How Much Is It To Get Your Windows Tinted – 5 Easy Ways (Updated Guide for 2022)

In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about how much is it to get your windows tinted, so keep reading!

Below you can find out 5 different methods much is it to get your windows tinted,

Method 1 – What You Should Know Before You Get Your Windows Tinted

Hey everybody i got some very exciting news to share with you chicago auto pros is now a authorized lamar. Formula one dealer it means that we are one of the best installers in the country very proud of this. Boom our former the one you just cant buy it anywhere a normal window tint shop just cant buy this. Film you have to be selected by lamar and were very proud were very excited to be a part of.

This elite group of dealers of formula one it means that we are one of the best installers in the. Country to celebrate our success of becoming formula one dealers and the new year the 2017 year we want to. Give away a free window tint were going to be using our formula one pinnacle ceramic tint this is the. Top film but before that i made a little video for those of you thinking about getting the window tint. On your car theres a few things you should know before you actually go get it installed the first thing.

Youre going to want to know about window tint is that not all window tints are created equal theres hundreds. Of manufacturers out there and theres tons of different films theres good films and theres bad films there are window. Tint installers it out there that will use bad films because it is cheaper to use if youve ever been. Driving down the road and seen a car with purple window tint or bubbles in the window tint thats bad. Window film the problem with bad window foam is you wont know you have bad window film on your car.

Till about a year down the road when it starts to fade turn purple and bubble so lesson number one. Know what film is being put on your car i promise you if somebody is quoting you $100 its bad. Film alright number two there are different types of film on the market theres three main types of film you. Have dyed film metallized film and ceramic film your dyed film is your entry-level basic film i recommend this for. Customers who just want to block some of the sunlight and get that more aesthetic look appeal to it metallized.

Film is its just that it has a metallized layer in it its a nice film its great at blocking. Heat and a lot of people like this film because of that it does have some disadvantages it does have. Like a metallized mirror look to it so it doesnt match up to the factory tint that you see on. Suvs and trucks and it also can be signal interfering it can interfere with radio signals and cell phone signals. For that reason we choose not to use this film we actually use a ceramic film now ceramic films are.

Great because they have the same infrared heat reduction that comes with a metallized film but it doesnt have the. Signal here interference and it matches really well up to suvs and trucks in the in the factory tint that. Youll see in the back and typically ceramic films that have cost you about $100 more than the standard dyed. Film so its a great value to have that added performance to it im in our lobbies we actually have. A heat lamp that demonstrates the infrared heat reduction it has an infrared light that you can actually feel the.

Heat coming from it you can hold your hand up to it and you can feel the difference of tune. What it feels like with no tint the dyed tint and then your ramakant number three is going to be. Window tint laws youre going to want to know a percentage of film that you can put on your car. To stay legal theres these laws are going to vary from state to state so knowing what percentage that you. Can put on your car is going to eliminate the risk of you getting pulled over and getting a ticket.

In the description below ill post a link so you can see whats legal in your state the fourth thing. Youre going to want to know is the warranty what kind of warranty comes with your film this is one. Of the biggest reasons why we like formula one they have a lifetime warranty against any peeling fading or bubbling. Not only does formula one come with a lifetime warranty it comes with a one-time no-fault warranty that means for. Any reason that if your window tint gets damaged llumar will replace it for free so if you scratch it.

The window breaks anything that happens it gets damaged you can bring it to any llumar formula one dealer and. They will pay to have it replaced do your research look at the company thats going to be installing your. Window film look at the reviews find out what film theyre using just dont go on to price theres a. Lot of different factors that go into when youre doing window tint you dont want the cheapest foam on the. Market i promise you youre not going to like it in a year after you get it installed thank you.

For watching and if you now want to enter the contest in to win a free full car window tint. Youre going to have to do two things one youre going to have to subscribe on youtube and youre going. To have to share this video on facebook if you do those two things you will be automatically entered in. To win the free full car window tint we will be announcing the winner on january 16th so look out. For your name there and good luck.

Method 2 – How To Price A Tint Job

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Method 3 – 35% Vs 20% Vs 5% Window Tint! What Tint Is Best For You?

Hey everybody and welcome to the video and man i say wow the subscribers are taking off i love to. See that i love the support so if you havent been here before or you have been here before um. And youre just not subscribed get down there click subscribe uh if youre on our desktop well put a subscribe. Button right here so click on that click subscribe if youre on a mobile phone go down there click subscribe.

Uh i really appreciate it today its after work but ive had a lot of comments on my video saying. Oh what tint is best what 10 should i get this tents illegal and where i live is this good. Is that you know pretty much what tint should you get first of all im going to say 50 tint. Although it is legal pretty much everywhere and is the law almost everywhere fifty percent tint kinda has little to. No effect it turns a clear piece of glass into a semi like dark piece i dont know 50 really.

