film without the box. Falling off some basic things from home depot from the garage department a piece of glass that was already cut.

To this size i mean this rack is no more than 40 dollars to build this rack so in the. Comments if you want any specific pictures close-ups of anything that im showing you let me know and i can. Give you more in depth ill even send you the links to these parts and pieces at home depot so. Its really easy for you to build the exact same thing okay so we havent spent a lot of money. Here now i will say this to do our entire remodel this building was extremely outdated and again i spent.

15 to 1700 just on paint alone not having it painted i did the painting myself adjust the gallons of. Paint with the floors inside the showroom with the horse stall mats everything we spent thirty thousand dollars now i. Know that might sound like a lot but to open up a thousand or fifteen hundred square foot shop you. Wouldnt need no more than five thousand dollars for it to look extremely presentable and most likely have it look. Nicer than your competitors now if youre someone thats looking at opening up a shop dont think that size really.

Matters .

Conclusion – How Much Is It To Get Windows Tinted

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