Does nothing but today i have the next three level of tints 35 20 and 5 and of course my. 0.25 sunbar i have three cars that have thirty twenty and five percent on them im gonna show you the. Difference between all three so lets get into it okay so this is the first car this is 35 tint. Uh what it looks like on the inside all the way around as you can see from the inside there. Is not much obviously windshield window you can see a difference its barely anything but like i said 50 pretty.

Much does nothing the laws and whatever and what legal and whats not 35 is a good choice tint wise. Because it gives you the features of tint that you wanted its not i mean its illegal but cops should. Not stop you uh because you can pretty much see completely in 35 tent ill give you another look around. Here no passenger window back window back window so as i can see you could see a slight slight difference. And you saw when i was walking around little to no difference but it still gives you a little bit.

Of privacy which is nice this is 20 tint all the way around the difference is a little more here. You can see a little bit darker than this compared to the 35 this may or may not get you. Stopped in certain locations um this is this is kind of like your windows theyre tinted but you can still. See in this is kind of the point where you youll see body outlines you wont really see any definition. And 35 youll see body outlines and maybe like the structure but you wont see exactly whos in there this.

Is kind of just like an outline um of a person or whatevers in the car but heres 20 percent. All the way around 20 should still be able to you should still be fine driving around with this and. Not exactly get in trouble theres nobody thats gonna be like because you could still see through nobody should give. You any trouble for 20 either if they do a cop must be having a really bad day that officer. Must had a real bad day or something youre driving through a part of town that youre driving the same.

Car as someone else that shouldnt be on the road or whatnot but you know you shouldnt get stopped for. 20 either as you can see the difference is minimal and you know i can still see out fine and. Even at night 20 is easy to see out of but i guess that brings me another point 35 at. Night kind of looks like 20 during the day and 20 at night looks like 5 during the day so. Just kind of remember that and here is my car the one that uh you guys have seen videos about.

Heres 5 10 on the car during the day this is what youre going to look and see out and. You can see theres compared to the other two theres the difference obviously darker obviously darker all the way around. Uh remember mines 20 out the back window so dont gauge the back window there yes that is five percent. On the side windows here this is what it looks like now this is a tint that will somebody will. Probably give you some trouble for if youre driving around and they might be like oh thats clearly tinted you.

Cannot see in that car at all they might give you some trouble stop you depending where you are they. Might give you some trouble for five percent because you can hardly see in during the day if you put. Your eyes against the glass you can kind of see in but thats about it um and like my other. Video this tint is two layers of five so if you really want to get technical the next step down. Is this tint which is pretty much straight black as you can see completely reflecting from the inside but you.

Can see the windows up there um obviously is still able to see through deck deck but theres pretty much. Every step 35 20 uh five on these windows and point two five percent ten on my sunbar but theres. Pretty much a quick look at every tin style kind of know what youre getting into and what you want. 35 percent if you just want you know keep the sun out a little bit of privacy a little better. Look for your car that kind of smoked look on your windows 35 does look very good um if youre.

Looking for a lot more privacy deeper darker windows but you can still see in and youre hoping you know. Hoping that youre not going to get any trouble for it 20 is a good option if you dont if. You want straight privacy and nobody to see in your car nobody see what you got uh in your backseat. Or you know just straight privacy all the way around five percent is the way to go i got five. Percent because of the privacy i hate driving on the road people looking in like oh i hate driving on.

The highway you you know you do it too you driving the highway you look waving back pretty much its. Like theyre looking right at you every time you drive by someone theyre looking they look at your car they. Cant see in simple as that i just like the privacy chances of getting stopped are higher except i feel. That if youre doing everything just fine obeying all the laws there shouldnt be a problem and i feel like. Officers have more important things to deal or deal with than tin and windows so thats my personal take on.

It i just want to help you guys out hopefully you guys all saw uh hopefully this helped hopefully this. Video helped you out so if this video helped you out please give it a big thumbs up really helps. Me out im pretty much gonna post every monday and thursday for right now probably more as the future goes. On i have um i have two other videos ready to be posted but this this kind of video came. Up just tonight uh i mean just last night it was more of a saw a bunch of comments and.

It would really help some people out if i saw they saw this kind of you know comparison between the. Three cars so thank you guys for watching please subscribe if you havent already give this video a like if. You enjoyed it and i will see you in the next video.

Method 4 – Is Ceramic Window Tint Worth The Extra Cost?

All right guys were going to talk about window tint im going to tell you if the ceramic is worth. The price or you should go with regular dyed or carbon film all right guys keep watching and well get. Started alright guys it is about 88 degrees outside so im going to do im going to see if the. Ceramic is worth the extra price you guys have remembered this bmw if you watched my previous window tint video.

The only thing ive done is added the ceramic on the front windshield however the side windows are still the. Carbon series i believe its the 3m color stable which is like i think its a carbon film here 3m. Had a new film for my new x5 it was the 3m ir ceramic series so im going to do. Im going to check temperature i got the cs67 and were gonna back both cars out in sunlight and were. Gonna check and see how long it takes for them to heat up this one here 76 back window 76.

All right lets get started okay so you see both cars theyre both out in the sunlight right now im. Not sure this is a complete accurate way but theres one form of way i could measure the interior temperature. Of the window tint so lets see if i can get it get a one 79 like i said its. Been sitting here and this may not be i may have to do interior temperature lets see if i can. Hit the drivers seat here 80.

88 and drivers driver seat 79. So both cars were garaged and well see. All right guys so this is 3m and this is your ceramic ir series its in 15 all around so. Even the back window that comes with the factory 20 from the manufacturer i had them apply film over top. Of that you can see the difference you can look straight through and we can see the car on the.

Other side however going to the back makes it a little bit more difficult it almost gives it more of. A limo tint appearance but i can still see out at night doesnt give me any difficulties looking back out. If i didnt have the backup camera i would still be okay with backing out of my driveway now you. Can see the different angles obviously the sunshade im sorry the sunroof um shade is closed but we can look. Through and we can see the dashboard and then if we back out i actually wasnt sure what the 15.

Percent would be too dark i was worried that it was going to appear um i was just wasnt sure. What to expect but you can see it really gives it a good appearance between the two different films between. 20 i think it perfectly bridges the gap between going too dark and too light 20 was my favorite but. 15 i think is going to be a new favorite we can still see a decent amount of you know. Through here obviously the back window is nothing just look at the reflection because it is almost opaque if you.

Are stopped or say for example an officer is driving towards you this is what this is the view hes. Going to see hes not going to really see coming through i do have the ceramic uh 70 percent on. The windshield so like i said if this is like a car level um this is kind of like what. Theyre going to see as they pass by from this view so this view looks dark i mean even the. Front window looks dark now coming through on the back side we can see i can see through the windshield.

Because of the light thats coming through the windshield i can see a little bit through here too not much. But it is there so perfectly i think thats i think this is almost near perfect the way i wanted. It to be now the m3 has 20 3m color stable i covered this in a different video it does. Have a power versus shade if you guys want to check that out be sure to check that out ill. Link it in the description and the interior color is lighter therefore the tent appears lighter in color because the.

Seats arent black the seats are black you wont be able to see the shadow of the seats on the. Camera but coming around and it depends on that lighting depends on the angle but i can look all the. Way through the other side but i could not really identify like i said i noticed a person back there. Couldnt really seem to see what exactly was going on front seat is a little different story you can see. Directly into the front seats i know that theres someone sitting there um whether theyre picking their nose or not.

Couldnt tell you he knows be one of those things so you still have that privacy there especially from a. Distance and lets see from a car level appearance itd be more like this and this is what im kind. Of looking at so if im driving towards someone this is what i would kind of would think would look. Like and like it says it looks dark this looks dark this is the 2019 mercedes c63 i only got. I did with this one i did 15 uh 3m ceramic ir series on this has black interior and you.

Can see how it looks with the black interior it makes it really hard to see inside especially from a. Distance of the cars driving around you know if you just happen to pass by it you know youre not. Really quick identify like the driver or anything unless you come up to the front windshield and through the windshield. You see its completely clear you can see through the car even coming through here you should be able to. See in which there we go and you can see and you know you can see there obviously some privacy.

The 15 i was worried about going too dark if it was going to be an issue um fortunately with. This it actually turned out to be great i dont know if you guys can tell just looking through you. Can see through the garage um and but it gives it a nice perfect blend i would say probably 15. Is my new favorite compared to 20. All right now i covered this card in the last video this is.

20 on all the windows this is 3m uh color stable and you see how its been holding up you. Can see through the interior if i can get the glare out of the way you can see i dont. Know if you can tell from this angle and in addition to that i recently did the windshield so now. The windshield has 20 im sorry the windshield has 70 percent um ceramic because it theres way too much heat. Coming in and the 70 percent is probably on the lighter side you can really tell that theres film there.

It kind of gives a small like i say like a just a tiny bit of a blue like a. Bluish hue if you look at their dashboard but thats thats it for that car and like i said this. Is windshield no windshield now looking at the x5m you can see this has red interior and you can see. This is also 15 3m ceramic ir series you can see right through the interior now it looks lighter because. I have the sunshade open so if you guys if you or ladies i should say too because younger women.

Watch this channel too so by closing that shade i will be able to actually make make it more get. More privacy so if i park somewhere i tend to keep that shade closed to make it less easy to. Target for someone to see so im going to step back my pan around okay so now you should be. Able to see a little bit more around it i apologize it was a little bit shaky earlier i forgot. To turn on my stabilization this is just looking through the other side and through the m3 so the m3.

I covered more in a separate video with the rear sunshade and everything else in here but you can look. And see how you can see into the interior so these and this is twenty percent now i know the. Cameras picking it up but i can see the string column i can see the steering whee.

Conclusion – How Much Is It To Get Your Windows Tinted

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